10 Sites to Download Albums Free

Music is not an option but a necessity and when you have sources to download albums free, this is no less than a huge treasure.

Actually, music lovers or in fact other people too like to download the entire album together instead of a single song. So, here in this section, you are going to get the same.

10 Sites to Download Albums Free

I compiled a list below of the best sites to download album free. I hope you are going to have a great time looking for your favorite music albums and downloading them with just one single click. Get ready to groove like never before with this ultimate list!

1. YoutubeByClick

Website: https://www.youtubebyclick.com

download albums free

Despite its name, know that Youtube By Click is capable of letting you download albums free from a number of sources in addition to Youtube. Some of the possible sources are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc.

Almost any website that hosts videos can be targeted by the software. It lets us even choose the quality from a number of available options, even the highest qualities such as 4K and 8K videos are supported, in addition to the traditional 720p and 1080p.

What’s special is, it has  a smart detection feature. So whenever you’re playing a video on any website, the app automatically detects that it’s a video, and displays a download button on your browser itself! (If you’ve used Internet Download Manager, you know what I’m talking about).

It offers multiple, simultaneous downloads at the same time. And obviously it lets users download entire albums in one click. You can either copy the URL of Youtube playlists, Vimeo videos, or basically from any other place which has multiple songs.

It also has an in-built converter, so you don’t waste time and bandwidth downloading “Videos” when it’s just the songs you want, rather it converts the videos to Mp3 if you choose so.

The application is largely free, although if you’d like to unlock couple extra features there’s a premium version available as well.

2. Aimersoft iMusic

Website: https://imusic.aimersoft.com/

Aimersoft iMusic is the next option in this list to download albums free. Actually, this is way more than a simple downloader and serves various functions altogether. Aimersoft iMusic is a great source of discovering, downloading and transferring various types of music files.

Talking about the diversified features of this software then it has plenty of them. Some of these features are built-in music library, various genres, download songs and albums for personal use, download and stream music from more than 3000 sites etc.

Aimersoft directly connects you to sites like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Last.fm etc. saves a lot of your time in searching your favorite music. In this way you have various options too.

Aimersoft iMusic is compatible to various platforms like iPhones, iPad, Android phones, macs, windows etc. Its compatibility is the reason it functions quite decently over every possible platforms. This is just another reason which makes it most used tool to download albums free.

Aimersoft iMusic is not free to use and you would have to purchase a license to use this software. There are various offers and plans for this. There is 1 Year plan for which you would have to shed $39.95 for per PC per year.

The next plans are for lifetime uses. The first lifetime is for 1 PC only and it charges $59.95 and the next lifetime plan is for 2-5 PC which charges $149.88 one time fee. You can choose favorable plan according to need

3. Free Music Archive

Website: http://freemusicarchive.org

freemusicarchieve download albums free

The site currently is going through heavy traffic overload, and hence may not always be available. The site offers legal, free album downloads under the Creative Commons License.

The website interface is quite professional. For e.g. you can start by choosing a genre for your music. Some of the available Genres include Blues, Electronic, Hip Hop, Novelty, Rock, Folk, Country etc.

Or you can directly land on content curated by other popular curators using the link from the top-bar. It even features popularity charts for the Week, Month and All time.

Once you click on an Album, the entire contents of it are displayed along with a Play button, and a “Download” option. Information such as the upload date, number of downloads, number of plays etc. too are displayed which would give you an idea about the Album/song’s popularity.

These songs can also be purchased for commercial, and other uses. The platform lets you contact the artists and either collaborate, work on other projects or just donate tips.

The downloaded songs are in MP3 format, and of high quality. No signups/ registrations required to download songs, although the feature is available if you’re interested in membership.

The site displays absolutely no (annoying)ads and functions off Adsense, donations, affiliates and partnerships.

4. KeepVid Music

Website: https://pro.keepvid.com/keepvid-music/

KeepVid Music is a part of various other software that KeepVid Pro offers. This is one of the most popular type of software used for downloading mp3 tracks and complete albums. This is a great source to downloader albums free and a very promising tool for managing all your music needs for sure.

