Best Video Editing Software for Beginners


We as a new age generation will have to agree on one point that social media has become an integral part of our lives.

Not just for leisure but as a source of income too. If you are a newbie here then you should really need to catch up about the best video editing software for beginners.

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners 2022

Whether it is about uploading amazing videos on your Instagram/Facebook account or to create something cool for your YouTube channel, it is really important for you to know about the video editing programs we have right now.

And for your step by step progress I think you should check out this section given below.

FlexClip Try Now


Wondershare Filmora Video EditorI am sure you must have come across this amazing video editor earlier too.

Filmora is a very renowned video editing software from Wondershare which provides powerful and advanced video editing tools to aid you in your respective business.

It turns out to be the perfect choice when you are looking for best video editing software for beginners.

However, it is not available for free but you always have the option to check out the product through the trial version.

Afterwards you can opt for either 1 year subscription charging $39.99 or you can directly buy it for just $69.99.

They have kept the interface and processing quite modern aiming mainly the passionate young generation who wants fast and efficient platform.

Also, there are very amazing features involved like filters, graphic overlays, text and titles addition, drag and drop motion elements, animated elements, modern transitions and superb effects and many more.

Filmora surely stands out as the best beginner video editor as it also supports very basic tools like noise removal, GIF support, social import, color tuning etc.

Compatible with:


Flexclip is in true sense a video editor for beginners. It’s free, and drag & drop!

I personally use it for Youtube video editing, however, there’s no end to what it can be used for.

For starters, there’s a template-library you can choose from.

These are pre-designed and categorized in various categories, including Business, Birthday, Wedding, Facebook, Nature.

You can upload your own videos, trim them and add to storyboards.

The best part?

Adding professional elements, animated text-styles, widgets and buttons (animation subscribe / like / follow buttons etc.) requires just a single click.

Even has a library of royalty-free music you can choose from!

The music volume, duration and length too can be controlled.

Change the video speed, apply filters, controls brightness/contrast/saturation and everything else using sliders! No professional skills required.

480P exports are free forever, no watermarks!

720P or 1080P exports do require payments.

Render time never exceeds a couple minutes at best.

And, it’s web-based. No downloads required whatsoever.

Compatible with:


best video editor for newbies

Movavi Video Editor is one of the most popular video editor for beginners.

For starters, it offers one-click filter. The easiest way to amp-up your videos, aren’t they?

And then, there are a ton of transition effects you can choose from. Easily change from one scene to another.

Add titles to your videos. And, they’re animated and graphically-designed. (Not just boring text!)

Rotate, trip, crop your videos with ease as well.

It even offers dozens of pre-designed intro templates to choose from. Completely drag & drop editing.

Why stop at intros?

It also features a built-in sound and music library as well as backgrounds for your videos.

Making Avengers-like movies with the Greeen Screen effect for one wouldn’t take more than a couple clicks (not Avengers maybe, but you get the point, don’t you?)

It also allows working with as many as 99 timelines simultaneously on the video.

Moreover, video stabilization, Picture in Picture mode, zoom and many other effects can be enabled in a single click.

The best part?

It’s 100% free. You can download Movavi right away.

However, the free version is obviously limited when it comes to features.

The paid version offers more timelines, faster processing, and overall more effects and filters.

The plans start as low as €29.95.

Compatible with:

  • Apple iMovie


Apple iMovieOffered by Apple for apple devices only, this is the first pick in the category of best video editing software for beginners. The reason of listing it on top despite the fact that it is not available for Windows devices is because it is absolutely free and just the right video editing software to start your journey from.

Apple iMovie takes care of everything from basic to pro work including browsing clips to making high-tech larger than life movie trailers.

Editing your videos is so handy on iMovie as you can manage the cross-platform integration between your various apple devices like iPad, iOS, Mac etc.

Features you get with iMovie are 4K resolution support, various transitions and effects, dozens of styles and titles, various special effects like speed change, split screen effects, background change and many more.

