10 Best Game Recording Software for Windows

Someone who is a hardcore gamer or wants to be the one will understand what importance does best game recording software holds? When I am talking about recording programs then they are not specifically about games but applies on all types of other options too like browsers, videos and other sources.

10 Best Game Recording Software

So, while you can use them for everything else then why not use them for recording the best moments of a gaming session. Keeping that in mind I am mentioning some of the best recording software for games which have some amazing features and flexible interface for recording.

1. Open Broadcaster Software

Website: https://obsproject.com/

Open Broadcaster SoftwareAfter looking up everywhere I decided to put Open Broadcaster Software or OBS on the top of this list of best game recording software. Well, the reason is that it is an open sources program which means without charging anything they are giving the top-notch features to the users.

From video recording to live streaming OBS does it all on one tap and the simple interface adds more to the convenience of the users.

Some of the high-end features of OBS that you should know are real-time video/audio capturing and mixing, custom and seamless transitions, filters for videos, audio mixer, noise suppression effects for better quality videos and many more in the row.

Open Broadcaster Software is a really good recording software in this list which has every possible and required tool for live video recording purpose. There are various themes and customization settings available on this software which adds further to the ease of accessing of this software. In fact, there is a studio mode in OBS too where you can create professional quality videos too.

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2. Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Website: https://filmora.wondershare.com/screen-recorder/

Wondershare Filmora ScrnFilmora offers various types of video software from recording to editing and one of them is screen recording software called Filmora Scrn. This is a highly professional and also one of the most sought after platform for video recording of any types like games, live streaming, tutorials and many more.

This is why it comes under the category of best game recording software. However, the free version of this software does not offer all the features so you can move to the paid one which provides full versions and costs $29.99 per year or $39.99 as a lifetime fee.

Talking about the amazing features offered by Filmora Scrn then these are professional tools for editing, simultaneous recording from two devices, most preferred for fast-paced games, picture in picture property for professional effect, animations etc.

Filmora makes an excellent game capture software which has so much to offer that you will get tired of trying them all out. Not only game recording, but people prefer it for making tutorial videos too as it allows additional drawing to provide directions in such videos.

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3. Plays.tv

Website: https://plays.tv/

Plays.tvAll those gamers and other people who think it is just nonsense to pay to any recording software, Plays.tv is something which serves the best for you. They offer an absolutely free and fast program to help you in recording your favorite game footage.

Being one of the best game recording software without any charges, Plays.tv is quite a lightweight program which does not slow down your system and the seamless process would not affect your gaming sessions at all.

Great thing is that Plays.tv works on auto-recording mode too which means no additional distractions from gaming and you can also replay them instantly to make sure everything you wanted got covered or not? I really liked that how with automatic settings users do not have to involve much in the software and they can focus more on the games.

On the site itself, you can find the gaming sessions recorded through the software so you can make sure whether you are going to get whatever you wanted or not. I am really sure that once you are done using plays.tv I am sure you would not opt for any other recording software at all.

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4. Bandicam

Website: https://www.bandicam.com/

BandicamBandicam is not the usual or a normal recording utility but it is the best game recording software in the market right now. It offers other software too but right now am taking about the Bandicam Screen Recorder software under which you can go for game recording, screen recording, and device recording.

With so many features on stake, Bandicam’s full version is not available for free. The paid version costs $39 as a one-time fee for 1 PC.

Bandicam is a video game recording software which allows you to record even 144 FPS videos too. As you know some games are really fast paced, in such case Bandicam works like a pro and the lightweight system keeps you gaming sessions smooth as hell too.

Be it 2D games or 3D you can record any type of game with Bandicam. In fact, it works equally amazing for browser based and flash games too. It works on all formats and all video gaming platforms efficiently and hence gets bonus points from my side.

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5. Action!

Website: https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html

Action!Next one to join the bandwagon of best game recording software is Action which is by developer company Mirillis. Amongst various products by this developer Action stands out amongst all and the reason is because even under the free plan it has so much to offer.

Other paid plans of Action are a home version for $29.95 as a one-time fee and commercial version for $49.95 as a one-time fee. The only thing differs in free and paid version is the Action watermark which is not there in the paid versions.

Talking about the wonderful features of this software, then these are live video commentary addition, live streaming to gaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch and many more, automatic updates, own logo addition, free android app to control the recordings and others.

Apart from it, other advantages that comes handy with this gaming recorder are greenscreen mode, stylish and user-friendly interface, supports all gaming platforms, HD recording of games, live streaming and many other technical advancements.

