10 Sites to Download Albums Free

This is the time to move over single song downloading, now you have options to download full album free online.

This section is dedicated to those people who are just crazy music lovers. I know sometimes all the songs of a movie are chartbusters so downloading them individually can be irritating.

This is the reason, you need sites which works as best album downloader. This not only saves your time but you save some data pack too on it.

Disclaimer: Make sure you’ve read, and agree 100% to our disclaimer before proceeding further, clicking on links or using any information provided on this site or in this article.

10 Sites to Download Full Album Free Online

Mostly these are available in Zip files so by just extracting them, you have the complete album with you.

I hope the sites given below are surely going to be useful for you.

Before describing anything about the sites to download full album, first I want to tell you about best music album downloaders that can help you for download any type music, videos, mp3 files from any websites. for more information, you can check out below-given posts links.

1. Bandcamp

Website: https://bandcamp.com/

The first one in the list of options to download full album free online is Bandcamp. This site is entirely dedicated to various artists, fans and labels. It has everything for each of them. The various features and policies of the site has made it easier for the people to explore various albums at the same time.

Bandcamp is surely a heaven for the music lovers throughout the world. Unfortunately, the site is not completely free to download the albums.

You can assume how vast this platform is just by the fact that it has gained $233 million till date from the users who pay for the music. In fact, in the recent times, it has gained even more popularity, and a huge amount of audience is making their way towards Bandcamp to feed their music appetite.

Bandcamp has a huge collection of single songs and multiple albums to be accessed. In fact, some of the albums here can be bought for as low as $1 only.

You would have to create an account to download full album free online. The desired album can be downloaded and streamed online as well. You get the digital album which means the downloaded files remain on the site only.

You can search out your favorite file through artists, music and album name easily. There are also features of donating to the artists too. So, don’t wait anymore and try out Bandcamp now.

2. Free Music Archive

Website: http://freemusicarchive.org/

Free Music Archive is a service for all the music lovers in the world which was launched in 2009. The name of this site says all about its services and features. You can easily download single tracks, albums through this site without even paying anything for it.

This can be your perfect destination to download full album free online. All the files on this site are directed from renowned freeform radio station WFMU in America.

Not only the site is very simple and easy to operate, but the quality of the mp3 files on it are superbly high too. This is a site which becomes the ultimate platform to let the curators meet the artists and produce the masterpieces of sound and music through it.

Talking about how the site rose to fame and became one of the best album downloader is because of its simplicity. You just need to sign up on the site and the rest of the process is really simple then.

There are various filters like genres, charts, curators which will help you to refine your search for the desired album more. You get genres like Hip-Hop, instrumental, pop, jazz etc. when it comes to choosing the right kind of music type according to your taste.

I am sure you would love to explore this site a lot with its utmost simple interface and downloading options.

3. Spotify

Website: https://www.spotify.com/us/

The next one is a very popular option to download full album free online. Spotify is the permanent solution to all your issues of browsing latest music and albums on the tips of your fingers. This is my personal favorite in the list and I would strongly recommend this to every music lover.

And the best thing above all is the fact that this is absolutely free to use too. This is basically one of the best software for download album free.

You can also download it for your Android and iOS devices apart from the windows installation. The very small sizes file of this software is really simple to download and install as well. And as this is a software, the accessing is way simpler as compared to the other sites.

Spotify comes under the top 10 software and best options to download full album free online. But there is a slight twist here too. The basic plan is of course free to use which gives the facility of only shuffle play.

But you can also go premium with the plan of $9.99 per month which has some amazing features like ad free, offline play, high quality etc.

Now download albums through one click and also get to listen them later on. This is by far the best recommendation from my side in this list.

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4. Mp3Juices

Website: http://www.mp3juices.cc/

Finally there is a site which follows the simplest layout and smoothest navigation to make you meet your desired destination. Mp3juices is a site which has almost all mp3 songs and all albums available on it and that too in really great sound quality.

I can assure you that Mp3juices is surely one of the most reliable platform to download full album online free.

The idea behind the site is really simple, you ask a query and you get the results. There is no in between or confusion in the site. This is just based on pure entertainment and fun only. I don’t think there is any mp3 file which you cannot download with the help of Mp3juices.

Actually the site is basically a search engine which provides you all the latest mp3 files on it. The site is even more than that. You can also put YouTube url into the converter and it will convert the video file into audio one.

The best part about this website is that you do not require any sort of registration or sign up process on it. In fact, the site is absolutely free to use with no additional data required other than the name of the song or album you want to download.