Apple iMovie also has built-in collection of cool soundtracks and effects which you can add cleverly in your videos.

They also have completely different section to create amazing trailers from all the footage that you have. This is just the perfect program to begin your expedition with.

Compatible with:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements


Adobe Premiere ElementsAdobe Premiere Elements is a world popular and highly used video editing tools but not only professionals but naïve users too.

Adobe always offers the best whether it is image editing or video editing and Premiere Elements makes the perfect example for it.

This makes the perfect inclusion in the list of best video editing software for beginners mainly because its simple interface gives a superb flow of work to the users.

However, it is going to cost you $99.99 to buy this program once the trial period ends. Although there are regular discount deals running where you can buy it for much lower price too.

This program is most suitable for such users for whom editing is the main task as it handles everything from creation to touch up to professional makeover.

Now, talking about the features of Adobe Premiere Elements then these are organized and easy to use platform, step by step guide tutorial for the beginners, editing tools like trimming, extract pictures, clearer videos, mix music, effects, cinematic styles and many more.

Compatible with:

  • Pinnacle Studio 21


Pinnacle Studio 21The latest version of video editing software by Pinnacle is Studio 21.

This is the basic/standard version of this program which is the perfect boost for you to kick-start your career as a video editor.

In fact, this standard version is what you exactly needed for your hunt of best video editing software for beginners.

In the basic details let me explain to you that you are going to get more than 1500 effects, titles and templates with it.

However, the number of video making restricts to 6 and it is going to cost you $59.95 as one-time fee.

Taking clue from other popular video editing programs it has recently transformed its interface and made it totally modern.

There are more versions of this exact same program with better features which are Studio 21 Plus and Studio 21 Ultimate.

Coming on to the features of this video editor for beginners then these are 3D titles editor, split screen videos, multi-camera editing, stop motion animation, massive library with royalty free music, dynamic and advanced video effects, video and photo slideshow, fast fix to basic video issues and many more.

Compatible with:

  • Vegas Movie Studio


Vegas Movie StudioNext option in the list of best video editing software for beginners is Vegas Movie Studio which is an entire package of fast and easy movie making tools.

There are various software in this Vegas Studio family and for beginners I think this basic version would be just perfect.

However, this is also not available for free and it is going to cost you $9.99 but in discount deals it can be bought for only $49.99 too.

Other versions of this program are Movie Studio Platinum and Movie Studio Suite.

It is so much fun to explore various tools and features of Vegas Movie Studio because there are literally many of them.

To name some of the best ones you get features like easy drag and drop timeline editing, basic tools like trim, edit, rearrangement, fades etc., recovery of shaky videos, next level editing and mixing and many more.

When you upgrade to Platinum version you can get better and pro tools of video editing too.

But I think Vegas Movie Studio is just the right software to learn the basics and essential tactics of video editing.

Compatible with:

  • Hitfilm Express


Hitfilm ExpressMostly used for adding VFX effects and cinematic masterpiece, Hitfilm Express is one of the best video editing software for beginners who are looking forward to learn adding effects in their videos.

You would be really glad to know that Hitfilm Express is a completely free to use video editing software.

Of course, it has better and upgraded versions too which are Hitfilm Pro for $299 and Hitfilm Studio for $497 which are actually kind of expensive programs especially for a newbie.

Despite being a free version of video editor, it offers very professional grade tools especially when it comes to adding video effects and next level graphics in your existing videos.

In fact, they have also provided online tutorials to help the users understand their functioning completely.

However, instead of video making and creation, Hitfilm Express is more sort of a tool which is used for post-production works.

Still, it deserves to be in the category of beginner video editing software as it offers very helpful training tutorials.

Compatible with:

  • Videopad Video Editor


VideoPad-Video-EditorVideopad Video Editor is the only best video editing software for beginners which is having professional grade tools but still offers a free version too.