KeepVid Music is compatible to platforms like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Macs. Unfortunately, this software does not have any mobile applications yet.

There are various facilities which are provided by this software to download full album mp3. Some of these feature and services are downloading media, recording, discover, Organizing and transferring files along with a great toolbox for the help of users.

This software sorts out all the important issues regarding finding the latest music and then later on downloading it. I think this is a great tool that everyone need right now.

KeepVid Music involves a pricing plan and it is up for free trial for a limited period only. So, if you wish to keep on using KeepVid Music then you would have to buy a license for sure.

There are three types of license available for the personal uses. 1 year license is valid for yearlong for 1 PC and charges $29.95 for it. The next one is a lifetime license for 1 PC and they charge $49.95 for it. The last one is a family license and you would have to pay $149.88 for it for 2-5 PCs.

5. Bandcamp

Website: https://bandcamp.com/

The next one in the list of options to download albums free is Bandcamp. This site is entirely dedicated to various artists, fans and labels. It has everything for each of them. The various features and policies of the site has made it easier for the people to explore various albums at the same time.

Bandcamp is surely a heaven for the music lovers throughout the world. Unfortunately, the site is not completely free to download the albums.

You can assume how vast this platform is just by the fact that it has gained $233 million till date from the users who pay for the music. In fact, in the recent times it has gained even more popularity and a huge amount of audience is making their way towards Bandcamp to feed their music appetite.

Bandcamp has a huge collection of single songs and multiple albums to be accessed. In fact, some of the albums here can be bought for as low as $1 only.

You would have to create an account to download albums free. The desired album can be downloaded and streamed online as well. You get the digital album which means the downloaded files remain on the site only.

You can search out your favorite file through artists, music and album name easily. There are also features of donating to the artists too. So, don’t wait anymore and try out Bandcamp now.

6. Mp3Fiesta

Website: https://mp3fiesta.com/

So, I am kicking off this list from the first mention of Mp3Fiesta which is one excellent source to download albums free. This website is really effective and useful for downloading mp3 files and albums altogether. The easy interface is something that you would love to utilize.

Mp3Fiesta was launched in 2006 and fulfilling the needs of every music lover since then. You can find various things here like audiobooks, songs, albums etc.

The best part about Mp3Fiesta is the fact that it works in various countries and hence attracts global audience. Unfortunately, this is not completely free to use and you would have to pay certain amount to use it.

You can go for the trial period which will be enabled to you once you create an account on this site. Then after a period of 30 days, the trial period expires and you would have to opt for a paid plan to keep on using the services. There are two plans on this site namely, Golden Annual Unlimited and Silver Semiannual Unlimited.

The first plan is billed on annual basis and charges $199.94 for it. The other one is billed in every 6 months and charges $129.94 for it. I am very sure that you would love to use this site and its varied database for sure. Just register on this site and download full album free through it.

7. Mp3va

Website: https://www.mp3va.com/

The next one here is Mp3va which is another great tool/site to download albums free. This site may not be truly free to use but the prices offered per album are so low that you will be totally amazed. This is like doing damn cheap grocery shopping because you get everything for so less.

There are always discount offers running on this site which means twice the saving than ever before. This is the reason I would strongly recommend the music lovers to explore this site.

Before you get started with this site, I would recommend you to create an account first. You get some bonus offers for joining this site which is like the cherry on the top of the cake. The customer support further is so amazing that you will feel really content with this site.

The site is a destination of huge collection of tracks, albums, artists and great storage space. You are surely never going to get bored with this site ever. You can get an album for less than $1 on this site which is as equal to pay nothing for unlimited music and non-stop album files.

You can regularly check out the charts and new releases to keep up with the updates. You can also search out for whatever tracks you want through their search bar. I am sure Mp3va is soon going to become your favorite site.

