Top 10 Games Like Huniepop


Games like Huniepop: Are you the one who likes tile matching games? Well, then you must be known to Huniepop then. This game is all about adult puzzles. It was released in 2015 on a theme of dating sim and tile matching. This is a game that most of the adults and teens love to play.

Top 10 Games Like Huniepop

If you have gotten bored of Huniepop and looking for more games like Huniepop then I can help you out in that. Such virtual dating games are getting popular like hell these days. So, why don’t you try out these games like Huniepop for Android and enjoy them in a better version?

1. Sengoku Rance


If you are looking for exactly kind of similar games like Huniepop then look nowhere else because Sengoku Rance can be the perfect choice for it. Apart from being a dating simulation game that it is, you will love the little puns and comic moments in it.

The plot of this game revolves around a ruthless and rude warrior named Rance. If you are a fan of the original Huniepop game, then there is no way that you can resist yourself from playing this ultimate game.

The main character of this story is nothing like the usual ones. He is not avenging on something, not furious and looking to kill his enemies and no other type of melodrama is involved. This game is primarily an adult visual novel and so the primary motivation of the character is sex.

What you are going to like in such games like Huniepop is that how the developers tried to make it more like a funny one rather than putting too much of adult content in it. No doubt, the game is worth giving a try.

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2. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is another sim games like Huniepop. It is developed by Magic Notion and published through Mastertronic Group. This game was released in 2014 and supports different consoles like windows, android, iOS and OS X.

The game is all about matchmaking. Kitty Powers is launching a new branch of her matchmaking business. You as a player is supposed to work as the matchmaker in it. You need to share one character’s data to another and find two people perfect for each other.

You can customize the different characters. This is a game where same-gender marriage is legal so that you can match them up too.

Once you find two people compatible with each other and sharing the same taste then you need to arrange a date for them. There are various things like date questions, restaurant, etc. which you need to guide. You can do that by playing different mini games in it.

There are various features that you will like about the game. If a date gets successful, then you get points and rewards for this. So, keep on playing and keep on matching.

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3. Mystic Messenger

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Mystic Messenger is our next pick in the category of games like Huniepop. This is basically a female-oriented game in the list of the visual novel genre. The game is published as well as developed by Cheritz. It was released in 2016 for the consoles of Android and iOS.

This is basically a single player romance type of game. You can change the name of the girl protagonist. She downloads a mysterious app and end up living in a closed apartment where she meets 6 new people.

This app is owned by Rika who is the owner of a charity organization. The protagonist needs to start a romance with one of the other characters and find out the truth behind Rika and her organizations.

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4. Roommates

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Roommates is a game released in 2014 which falls perfect in the category of games like Huniepop. This is also a visual novel game which supports different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and OS X. This game is developed as well as published by Winter Wolves.

This is a single player game where you have to choose the protagonist from Max or Anne according to the gender you want. Max is a rebel kind of guy who is a guitarist as well as a singer in college. Whereas, Anne is quite of studious and shy kind of girl.

The game starts from the first day of the college of the protagonist. In this game, the players are supposed to share their house with some roommates.

The story of the game is follower by the day to day things in their life and how they lead a life in special occasions. There are different characters in this game like Isabella, Dominic, Sally, Butch, Carmen, Roxanne etc.

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5. Kamidori Alchemy Meister


The Japanese games like Huniepop are a huge hit in the genre of dating simulation and adult visual novel type of games. The game has excelled the level of displaying fantasies like never before.

The plot of this game revolves around an orphan boy named Kamidori. He is the protagonist of this game and he is training hard to become an alchemist. The entire process of the game shows his progress and adventure on this journey of him.

Later on, he gets the company of three girls. We can consider them his bodyguards (now, that is kind of funny here!). Now, the rest of the gameplay bifurcates into three different possible directions. It depends upon which girl Kamidori chooses to romance to decide the next plot of this game.

This is one of those games like Huniepop which is really easy to play and understand too. The entire gameplay consists of perfect storytelling and combat. The visuals are good enough to keep you hooked to the game. However, the game lacks some of the basic essence of the Huniepop here.

