Best Free Online Video Converter to Convert Video Files


Which is the best free online video converter?

I’m not entirely sure. Hence, I got you 8 of them.

All of these are the most feature-rich and easy to use video converters in the industry.

By the end of this piece, you’ll have your video converted to the format you need.

Bonus: Need online video downloaders/editors? You’re in for a treat.

I’ve included both “software” as well as online video conversion tools in this list.

Rest assured, your videos are getting converted, today!

Best Free Online Video Converter

Hey, why limit ourselves to video conversions? Let’s not.

Almost all of these video converters serve multiple-functions.

As in, you get not just a video converter, but also a video editor, a video downloader, audio extractor and other sub-tools, for free.

These feature are actually what make every single one of these the best free online video converters.


best video converters 2020

I’ve been using Wondershare for years now. Its “all-in-one” aspect is what interests me most.

It can convert videos to and from over 100 different formats.

This includes, but isn’t limited to MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV, 3GP, SWF, AVI etc.

Not everyone understands the purpose or specialities of different video formats.

For those of us, Wondershare Uniconverter offers device-based formats.

Meaning, you simply select a device, such as iPhone, VR, Apple TV, PSP , Samsung and many others.

It then auto-suggests the best format for that device.

I was pretty impressed with its APEXTRANS technology. (Which I initially thought was just a marketing gimmick, apparently, I was wrong).

It’s a tech which makes sure there’s no loss of video quality during the conversion process. The best part? It truly works!

My second problem with most other video converters is speed.

Again, Wondershare Uniconverter is capable of hardware acceleration.

In simpler words, the conversion speed is boosted by over 30x.

(30x is the official number and I assure you, it’s not exaggeration. In fact, I’ve compared it with actual files, and have found it to be over 40-50x faster than a number of other converters.)

The one impressive feature is its free online video converter.

I can simply paste a URL from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and almost any other video site.

Uniconverter lets me download and then convert the video! So, it essentially doubles as an online video downloader (with built-in converter).

You can also choose the download-quality. Also allows MP3 extraction from the video.

Even has an in-built screen recorder! (Go make those tutorial or gameplay videos, huh?)

I also need to convert multiple videos at times, the batch-processing lets me convert multiple videos simultaneously. (It supports batch-downloading of videos as well ).

It also lets you merge (join) multiple video files in a single file. A video-editor is included as well.

It’s free. You can get it here.

Or, just pay $45.96 for a lifetime, more feature-rich license. A cheaper, $29.95/year plan available as well.

best video converters 2020 iskysoft

If you’re not going with Wondershare, I can’t think of a better second-option than the iSkysoft Video Converter.

Let’s start with its capability to convert over 150 different video formats.

Obviously, it can also be used to convert audio files to different formats.

It too offers device-presets if you don’t understand the different formats directly.

The conversion speed is again impressive. It claims being able to boost conversion speed by up to 90x.

In my experience, that’s exaggerated.

However, due to Hardware acceleration, it sure boosts the speed equally, if not better than Wondershare.

The converter takes it up a notch and offers in-built video editing capabilities.

An easy to use, beginner-friendly video editor lets me add watermarks, crop videos, add effects etc.

Even allows extracting the audio from videos.

Alike Wondershare, iSkySoft Video Converter too lets me download and convert videos directly from video-streaming sites.

A minimal, tabbed, modern interface makes it perfect for newbies and beginners.

It too offers a free version. The lifetime license costs a low $39.95.

There’s also a 30-day moneyback guarantee making sure you only pay if you like it.


You need a free online video converter, Movavi delivers. As simple as that.

For starters, it supports conversions to and from over 180 different formats.

Either choose the format directly, or choose from the 200+ available device-presets.

The interface supports drag & drop. Simply, drag your file and drop it onto the converter.

It has this unique “convert sample” feature. This lets you convert a smaller portion of the file before converting the entire file.

If the sample file comes out good, you can proceed with the full conversion.

Has this “Superspeed” technology, which offers up to 80x faster conversions.

There also is a video editor which lets us adjust brightness, contrast, hue and other aspects of the videos.

Trimming, cropping, rotating etc. are some other features its video-editor offers.

You can also merge videos together.

Another advanced feature is its subtitle-search and embed.

The tool lets you search for subtitles from within the application, and then it’s auto-embedded to the selected video.

Only need the audio extracts? That’s possible as well.

Also has a “compressor” which reduces the file-size of the video, without any loss in the visual quality.

A free version is available. The lifetime license costs approx. $25.00. An yearly license is costs just $18.00.


It’s one of the oldest video converters in the industry.

In fact, I first used it nearly 8 years back or so! And it’s still here. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

Format conversions of over 200+ different video formats is possible.

It also features an in-built GIF maker. Make animated GIFs from videos.

Maybe you just need the music from a video? Does feature a music extractor.

As far as speed goes, it supports NVIDIA NVENC and Open CL acceleration coupled with multi-core support.

This in simpler terms means boosted speed.

Being honest? It’s not exactly as fast as Wondershare or iSkysoft, but is pretty close.

One of its prime-attractions is its support for HEVC/H.265 formats.

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These let us store ultra-HD files, at nearly half their original file-sizes. Extreme compression can be achieved and is made possible with Any Video Converter.

Alike most other tools on this list, it too allows downloading videos (and converting them) directly from video-streaming sites.

The list includes Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others.

Being the oldest in the industry, it can’t be without an in-built video editor, right?