I don’t think you can find a platform as simple as mp3juices to download the desired music album of your choice.

5. Archive

Website: https://archive.org/

Internet Archive is most probably the largest platform to get acquainted to all the possible data, media and other files available on the internet today. This is a non-profit platform which means without paying a single penny, you are getting limitless entertainment in whichever amount you want.

Internet archive is not only a source to download full album free online but also a great platform to avail millions of books, software, music, videos, movies, websites and many more things.

And the best thing above all is that you do not even have to sign up to avail everything. I mean this is still optional but if you would not go for it then too it is quite okay. Just put your keywords or URL in the search bar and get ready to witness the results from over 300 billion web pages on the internet.

You can also directly browse your preferred category to search for the stuff you want. But I would rather suggest you to directly search for it.

You can put the name of the album directly on the search bar and you will find the results very soon for it. Later on, you have options to filter out your results from the categories like views, relevance, title, creator etc.

Internet Archive is by far the best option available currently to download full album free online.

6. Etree

Website: http://bt.etree.org/

Up next one in the list of amazing sites to download full album free online is Etree. This platform is quite different from the rest of the options given here but that does not mean that it is not adequate enough to download your favorite music from here.

In fact, this is basically a community which creates a database out of people sharing recordings of live concerts and other work of lesser-known artists.

So, if you are searching for some unique music examples then Etree is not going to disappoint you in this area. The only thing you are not going to like about this site is that it is a bit clumsy. It does not have any categories to browse music and other media files.

But luckily, you get a search bar where you can search for your favorite music albums or single tracks easily through their titles. They happen to share great music albums of famous bands on their site and you will find almost all the bands in here.

Simply search for the album you want to download and then you will get all the relevant search results for it. You can directly download this file through this site which are usually very large albums. This makes Etree one of the best album downloader that we have here in this list.

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7. Last.fm

Website: https://www.last.fm/

You must have heard the name of this site earlier but I know you have only considered it to be simple music downloader site. But actually Last.fm is way more than that. This is a content curated website which runs from its super vast community of millions of music lovers.

However, the options to download full albums free online is not completely free here and depends upon your luck that whether the album you want is available for free or not.

Last.fm takes you to a totally different world of music that you would never want to escape. You have lots of options to browse the favorite album of yours. You can pick your favorite artists and they will show you all the updates from him/her like latest releases, singles, albums etc.

You can buy the album from different sources provided like Amazon, eBay, iTunes etc. Apart from being a wonderful source to download full albums free online, Last.fm shows about the popularity of artists and their tracks too.

This will let you know that who is the one trending the most so that you can get to listen the best amongst the rest.

The best part about Last.fm is that it does not focus on specific artists of specific area only. Last.fm is a global platform to find out the best music in the world.

8. Rap4Ever

Website: http://www.rap4ever.org/

Finally, there is a site which is completely and entirely dedicated for the lovers of hip hop music only. There is not even a single album left in Hip Hop genre which is not covered by this site. The site is like a hidden treasure for all the fast beat, punk and hip hop music lovers out there.

This is by far the best option to download full album free online in the category of Hip Hop. The navigation of the site are also very simple and easy to use so that users do not face any problem in browsing it.

Just after you open up the home page of the site, you are going to find all the latest hip hop music albums there. Apart from albums, you are going to find singles, news, mixtapes and even videos too.

Simply click on whichever music album you want to download and you are going to get two links for downloading them. Select whatever link you want and enjoy your up beat music offline whenever you want.

If you are not able to find your desired album then simply search for it in the search bar and am sure you are surely going to get it from there. Rap4Ever is not like the best software for download album free so you can browse your favorite file directly from the site without the need of downloading any software.

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9. EmHotSpot

Website: http://emhotspot.net/

The last one in the list of various sources to download full album free online is EmHotSpot. The name of this site may be weird but surely its content is not. The site is way more than music and you can browse recent news and videos too from this site.

In fact, it also has sections like lifestyle and fashion, sports and interviews of celebs too. This means there is no way you are going to get bored while browsing this site.

This site is a bit different from the other ones when it comes to downloading the entire album. You can surely download them for free but in form of a zip file only. I think this is way easier than the rest of the options. You can later on extract out all the files after downloading them.

They even have foreign music, Gospel and Naija music on their site. You can search for whatever album you want with the help of the search bar of the site.

There is no need of getting registered on this site before browsing any albums. This means it provides you the simplest interface and no necessary formalities to get endless entertainment.

