Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Bedroom Games to Play with Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend-

A) Strip Pong

This is such a sexual and romantic games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend. Take 16-ounch plastic cups and arrange them in a triangle shape on a table. You will be standing at one end and your partner at another. Now throw a ping pong ball in the cup at the other end. If you succeed then your partner will remove the cup as well as one piece of cloth too.

B) One Step Forward, One Step Backward

Wear some sexy outfit and lie on the bed. Now ask your partner to stand at the doorway of room. Ask him some questions about you. Each correct answer means one step forward. And each wrong answer means one step backward. This is just the perfect game to test your partner’s knowledge about you.

C) Kinky Cards

This games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend is such a delight. Set each suit for different meaning. For example you can set spade for kissing, heart for massage and many more. Now when a card appears you will have to do the same. Like 9 of spade means kissing for 9 seconds.

D) Romantic Hide and Seek

This game is a bit different from the original hide and seeks game. Draw some chits and hide them in the entire house. Write something erotic on the chats like smooch, seduction and many more. now your partner will find these chits and will do the same on you.