Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend


Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend: It’s good to be playful around your girlfriend, having fun is a really great thing with your girlfriend. But at some point of time, you need to be some serious if you are really conscious about your girl.

Have you ever heard of deep questions to ask your girlfriend because sometimes you think that let’s not make the jokes and laughing and dig her some deep? This is okay to get childish and pranking with her, but a successful relationship is totally based on knowing your girlfriend better than anyone else.

Having a beautiful girlfriend is not enough, but having reliability makes a relationship beautiful. To achieve this meaningful relationship, you have to find out about her, this is important when you plan to spend your life with her.

Don’t take your girl casually if you want that much of serious relationship, so spend some time with her and talk about some deep questions to ask your girlfriend. To stay life long, you deserve to know and how much she deserves you.

100+ Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

1). What do you know about love and affection?

2). What’s that one thing that you regret always?

3). Is there any female best friend or male best friend in your life?

4). What’s your biggest fear? So you can know her fear by having these deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

5). What is friendship according to you?

6). What can you do when it comes to proving friendship?

7). How was your childhood?

8). Have you ever met with any weird man or situation?

9). What is the best present according to you? Have you ever received it?

10). Is there any other world you want to live in? By following these deep questions to ask your girlfriend, you get to know if your girl lives in any imaginary world.

11). Are you satisfied with the place that you live in?

12). What is more important to you, love or money?

13). What is your attraction when it comes to choosing your man?

14). Do you have any of your favorite childhood memory?

15). How close are you with your parents?

16). Have you ever said anything nicest to someone?

17). How should a date be according to you?

18). Which type of music is your favorite?

19). What is your favorite male celebrity? Have these deep questions to ask your girlfriend and know her choice of man, so you can adopt his characteristics.

20). What is the thing that you don’t like about yourself?

21). Have you ever dated two men at the same time?

22). Has any other man proposed you to marry him?

23). How do you feel about your relationship with your mom?

24). Do you have someone that influences you the most?

25). What don’t you like about dating?

26). What do you like the most about dating?

27). Have you ever lived as live in?

28). How would you see yourself in the future?

29). Can you explain your story in just 5 minutes? This is also among the deep questions to ask your girlfriend that would show how much she knows about herself.

30). If you have excessive money, how would you use it?

31). Are there any craziest things you’ve done in your life and with who?

32). How do other people see you as a person?

33). What are you grateful for in your life?

34). What is your most sensual place of your body?

35). Do you like getting an idea of what’s happening in the world?

36). Do you ever think about how will you die?

37). Is there any secret place you would love to travel to? Get your girl’s secret place by these deep questions to ask your girlfriend and plan your next vacation do that with her.

38). Have you achieved something bigger?

39). What do you want to become in your career?

40). How do you think about your dream home?

41). What are the things on your bucket list?

42). Who is so important in your family members that if he passed away you will be in a shock?

43). What do you want to achieve in your life, a great career with a lot of money or a happy and normal life? By putting these deep questions to ask your girlfriend, you will know how kind of lifestyle she wants.

44). If you have the ability to travel your past, what would you change it?

45). When was the last time you cried for anyone?

46). Have you ever faced child abusing by any of your family members?

47). What would you prefer, living in a small home with natural scenery all around or in a mansion in the middle of the city?

48). Have you ever received any precious advice from someone? Include these too in your deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

49). If you have to make an urgent call, do you revise it before saying it on the phone?

50). Which song is your favorite that you sing for yourself?

51). Who’s your inspiration?

52). If tomorrow morning you have a power, what would it be?

53). Do you have any scariest memory that you want to forget?

54). If there is an option that you could only save 3 persons, what would they be? So you get to know the most important persons in her life by these deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

55). What’s the place in the world that you want to have a dinner at?

56). Do you have any special skills?

57). Which movie do you like the most and why? What’s your favorite character in that movie?

58). Are you obsessed with taking selfies or do you prefer having a few photos with some quality friends?

59). What’s the first thing you notice in anyone?

