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  • Predesign Templets
  • Cloud Storage for Store Videos
  • Drag and Drop for Quick Editing
  • Free Use for Limited Use
  • Free Stock Video, Images, Vector Icons and Much More


  • Free Plan Has Limited Features
  • Online Only, Not Offline or Installable Software

If you have a video you’d like to add more professionalism to, FlexClip may be what you’re looking for.

Even if you don’t yet have a video, FlexClip lets you create 100% unique and professional videos, from scratch.

Well, that’s what the company claims at least. How well-placed are those claims? That’s what we’ll be verifying in this FlexClip review.

Maybe you’re searching for simpler solutions? Trimming/ converting/ flipping videos or maybe just adding logos?  Those are some of its features as well.

Well, the tool is 100% free, forever. So why don’t you go give this review a try? If it’s not what you’re looking for you aren’t losing anything anyway, are you?

What is FlexClip?

In my opinion, it’s the easiest yet the most feature-rich and professional in-browser video editing platform I’ve ever used.

Some of the primary features on FlexClip include:

  • 100% free forever, unlimited edits. Sign up.
  • Drag & drop video editor
  • Browser-based (no downloads needed)
  • Pre-designed templates
  • In-built free stock videos and music/sound effects
  • Record screen and/or webcam.
  • Very impressive text layouts & icons
  • Custom branding and so much more.

You can use FlexClip for:

  • Presentations & corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Youtube videos
  • Intros & outros for Youtube or other platforms
  • Social media videos (TikTok/ Facebook/ Twitter)
  • Picture-in-picture editing (facecam videos)
  • And almost everything else you can use a video for.

Obviously I can not list everything it’s capable of. So, here’s a screenshot that does!

If you found at least one use for FlexClip so far, let’s proceed?

Pre-Designed Templates

If you’ve absolutely no idea where to start, that’s fine. FlexClip has hundreds of pre-designed templates.

You simply need to pick one that suits your idea. It also has neat categories you can choose from. Just pick if you’re making a sports, fashion, birthday, funny video or anything else.

It’s not even mandatory to pick the right category. It’s 100% customizable so you can take a sports video and make a beauty video with it if you want to. You can also change templates mid-way even after you’ve done some of your work.

Obviously, a template isn’t mandatory. You can also upload your own videos if you want to.

No Downloads or High-End PC Required (Browser Based)

A major problem with video editing? You generally need a decent PC to edit and render videos.

That’s one problem you won’t have with FlexClip.

It’s a browser-based platform. Meaning, you do not need to download any software. FlexClip is a website. If you have an internet connection and a browser, you can access & use FlexClip.

Drag & Drop Video Editor

Video editing using traditional software sure is a hassle, especially if you aren’t frequent at it.

FlexClip on the other hand makes things so much easier. You can see all the elements that it offers on the left-sidebar:

  • Templates
  • Media
  • Text
  • Overlays
  • Audio
  • Background and many others.

It only needs you to drag elements that you want and simply drop them on the editing canvas (right pane).

Upload Media Directly From Phone

This is one of the  features that’s more useful than I initially thought it would be.

So, FlexClip is used on a computer. However, many a times most of my media (video I want to edit, logos etc.) are on my phone. Connecting the phone to my computer using USB or Bluetooth frustrates me.

To solve this, FlexClip offers a direct “upload from phone” feature. It shows me a “QR code”.

I can scan the code using my phone’s scanner. This takes me to a website. The website lets me select files on my phone. Whatever I select gets uploaded directly to the FlexClip project I’m working on.

Neat, eh?

Record Directly While Editing

I did say earlier on this FlexClip review that it can be used to create tutorials and presentations, didn’t I?

Well, one of its features is that it lets you “record” directly while editing.

In fact, you get to choose what you wish to record. It can be:

  • Only the screen
  • Only the webcam
  • Or Both the screen & the webcam!

How you use this has no limits. You can use this for reaction videos, explaining certain content to your audience or literally anything else.

Dozens of Pre-Designed Text Layouts

“Text” is probably one of the most used elements on any video, isn’t it? However, plain and boring text (like the ones you’re reading right now) aren’t very “engaging” are they?

To counter that, FlexClip offers some of the most dynamic and impressive text-layouts I’ve ever seen.

I’ve used a fraction of the available layouts just to show you what it’s capable of.

There are category-specific layouts you can use. E.g. you can go for “profiles”, “minimalistic”, “badges”, “news”, “social media” and many others.

Here are some text layouts from the “profiles” category.

They can totally take your videos’ professionalism to a different level, wouldn’t you agree.

There are even “dynamic” text layouts. These text layouts are “animated”. You can obviously also customize the animation.

