10 Best Free Photoshop Alternative

Adobe Photoshop is like the ultimate king of media editing and analyzing. However, sometimes the paid features are quite expensive to afford and in such condition, you people need free Photoshop alternative. You need such options which are quite similar to Photoshop but provides quite amazing features under the free plan.

10 Best Free Photoshop Alternative

To help out the low scale photographers and art students, I have a perfect list of Photoshop alternatives free which are going to reform the way you have ever used photo editing software before. For more information, check out the details given below, compare the programs and pick the one which suits your needs the best.


Website: https://www.gimp.org/

GIMPThe thing about GIMP is that when I searched for free Photoshop alternative I found this editor program on every single page I checked and that too on top. And when I went through it I realized why does people even pay for image editors when they can get so much for free through this amazing open sources software.

GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is the most used and most advanced image editing program that you are ever going to get.

From providing cross-platform support to high-quality image improvement, GIMP does it all for its users. You can perform multiple functions through it like photo retouching, additional plugin use for image editing, original artwork creation and many more.

Be it a photographer or graphic designer, I think everyone should definitely try this amazing software for making their work stand out from others. The main advantage you are getting with GIMP is the additional extensions which provides high flexibility for editing work. Despite with so many functions, GIMP is the simplest software that you are ever going to find.

Compatible with:  BSD, SkyOS, Unix

2. Photo POS PRO

Website: http://www.photopos.com/PPP3_BS/Default.aspx

Photo POS PROOffered by Photo POS, the Pro editor is currently available in its 3rd version. However, old versions are also available on the official site. With millions of users entrusting this program, this is the best professional choice you can make for making your images livelier and improved.

Photo POS Pro is one of the best free Photoshop alternative in this list which also offers a premium version too costing $39 as a one-time fee.

Now, I am going to talk about both free and premium features combined. These are poor photos improvement, text and advanced photo effects, frames and collages, unwanted objects removal, professional approach, virtual vector photo editing, transformation engine, advanced styles and many more.

For people having regular editing need and graphical designing requirement, I think they should prefer the paid version as it offers quite high-end services and advanced editing skills. However, the free version is also quite amazing and you can download it from the official website available in three versions.

Such free programs like Photoshop are totally redefining the way a person can retouch their images smartly with simple techniques and quick effects.

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3. Pixlr

Website: https://pixlr.com/

PixlrPixlr is quite a different free Photoshop alternative as it works on online platform rather than involving the downloading process. It has two different editing programs namely Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express and both are available for online use.

For a quick information, if you are starting as a beginner then prefer the Pixlr Editor and for high-end reforms in your images, you can use the Express program.

I really liked the way they have kept everything minimal yet impactful. A fast and smart approach towards image editing and manipulation makes them unique from other programs. You can use this program for low to moderate image editing but for professional need I would recommend you other programs.

Main features of Pixlr are basic image editing tools, one-click changes, amazing photo effects, grabber for Firefox allowing direct editing from any webpage, absolutely free to use, easy and simple interface, beginner’s tutorials for a smooth start and many more. I really loved the fact that they have put full-length tutorial videos which are quite helpful for beginners in photo editing.

Compatible with:   

4. Paint.NET

Website: https://www.getpaint.net/

Paint.NETOur very own Paint has changed a lot and now for sure you would not be using the childlike tool coming pre-installed in all the Windows based devices. So, this super cool free Photoshop alternative have literally changed the way even native users can improvise their photographs like a pro.

With a similar interface to the usual Paint in Windows, they have made their simplicity the key and also kept everything needed for image manipulation handy for the users too.

With the gradual layering process, it allows unlimited numbers of undo which I think a boon for the beginners. Other features which comes with this open source and free to use program are special effects for images, powerful editing tools, tutorials and extended plugins too.

Despite being a free alternative to Photoshop Paint has literally raised the bar for other similar software too. It is counted amongst the fastest image editor specially made for Windows whose innovative interface has made it simple for users to keep up with all the tools and services offered.

Compatible with: 

5. Canva

Website: https://www.canva.com/

CanvaCanva offers a number of different products and one of them is their photo editing tool with some of the most powerful features which are hard to find in other free Photoshop alternative. They offer a really long list of features that I would not even be able to mention them all here.

Starting from something basic like photo straightening, cropping, text addition, they do it all with various options and alterations provided. In the free version of this app, you get 1GB of space, access to 8,000 templates, organizing and many other perks.

Now, moving to some high-end and advanced features then you can get them all here too. Some of these are photo transparency tool, photo enhancer, blur effects, design grids, frames, web wireframe, design texture and many others.

However, apart from the free version you are always invited to move to paid versions too. These are especially for work only which costs $12.95 per user per month. The home edition of this software is absolutely free. As Canva works online only, you can download the ultimate image formed to your system directly.