Where other programs are limited to trial version only, you can download the free version of Videopad for personal use only but it is only available for Windows users.

If you are not satisfied with the free version then you can buy the full version which is going to cost $60 for home edition and $99 for Master’s edition.

Videopad also supports various plugins to improve the functionality but it is under Master’s Edition only.

Other features of this program are various video transitions and effects, 3D video editing, audio tools, various optimization tools for videos and many more.

Videopad Video editor is the most perfect option for beginners as it has very basic tools and also some of the most advanced ones compiled together through a simple interface.

Compatible with:

  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X10


Corel VideoStudio Pro X10Next one to join the list of best video editing software for beginners is VideoStudio Pro X10 by Corel.

This program is no less than a complete package for the users having 360 degree video editing support to enhanced and advanced video editing tools than before.

Over the time this software has improved a lot and various new features are added recently only.

You can buy it for $79.99. There is an Ultimate version too having upgraded features.

You get a huge list of features with VideoStudio Pro X10 ranging from basics to high-end.

Some of them are support for various formats, customized impressions, multi-camera video editor, customized motion path, animation effects, motion tracking, more than 1500 video effects and filters, enhanced video quality and many others.

It is amongst the most popular video editor programs especially for its overlay effect and other modern tools.

Compatible with:

  • Nero Video 2022


Nero Video 2018Nero Video 2022 is the current version of this Video Pro tool.

It is mostly preferred for high quality and high-resolution videos and quite simple in approach.

Unlike other best video editing software for beginners, it is quite straightforward but somewhere lacks the modern approach too.

However, the simple platform is the main aspect that it makes a perfect tool for the beginners and newbie and video editing business.

You can buy Nero Video 2022 for $49.95 which surely is the most affordable one amongst all the other software.

With this program you get features like easy import of videos and other files, huge media library, titles, transitions, effects, 18 new movie templates, drag and drop effects and many more.

You can also export and burn files that too in 4K high quality through this software easily. There are also mobile apps available of this software too.

Compatible with:

  • Lightworks Video Editor


Lightworks Video EditorAnd the last option and also the most popular video editing software in this list is Lightworks Video Editor which is also the winner of 2017 Emmy Award Winner.

It has been active since last 25 years and serving as an integral tool for editing videos for various purposes.

It is heavily used for film editing and has handled work of various popular movies like The wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, Heat and many more.

You can opt for the subscription of Lightworks Pro for $24.99 per month as the free trial period ends in 7 days only.

There is also yearly license available for $174.99. This video editor comes loaded with amazing features like easy timeline editing and trimming, proxy workflow for 4K, export videos in various formats, royalty free audio library and many more.

However, when compared to other best video editing software for beginners, Lightworks has less to offer until you upgrade to the pro version.

Compatible with:

  • Avidemux


10 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Avidemux is a completely free-to-use video editing software making it one of the best Video editing software for Beginners.

Also offers the basic operations such as cutting, filtering and encoding.

It lets users perform format conversion and compression of multiple video files by saving parts of large videos with its cutting and selecting tools, also supports various video formats including mpeg, avi, mp4 etc.

Customizing the video is possible with its tools for cropping, resizing, color profiling and more that users can use before converting the video.

Users can also process and edit audio tracks and sync these with the video frame rate. The task automation feature makes it easy to work on the editing and processing of videos; so users can stack their projects in queue for processing.

Avidemax uses custom scripts (such as minimalist implementation of Python in 64k of code) that makes it easy to store and apply settings and configurations to the edited videos.

With all the basic features available and being completely free-of-cost, Avidemax stands out to be a nice alternative to other video editors for the beginners.

Compatible with:

  • Cyberlink Power Director


best video editing software for beginner

Cyberlink is a family-friendly video editor, meaning as a beginner you probably aren’t editing movies.

Rather, it’s the simple, sweet, fun elements such as a motion intro, title, graphics you’re trying to incorporate into your video and that’s totally possible.

