10 Best Games like Witcher 3


Action role playing games are like the life of gamers. This is the newest rage and this section of games like Witcher 3 perfectly suits this criteria too. Talking about the unconventional graphics used and the superb use of role-playing in it is something which is the dream of every single gamer.

10 Best Games like Witcher 3

If you are someone who is extremely passionate about playing such RPGs then this list of similar games are something that will interest you a lot. With varying gameplay and different themes, they have their own USPs and each of these comes under the top selling games. I am sure you would love to explore them.

1. The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

Website: http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimStarting this list from the best option I could ever imagine and it tops the criteria of games like Witcher 3 too. Skyrim is the fifth installment of The Elder Scroll series and also the most popular one having an open ended world and action role playing elements in it.

Developed and published by Bethesda, in Skyrim player assumes the role of such a brave fighter who is supposed to save the Earth from dragon named Alduin.

The game’s setting can be switched between first person and third person perspective. As the game is open ended, player is going to roam around the land of Skyrim experiencing a lot of challenges and exploring dungeons, withered castles, cities, towns etc.

There are fast traveling systems available too in form of horses. Apart from the main storyline, player needs to fully or partially complete some quests too which adds further to the main story. The game is definitely a visual treat and player gets to witness a lot of sudden elements throughout the game.

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2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Website: https://www.dragonage.com/

Inquisition is the third game in Dragon Age series developed by BioWare and published by EA in 2014. Like rest of the games like Witcher 3, it is also based on the theme of action role playing and the player is supposed to assume the role of inquisitor in it.

As the theme is quite like world demolition and demons unleashing, player needs to hold the world together by settling the civil unrest in Thedas and closing a Breach in the sky unleashing demons from another world.

You have the control over the customization of the character by choosing the desired race, classes, physical appearance, gender etc. which also affects player’s skills and abilities in the game. The game moves further in incremental manner where the player is finally considered inquisitor of Thedas who is considered holy by people.

However, the only thing you would not like about it is that it is not an open world game and broken into several sections. Still, the gaming effect fulfills the criteria for being Witcher like games.

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3. Fallout 4

Website: http://www.fallout4.com/

Fallout 4Fallout is a Bethesda project released in 2015. This is also an action oriented role playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world with the open world approach. The game features the real life like visuals of Boston and Massachusetts calling it The Commonwealth in the game.

The plot belongs to the year 2287 and moves forward the story from last installment to ten years further.

This single player game stars the player as the sole survivor emerging from cryogenic sleep in order to search for their missing child. With this set goal, the player starts exploring around various areas of the gaming world and keep on completing various quests too.

Fallout 4 features all the details of games like Witcher 3 like open endedness and quest like structure. The game can be switched between first person and third person perspective and throughout the game collecting experience points and crafting remains important elements. This is the only game in the series which also features full voice acting for the player along with about 111,000 dialogues too.

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4. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Website: https://www.shadowofmordor.com/

Middle Earth - Shadow of MordorI hope you must be thinking about Lord of the Rings right now and well that would be great too as the story of this game is set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It is the second game set on Middle Earth and released in 2014 by Warner Bros.

Like the rest of the games like Witcher 3, it features the open ended gaming world along with action role playing element too.

Player assumes the role of a ranger named Talion who befriends wraith of Elf Lord and they both set out to take revenge of the deaths of their loved ones. Although the game is controlled by player only but he can use the wraith like abilities of his companion.

This different concept is highly praised and you are going to realize why when you will indulge in the gaming session. You are not going to witness so much of surprising elements in any other Witcher 3 like games for sure.

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5. Mass Effect

Website: http://masseffect.bioware.com/

Mass EffectIf you are done with the mystical background themes and medieval fantasy gaming world then I can recommend you great option for the category of games like Witcher 3. Mass Effect is a space adventure and fantasy game belonging to the similar criteria. This is an ARPG by Bioware and also the first in the series too.

The game is set on the theme of space adventure and takes place in Milky Way Galaxy in the year 2183. At this time, human race is threatened for existence by machine race of organic ships.

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Now, the player takes over the role of Commander Shepherd who must stop this machine race from taking over. This single player game is set from third person perspective where elements like space exploration, vehicular combat, social interaction with non-playable characters remains important throughout.

Apart from it character customization options are always available which also affects character’s skills and powers on the basis of classes, weapons etc. The game moves further in quest like manner.