Compatible with: 

6. Seashore

Website: http://seashore.sourceforge.net/The_Seashore_Project/About.html

SeashoreSeashore is a simple yet powerful image editing software but unfortunately, it is only available for Mac OS X platform only so Windows users would have to get a bit disappointed here.

You can compare this software to GIMP more than Photoshop because of the super clean and sleek interface and it uses the same file format as GIMP. There is no doubt that Seashore makes a perfect free Photoshop alternative and offers full support to formats like TIFF, JPEG and PNG.

Talking about the features offered by Seashore then they are image texture, feature gradient, text and brush strokes, smoothening effects, Cocoa UI, transparency effect, multiple plug-in and extension support to add extra flexibility to this software.

Seashore is an excellent programs like Photoshop offering layer and Alpha channel support too. I would strongly recommend this editing program for those people who are looking for an excellent free tool that too for professional needs. Other tools of Seashore includes graphics tablet support, anti-aliased paint brushes, layer merging effects etc.

Compatible with: 

7. PicMonkey

Website: https://www.picmonkey.com/

PicMonkeyI am sure you must have hear of PicMonkey before as it is a widely used online software which is mainly preferred for its collage tool. But there are pretty less people who knows that PicMonkey makes an excellent free Photoshop alternative and can be used for advanced image editing too.

From giving touch up to dull and withered photos to adding text based and other designs to it, you can do it all with the help of PicMonkey and that too effortlessly.

Although it is free to use but if you want to move to some professional features then you can choose between Premium plan for $5.99 per month and Supremium plan for $8.99 per month. Now, talking about its features then there are various.

To name a few, these are photo filters overlays, layering, collage making, touch up, direct sharing, on the go apps, tutorials for beginners, additional sketch effect and many more others.

Compatible with:   

8. SumoPaint

Website: https://www.sumopaint.com/home/

SumoPaintSumoPaint works on the principle of cloud-based creativity where without the need of downloading or installing anything you can access a world of features for image editing. This is the most similar free Photoshop alternative which is quite nearly derived/inspired from the former one.

The one which I am talking about here is a completely free version but if you want to upgrade to more professional services then you can opt for SumoPaint Pro which is a paid program.

If you have used Pixlr before then SumoPaint would not seem alien to you. They have focused more towards illustrations rather than techniques. SumoPaint is comprised of features like layering capability, image adjustment, image blending, shadows effects, color balance and many more.

Released in 2007, it has more than 30 million users till now. SumoPaint is undoubtedly the best amongst all free Photoshop alternatives and also the simplest one also. Someone looking for a more expressive platform than Photoshop or GIMP, I think SumoPaint is the one they should head towards.

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9. Fotojet

Website: https://www.fotojet.com/

FotojetFotojet is an online web-based image editing program which has the needed tools and features to turn your imagination into amazing visuals of artworks. I really liked the fact that how they have something to offer be it a beginner or an advanced user.

From photographer to Graphic Designer, Fotojet makes an excellent free Photoshop alternative for everyone who wants to improvise their existing artworks.

From creating designs, to edit existing photos or making collages out of them, you can do it all on Fotojet with the help of great tools and simple interface. Fotojet is comprised of features like professional templates, social media graphics, designing and editing tools, one tap effects, no hassle of registration etc.

If you want then you can also upgrade to Fotojet Plus which costs $4.99 per month and offers more advanced and professional features for editing. From naïve to some really stunning effects, Fotojet adds a completely lively approach to your photos and artworks.

Compatible with: 

10. Krita

Website: https://krita.org/en/

KritaAnd the last and final one in this list of free Photoshop alternative is Krita. Launched in 2005, this is an open sources program and graphics editor. For a professional level use I think you would find Krita to be too modest for offering free services.

Krita is more artistic in nature and therefore you are going to find the features more illustrative and creativity based featuring a digital painting program.

Features offered by Krita are customizable interface with movable gears and simplest navigation, pop-up and versatile color palette, brush stabilizer in 3 different ways, additional plug-ins, photo texture, amazing wrap around mode and many more.

For a free programs like Photoshop, Krita has upped the bar for other relevant software in this field. With tools like Layer management and drawing assistant, Krita works more of an art based platform rather than technology based.

Compatible with: 


I tried to list down all types of free Photoshop alternative here which are available for navice to advanced users. For someone who is just a beginner in the field of image editing, there are some amazing software and web based programs available for them. After getting done with them, they can proceed to the higher ones.

These free programs also have paid subscription plans too. If you like their services then you can opt for the paid plans too which offers better and more advanced editing techniques. I am sure after several attempts you would be finally getting over with the Photoshop era.