They recently improved their chroma-key engine which allows green-screen editing, just like in movies! It also improves frame-by-frame motion tracking.

Moreover, their 360-degree video stabilization technology claims to stabilize shaky videos.

Not many video editors support 4K Editing, Cyberlink does. Additionally, it also supports Multi-threading which improves performance and lowers CPU-load.

One of its most impressive features is the A.I-based transformations of images. Also accepts additional third-party plugins.

Needless to mention, basic features such as cutting and trimming are available.

Cyberlink Power Director despite being extremely feature-rich and advanced, still fits the bill for one of the best video editing software for Beginner due to its easy to use & learn interface.

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Bottomline, despite being extremely feature-rich and advanced, still fits the bill for one of the best video editing software for Beginner due to its easy to use & learn interface.

A free download is available, however paid plans are available for USD $55.99, USD $99.99, USD $103.99 and USD $129.99.

Compatible with:

  • VSDC


10 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

VSDC is one of the best Video Editing Software for Beginners.

Offers basic and simple features to begin with, but also is capable of some heavy-duty, commercial edits.

For starters, cutting, merging and such basic functions are available.

Allows filters to change the overall color overlay of the videos, image-correction and other similar actions too are possible.

On the more advanced side, it allows for non-linear editing.

Hence, the sequence of the videos can be broken down, parts re-arranged and the timeline and other aspects of the video can be changed in their entirety.

“Masking” is another requirement most new video editors seek. Well VSDC allows that as well.

Just like with Photoshop (or other image editing tools), it allows special treatment to a specific area on the video. “Subpixel Accuracy” is another one of the features it boasts of.

This makes animations and basically the changes in the video pretty smooth and visually appealing.

It comes with a number of transition effects, special fx and other visual effects which just spice up the video without you having to be an expert.

Moreover, the tool also includes audio enhancements so you can add them, or just fine-tune the audio in your video. Adding effects such as Echo, Reverb, volume correction etc. is possible.

A video-converter is available as well so you can swap formats for the videos. Also is capable of removing video-shake, Youtube integration, and supports 4K Video editing which is pretty rare.

The software is primarily free and doesn’t force a watermark or any other kind of limitations. However, paying USD $10.00 enables you for prioritized and faster support.

Compatible with:

  • DaVinchi Resolve 16


best video editing software for Beginners

DaVinchi Resolve 16 claims to be world’s “only” software combining 8K editing with audio post production, visual effects, colour correction and a number of other features.

Is crafted keeping the highest-end results in mind, and is suitable for editing movies, commercials or just home-made videos.

It has recently introduced a new “Cut Page”. The Cut Page is focused heavily on providing “faster, broadcast-quality edits”.

It offers dual-timeline, PiP edits, Stabilization, clip review, import/export features etc.

Its most advanced feature is its face-detection technology! Although timelines with custom settings too are possible, each with their own resolution, frame-rate and other settings.

It has this advanced Keyframe editor making animations much better.

The there also is the audio-cleaning/enhancing feature. Pitch correction, scrubbing, 3D audio ediiting, Fairlight Fx, technical monitoring of audio, and over 500+ royalty-free music etc. are some of the possibilities.

Have a “not so fast” system? Its selective encoding ensures only frames with new data are encoded, and not the entire video hence resulting in a speed boost.

User and Smart Caches too make the experience faster. 3D video editing, masks and GPU-accelerated tasks really do make it a heavy-duty video editor.

Other features include auto color balancing, excluding one or the other channel (RGB), reference matching, Histograms etc.

It’s so extensively feature-packed, that this brief section won’t do the tool justice. Either download their free version, or get the paid package for USD $299.00, either way you do need to check them out for yourself!

Compatible with:

  • Lumen 5


best video editing tool for newbies

You’re here because you’re just starting out with video editing, isn’t that right? Well Lumen 5 is crafted specifically for you.