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6. Horizon Zero Dawn

Website: https://www.guerrilla-games.com/

Horizon Zero DawnWith some refreshing content and latest release of early 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn or HRZ is a wonderful ARPG by Guerrilla Games. It follows the open ended gaming world like most of the games like Witcher 3 here along with the elements of weapons usage, tactics and exploration of course.

Player needs to assume the role of a female hunter and archer named Aloy which can be controlled from third person perspective.

The gaming world is post apocalyptic where Aloy needs to stay alive by killing enemies through various techniques. As it is a robotic world, electricity remains a vital element for survival. A different element of skill tree is also incorporated for new skills and bonuses.

Amongst other Witcher 3 similar games, I found HRZ to be quite new and engaging in terms of concept. You would love to use different weapons and using robot corpses to craft various other things like Ammo, antidotes, trapes, resistance, health potions etc. which are needed for survival.

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7. Gothic II

Website: http://www.piranha-bytes.com/

Gothic IIGothic II is a type of RPG developed by Piranha Bytes and released in 2002. I think it is the time to return to medieval fantasy games again with this second installment of Gothic series. It is set on the island of Khorinis which belongs to the medieval styled settings.

You are going to find various similar elements from first installment but with a twist like Mine valley, old camp, swamp camp etc.

You are going to play the character of a hero instructed by Xardas. He needs to fight with the new rising danger of evils led by dragons gathering in mine valley. If you are looking for open ended gaming world then it is not available here.

In fact, the entire game is divided into some quests like systems which firstly starts from retrieving the eye of Innos. The choices made by player changes the gameplay for him. With some similar elements like RPG and combat, Gothic 2 is different from other games like Witcher 3.

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8. Risen 3: Titan Lords

Website: http://risen3.deepsilver.com/

Risen 3Another game from Piranha Bytes to contribute in the list of games like Witcher 3 is Titan Lords, third installment of Risen series. It also has an enhanced edition too. The plot of this game tells a story where the land is abandoned by gods and is now suffering from Titan wars.

The player assumes the character of The Nameless Hero which is quite new as it has not been mentioned in earlier two installments.

Now, the player needs to choose between various gaming modes. The first mode is Freedom which is for exploration and doing quests for leisure. Next is Exploration for discovering quests, Enhanced Combat for revamped fighting system and finally Guilds and Factions for side quests and skills.

The last gaming mode is the new concept introduced in this installment and also quite interesting one too. You will love the medieval setting of the game but it still lacks open-world feature except in the exploration part.

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9. Dragon’s Dogma

Website: http://www.dragonsdogma.com/

Dragon’s DogmaDragon’s Dogma is a very popular action role playing game with the open world fantasy theme and hack and slash combat mode. Developed and published by Capcom, it was released in 2012. The game is set from the third person perspective and showcase a medieval world.

The game starts with player assuming its character customization from various classes like fighter, strider, knight etc., physical appearance and gender which directly affects its skills too.

If you are choosing this game over other games like Witcher 3 just for Hack and Slash combat then choose the Fighter class for it. The gameplay provides a party to player where three members can be controlled by player while other explores around and it is called Pawn system.

It is quite like the Shadow of Mordor gaming tactics. The main attraction of the game remains its open world featuring amazing visuals and graphics.

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10. Dark Souls III

Website: http://www.darksouls3.com/

Dark SoulsAnd the final choice for the list of games like the Witcher 3 is Dark Souls III which is a type of ARPG. It was released in 2016 and featured as the fourth installment of this game.

The game is controlled from third person perspective and centered around The Kingdom of Lothric. The significant part of this game is the choice of weapons. You have so many options like bows, swords, projectiles, shields etc. used for various purposes.

The player takes the role of The Abyss Watchers who are vowed to protect the lands of Lothric from evil ones. The main element of the game remains to be combat throughout which varies with different enemies who are loaded with different powers.

If you are looking for such games like Witcher 3 which are combat oriented then Dark Souls III is just the right choice for you. It even features multiplayer mode making it the only game in this list to have this feature.

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The list goes on to like thousands of more games like Witcher 3. What unites them together is the similar open ended gaming world and of course wonderful combat mode and graphics and visuals to die for. The hard to believe gaming world turn out to be quite realistic and hence approaches towards more relativity with user’s imagination.

The third installment of the Witcher series is the only one having open ended world and hence has a lot to discover and explore around. The rest of the games mentioned here follows the similar criteria too and I think they are surely something gamers should try out.

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