10 Best Audio Editing Software for Windows


Be it creating a ringtone or mixing songs on professional level, you definitely need best audio editing software for such works. You really need such programs which are technically advanced but also easy to handle too. It is kind of a necessary to have a handy platform otherwise you won’t be able to make most of it.

10 Best Audio Editing Software for Windows

Of course, if you are considering professional level software, then you would totally have to pay for them. This is why I came up with a list of best music editing software which has both advanced as well as affordable software to work on. Here are some of the options you can consider which are given below.

1. Audacity

Website: https://www.audacityteam.org/

AudacityAudacity is hands down the best free audio editing software you are ever going to come across. A free as well as open source program which not only makes it highly convenient to edit music files at home but also supports cross-platform connection which eases out a lot of things over multiple platforms.

And, this is not just about editing music, but also about every basic steps too. You can easily record live audio through it and that too in professional quality.

Other features of Audacity that you should know about are multiple recording and playback from device toolbar, multiple file format support for importing as well as exporting, supports sound quality of 16 bit, 24 bit and 36 bit samples, easy editing with direct tools and many more.

Audacity is surely one of the preferable program in this list of best audio editing software mainly because of its simplicity. From supporting multiple tracks for editing and mixing to real-time effects and plug-ins all of these things make this program even more amazing and functional.

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2. Adobe Audition

Website: https://www.adobe.com/products/audition.html

Adobe already has a huge list of software to offer and one of them is Adobe Audition which is a type of Digital Audio Workstation and amongst the best choice for the list of best audio editing software. It offers a professional level support for multi-track editing and mixing and that too with advanced tools and techniques used.

However, Adobe Audition is a bit difficult to understand at once but that does not make it a regressive system. Also, as Adobe products are not available for free so you can buy the subscription of this program for $19.99 per month.

Moving on to the features of Adobe Audition then there goes a huge list of advanced tools for it. Right now it is operating on the version Audition CC 2022 called Version 11 which is also known as Audition Creative Cloud. This is a mix of audio as well as video editing programs and features.

To name a few, it offers more features than basic editing and mixing like adjustment of the volume of music behind dialogues, auto-ducking, huge sound panel, new fade features, mixdown and bounce improved features, smart music monitoring, new dynamics effect and many more.

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3. Acoustica Standard Edition

Website: https://acondigital.com/products/acoustica-audio-editor/

Acoustica is a very popular sound editing software by Acon Digital which offers high-end audio features to improve the quality and mixing effects. It offers two editions i.e. Standard one and Premium one. The Standard Edition costs $59.90 as one-time fee and if you want to Premium Edition then it is going to cost you $199.90.

They have programmed it from the scratch so you do not have to install some other programs for basic to advanced level audio editing needs.

Talking about the features then combining both Standard and Premium Edition you get features like super audio quality and multichannel audio recording and editing, spectral editing for precise restoration of sound, unlimited plug-ins and add-ons supported, high-quality processing tools, noise removal, recording options etc.

Not only that Acoustica Standard Edition is a great option for the category of best audio editing software, it is also quite affordable too for such high-quality features. Moreover, this is one of the most advanced tool for multitrack editing too.

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4. FL Studio 12

Website: http://www.image-line.com/flstudio/

FL Studio 12Currently featuring its 12th edition, FL Studio was earlier known as Fruity Loops, and released initially in 1997. This Digital Audio Workstation is highly recommended for commercial use which utilizes a graphical user interface based on music sequencer and hence works best with additional hardware.

This next option in the list of best audio editing software is highly advanced and hence doesn’t come for free. It offers 3 editions which are Fruity for $99, Producer for $199, Signature for $299 and there is also a complete plug-in bundle available for $899.

Now, this is the time to talk about the features offered under FL Studio 12. These features are scalable interface, detachable toolbars, VST Plugins, piano roll, drag and drop audio files on playlist, step sequencers, hundreds of free samples included etc.

These were the new features added to this program. Talking about the basic ones, then these are built-in video player, Edison wave-form editor, all the popular virtual effects, Direct Wave sampler, synthesizer, multi-core effects supported and many more.

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5. Ocenaudio

Website: http://www.ocenaudio.com/en/startpage

OcenaudioYou would be glad to know that the next option in this list of best audio editing software is Ocenaudio which is a completely free program. Yes, you heard that right after Audacity we have one more option which offers so many features and charges nothing in return.

Despite being a freeware, it has so cool set of audio tools that you will probably neglect the other options straight away. Apart from being simple, the cross-platform support improves the functionality to next level.

It works on the principle of their own Ocean Framework which is a powerful library comprised of development and audio manipulation tools. Other features of Ocenaudio are real time preview of audio effects, cross platform development, smart editing for complex audio files editing including multi-selections, no limit on length and quantity of songs etc.