The editor allows adding watermarks, subtitles, cropping, trimming, adding effects, merging etc.

Even has a screencast feature making it into a screen recorder.

Being honest? The interface could use some upgrades.

But as far as feature go? They’re all there.

You can try it for free, or purchase it for $47.14.


Need the most “format-rich” video converter for free?

WonderFox video converter supports conversions to (and from) 500 different formats.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find your desired format with WonderFox, whatever it may be.

The conversion speed is comparatively slower than Wondershare, yet is around 40-45x faster than other tools. Thanks to its support for Hardware Acceleration.

It also boasts lossless conversions as well as compression. Conversions are almost identical to the original quality.

The in-built compressor too doesn’t eat up much quality, however some (negligible) quality-reduction is to be expected.

Need to edit your videos maybe? All the basics such as trimming, merging, filters and effects are available.

Need to convert multiple files in a single go? Hello batch conversions! Yeah those are supported as well.

Need to download videos? It supports over 300 video sites you can download videos from.

Even the subtitles can be downloaded.

Maybe you need to capture your screen? It has a built-in screen recorder as well.

Alike most other best free online video converters, it too allows creating GIF animations.

And, not just from videos. You can combine multiple photos to create the animations as well.

The free version sure is available. Or you can get the lifetime license for $34.95. Yearly subscription costs $29.95.


Alike WonderFox, Tipard too allows conversion of over 500 different video formats.

And, it does support 4K video conversions.

Batch-conversions too are available which increase the conversion time for multiple conversions.

The official speed is promised to be 60x faster than other tools. Again, it depends on a number of factors, primarily your hardware, however, it’s sure fast.

The file compressor reduces file sizes (without effecting the quality much).

The GIF maker isn’t absent either.

The video-editor allows effects, filters, splitting/merging, watermarks, rotation, and adding subtitles.

The metadata editor lets me edit metadata for files, or maybe just add them if not already present.

The free versions is, well, free!

The paid version starts at $46.75 for a year, or you can purchase it forever for $67.15.

The moneyback guarantee sure is impressive and is applicable for 90-days.

  • VideoProc


VideoProc isn’t exclusively a video conversion tool.

Rather, it’s a full-fledged video-editing suite.

For starters, it boasts level-3 hardware acceleration. This increases the overall performance by up to 47x.

For conversion, it supports over 420 video formats.

There also is the in-built video compressor, which claims to compress video sizes by over 90%. (That’s impressive, isn’t it?)

However, it offers other advanced conversion features.

The “Upscale and downscale” features for one.

They let us increase/decrease the quality, let’s say from 720P to 2160p or vice-versa without damaging the visual quality.

Have advanced video editing experience? Well, it offers granular control over the Bit rate, GOP, B-frames VBR/CBR etc.

The video downloader is available, and supports over 1,000 video websites. (Even supports batch-downloading).

Also features a screen recorder which also can be used as a webcam recording software.

Audio extractor and ringtone maker are other add-ons pre-included with the tool.

And finally, the video editor allows adding watermarks, enhancing visuals, gif-making, etc. You can even add text, arrows, other shapes, or draw freehand on the videos!

Either get it for free, or you can purchase the full-featured version for $42.95 (lifetime). The yearly license costs $29.95.

  • Freemake


As the name suggests, it truly is free.

No trial or limitations. The premium, full version, is actually free.

Again, over 500 different video formats supported.

You can also download videos from a handful of video websites, including Youtube, Flickr, VK, Dailymotion etc.

The device-presets are useful, aren’t they? Freemake does offer those.

Available options include Android, Apple devices, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry and many others.

It’s also capable of editing 4K videos without loss in quality.

One of my personal favourite features is its “output file size limit”.

This lets me control the size of the output file making sure it’s not too large.

Furthermore, I love its website-support. SWF, FLV and HTML5 formats can directly be embedded on websites.

It even allows adding, or editing video subtitles.

Most other best video converters offer video editing features, why won’t Freemake?

Well yes, split, merge, rotate videos.

As far as success goes, it boasts 103,668,066 users as of today.

  • Zamzar


ZamZar is a online video conversion tool that’s used and appreciated by LifeHacker, Wired, The NewYork Times and many other million-dollar brands on the planet.

It’s compatible with nearly every video format out there. The list includes MP4, MOV, 3GB and many others. Interestingly, it also can be used to convert PDF to Word or vice-versa. Other document conversions too are available.

Files can be dragged & dropped onto the website. What’s best is you can even convert videos from a “link”. As in, if a video is uploaded somewhere, it doesn’t need to be uploaded. The tool fetches videos directly form URLs.

There’s also an option to “Email when done”. If and when selected, it notifies you via E-mail when conversion is done. It’s handy as some conversions may need up to 15 minutes of conversion time.

Files up to 2GB can be converted at once depending on the pricing plan. You don’t even need to download the converted files. They can be stored in your Zamzar account. Simultaneous conversions too are possible.It’s not free and paid plans start at around $7.00/month.

Free online video converter – Final verdict

So, which is the best free online video converter?

My first preference (as you may have guessed by now) is Wondershare Uniconverter.

It’s the most feature-rich and is capable of none, or least quality loss outputs.

However, the iSkysoft Video Converter is an equally good option.

Actually, all the options perform equally good. There isn’t a lot of differentiation.

And so, I leave the decision to you. Do let me know which of these is the best free online video converter.

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