10. MP3 Clan

Website: http://mp3guild.com/

Download Albums free

MP3 Clan is another well-known site that allows free album downloads as well as has login option that unlocks more site features.

The site is well organized with a simple layout and has a unique feature that lets the visitor choose the country from which the song, artist or the album has originated. Also has different tags/genre options to do manual searches or just use the search bar.

The Site doesn’t have multiple tabs meaning you can find everything in the homepage, with options to choose between MP3’s for single releases or album to download as batch (.zip/.rar). A user can simply use the tabbed buttons to switch between “mp3” and “Albums” directly.

Homepage also features the site’s own selections of the month, Top 20 songs and albums, also shows the most recent searches live. Usually the format is .mp3 but if you’ve subscribed (pro monthly or pro semi-annual), HQ results will be unlocked with maximum download speed and bonus features.

The downloading process is not rocket-science either, simply unzip the files first and initiate downloads for the songs one-by-one from the album since batch download is a pro feature here. The site updates its contents regularly and has no ads hence boosting the visitors’experience while navigating through the site.

11. NoiseTrade

Website: https://noisetrade.com

NoiseTrade’s tagline reads – “Thousands of Albums, completely free, Completely legal“. Says almost everything about the platform, doesn’t it?

I’ts one of the biggest platform of Independently created and distributed music, without any copyright strings attached to it.

It has a simple and easy to use interface. It lets us choose from “Music” or “Books“. Hovering over either of the options on the top-bar reveals a drop-down menu with Categories and Genres such as Comedy, Country, Dance, Electronic, Metal, Hip-Hop, World etc.

It displays the Artist’s information on the left-sidebar, the album art and other such related information. Because the music there is from Independent artists, you can also tip the creators for their work.

You can even purchase Audio-CDs for most of the music there via Amazon, purchasing via iTunes and CD Baby too is possible.

The platform also displays a bit of information about the Music/Song and has a “Connect” button using which you can connect with the Artist, their Managers, Book them or just get their social media contacts.

Simply click on the Album Art and it’ll let you “stream” without any registration. When it comes to downloading, it’ll ask you to enter your E-mail ID and Pin Code, once provided a Download button becomes available.

12. Stereo Killer

Website: http://www.stereokiller.com/

download albums free online

Stereo Killer is a professional music website which features a lot more than simple Album downloads. For e.g. members can Signup and login, engage with other members, upload their own music and so on.

It even has links and information about shows, its own message boards, a review section etc. They also offer Band and Label Management services, a Dedicated band-page, Facebook app and other such services.

Finding music is easy, you can either hover over the “Music” button on the top-bar, which would reveal Genres. Such as, Hardcore, Metal, Emo, Punk Rock, Hip hop etc.

Or you can use its search bar to directly search for songs. Currently it has as many as 51,699 songs, 48, 690 bands and nearly 12,697 reviews in its arsenal.

It has a “Free Downloads” section, which further has sections such as Top downloads Today, Top Downloads This Month, All time Top-downloads etc. These can be used to directly download music and albums which other folks have liked on the platform.

Or you can use its “Browse Free Albums” section. This is where you get links to hundreds of albums you can download directly by clicking on “Download All” button on the album page. You can listen to the songs using the in-built music player before downloading them.

Additional information such as the total plays on the song, as well as plays on a specific day too are available. No registration required to download full album free online. And surprisingly, it doesn’t bombard us with hidden or visible ads either.

13. Yt Albums

Website: https://ytalbums.com/

download albums free online

If you’re on this page you’re searching for sites to download albums for free, right? Well Yt Albums does exactly does, even though its not your traditional songs download website.

Rather, it’s a tool. An online application which needs absolutely no downloads, registrations, signups, doesn’t even show ads on the website. It’s capable of downloading any video from Youtube, in .m4a format (what came after Mp3, completely compatible with everything that plays Mp3s). So you don’t have to worry about format conversion either.

But at times other formats such as .mka or .ogg are used as well.

The interface is literally made for the basic(est) users. They can simply head over to the website, copy the URL of the playlist they wish to download, paste the URL onto YtAlbums and done.

It downloads entire playlists as albums, in one go. Although also features individual downloads in case you need that. The album is downloaded as a “Zip file”.

Its advanced features include its support for “start time based tracklists”. Not just that, you can either let it grab song description from Youtube directly, or write one up yourself. Similarly the metadata of the song (artist name, album title) etc. too are auto-grabbed, yet can be customized manually.