By now, it must have been clear to you that Ocenaudio is hands down one of the best free mp3 editor in this list after Audacity.

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6. Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

Website: http://www.magix.com/us/sound-forge-audio-studio/

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12Offered by Magix Software, Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 is the next entry for the category of best audio editing software. It is a digital audio editing program which targets the audience looking for professional and semi-professional tools for music editing and mixing.

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Once the free trial period ends, then you would have to purchase the Sound Forget Audio Studio 12 for $59.99. There are other versions too like Sound Forge Pro 11 for $399.95, Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 for $299 and Audio Master Suite 2.5 for $599.

This program is for everyone whether they just want professional level recording or want high-end tools for mixing and editing. The high-resolution recording make sure that you need as less editing as possible which saves time for the artistes.

The features of Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 are real time sample wave editor, DirectX and VST plugin support, multiple file format support, video support too, multiple tracks conversion and editing, spectral cleaning, vinyl restoration, soft cut, slice editing and many more.

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7. WavePad Audio Editor

Website: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

WavePad Audio EditorNCH is a very prominent name when it comes exploring various types of software and this time it is offering one of the best audio editing software called WavePad Audio Editor. It is a fully-featured audio editor featuring services and tools for both professional and personal use.

You can purchase the Standard Edition of WavePad Audio Editor for $60 while the complete Master’s Edition costs $99, and they both are for commercial use.

Talking about the personal/home use then you would be glad to know that WavePad comes under the category of best free audio editor as it offers a free version for this. It has no expiration date and also includes some of the features of Master’s Edition too.

Now, throwing light on the features of this program, then it is comprised of all the audio effects like amplification, compression, noise removal, pitch shifting etc. It also offers Direct and Virtual Studio Technology, all audio/music file format supported, spectral analysis, edit audio from video files, easy interface etc.

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8. Ardour

Website: https://ardour.org/

ArdourEvery Newbie in music world wants a platform which doesn’t charge any penny so you can get the initial much-needed boost for you work. So, after listing out Audacity and Oceaudio in this list of best audio editing software, this is the time for next free and open source software which is Ardour.

Not only open source, but Ardour’s intellectual community allows people to share their experience using it and it also allows them to learn about its various aspects.

While using Ardour, you gain access to features like hardware support system, no prior setup is needed, flexible recording sessions with high-quality sound, unlimited multichannel tracks etc. When it comes to editing you get tools like non-linear, non destructive editing, unlimited undo/redo options, strip silence, rhythm ferret, push-pull trimming etc.

Ardour makes it so simple to import any types of songs in this program and then export and share them to whichever platform you want.

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9. Avid Pro Tools

Website: http://www.avid.com/pro-tools

Avid Pro ToolsCan you believe the fact that it has been 29 years since the release of Avid Pro Tools, and this Digital Audio Workstation program is still running amazingly till now. So, since that time, it has gone through a lot of changes and now can be considered one of the best audio software for Windows and Mac.

You can buy the subscription of Pro Tools which is going to cost you $29.99 per month. There are other paid versions too which are Pro Tools First and Pro Tools HD.

Now, it is the time to discuss the features of Pro Tools. So, the services you get with this program are MIDI enhancements for workflow, simultaneous playback for up to 128 songs, 32-bit/192 KHz recording sessions, virtual music composing with great instrumental and synthesizer support etc.

It offers everything which can help you to grow as an artist and make your music better. This is why I listed it in the category of best audio editing software.

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10. PreSonus Studio One

Website: https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One

PreSonus Studio OneThe last option that we have for the list of best audio editing software is PreSonus Studio One which is currently working on its latest version i.e. Studio One 3. This is a complete digital audio powerhouse containing everything from basic tools to advanced features.

The interface is quite smart and flow oriented which creates a faster pace of working on it. And of course, the additional drag and drop feature adds more fluency in it.

There are three versions of this program which are Studio One 3 Prime for free with limited features, Studio One 3 Artist for $107.45 and Studio One 3 Professional for $430. The features offered by PreSonus Studio One 3 has recently added new features into it like low-latency monitoring, redesigned project page and many more upgrades.

Other features include homepage for central control, song page for complete editing tools list, fast and convenient approach, track inspector, scratch pads giving freedom of creativity and many more.

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You should definitely consider this thing that each software serves to different purposes and hence there is no way you can compare them with each other. Some are perfect for home use and some are more suitable for commercial use only.

These best audio editing software are programmed very smartly and hence they are great for even beginners too. The thing about these programs is that it eliminates the need of opting for high-end additional hardware and hence eases the process of editing better and faster. You can also consider some other programs too if you want.

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