Even if you have absolutely 0 video editing experience, you can start editing videos right away with Lumen 5.

It differs from most other options on this list as it’s not a downloadable tool, rather an online web app.

Meaning, you can run it in your browser directly without any installations.

Then, almost everything has been automated. The user simply has to choose their template, make required edits using the Drag & Drop interface, and done!

It’s also directly integrated with Gettyimages, Shutterstock and other such platforms. Pre-optimized templates for Social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. are available. Text too can be directly dragged and embedded on the video.

Need a video about your blogpost? Lumen5 auto-analyzes and crafts the video for you. Furthermore, video and photo suggestions pop up as well to spice things up.

The Lumen 5 A.I auto-detects important words and highlights them. Even the text-positioning is A.I calculated for maximum impact.

There are free music libraries to choose from, obviously personalization such as Logos, Font, Text size etc. can be applied.

Quality choice from 480p, 720p and 1080p is offered. So bottomline, any beginner can edit videos with Lumen5 without actually having to get his/her hands dirty!

It has monthly and yearly plans. Monthly plans start at USD $29.00/month, while yearly plans cost USD $19.00/month (billed annually).

  • Clipchamp


best video editing tool for newbies

If you’re a beginner you’d definitely would be more comfortable starting with an online-tool, compared to something you need to download.

Clipchamp doesn’t need to be downloaded, and can be used on your web browsers.

It also includes a built-in guide for the beginners.

Available features include trimming, cutting, cropping, rotating, speed control, and more. Also the users can add texts, audio tracks and images, adjust colors and apply filters while editing.

Additionally, the users can select different aspect ratio, such as 1:1, 9:16, 4:3, and 16:9 for their projects.

It even offers pre-designed video templates making things even easier.

The Drag and drop feature makes the tool even simpler to work with. Running out of content to add? Clipchamp offers in-built libraries for video as well as audio content.

Some of this is free, while you need to pay for others. Registration is mandatory to use the tool. The free version is limited to video exports up to 480p SD with no watermark/logo.

Sure there’s a paid-version of the tool. It allows 720p exports, cheaper stock video prices, and other benefits. It’s priced at USD $9.00/month.

Two more expensive plans allow for higher quality exports and custom branding, priced at USD $19.00/month and USD $39.00/month.

  • OpenShot


best video editor for begineners

OpenShot is crafted exclusively for beginners from head to toe. For starters it’s open-source and hence completely free.

If you’re just starting out you wouldn’t wish to shell out a fortune just yet, would you? Then, the user-interface is extremely simple and easy to understand, while at the same time it’s pretty feature-rich.

Let’s start with its video effects. Applying gamma, saturation, chroma key, adjusting brightness etc. is no harder than editing photos on your mobile devices.

Videos aren’t complete without audio. So OpenShot features a built-in audio editor with waveforms.

Splitting the audio is possible and it even can be rendered on the video for effects.

A ton of (over 400) transition effects are available and pre-included.

Or users can even create a completely new transition effect by overlapping two transitions.

It’s advanced-enough to allow 3D editing as well, most images can be adjusted to give them a much more realistic look using its 3D editor.

The timeline includes everything from zoom, scrolling, snapping and it’s completely Drag & Drop just what a beginner needs.

Direction as well as speed of videos can be controlled, and layered editing allows elements to be added on top of one another.

Compatible with:

  • VideoPad


VideoPad is exactly what you need if you’re searching for the best Video editing software for beginners.

It’s not extremely feature-rich, but that’s not what you as a beginner are looking for anyway, isn’t that right?

A number of basic effects (over 50) are offered for starters. Effects such as Miror, Split-screen, Scale, Zoom, Wrap, Saturation, Hue etc. are available among many others.

You can also trim the video, crop them, add objects, and/or choose from one of the available transition effects. You can also create “templates” for future use.

Also features a pretty acceptable audio editing suite. Obviously it does allow adding text to the video, and you can add a number of effects specifically to the text.

