10 Best Media Player for Windows


Who does not like to watch their favorite memories on loop? If you are using a Windows platform for this then you need some amazing and best media player for windows to access all the media files out there. Although there is this in-built program called Windows Media Player but an extra dose of technology is something that everyone likes.

10 Best Media Player for Windows

Sometimes you need to adjust the media file according to your need and for this you need some advanced media players and their assistance. From adding dual tone to subtitles, a potential platform that supports every format is needed. And this is why I compiled this list of video players for windows which are capable enough for such functions.

1. VLC Media Player

Website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

VLC Media PlayerYou can go through like thousands of choices but eventually, you would have to agree that VLC is the best media player ever for Windows platform. The best thing about this program is that it is an open source project and hence you get every single feature for free.

It even supports cross-platform media playing and multiple media formats like DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs etc. In fact, I have been using it for like forever and could not ask for anything better than it.

VLC got great customization settings and multiple media supporting settings too. VLC works for every platform, every format and codec. It got no annoying ads, no spyware and a very simple and clean interface for the users which runs media very smoothly.

Other features of VLC which makes it one of the best media player for Windows are multiple skins, extensions supported, subtitle synchronization, video and audio filters, plugins, localizationcompleteetc. The most reliable and trusted media player amongst all, I think this is the best choice you can make when it comes to picking best media players.

2. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Website: https://mpc-hc.org/

Media Player Classic Home CinemaAnother open source program for the users are Media Player Classic Home Cinema which is another option for the list of best media player for windows. It is a completely spyware free program supporting all media formats of audios and videos with no advertisements or any glitches in between.

Download it for various platforms other than windows and experience all your movies and audio files on the best platform ever.

One thing which you will absolutely love about this media player is that it is totally lightweight and hence performs quite fast. Other interesting features of this media player are customization facilities of toolbars, skins and other settings, also used as DVB player, enhanced video support, video decoders etc.

The additional Home Cinema adds various improved features to this simple media player and makes it even more advanced. This Media Player Classic is also capable of installing additional add-ons and extensions too and also utilizes DirectShow architecture for the playing. There are other settings available similar to VLC making it quite handy and comfortable to use.

3. PotPlayer

Website: https://potplayer.daum.net/

PotPlayerAnother interesting and free to use media player specially made for Windows platform is PotPlayer. This multimedia player supports various Windows version and works outstandingly to play various media files and formats. This is one of the best video player when it comes to the quality of media playing.

I found PotPlayer to be quite integrated with other types of devices too. For example, it supports various 3D glasses to improve the experience of watching your favorite movies or other videos.

Interestingly, PotPlayer also offers various types of output formats too like side by side, top and bottom, page flipping and many more. Other features of PotPlayer which you would love to know are subtitles support, animation, SMI Rubytags support, multiple codec and media format support and many more.

The main reason of listing out PotPlayer in the list of best media player for Windows is because it works quite smooth and seamlessly. There are snapshots provided which helps you to preview the scenes. Other functions involve Direct3D9 Ex flip mode, bookmarking option, various devices support etc.

4. KMPlayer

Website: http://kmplayer.com/

KMPlayerKMPlayer is a completely freeware offered by the specially Pandora TV. It was released in 2002 and now it is available for various other platforms too other than Windows. The multi-lingual platform of KMPlayer allows users to adjust the settings according to your need hence giving best experience.

KMPlayer also supports various media formats like VCD, DVD, Ogg, OGM etc. However, the only thing you are going to find annoying about it is the ad supported platform which quite annoys the users.

However, you can purchase the ad-free license though. Other features of KMPlayer are various subtitles formats supported, almost all audio/video formats supported, filters and decoders, DirectShow merit system, various media effects like pace change, speed change etc., overlay screen controls and many more.

KMP comes under the best media player for windows and it also offers mobile applications too. In fact, filling to the modern requirement, KMP also supports 3D formats too with optimized and stable output. Apart from it, plugins and extensions are always supported according to the need of the user.

5. ACG Player

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/store/p/acg-player/9nblggh698c7

ACG Player is the best option you can pick while choosing the best media player for windows 10. In fact, it is specially made for this version of Windows only and offers number of features and customizable settings to provide the best media playing experience to the users.

It is a completely free to use program which also works on freemium model which means you can go for optional in-app purchases if you want. It is quite flexible towards the users’ need and hence listed for this category of best media player for windows.

ACG is quite a high-performance media player but it also supports ads and to remove them you would have to go for in-app purchases. Other features of ACG Player are multiple subtitles formats support, gesture MKV, gestures support, simple and amazingly modern in terms of interface, customization options for toolbars and panel buttons etc.

