10 Best Picasa Alternative for Windows


Ever since Google launched Google Photos, people were sure somewhere that Picasa was going down and when it got confirmed, the searching spree for Picasa alternative began. There is no doubt that Picasa is one of a kind program perfect for photos organization as well as editing too.

10 Best Picasa Alternative

It was really difficult to find the programs similar in approach and working. However, after some research I came across some really amazing programs like Picasa which are even advanced in terms of editing tools. Not all of them do both the tasks but somewhere you are going to find them worth trying. You can find the details just right below.

1. FastStone Image Viewer

Website: http://www.faststone.org/

FastStone Image ViewerThe first mention as one of the best Picasa alternative is FastStone Image Viewer. I can say it the best in this list without any doubt because I am using it too and it is quite a helping hand for various purposes. Apart from being lightning fast, FS Image Viewer is free to use too.

It has this really user-friendly platform which has the properties of image viewer, editor and converter too. Despite being a freeware, you get so many advanced features that it put other premium software on shame.

I personally think that this is the best solution which works from image browsing to editing and then to sharing it too. There are no annoying ads or malware in this program and the multiple format support system is additional advantage which comes with it.

Features provided under FS Image Viewer are fly out menu panels, powerful image editing tools, side by side image comparison, multi-level undo/redo capability, batch scanning supported, screen capture facility, video files supported, touch interface supported, image effects and many more.

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2. Google Photos

Website: https://photos.google.com/

This is the most basic and very common Picasa alternative we can ever think of after hearing that Picasa is going down because of it. This is the new photo organizing platform by Google which is a web based service and accessible with syncing your Google account with it.

Apart from image organizing and browsing, sharing is another function performed by this platform. Interestingly, this free service provides you unlimited storage to save images as well as videos but up to certain quality only.

It cannot be called a wonderful photo editor like Picasa because it provides quite basic services when it comes to image editing. However, the simple interface and easy navigation compensates for it really well. When it comes to the use of automation and technology, Google Photos is quite efficient.

It recognizes faces and groups such pictures together and the same applies for places and other things too. Google Photos uses the cloud service and hence these images are accessible from wherever the user wants. In my opinion, this is the ultimate storage solution you would ever want to have.

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3. Flickr

Website: https://www.flickr.com/

FlickrFlickr is powered by Yahoo and it comes under the most renowned web based service for photos and videos hosting. Many of the people recognize it as just a photo sharing platform and a versatile blog from where you can find whichever picture you want but this is not enough said about Flickr.

Actually, this is way more than that and this storage solution cum social networking system comes handy to a user when he/she creates an account over it.

This is the most excellent Picasa alternative you are ever going to find. Flickr gives great control to the user to make their media files visible to only the people they want. If you are expecting some image editing features here then, unfortunately, you would have to get disappointed for that.

However, its smart technology provides organizing filters and storage solution which is a cloud-based service and hence you do not have to bear the load of media on your own system. Flickr is a simple platform offering one of the best image and video hosting service ever.

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4. XnView

Website: https://www.xnview.com/

XnViewAnother interesting name I picked as Google Picasa alternative is XnView. This is one of those very few programs which supports more than 500 types of image formats and provides various other features too. From storing your media files to edit them, XnView is capable enough to do it all for you.

It has this really efficient and clean interface allowing you to browse as well as convert media files too. However, it is not free to use.

For a single person license, you would have to shed around $30 and the price varies with the number of licenses purchased. However, every penny of this price is worth as XnView has a lot of things to offer to the users.

Some of the features of this software are various formats supported, slideshow available, fullscreen view, images comparison, editing tools, auto collection, image filters and effects, contact sheets creation, file listing, image organizing and many more. XnView is undoubtedly one of the most efficient Picasa alternative in this list with so many features to offer.

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5. Ribbet

Website: http://www.ribbet.com/

RibbetUnlike many of the programs listed here, Ribbet is not a software but a web based service. This is the simplest of all and provides every single feature on its homepage which makes them quite easier to access. Be it providing a cloud storage for images or editing them, Ribbet does it all for the users.

This Picasa alternative is a completely free service which is also available in form of mobile application too for the iOS users.

Ribbet is an outstanding tool when it comes to editing, so much that you are gonna ditch other editing apps for it too. It is comprised of features like simple editing tools like crop, resizing etc., special effects, text editing, fast and smooth, various shapes available, fonts and quality editing tools, stickers etc.

Talking about other facilities then you can connect your Flickr, Picasa and Facebook account here to import photos from out there directly. You can even make collages through Ribbet too. It is simple yet surprisingly fast to provide all the image editing tools on one single platform.