The user-interface is designed in way that you’d be able to understand it even if this is your first ever video editing project. Drag & drop supported as well.

Files can be exported in a number of formats and qualities, even 2160p. You can even directly upload the completed video to Youtube, Facebook, Google Drive, Flickr or a number of other similar platforms.

Is free for personal use, but is priced at USD $69.95 one-time fee, or a USD $5.50/month plan (billed quarterly) for commercial use.

Compatible with:

  • Blender


If you’re searching for the best video editing software for beginners, you definitely do not need tools with very advanced features now, do you?

Blender is a video editing tool that suits the absolute beginners, as well as those with a bit of video editing experience.

For starters, it’s open-source and hence free.

The basic video editing features such as trimming a video or even splicing it are offered. But, that’s not everything.

It also allows slightly advanced editing features, such as video masking.

Despite being beginner-friendly, it still offers Chroma Vectoroscope for perfect color measurement, histogram for better understanding and layered editing, keyframes, speed control and many other features.

It totally supports images, audio, videos, scenes, effects etc.

The videos can be previewed live in real-time. Quite a bit of control over audio too is offered (scrubbing/syncing). It’s compatible across all the major operating systems.

You can’t make the next Avengers with it, but being part of a 3D creation suit, works pretty well for most other lower-scale tasks.

Compatible with:

  • Animoto


best video editor for beginners

You do need a video editing software for beginners, don’t you? Animoto qualifies exactly for that.

For starters, it’s an “online tool”. So, no downloads involved.

Animoto can be best described as – “Drag & drop video editor, with pre-designed templates”.

So, it has templates for everything. Be it real-estate, blogs, holidays, explainers, tutorials, Valentine’s day and so on.

You simply select a template, edit the text, swap out existing photos and backgrounds using either your own, or from Animoto’s pre-existing library.

The text formatting is easy as well. You can change the text size, colours, font in a single click.

Animoto also has tons of pre-included, royalty-free music you can add to your videos.

It’s integrated with Gettyimages and hence you also get access to Getty Image’s library of over a million stock images.

Even has pre-made text-styles and a number of themes you can apply. General filters for your photos can be applied as well.

Or, most importantly, choose from its 10 video effects for your transitions.

You can even add watermark to your videos.

There’s a 100%, forever free plan, however, the professional plan costs $33.00/month and the Team plan costs $49.00/month.

Compatible with:

  • Clideo


If you’re here even after all these options, you must be an absolute beginner and/or may need the simplest of tools.

Clideo is an online video editor which offers exactly that.

Being online, it doesn’t even require downloads and works with just about any OS.

In most cases, you only need to drag or click on an option with Clideo, it takes care of the rest.

For starters, it offers “presets”. So you can choose if you need a video for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

It even allows importing videos directly from video-sharing sites such as Youtube. No download>upload required.

Anyway, add as many videos/clips as you want till you have your complete video.

Then you can add music to your videos.

All the other basics such as rotating, trimming, splitting, increase speed, looping, merging, adding filters, etc. are available.

There’s even a compressor which optimizes the file size.

It even tells you the exact steps on how to get things done (perfect for beginners like yourself, huh?)

Strangely, offers a monthly/yearly and even a lifetime plan. (A free version exists as well).

Compatible with:

  • Machete Video Editor


This could very well be the simplest, most basic video editing software for beginners.

The interface is simpler than most advanced calculators that we get today.

It’s capable of editing video, as well as audio files.

For starters, it even has an audio-extract feature, letting you extract the audio from video files.

The video can be muted completely and saved as well.

Maybe you wish to change the audio in a file? Well that’s another possibility.

The software doesn’t re-encode the videos, which is why the videos do not lose quality and it can be run even on the most ancient systems.

Video trimming, splitting, joining are some other features that it supports.

The reason isn’t listed higher up on this list is because it supports limited file-formats for now. Only WMV, FLV, MP4, MKV, WMA, MP3, WAV, 3GP, 3G2, and MOV files are supported.