8. Archive

Website: https://archive.org/

Internet Archive is most probably the largest platform to get acquainted to all the possible data, media and other files available on the internet today. This is a non-profit platform which means without paying a single penny, you are getting limitless entertainment in whichever amount you want.

Internet archive is not only a source to download albums free but also a great platform to avail millions of books, software, music, videos, movies, websites and many more things.

And the best thing above all is that you do not even have to sign up to avail everything. I mean this is still optional but if you would not go for it then too it is quite okay. Just put your keywords or URL in the search bar and get ready to witness the results from over 300 billion web pages on the internet.

You can also directly browse your preferred category to search for the stuff you want. But I would rather suggest you to directly search for it.

You can put the name of the album directly on the search bar and you will find the results very soon for it. Later on, you have options to filter out your results from the categories like views, relevance, title, creator etc.

Internet Archive is by far the best option available currently to download albums free.

9. Mp3Juices

Website: http://www.mp3juices.cc/

Finally there is a site which follows the simplest layout and smoothest navigation to make you meet your desired destination. Mp3juices is a site which has almost all mp3 songs and all albums available on it and that too in really great sound quality.

I can assure you that Mp3juices is surely one of the most reliable platform to download free full album.

The idea behind the site is really simple, you ask a query and you get the results. There is no in between or confusions in the site. This is just based on pure entertainment and fun only. I don’t think there is any mp3 file which you cannot download with the help of Mp3juices.

Actually the site is basically a search engine which provides you all the latest mp3 files on it. The site is even more than that. You can also put YouTube url into the converter and it will convert the video file into audio one.

The best part about this website is that you do not require any sort of registration or sign-up process on it. In fact, the site is absolutely free to use with no additional data required other than the name of the song or album you want to download.

I don’t think you can find a platform as simple as mp3juices to download albums free of your choice.

10. eMusic

Website: https://www.emusic.com/

eMusic is a great platform and wonderfully organized site which makes it a delight to be operated by the users. Although, not completely free yet browsed by millions of people around the world, eMusic is surely making its presence felt in the world.

You can download whatever mp3 files or entire albums you want, organize them, manage them and can stream them online too.

The site is a great solution to all the music lovers looking for rich content and latest tracks to be explored. You can sign up for free but later on you would have to choose some pricing plan. There are four plans here namely Open Access, Basic, Plus and Premium.

The charges for Open Access are $4.99 per month, for Basic it is $6.99 per month, for Plus it is $12.99 per month and for Premium it is $17.99 per month. Each plan varies in features and services to be offered.

eMusic makes a great tool to download albums free and utilize them for personal uses too.

11. Etree

Website: http://bt.etree.org/

Up next one in the list of amazing sites to download albums free is Etree. This platform is quite different from the rest of the options given here but that does not mean that it is not adequate enough to download your favorite music from here.

In fact, this is basically a community which creates a database out of people sharing recordings of live concerts and other work of lesser known artists.

So, if you are searching for some unique music examples then Etree is not going to disappoint you in this area. The only thing you are not going to like about this site is that it is a bit clumsy. It does not have any categories to browse music and other media files.

But luckily, you get a search bar where you can search for your favorite music albums or single tracks easily through their titles. They happen to share great music albums of famous bands on their site and you will find almost all the bands in here.

Simply search for the album you want to download and then you will get all the relevant search results for it. You can directly download this file through this site which are usually very large albums. This makes Etree one of the best option to download albums free, that we have here in this list.

12. Beatport

Website: https://www.beatport.com

The last one in this list is Beatport. This website is specifically dedicated to those music lovers who like to listen to the DJ mix version of the songs. You are going to find the interesting mixes and mashups of the songs out here which are really great to dance and groove on.

Beatport is a really unique platform to download albums free and that too of DJ mixes from around the world.

Their collection is super large and you are going to find millions of options here to download from. You can choose from their top ten list or new releases which are updated regularly. You have genres like funky, future house, hip hop, techno, indie, dubstep etc.

However, Beatport is not so compatible to download full album free online as some of the charges apply on each of the album. Although, there are still some tracks and albums which you may get for free.

