Best Games to Play with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Flirty Games to Play with Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

A) Movie Game

Start watching a movie together. Decide a random word from the movie say love. Now each time love occurs you guys would have to kiss. This is such an interesting and crazy games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend.

B) Love It or Hate It

This is a really flirty or sometimes dirty games to play with your girlfriend and boyfriend over the phone. All you guys need to do is say a random word. This word can be anything like game, person, food item etc. now your partner can only reply in love it or hate it. Ask the question one by one and take the game to new heights.

C) Song Lyrics Wildfire

This game is very simple to play. Send the few lines of a song to your partner. Now your partner would have to send the lyrics of another song starting from the last word of the precious song. This game can be really flirty. You can express your emotions through this game.

D) Personal Trivia

This game is just the perfect one to know your partner well. You can make it interesting by asking some flirty questions. Ask one question to your partner and get the answer. Now your partner would ask a question totally different from the previous one. It won’t even sound like an interview and you can enjoy too.