60). What’s your bad habit that you have left? Easily know her bad habits and take care if she again adopts it through my deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

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61). What was your biggest fear that you have faced and nailed it?

62). Who is the role model in your life?

63). Have you ever made any important decision your life that changed your life to a big extent?

64). Is there any person that you don’t like being in your life?

65). What are some places that you consider as good romantic places? Take the advantage of these deep questions to ask your girlfriend and plan your date to that place.

66). Have you ever felt embarrassment?

67). If someday my ex meets us at any place, would you react? Dig these deep questions to ask your girlfriend, so you would know how insecure she is for you.

68). What do you understand by intimacy?

69). How important are emotions for you?

70). Do you have any financial goals?

71). Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

72). What are your secret weaknesses?

73). Do you have any question that you really want to ask me? These deep questions to ask your girlfriend will help you get your girl’s opinion about you.

74). Are you aware of your good and bad habits?

75). What type of nature do you have, Liberal/conservative, spiritual/atheist?

76). If you’re on your date, what thing would you notice first?

77). What do you think about virginity?

78). Have you ever felt emotional as well as physically intimacy?

79). Do you have any ex-relationship that you still feel for?

80). What is important to you, following your heart or your brain?

81). Do you have any past that still haunts you?

82). What are your hobbies?

83). Have you ever experienced drugs?

84). Do you know about good parenting?

85). At what age you first kissed and who?

86). What if you parent won’t accept me? Will you fight for me?

87). What do you think about one night stand?

88). Have you met your soul mate?

89). Have you ever faced any police case or do you have any criminal record? By these deep questions to ask your girlfriend, you can know if she ever busted and why.

90). Can you live without your family if your job is in a different state?

91). How important is faith in a relationship?

92). Is love at first sight really a worthy thing?

93). If ever your job is impacting our relationship negatively, what action would you take?

94). Do you have any place for a vacation that you have been dreaming of?

95). What is your favorite food that you can’t live without? So next time you can offer her favorite food in your candle lit dinner. So these deep questions to ask your girlfriend are really beneficial for you.

96). What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

97). Do you remember every date we do something special on?

98). If I hang out with your friends, would that be okay?

99). Do you want to change anything in me?

100). Do you love dancing? How much do you love couple dance? Get to know if there’s any weather when she loves to dance by having these deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

101). What type of relationship do you want, a long term or a short one?

102). Is there any special song that makes you happy even in the bad moods?

103). What is that movie what makes you cry every time you watch it?

104). What is that one thing that guys don’t understand about girls and that really hurts you?

105). What was the time when you were very nervous in your life?

106). What do you like the most about your workplace?

107). Do you have your own journal where you write everything about you?

108). What is your favorite TV show?

109). Which cycle of age have you loved so far?

110). Have you ever surprised your parents with any good thing?

111). Is there any incident of your school life that you still remain?

112). What is so cool about you that attract anyone to be your friend?

113). Do you think that looks and money are important to fall in love?

114). Who understands you the best?

115). What do you like the most in a house?

116). How much time does it take to make new friends?

117). Are you satisfied with your physical looks? If not, what do you want to change in yourself? Through these deep questions to ask your girlfriend, you will know her desires for her physical looks.

118). If you had any ex-relationship, what is the reason behind the breakup?

119). Do you prefer to stay as a friend with your ex?

120). What do you expect from me in the relationship?

121). Is there any person who is your enemy?

122). What is that one thing that you wanted so much but it was not worthy?

123). How do you consider my nature as a person?

124). If there is no electricity and no battery in your smartphone for a day, how would you spend your day with me?

125). When I First asked you out, were you planning to say no?

126). How about an open relationship? Have You Ever Heard about it?

127). What if in future you would have to adopt a child?

128). For how much time long distance relationships can work?

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These were all deep questions to ask your girlfriend to know her just in a few minutes. Maybe you find it difficult to ask for some of the questions or maybe you won’t get an exact answer for your questions, but it’ll ease your way very much.

You would get to know about her she time goes but paying these tricks and tips can help you better. So if you find out most of the answers your favor, then the girl would really be your savior.

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