Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend


Games to Play on the Phone with Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend

A) Two Truths and One Lie

This one is a nice games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend over the phone. All you have to do is tell two truths and one lie to your partner about yourself or the day. Now your partner would have to decide that which one is true and which one is lie. This is a nice game to know how much your partner knows you.

B) Last Letter

Just type a random word and send to your partner. Now your partner will say a word starting from the last letter of the previous word. And the game goes on. If your partner has no new word then he/she can select a letter from the word KILL. If he/she does it for 4 times then he/she will lose the game.

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C) Are You an X or Y?

This is a simple yet interesting games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend. You need to ask a question to your partner giving two choices. The question should be like whether he/she is this or that. This will help you to know your partner in a better and different way.

D) Truth or Dare?

This game is fun to play with your friends very often. But this can also be interesting when played over phone. You can ask your partner to choose between truths or dare condition. Now ask him some interesting questions or give him some dares according to the situation.

Here is list of 200+ best truth or dare questions.

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