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6. D3D Grega Software

Website: http://www.d3dgear.com/

Apart from being an excellent and one of the best game recording software D3D Grega Software is also a live streaming software too. This means you are getting two applications under the same package. Isn’t it really cool?

However, D3D is not a free to use software and you can use the free version for 15 days only under the trial period offer. Afterwards, you would have to upgrade to the paid version charging $29.85 as a one time fee. However, they have so much to offer that it seems worth to pay this much for this software.

Some of the key features of D3D Grega are auto-detection of game’s framerate and then recording accordingly, gameplay screenshot with just hotkey, live stream directly to gaming platforms like Twitch, Steam, efficient recording engine, light weight software etc.

D3D is a gaming software which does not affect your gaming session and mainly works on auto-modes. You can also add voice commentary in the recording too making it more personalized.

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7. ShadowPlay

Website: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/#replay/


Finally, there is a good recording software free which charges no subscription amount or any other hidden fee from the users. ShadowPlay is a game recording software by Nvidia Geforce. The reason of ShadowPlay being so effortless is because it uses Nvidia GPU and hence does not affect the performance of CPUs.

ShadowPlay records videos in high quality so that you can use them for professional needs too and it also provides screenshots and live streaming facility too.

ShadowPlay uses an instant replay mode which instantly records great stunts and fast paced actions effortlessly. Great thing is that ShadowPlay is a lightweight and hardware oriented program and hence you can leave it running for hours in background and it won’t affect your gaming experience at all.

Surely, one of the best game recording software which offers so much for free. The auto modes of the software capture key moments, match-winning actions, and other significant parts automatically so that you do not have to put extra efforts in changing the settings.

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8. Fraps

Website: http://www.fraps.com/

FrapsNext one in the list of best game recording software is Fraps. When compared to the other recording tools mentioned here you are going to realize that Fraps is a way lighter app than other ones which means it is not going to affect your system’s performance at all.

Talking about the subscription plans then it is available in free and paid both versions. Of course, the free version offers limited features so if you want to upgrade to better features you can buy it for $37.

Fraps is just a 2.3 MB software and this is why its features are also limited when compared to the other software. Some of the free and paid features of this game recording software are game recording as well screenshots, shows FPS count, video and audio capture up to 7680X4800 with 1 to 120 FPS.

Apart from it, Fraps has nothing outstanding to offer except the video quality captured as it works on the outstanding video quality especially. Despite being such a limited software it is preferred for its simplicity and amazing video quality.

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9. XSplit Gamecaster

Website: https://www.xsplit.com/

XSplit GamecasterWhen you will get on the site of XSplit you are going to realize that there are two software reportedly a Broadcaster and a GameCaster. Interestingly, they both goes parallel and even got billed together as broadcasting is an integral part of recording too.

So, apart from the free version, you can upgrade to the paid version where you get license to both software for $199 as a one-time fee.

Now, talking about the features of these products then they are support to every gaming platform as well as capture cards, professional recording quality, plugins and integrations available, editing possible too, greenscreen effect and many more.

XSPlit Gamecaster makes an excellent option for the list of best game recording software. As it uses the GPU support it is not going to affect the CPU and gaming performance at all. Other features of this software are watermark, picture in picture mode, video annotations, social media involvement and many more.

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10. Dxtory

Website: http://exkode.com/dxtory-features-en.html

DxtoryAnd now, the last one in the list of best video recording software is Dxtory. Dxtory is a movie capturing and game recording tool by ExKode which works for DirectX and OpenGL applications. Best thing about this software is that it is real fast and works in real-time.

You can easily download the free version or can upgrade to paid version too available for $33 as a one-time fee.

Dxtory is quite simple and therefore you are not going to find the high-end features of game recording here like the rest of the software mentioned above. Few things that Dxtory has to offer are multiple audio sources recording, third party VFW codec is supported, screenshot with hotkey etc.

Interestingly, Dxtory supports various video formats and can capture 10-120 FPS too. What makes it an option under the list of best game recording software is that it records videos in high quality and therefore you won’t feel ashamed in sharing them on other platforms of your choice.

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Talking about the best game recording software then they have both free and paid versions. You can choose whichever you want according to your need. Compatible to multiple platforms and offering some really attractive services, these recording software are a big helping hand for preparing gaming tutorials.

Many times you can find many such videos already uploaded on YouTube. Now, you do not have to watch them on YouTube and you can make one of your own too. Record your gaming sessions through these best gaming recording software and improve where you think you are lacking behind.