The quality of the songs isn’t compromised either and it downloads them in 128Kbps. The total number of songs you can download in one single album, at the same time is 99, which I believe is more than most of us would ever need.

And finally, once the URL is pasted onto the tool it also loads the Youtube video snippet so you can confirm it’s what you wish to download, or just play it there instead of Youtube if you want!

14. SongsLover

Website: https://songslover.app/

When it comes to downloading albums and tracks for free, there are a lot of sites that offers excellent services. Songslover.club is one of those sites that offers best results with simplest layouts.

The site is packed with most recent and old alums. Downloading process is simple by itself; either use the search-bar to find an album, or choose one from the featured albums. All albums have a “download all in one” link. The entire album can be downloaded in a .zip format. Most albums offer multiple download links just in case the primary isn’t working.

You can also download music videos and lyrics (not every song) in here too. Since the site is completely free you may find Ads, and a lot of those; but that won’t affect the overall experience. The site updates its content on a daily basis meaning you will find the latest albums on their released date.

Keep in mind that Songslover.club offers songs in .mp3 format only, for higher formats like .FLAC check other recommended sites on the list. Songslover.club has its own news section where you will find interesting topics all related to music, artists and celebrities.

Although note the results may vary depending on which country you access the site from.

15. Free Mp3 Download

Website: https://freemp3downloads.online/

Another one of the best sites to download full album free online. It too isn’t an album downloder software and rather a web-interface. All a user has to do is copy music/album links and paste onto the website.

The download-box also acts as a search-box. So you can either paste your links there, or use it to search for albums directly using the platform. The search results are accompanied with screenshots of the album/music, followed by their time-duration to help easy recognition.

There are absolutely no ads displayed. No registration is required for downloading full albums either. You can also directly copy links from Facebook, Youtube and other such platforms.

The platform while totally capable of downloading MP4 video albums, also offers an in-built converter. So you can choose to only get the “audio” without the video if that’s your preference. The video offers many resolution options to choose from (when available). The same goes for MP3 files, you can choose the audio quality in kbps.

If you don’t have any specifics to download yet, it offers ranking charts for the Top songs. Those are further categorized into top songs based on their countries.

16. Ninja On Point

Website: https://www.naijaonpoint.co/

sites to download albums free

A professional-looking website, made exclusively to share music. It offers both single downloads, as well as downloading entire Albums for free. The albums are offered in a .zip file with all the songs in the album zipped together in the file.

The site has a blog-layout, and hence you may need to search a bit before finding what you’re looking for. Every album which is a full album and not a single starts with “[Full Album]: The rest of the headline“.

No registration or signup required. Most albums can be downloaded directly from the site, without having to navigate to other websites. Some albums however are hosted on third-party websites such as Zippyshare.

Users can use a drop-down menu from the top-bar titled “Songs/Albums” and then select “Albums” from the list to find albums. The website is updated pretty frequently, infact it’s updated multiple times in a single day. This results in a number of fresh/latest music albums being added rapidly.

Sure there are a number of ads but none too spammy. Note that we’ve not verified the legality of the uploads. Make sure you only download legal content and not those which are in violation of DMCA.

17. Spinrilla

Website: https://www.spinrilla.com/

If it’s Mixtapes or hip-hop that soothes your ears, Spinrilla is made just for you. It’s a very professionally designed, legal platform to stream as well as download albums free. You can start out by searching for the exact music you need using the search-box on the top-bar.

A left-sidebar offers a number of navigational links and filters for content. The “explore” button directly shows a number of new / popular and upcoming Mixtapes. There also is a button for “singles” which doesn’t get you albums, rather single song.

The site isn’t limited to “audio only”. You can also stream/download videos on Spinrilla. Moreover, there also is a “chart” option which lists the top charts for the day, month and “all time”. Unfortunately, downloads are only allowed after registrations. On the brighter side, registration is 100% free, but more importantly doesn’t need verification. So whatever e-mail ID you enter is accepted without having to be verified.

Users are also allowed to curate their own libraries. You can add Mixtapes, songs or even an entire playlist to the library. A “download” option is available for almost all the content on the site. A single-click initiates the album download in a .zip file.

18. Free Make

Website: https://www.freemake.com/

Free Make is a Youtube to Mp3 downloader software.

I get it, you’re here for “websites”, but hey, isn’t your end-goal downloading entire albums from the web?

If yes, Free Make makes that possible.

So, it can download any and everything that’s on Youtube, as MP3 songs.

It also allows downloading entire albums/playlists in a single go.

The software has a built-in search-bar.