100% free stock videos

I wouldn’t tell you why you need stock videos, I’m sure you know the answer.

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On FlexClip, you do not need to g on a video hunt. It has an in-built arsenal of hundreds of stock videos you can insert on your project.

Again, these are available in many different categories. You can search for videos related to weddings, business, finance, abstract, holiday and so on.

In-Built Free Stock Images

Why be limited to videos? FlexClip also has an in-built stock image “search” feature.

You can type in almost any keyword in the search box. The results will return 100% copyright-free stock images that you can use in your videos.

Even if you do not wish to “search” (lazy much? I can relate), you can still just use its pre-designated categories. Business, technology, sale, real estate are just some of the categories you can expand to find more images in them.

Additionally, it also has a similar feature for “Gif” images. It uses the Giphy database and you can add any of those gifs to your videos for free.

In-built music and sound effects

Which video is ever complete without sound? (Unless you’re Charlie Chaplin, of course).

FlexClip also has an in-built search feature for music and sound effects.  The music too is pre-categorized into different categories such as “happy”, “inspiring”, “epic”, “pop”, “intro” and so on.

There are even “mood” and “genre” filters.

This makes picking the perfect music for your video much eaisier and faster.

Icons and Elements For Every Purpose

One of the other things you can add to your videos are random “elements”. These are mostly icons and cutouts and can be used for hundreds of other purposes.

These too are categorized so they’re easy to find and use. Some examples are Youtube subscribe button, speech bubble, arrows, animated figurines of people and so on.


These are exactly what the title says –“overlays”. These are basically animated content that you can add on top of your videos.

These are different from “scenes” as they don’t appear after one of your video frames has passed.

Rather, you can drag & drop these anywhere on your video and they just stay there.


I’ve always found this to be one of the best ways for me to start a video.

Sometimes, I only have text content. FlexClip has hundreds of backgrounds I can simply apply my content to.

The background is basically the backdrop against which you can place your content and videos. These are generally animated `videos on loop which you can use as your background.

Everything from very complex “tech holograms” to very simple “gradient colours” can be found.

Branding (watermarks)

One of the last elements you can add onto your FlexClip videos is a watermark. The feature is officially called “branding”.

It lets you add text and/or images to your videos and adjust their opacity.  The positioning too can be adjusted.

I mean sure, this isn’t a “wow” feature. However, it still is a feature on the editor and not mentioning that on this FlexClip review wouldn’t be fair, right?

Multiple Quality Options

So, when you’re done, what quality do you get to export your videos in?

FlexClip lets you choose from the 3 most commonly used qualities:

  • 480P, 720P, And 1080P.

Obviously, the quality would also depend on your FlexClip plan. The free plan allows 480P exports. The two higher qualities require a paid plan.

FlexClip Pricing [It’s free]

How much does FlexClip cost? This obviously is one of the most important aspects for any tool/app or business out there, isn’t it?

FlexClip is free, forever! There’s this $0.00/month plan that offers:

  • 480P videos
  • 1 stock video + 1 stock audio per project
  • 3 background removal credits
  • 1 min videos.

Its 1 minute limit is probably the only major drawback on the free plan.

Obviously, if you pay, FlexClip has 3 options:

Just in case you feel it’s not worth the money you’re paying, they also have a 7-day refund policy. You get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Final Thoughts: Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes, FlexClip is 100% worth it. Well, it’s free anyway so I doubt the “worth it” part is even valid. As for the paid plans, they do pull their weight with higher quality videos and all the other features they offer.

If you combine how easy it is to use with its free music + videos, text layouts, backgrounds, icons and capabilities, I’d say it’s a win no matter what.

Let’s rate it 5/5 and sign off this FlexClip review then. Obviously, this FlexClip review is just a “glimpse” of what’s offered. You can always go and sign up for free to verify the facts on your own, can’t you?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I first started using FlexClip, I had a few questions. I’m sure you do too. I’ll answer them in very short sentences here so you can make better descisions.

  • Is FlexClip completely free?

Yes. By 100%, I mean you do not need to pay a single cent. You do not even need to share your credit card details. An e-mail ID is all that’s required.

  • What is FlexClip used for?

FlexClip can be used both for editing pre-existing videos, or creating videos completely from scratch.

  • Is FlexClip safe?

Absolutely. FlexClip is trusted  by Microsoft, Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, VISA and many others. It never has unauthorized access to any files on your computer or phone.

  • What is better than FlexClip?

“Better” is a subjective word. You may get a more feature-rich tool but it may be more expensive, e.g. Adobe Premier. You may get an easier too but without the features FlexClip offers. In my opinion, FlexClip is truly unbeatable as far as “Free, online, web-based video editors go”.


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