But when it comes to the database then Beatport is really amazing in it. They have a very huge and diversified collection of soundtracks and albums on their site and you can pick whatever you want whenever you want.

To use Beatport completely, you would have to create an account first and save your bank account details in it as well for the future purchases. The information is kept secures as this platform is quite secure and reliable.

13. Songs Lover

Website: https://songslover.app

Songs Lover isn’t a company or a software, it’s an independently owned website probably by a group or an individual which lets people download songs and Albums.

It starts with an Alphabetic scale on the top, which lets you click on any Alphabet and immediately exclude all songs starting with other alphabets from your search results.

Then there’s a top-bar with more options and filters, such as “3D songs“, “Music Albums“, “Latest Albums“, “Latest Tracks”, “Best of month“, “Top 100“, Mixtapes etc.

The web-interface is basically designed on a Magazine WordPress theme, it offers a number of thumbnails on the homepage which act as direct links to the album pages. Or you can scroll down for sections such as “Latest Music” “Latest Tracks“, “Best of Month” etc.

There’s a left-sidebar which offers more filters and links as well which lets us easily find the content we’re looking for. The sections are “Latest Top 5 Albums” and “Top 20 Albums 2018“.

Songs are even categorized as “best of Month“, e.g. Best of January, February….and so on.  Downloading albums is easy, simply reach the album/song page and you’d find more than one download servers for the album. It lets you either download individual songs in an Album, or an album in its entirety.

No registration is needed, however the site does feature ads which have to be put up with.

14. Single Mango

Website: https://www.singlemango.com

There are but few sites which come close to SoundCloud when it’s music and albums we’re talking about. But, SoundCloud isn’t exactly liberal with its download policies, and doesn’t allow downloads in most cases.

Single Mango is a platform which helps users circumvent this restriction and download not only individual tracks, but also complete playlists from SoundCloud, absolutely free.

Using the tool is pretty basic, all you have to do is copy the URL of either the individual track, or the entire playlist> paste it onto the Single Mango URL box, and initiate the download. It prides itself on the fact that it can display and load upto 450+ songs in less than 3 seconds.

The downloaded songs aren’t numbered, and rather the names remain intact. It even challenges users to compare the tool to other downloaders and verify which downloader is faster. No maximum download or speed limit. No registration is required either, the download link is directly made available.

It even makes verifying the song possible by displaying the song thumbnail once the link is pasted. What’s impressive is it doesn’t contain any hidden popups, on-click ads or any of those other gimmicks which make using other similar sites a struggle. These features are what totally make Single Mango one of the best sites to download albums free from Soundcloud.

15. Leaked Albums

Website: https://leakedalbums.org/

Best sites to download albums free

Leaked Albums probably isn’t as illegal as the name sounds. We checked, and it does have a DMCA policy in place. It also mentions that appropriate actions are taken against DMCA complaints, hinting at the fact that it’s probably legal.

The site features a top-bar which lets us select the exact content we wish to download. Available options range from “Albums“, “Soundtracks” and “Upcoming Releases“.

Albums” has a number of genres to choose from, such as Pop, Punk, Alternative, Metal, Country, Rock etc. The “Soundtrack” option allows users to download soundtrack of popular movies. Soundtracks of Venom, Fantastic Beasts, Captain Marvel, Mowgli etc. were some of the available options when we checked.

The Albums display a thumbnail fir easy recognition, clicking on them takes users to the download page.The download page lists all the songs in the album along with additional information about the album. Some albums offer songs with multiple qualities.

The “Download” link does work, and an entire album can be downloaded in a single zip file. Although the files are hosted on third-party servers and you may have to skip a couple ads.


Now, you have a lot of options to let that entertainment mode go on in your life. I know being a music lover, you must have been searching for sources like such album downloader from a really long time.

So, now you need not to pay anything to anyone to browse your favorite music online and offline. Through these sites and software, you will be able to download albums free. I am sure these are going to be your favorite go to destinations on internet from now on. So, do not wait anymore and stream them now!