ACG is quite a light player and hence does now allow decoders. Talking about other advanced features then these are side gestures, customization in art font, snapshots facility, video preview available through slider, multiple audio and videos effect, speed control options, background music player and many more.

6. GOM Player

Website: http://player.gomlab.com/

GOM PlayerI am sure at one point or the other you must have tried out this amazing media player called GOM to ditch the regular VLC. The reasons? Well, mainly because it is quite stylish and modern in approach and also offers number of interesting features which every user would like to try out.

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This is a freemium service which means you get regular features under the free plan and if you want then you can upgrade to GOM Player Plus which is going to cost you $24.99 as one-time fee.

GOM Player makes an excellent and best media player for windows from XP to Windows 10. It supports multiple file formats, carries a strong subtitles support by linking its own library too, supports VR videos for 360 degree, supports various audio and video formats along with codecs and playlists formats too.

Other advanced features of GOM Player are advanced filter controls, various skins, customization features, connect the GOM player with GOM remote, mobile applications, and hundreds of other simple and advanced features making it simpler for you to play and customize media according to your need.

7. 5KPlayer

Website: https://www.5kplayer.com/

5KPlayerThis is the time to kiss goodbye to the boring media players which only offers same type of features only. 5KPlayer is not only one of the best media player for windows that we have in this list but it also works as music player, AirPlay media streamer, online video downloader, radio player and many more.

Despite offering so many functions and services, 5KPlayer works for completely free and its features are not restricted to these ones only.

Other services of 5KPlayer include iOS, Mac and other platforms syncing, in-built media library, AirPlay mirroring, screen recording in even 8K UHD quality, online video downloading from various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and many more.

Supporting various audio and video formats, it has various video utilities like subtitles support, HD camcorder, surround sound effect, built-in radio player, home media library synced with multiple platforms, simple interface and modern approach. I personally think that 5KPlayer is the best free media player you are ever going to find.

8. DivX Player

Website: http://www.divx.com/en/software/player/features

DivX PlayerDivX Player is specially designed for those people for whom quality is everything. It can play videos of even 4K quality and also offers free HEVC playback too. This free to use media player is one of its kind and perfect for watching movies, TV shows, web clips, online videos and many more stuff.

Apart from the free version, there is a paid plan too called DivX pro which costs $22 as one-time fee and offers better and upgraded features and syncing and integration facility too.

No doubt that why did I mention it in the list of best media player for windows. DivX player supports various formats like MP4, AVI, MKV etc. Apart from it, DivX has its own online server which can provide you great videos, audio and photos when synced with devices like PS, Xbox etc.

Other screen and video related features which you would love to know about are trick play, FF/RW feature to quickly move to your favorite scenes, chapter points feature, various screen resolutions and speed control features, playlist organization, built-in history recording folder and many more in the row.

9. Kodi

Website: https://kodi.tv/

KodiKodi is an open source media player which is especially preferred by those people who just can’t do without watching all the latest movies and TV shows. This is a software application which can be used along with various televisions and remote controls and hence differentiate itself from other best media player for windows mentioned above.

This integration feature is quite phenomenal and you do not get to see it in other media players. This media player is quite customizable and offers various skins too.

Kodi allows users to play various media files from local as well as online storage too. From movies to podcasts you can stream anything on Kodi and it also mobile applications too. Supporting multiple platforms, Kodi also stands out as one of the best video player for windows 10 too.

Other features of Kodi includes addons and plugins support, integration with online streaming platforms, various skins and themes, app launcher, all the settings and utilities related to audio and video playing like speed control, resolution and many more.

10. Real Player

Website: http://www.real.com

Real PlayerAnd the last one for this list of best media player for windows is Real Player. I am sure you must have heard of its name before as it is quite a simple yet powerful media streaming tool for Windows and other platforms.

Coming on to its features directly, then these are online videos downloading supported, back up and privacy settings, video conversions, cloud storage, multiple file format supported, HD format supported, integration and streaming to Xbox, Roku etc., cross-platform connectivity and many more.

Apart from providing a free to use plan with regular features, Real Player also offers paid plans too which are Plus for $39.99 as one-time fee and Premium for $4.99 per month.

Although Real Player offers so many amazing features along with online streaming too but I think it is still quite expensive than other media players listed here. However, this is still kind of good when you use it in free plan.

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Varying with different compatibility features for different versions of Windows, you are going to find the best option for each of the version. Enjoy your favorite videos through these best media player for windows. There are some options here who are compatible to other platforms too.

Thankfully, all the media players mentioned here are for free and you got the opportunity of upgrades in some of them too. I am sure you will soon get handy with their functions and features and the simple interface would not bother you at all.

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