10 Best Voice Changer for Windows


Isn’t it really cool to be able to modify your voice in whichever way you want to fool your friends? If you never thought of doing so then I think you should check out these best voice changer programs to burst your bubble of boredom. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to have some fun after all?

10 Best Voice Changer for Windows

Now, you must be thinking how on earth do we use these programs and what are they? Well, for that I have curated this section which comprises everything about such voice changer software. You get variety of selections and real time effects too and using them is so much fun. So, do not wait any longer and check them out right now.

1. All-in-One Voice Changer

Website: http://www.athtek.com/

All-in-One Voice ChangerAll in One voice changer is just like its name which means it is comprised of all the necessary tools and voice pitches through which you can modulate your voice according to your desire. This is why I put it on the first position in the list of best voice changer.

However, this program is not available for free and once the trial period ends, you can buy it for just $15 which is quite a low price for such an amazing software.

You can not only use it for playing pranks on your friends but for official purposes too. If you are regular in attending official calls then this All in One voice changer can help you to optimize the quality of your voice in a call.

Other features of this program that you should know are integration with various messengers and other IM oriented programs, fast, lightweight program which protects the system from heavy loading, complete support for windows based devices and many more. It has very simple interface and navigations which will surely help you to use it efficiently.

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2. Skype Voice Changer

Website: https://skypevoicechanger.net/

Skype Voice ChangerOne of the most used best voice changer, Skype Voice Changer is a top recommendation from my side. To run this application, it is important to have the basic Skype video calling program previously installed in your device. With the help of integration these programs work together.

However, only available for windows, Skype Voice Changer not only changes your voice but can also add effects in it using computer generated voice.

Skype Voice Changer is a real time voice changer which means you would not have to make the adjustments earlier and you can switch to whichever effect you want in real time. You also have the option to record your conversation with someone and you can play pre-recorded sounds to pick the best ones.

However, the limited version offered restricted features only as it is free so if you want to make most of this program then you can buy the pro version for $29.95 for single user license. I am sure the advanced features of this voice changer will surely convince you to use it forever.

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3. Voxal Voice Changer

Website: https://www.nchsoftware.com/

Voxal Voice ChangerVoxal Voice Changer is a tool from NCH Software which works in real time and also quite rich in terms of effects and features. The level of creativity is quite high in this program and you can use it for professional purposes too. Of course, it might take you a while to figure out the features but once done with this part then it becomes quite a handy tool for you.

Counted amongst the best voice changer, Voxal voice changer has both free and paid versions. In the paid version the home edition can be bought for $30 while the commercial edition costs $35.

Best thing about Voxal is that it can be used with any applications and games where you need microphone. You can modify your voice, add effects in it and use this voice for other audio projects too and that too with so much ease.

Other features of this program are real time effects, load and save effect chains for future use, create custom voice effects, simple interface, integrates with all applications and games, low CPU usage, various voice effects like aliens, robot, girl, boy and many more.

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4. AV Voice Changer Diamond

Website: https://www.audio4fun.com/

AV Voice Changer DiamondTo be true, AV Voice Changer Diamond is the best voice changing software you will ever come across. Currently operating on its version 9.5, this product is extremely safe and also Norton secured so there will be no reports of malware in your system at all.

And actually, this is not just about modulating voice and adding effects, but AV Voice Changer is way more than that which can be used for recording and mixing too.

Like most of the best voice changer, this program also works in real time and not only voice but you can also modulate any given audio file through it too. However, it is not available for free and you can buy it for $99.95 to access the full license and complete features of this software.

Now, coming on to the features of this program then these are the voice recording, mixing, voice morphing, file morphing, numerous advanced voice effects, 70+ background effects, various plugins for additional effects along with 30 already installed voice effects and many more.

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5. Morph VOX

Website: http://screamingbee.com/

Morph VOXOffered by Screaming Bee, the MorphVOX voice changer is one of the leading product in the category of best voice changer programs. It can be used in various purposes like online voice changing, in-game voice change, background cancellation and many more. You can also use it for commercial purposes too.

There are two versions of this software i.e. MorphVOX Jr. which is available for free and the second one is MorphVOX Pro which can be bought for $39.99 having full features.

Apart from the morphing, you can also improve the quality of sound through it as well. In fact, you can install the free voice and sound packs to produce various sound combinations and effects through it. I am sure the plugins are going to interest you the most above all.

