10 Tips for YouTube Song Finder


Many a times we stumble upon certain catchy music being used in YouTube videos. However, because of the unavailability of required sources and lack of knowledge, we are not able to identify what song/music is it? Well, this is not going to happen anymore as I have some amazing tips for YouTube song finder.

10 Tips for YouTube Song Finder

If you are regular at streaming YouTube videos everyday then you must be aware about the fact that YouTubers tend to use very catchy music in their vlogs/videos/vines etc. Here are some tips and tricks really handy to use to figure out these songs and you can further get them through some music downloader.

Tip 1: YouTube’s Audio Swap Library

The first, foremost and simplest tip you need to find about a YouTube song is to check out the about section of the video. Well, this is the least you can do if you are a YouTube song finder because if the song or music or beats or anything else is taken from the audio swap library of YouTube then it will be surely mentioned in the about section of the video.

Now let me tell you what an Audio Swap Library actually is? This is a built-in audio library of YouTube itself which contains a huge list of sound effects and licensed music tracks. You can easily download high-quality music from here and use it in your YouTube videos.

Now, coming on to the point of YouTube music finder through this audio swap library. When Youtubers use any music tracks from here they mention it in the description part of their videos.

So, all you have to do is just click on the video statistics button which is available below the video player. Here is given the description of the given video where the name of artist and the album is mentioned. You should know about the fact that it only works when songs are taken from this audio swap library.

Tip 2: Comment Section

To find the songs in certain YouTube videos you do not have to be a certified or pro YouTube song identifier. Come on, some things work on the basic instincts of the users. You need to use your brains and some very simple ideas to find the answers of your queries on your own.

You are not the only one in the world who has such queries in mind. There are people who want to discover such things too as it is quite common to discover about catchy music.

All you have to do is just check out the comments section of the video I am sure there will be people asking regarding the same thing. And there are some good users who answers frequently in the comments section only. So, you would be able to get your queries regarding YouTube song finder sorted here.

However, there are some videos where the publisher might have disabled the comments option and in such cases you can use the other methods mentioned here.

Tip 3: Use Music Identifier Apps

Being a music lover comes with a lot of responsibility and technology plays an integral part in bearing such responsibilities. If you are a die-hard music lover then I am sure you must be aware about various music identifier apps available for iOS and Android platform.

Now, you must be thinking that if you are browsing YouTube on your PC then how the apps installed in your phone are going to help you out in this.

The process is pretty simple, you just need to play that part of the video whose music you want to discover and now launch the app from your phone and keep it near the speakers of your PC. Through the identification option it will automatically fetch the music playing in the video whether it is a song or just some beats.

To help you out on this quest of YouTube song finder, you really need to know about such music identification apps. You can try out Shazam or SoundHound. If you are finding it a bit tricky then there are some online tools too which perform the same tasks so you can directly use them too.

Tip 4: Contact the Artist directly

The least you can do to get your answers is to contact the artist directly. Although the process is pretty simple but it does not mean that it will work all the time. However, you might consider it as a decent attempt for the hunt of song identifier for YouTube.

All you have to do is just get to the description part of the video where you will see the photo of the artist who published it.

You need to simply click on it and it will take you to the YouTube channel of this artist. Amidst a lot of details you are going to find the option of About. Here in this section, there will be two signs of flags and after it a messaging symbol. You can click on this message symbol and directly send message to the artist regarding your query.

This is the simplest YouTube song finder trick you can go for. However, artists operating on a large scale usually do not reply that easily. So, it might work on not so popular artists easily.

Tip 5: Seek Help from Twitter

Being in 21st century, if you have not recognized the power of social media yet then you surely need a wakeup call right now. If you are not on Twitter up till now then you must be living in some other era or you are surely really depressed.

So, this YouTube song finder tip is a special one as it is exclusively for those people who are really regular on social media and especially Twitter.