You can search for the music/playlist you need directly from there.

Even supports #Hashtags, can be used to search for trending albums swiftly.

Or, it does support copy-pasting the link directly from Youtube.

If it’s a channel/playlist you’re downloading, a “download all” button becomes available.

The download speed is pretty impressive, simply because it supports threading of the file and downloading multiple parts simultaneously.

It also allows playing music before (for previewing) as well as after downloading it, right inside the application.

If you’re not much into tech, it has detailed “how to” articles on the website to help with the process.

Also can be used as a video converter to convert files from one format to another.

Best of all? It’s 100% free! Fully-featured.

19. MP3 Music

Website: https://mp3music.co.za/

It’s a blog-styled album download site.

The homepage shows a number of albums which you can download.

I loved its “no hidden ads” interface.

Simply click on an album post, and click on the download button.

No redirects, signups, ads show up. The download is initiated instantly in your browser.

And yes, the entire album is downloaded in a .zip file.

You can filter for the music of your taste using the “Artist/Genre” filter on the right-sidebar.

Around 500 total songs/albums available.

Unfortunately, you may not find the very recent or popular releases on the site.

It’s sure updated pretty frequently, almost every single day.

Also has a “trending this week” feature if you need to find popular music, fast.

Despite the lackluster interface and song-availability, is extremely popular with over 300K Facebook likes.

20. Pagalworld

Website: https://www.pagalworld.mobi/

It’s probably one off the most popular free album download sites on the planet. Or, at least is a clone of one with the same name.

As the name suggests, it’s a website dedicated to Indian music. So, if you’re looking for Hollywood songs or non-Indian music, it’s not for you.

The most popular categories include Bollywood, Punjabi, IndiPop 2020 etc. When you click on an album title, it shows very detailed information about the album. This includes the year, cast, director, genre, writer, rating etc. If it’s a movie album, a pretty lengthy description of the movie too can be found.

There’s a song list which can be used to download individual songs. Or, if you scroll down, a “Zip file” can be found which contains all the songs, in a single file. Hence, this qualifies as an album download site, doesn’t it?

Often, it also offers quality choice. You can choose from 190Kbps or 320Kbps albums. The size off the albums (in MB) too is mentioned so you’re clear on the bandwidth requirements.

The downloads are one-click and do not any registration, payment or third-party redirection.

21. Youtube

Website: https://www.youtube.com

This is a desperate way to download full albums for those who aren’t yet satisfied despite all the options above.

Youtube, as we all know, has “playlists”. These are basically video albums. Multiple videos/songs are bundled together in a single playlist, aren’t they?

So, you can download these playlists as a whole. Note that there’s no official download option on Youtube. However, there are ways and tools to do so for free.

First of all, download Wondershare free Youtube downloader. It lets you download playlists and single videos not just from Youtube but from over 100 different sites.

It’s capable of downloading even 4K videos. Obviously, lower quality videos can be downloaded as well.

The download process only requires you to click on the “download” button that automatically appears on your browser. Or, copy and paste the video/playlist URL onto the downloader manually.

Additional benefits include the ability to record videos (even when streaming Amazon Prime, Netflix or other OTT platforms.)

Its “Youtube to Mp3” feature makes sure you only download the audio off the video file and not the entire video.

However, it also has an in-built format converter. So, you can download the videos and convert them to MP3 or over a dozen other audio formats without needing any other tool.

How to Download Any Album from Any Website for Free?

Note that this may not always be legal, and even when it is it’s only legal for “personal use“. Anyway, there are many websites which let us “stream” albums but not download them.

Youtube, SoundCloud etc. are just some of the options. In that case, you can use third-party tools to download the music and listen to it offline, on the go.

4K Youtube to MP3 is one such tool. You simply have to “copy the Playlist URL” > paste it on 4K Youtube to MP3 and the entire Album is downloaded instantly.

It can be used with almost any website on the planet which lets you stream music.

Internet Download Manager is another alternative, it doesn’t always work well with all the platforms, but does in most cases.

It’s helpful when downloading Videos, or video-songs. With IDM enabled, a “download‘ button pops up automatically when you’re streaming videos on the internet.

Again note not all music is free to be downloaded without permission, so you’re solely responsible for the legalities of your actions.

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Now, you have the list of best software for download album free. Now, forget the rest of the sites because you have the feature of downloading album as well as individual songs through these sites.

Stop living in 20th century and work smartly. The best part of such sites is that they are almost or completely free to download full album free online. That means without even paying anything you have the source to non-stop entertainment now.