Talking about the built-in features of this program then these are background feature for adding and removing background voice, voice-overs creation for audio/video projects, voice addition in role playing games, professional interface, multiple user support and many others.

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6. Fake Voice Changer

Website: http://www.fakewebcam.com/

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Fake Voice ChangerThe next one in this list of best voice changer is Fake Voice Changer which is just perfect for playing pranks on your friends and sharing some light moments of fun. It is more recommended for personal use as it offers various tools and effects to changes the modulation of your voice to something completely different.

For example, you can use it to produce the sound of male, female, old, hard, shrill, young and other types of people no matter what kind of voice you originally have.

In this way, it turns out to be quite a good voice changer having various options to change and modulate your voice effectively. In fact, you can also produce robot and alien like voices from it too. Also, the echo effect of this voice changer is also quite great and entertaining.

And the icing on the cake is that you can use it for free as it is a completely freeware program. Also, you can use it for improving the quality of your sound too which is perfect for official works, meetings and audio recording purposes too.

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7. Clownfish Voice Changer

Website: https://clownfish-translator.com/

Clownfish Voice ChangerClownfish Voice Changer is the next application in this row which can be used for changing your voice completely. As this application is installed on your system, it automatically integrates with all the other programs which utilizes microphone and hence affects them all too.

As it is quite direct in approach, you are not going to feel even a bit of clumsy while using it and hence it turn out to be one of the best voice changer in this list.

Clownfish Voice Changer is a totally free to use service and you can use it for modification in apps like Skype, Steam, Viber, Ekiga and many more which clearly explains that it is perfect for both gaming as well as social media platforms.

This program offers voice effects like alien, male, helium, baby, robot, slow mutation and man more. Other services offered are built-in media player, VST plugins support, simple interface, voice assistant accompanied, sound player etc. and it is also available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

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8. Voice Candy

Website: http://www.potionfactory.com/

Voice CandyVoice Candy is another one in the list of voice changing programs offered by Potion Factory and it is quite a fun and entertaining tool. However, it is only available for Mac users only. It is quite a simple program which is perfect for also voice recording too.

You can use it along with every possible application which utilizes microphone in it and hence you can use voice candy’s voice effects in them.

You get 8 different fun effects with it but Voice Candy can be used for free for only 15 days after which you can purchase the user license for only $12.95. You can set the voice effect and can even record the conversations too.

Other important features like voice notes, reminders etc. makes this program quite different from the rest of the best voice changer and hence it is quite effective for personal and fun purposes.

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9. Hero Voicer

Website: https://hero-voicer.en.softonic.com/

Hero VoicerHero Voicer is the next one in the list of best voice changer programs and just like the former one, it is also a fun tool to modulate your voice into something funny. As this is a real time voice changer, you can use Hero Voicer with other apps like Skype, Viber etc. to apply voice effects in them.

Hero Voicer is not a free program and afterwards you would have to buy the full license later on which provides full list of features in it.

You can speak in the voices of weird creatures and can also add background talks too. In fact, you can also mix effects to create your own specific combinations too. The additional voice settings allows you to customize the sound and voices furthermore and also provides additional control to the users too.

Hero Voicer is extensively used for voice-overs in MMORPGs and also quite popular for it too and am sure the simple interface will provide you better navigation for it.

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10. Voice Changer

Website: https://voice-changer.informer.com

Voice ChangerI am sure just like the other ones, you will not be disappointed from this voice changer for PC too. Known as Voice Changer, this is a free program offering various voice changing effects and tools along with a very neat platform to support the efficiency and flow of working.

This voice changer supports 3 input formats of sound but can export to only one. Although the interface is easy but it is not customizable so you would have to stick to the basics only.

Simplicity is the key of this best voice changer software and hence you won’t feel a bit hassled with it. You can easily change the pitch and speed of audio files and input voice to turn it into something of your own choice.

Although this program does not support high-end features but still I think you should definitely try this out.

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Some of the best voice changer mentioned here works in real time and some must be preset before to be used later. So, basically it depends upon your will that what kind of program you want to use. And actually sometimes it is not just about pranking your friend too as you can use these tools for other purposes too.

But of course, before using them you must have to go through a lot of aspects and compatibility that whether they are able to catch up with your system or not. Make sure to choose such voice effects software which comes with so many modulations and variations and am sure it will be so much fun to use them.

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