All you have to do is just copy the YouTube ID of the video you want to know the information about. Make sure you are copying the ID and not URL as it might differ in certain cases but the video ID always remains the same. Now, you just need to get on the search bar given on the top of the Twitter’s home page.

Here, paste the video ID and you are going to receive all the results where this video has been mentioned earlier. You just need to now check out that what explains your query the best and bang! You got your answer sorted now.

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Tip 6: Raise a Query

By raising a query I do not mean to go for long posts for this little trouble of yours. Again, this is just about your basic instincts and basic things you can do as a human to sort out certain queries you are having about anything.

To identify music in YouTube videos, you just need to keep on commenting on the video every now and then until you get an answer from the fellow followers of that channel/artists.

And this is not just about the videos and comments, you can raise your query on other platforms too. Just post the link of the video on your social media accounts and ask people to sort your query regarding the music you want to get information about.

It is pretty simple and come on, who does not use social media in this 21st century. Also, you can also ask your friends about it too. This is the easiest tip for YouTube song finder you can use.

Tip 7: Video Analysis Tools

Now, you must be thinking that what kind of tools I am talking about here. Well, do not need to worry because this is not some kind of rocket science that you need to use here but it is actually kind of simple and you just need a good internet connection for it.

So, get on this site named MooMash from this link Here and it can be the best option you can consider as a YouTube song finder.

You are going to see a URL bar here where you need to paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to get information about. It might take some time for it to analyze the content of the video depending upon the length of it.

But after some minutes or seconds it will come up with a list of music or songs used in the video and this is how you can find out about them.

Tip 8: Google It

The next and simplest option you can consider for you query of YouTube song finder is simply Google your query. You all would have to admit it that you Google one thing or another on each single day because of course that is the part of our lives.

And this is how you can get your answers about the songs and music tracks too. All you have to do is try to memorize some lyrics of the songs from the video or you can also note it down too.

Now Google Search about the lyrics and I am sure you will come up with the favorable results within some seconds only. This is the best way to identify music in YouTube videos. However, this method applies to lyrical songs only and not beats and music tunes.

Tip 9: Browser Extensions

Did you even come up with the thought earlier? I am sure it would be a big no as even I had no clue about it. But you do not have to seek help from other sources as your own damn browser can solve things for you especially when you are using Google Chrome as your default browser.

I am sure you must be aware about the various Google Chrome extensions which has legit made our lives way easier and organized.

There is this one extension called AHA Music – Music Identifier which serves as one of the best YouTube song finder. You can get this extension from this link Here.  So, the process is pretty simple, you need to run the video on YouTube and meanwhile open up this extension too.

It will automatically fetch the music playing and will give you authorized information about the music playing within just seconds. And this is how you can get to know about whatever music/songs you want to.

Tip 10: Be a Tech Savy

If you are a regular one in music streaming then I am sure you must be a tech savy person for sure. So, this is the time to put your technical skills on forefront and get all your knowledge pull together because you really need to gear up for something complicated.

If you are tired of trying out all the options which I have mentioned above then you would have to figure out things on your own which also includes extracting the particular music you want too.

Firstly, you would have to download this YouTube video in form of Mp3 files which can be done by any music downloader like YouTubeByClick or iMusic and many others. The main process now starts afterwards.

With the help of audio editing software, you can edit out the particular music from the mp3 file and now you have what you wanted to have. You can further gather information regarding this from your sources and get the complete music on your own. Of course, this sounds kind of complicated process but when no other trick of YouTube song finder works then you would have to go for this one.


This is real important for you to know the sources of royalty free music sources when you are operating a YouTube channel. In fact, you can use such music/songs at other places too. However, to do all these things you really need to know about YouTube song finder tools and tips.

Hence, this section becomes a must to check out if you want to keep up with the pace of modern career streams. In fact, many of the times these tracks are quite amazing and completely different from what you listen on daily basis and hence I hope these tips and tricks will help you to identify such songs for sure.

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