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6. Zoner Photo Studio X

Website: https://free.zoner.com/

Zoner Photo Studio XZoner Photo Studio X is the next Picasa desktop alternative which is more suitable for the professional work rather than amateur. It comes with 30 days of free trial and then you would have to buy the license for $49 as a one-time fee.

From organizing to improving your existing photos and then downloading them, this photo studio works efficiently for all types of tasks and that too in a fast manner.

You can import your photo collection from any source and then organize it all on one platform of Zoner Photo Studio X easily. It offers some really amazing editing tools too and some of them are available over one click only. Other features of this Picasa alternative includes professional image editing and filters, improve picture quality, direct sharing to social media and many more.

You can even create photo products from this studio too. The cloud storage gives you plenty of space to organize all your photos over platform without worrying about the storage size. This tool is just amazing for image editing and the tools are surely to drool over.

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7. PhotoScape

Website: http://www.photoscape.org/

PhotoScapePhotoScape is different from other Picasa alternative as it works only as a photo viewer and editor only. It does not provide any storage solution to the media files. However, PhotoScape is a free to use software for Windows platform.

When it comes to Windows 10 and Mac then they can use PhotoScape X for it which also offers a Pro version for $39.99. It has some really cool features and premium support available too.

Talking about the features of PhotoScape then there is a long list for it. Some of them are slideshow, complete photo editor with basic to advanced features, collage making, animated Gif making, screenshot feature supported, RAW converter, Face recognition and face search over internet and many such features more.

PhotoScape is quite amazing when it comes to its editing function. It works like a full-fledged editing oriented app with features like filters and effects, blooming, drawing, text addition, while balance, one click improvement and many more too.

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8. ACDSee

Website: https://www.acdsee.com/

ACDSeeACDSee is not just a simple program which is listed down as alternative to Picasa but it is an entire studio with sub-programs for editing, storage and other purposes. It has a variety of packs available to offer and each one has distinct features too.

As it is a professional service, it is not available for free. Some of the programs of ACDSee are Ultimate for $99.95, Professional for $69.95, Standard for $39.95 and for Mac it is available for $59.95.

This Picasa alternative also offers some high-end features like digital assess management tools for organizing, RAW editing supported, over 500 camera formats supported, photo manipulation in form of layers, ideal for commercial use and mass organizing etc.

From photo browsing to high-quality photo manipulation and image editing, ACDSee does it all for its users. When compared to other services enlisted here or even Picasa itself, you are going to find that ACDSee is way higher than their level and considered mostly for commercial needs only.

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9. BonAView

Website: http://www.highmotionsoftware.com/

BonAViewBonAView is one of the products of High Motion Software and it is a type of free photo manager with excellent managing and organizing tools for the users. Despite being a free program, BonAView offers some really amazing features belonging to the categories of images organizing, browsing and editing too.

This program generates high-quality image thumbnails which projects the images in form of 3D space which looks quite cool.

The interface is quite modern and simple in approach and every option comes out clean on the home page itself. BonAView works with categories and assign auto tags too. It provides unlimited number of categories and also unlimited storage space which works beyond the size of images.

Talking about the editing features of this Picasa alternative then these are auto image improvement with one click, red eyes removal, basic tools like resizing and cropping, sharpening, resampling images and many more. BonAView supports various formats of images and its annotation tools are also quite amazing.

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10. Phototheca

Website: https://lunarship.com/

PhotothecaThe last Picasa replacement program in this list is Phototheca. Along with the photos, it takes care of your videos too and performs all functions like organizing, editing, sharing etc. Although it is a free software but with limited use and the Pro and expanded version costs $39.95 per license which differs with number of licenses.

The pro features of this software are unlimited storage size, commercial use, import from iOS supported, premium customer support etc.

Apart from it, the regular features of Phototheca are import from local drives supported, various RAW camera formats supported, multiple video formats supported, share directly to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc., automatic photo tagging, description supported, photo browsing with instant search etc.

However, despite having so many features, Phototheca does not provide the functions for photo editing so you would have to export out them to some other program for editing. Apart from it, Phototheca works wonderfully and the organizing skills are always on point with Picasa alternative.

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Although I did not mention it as one of the Picasa alternative here but you can try out the Google Photos for organizing and keeping your memories safe. However, it does not work like a complete editor but there are some features which you people would surely like to use.

Talking about the options I mentioned above, they are quite simple in approach and works amazingly for safeguarding your precious moments. Most of them works on Windows platform and you can further check about the version compatibility too. Try them out and finally bid Goodbye to Picasa.

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