Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend


Kissing games to play with your girlfriend

Now Time is kiss games, if you want to enjoy some amazing moments with your girlfriend then these games is best fit for you, inside this categories I am sharing some kissing related games. Hope you also like these games.

1. Magic Word

If you and your girlfriend have too much love then you can enjoy this games,  according to this games select any word and tell you your girlfriend, tell you her make any cute love related sentence by that word, you are still kissing whenever she tell you sentence. This is most enjoyable games, I like that games and play with my girlfriend various time.

2. Who will last longer

Now time to more enjoy, play any romantic songs and sit front of each other and stare each other and kissing to each together and winner is only one who kissing long time, I think inside this game both you have winner because you are make for each other.

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3. Kissing Cards

If you want to play kiss cards game then you need one paper and make some slip, inside each slip write any kiss type position which you like, and bold these slip and put into blank box and tell your girlfriend to close her eye, and take her hand and tell him, take any slip, open that slip and kiss to each other which position are write into slip. I think now you want to play that game with your girlfriend write know.

If you like sex then you can write sex position into slip.

4. Eye Wide Open

If you are honest, then you can also play this game with your girlfriend, according to this game, kissing to each other without close your eyes, if any close first his eyes then he/she will looser and which open your eyes last moment then he/she winner.

5. Take fruit without touch hand

This is very enjoying games, if you are planning to play this game with your girlfriend then this is also a good fit game for you,  according to this game, take any fruit which you like and  out that fruit  on body anywhere you want to like, and tell you your partner, take this fruit with touch by hand. If he/she can take that fruit the he/she will winner.

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