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6. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars


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Conception II: Children of Seven Stars is basically a roleplaying video game which was released in 2013. It is develop d by Spike Chunsoft and published by Atlus. The game released worldwide in 2016. It supports the platforms like play station, Windows and Nintendo 3DS. The game is only single player.

In this game, the player needs to control a student of high school. This student possess some high amount of Ether in his body. This ether allows him to conceive more of the star kids like him. He does so, by classmating with other classmates of him.

The name of the protagonist is Wake Archus in this game. The storyline of this game is quite different than the other games like Huniepop.

Wake takes admission into a school where they teaches to fight against demons. The story further proceeds with wake and other female students producing star children by just touching each other. You will like the different plots of the story which are created on the basis of the decision taken by the hero.

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7. Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You


Just like the other games like Huniepop in this list, Dandelion is also a dating simulation type of game. What makes Dandelion – Wishes brought to you different from the other games is its epic different storyline and process.

The protagonist of this story is a girl and there are five cute guys that she can date. Being a player you are going to play as a girl named Heejung Kim. She is a really busy girl and has no time for herself at all. She is not even able to stay happy in this busy life.

One day out of nowhere she finds a basket with totally five cats and rabbits in it. At first, she became really surprised and shocked to find that basket. She even tries to report about it but finds no one. She eventually keeps them with her and one day they all become cat and rabbit guys (that you may find a bit funny).

Now, she has the option to date one of them. The ending of the game depends upon which guy she chooses. It is a cute yet nice dating sim game for the adults.

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8. Shira Oka: Second Chances


It is time to move over Hatoful Boyfriend because we have got Shira Oka: Second Chances for you in the list of games like Huniepop. You will like this game more because of the high school plot of its. This makes the game more relatable and refreshing.

You cannot call the game different from the theme of the adult visual novel, but that does not mean that the game is not interesting enough. All the characters are good and all of them are humans. This game also involves the concept of role playing as well as in-depth story.

Just like the other games listed here, you are going to enjoy a lot of mini-games here. What drives you nuts in this game is its old visuals. As the game is kind of old then you may not be able to get used of its interfaces.

But what might interest you is that there are like hundreds of options here for you. Each time you will play this game, you will have a new story branch to discover. You are supposed to play this game as a high schooler.

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9. The Flower Shop


The Flower Shop is another addition to this list of games like Huniepop. It was released in 2010 by Winter Wolves. This game is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc. It is a single player game which comes under the genre of adult visual novel.

Apart from being a visual novel, it is also a farming minigame too. The game has two versions which are Summer in Fairbrook and Winter in Fairbrook.

In the first one, Summer in Fairbrook, the player needs to grow crops and sell them. He will get game money in return of them. Whereas, in the second one, Winter in Fairbrook, the player needs to grow flowers. Each game has nine endings and you never know where your game will end.

You can call this one a better choice than other games like Huniepop here. In each of the version, the player is given four choices to start a romance. Whatever the player chooses, affects the ending of the game.

There are various characters in this game named Steve, Jacob, Natalie, Clara, Trent etc. Steve and Natalie are the prime characters of first and second versions and other are the choices given to them.

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10. Little Witch Romanesque


Little Witch Romanesque is more sort of a strategic mini games collection rather than being an adult novel visual type. The first Japanese version of this game was released in 2005. As the anime style has been revolutionized since then, so you may feel like that the visuals are lacking behind somewhere.

However, that does not stop the game from bringing up with a fantastic storyline that you want. The player of the game needs to mentor two young witches.

Being the protagonist of the game, you train them and make them learn new skills. As they are ready with all the training then you provide them some new tasks and quests to complete. The game also features some adult scenes.

There are a lot of things which make this one of the games like Huniepop. When you will browse the game on steam then you will realize that the game is uncensored and they have removed the adult scenes from it.

However, you would still like the game with its mini adventures and small quests. You can browse the game somewhere else if you do not want the censored version.

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No matter how easy these Huniepop like games are. Each time you play them, you feel like you should spend an hour more on them. What attracts users in such adult games is their fast pace approach and dating themes. I hope you would like these games like Huniepop too.

Some of them are even more interesting than Huniepop itself. You just need to play them and have fun and when you get bored move to the next one.

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