It’s very lightweight and weighs just 3Mb.

The tool offers a 14-day free trial making sure you only pay if you like it. The paid plan, should you opt for it, costs only $19.00 one-time.

However, a forever free Machete lite version is available as well.

Compatible with:

  • WeVideo


Easy video editing tools are often the ones which are browser-based, right? Drag & drop interface, one-click features, and so on.

If that’s what you need, WeVideo would make you happy.

For starters, it’s one of the few video editors online which supports green screen edits.

Go turn that living room video into a Hollywood-grade scene.

There’s also a stock library which offers royalty-free music, videos and and photos to be used in the videos.

Because it’s cloud-based, you can edit your work anywhere, on any device. It has native apps for both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, it can also be used as a screen recorder or a webcam recorder, without the need to download anything!

The videos can be published and in 4K! It also can be used to push the created videos directly to social media acounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

It offers impressive personlization. You can add your own logos, brand colours, and even set the desired frame-rate.There’s also an option which lets you extract the audio from videos. Slowmotion, screencasts, voiceovers are just some of the other possibilities.

It’s absolutely free for starters if you’re okay with limited features. However, paid plans start from $4.99/month, billed annually.

Compatible with:

  • InVideo


InVideo is one of the most feature-rich, yet, beginner-friendly online video editors out there.

For starters, you can use it not just to create or edit videos, but also for “text to video” conversions and collages .

Even as a first-timer, all you’ve to do is pick a template, edit the text and design in a few minutes, and you’re done.

The video editor offers multiple text options, including (pretty professional-looking) graphical text. Some of the text styles include music tabs, location boxes, chat bubbles, social media tabs and many others.

There’s also an in-built “music” tab. It lets you add copyright-free music to your videos. The music is pre-categorized into categories such as angry, calm, dark, inspirational, shocking etc.

This is why we said it’s beginner-friendly, you don’t have to be a music producer, the categories will tell you what music suits your content best.

It also has a database of 1,000+ stickers in different categories and also effect-overlays for the video, shapes. It offers a timeline-styled editing interface.

Voiceovers too can be inserted with ease. Multiple audio-input modes available.

It has a free forever plan and paid plans start at $10.00/month.

Compatible with:

Video Editing Software: Online vs Offline Tools

I’m sure you’ve noticed this list contains both offline, as well as online video editing software.

The primary focus for this piece is “ease of use” considering you’re a beginner.

So, should you go with an offline, or an online software? The general rule is, offline tools are a lot more feature-rich than online tools.

But then, this comes at a cost of more complicated user-interface.

In other words, offline tools will give you more features, but are harder to use. On the other hand, online tools are much easier to use, but offer less features.

Furthermore, offline tools consume space and resources on your system. Online tools are “browser-based” and hence they do not require a download and do not affect your storage space.

But, then again, online tools will require internet connection for you to use them. Offline tools have no such requirements.

My biggest issue with online tools however is “privacy”. They all claim not having access to your data/videos.

But, there’s no guarantee, is there? Because, you’ll need to upload your video to the tool in order to edit it.

While, with offline tools your videos never leave your system and hence there’s no privacy-risk.

So, which of the two types of tools is the best? In one word, you can just go with Filmora. and if you are looking online tool then you can try flixclip video editing software.

It’s a sweet-spot between the extreme simplicity & ease-of-use that online editors provide, while bringing in robust features and privacy that you expect from offline tools.

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When you are opting this medium of social media as a career choice then, of course, you are going to start with very basic and money is an important aspect here. Most of the professional and advanced video editing programs offers really expensive subscription plans.

So, to start slow, I am sure you need cheap/free efficient editing software which do not go heavy on your pocket. Thinking about this aspects and more other things I have curated this list of best video editing software for beginners which is just perfect for the starting of your career. And I am sure their simple interface will give you additional boost too.

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