Top 10 Sites like Couchtuner


There are various sites like Couchtuner who has always been a helping hand of the movies buffs. Be it TV shows, music, movies or documentaries, websites like Couchtuner fulfill all your media needs in just one click. In fact, there is no end to the list of such sites.

In this particular section, I am listing various sites similar to Couchtuner so that you never get deprived of the entertainment ever.

Top 10 Sites like Couchtuner

They work just like Couchtuner so you would not be having any problem in navigating them. I hope you will like this collection and you would be finally move on from Couchtuner.

1. The Dare TV


The first one in this list of sites like Couchtuner is The Dare TV. Well, don’t be so anxious about its name because the site is nothing like a suspense drama or something. In fact, the dare is basically about being addictive to this site.

They offer so great collection and database that it becomes hard to not get addicted to it. This is the reason we are already warning you to not indulge into it too much.

The Dare TV is totally a movie site like Couchtuner but its prime focus still remains upon TV shows. Although you can easily find your favorite movies here. The site is free to use and does not involve any sign-up process on it prior to the accessing.

However, if you want to stay updated with TV schedule then you must get registered on this site. You can select your favorite genres amongst TV shows and movies and then can browse whichever media file you want. This simple yet attractive site also has a database of Live sports too.

The Dare TV is surely a great place to browse all your favorite shows and movies.

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2. Cucirca


Cucirca is one of those sites like Couchtuner which is solely and completely dedicated to TV shows only. I am sorry! But you would have to disappoint here if you want to watch movies. But cheer up all the crazy soap opera fans because now you are not going to miss even a single episode of your favorite shows.

Let’s start this with talking about how does the site work? Well, there is nothing much that you have to do and sign up is not a compulsion too.

However, it would be great if you get yourself subscribed here because that will tell you about the uploading of new episodes. Although, you are going to find every single show here but still you can request for a particular show or particular episode too.

Sites like Couchtuner are great in keeping a vast database and Cucirca is one of them. Its endless TV shows collection is going to impress you a lot. Be it the latest show or the old one, you can find everything here.

However, the site lacks in good accessing because it mostly follows the text links rather than pictures.

3. Series Craving


Another important addition in this list of sites like Couchtuner is Series Cravings. Well, this site is just like its name and completely dedicated to various TV shows and TV series. You can find even decade old shows out here. This is the time to relive all those favorite shows of yours which have gone off air.

Now, first of all let me tell you that the site is really good in terms of accessing and looks. All the TV shows are featured along with images so you do not get confused at all.

Now, talking about the database here, then I am sure you can find every possible TV shows here. From Game of Thrones to evergreen FRIENDS, the site features everything from old to new to very recent. They even follow and displays a TV schedule for the users.

This helps you to know that when a particular episode of a show will be uploaded on site. Now, you need not to check the site again and again to find the much awaited episode. The site will never want you to leave it once you start watching shows out here.

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4. The Series Online


The Series Online is one of the best options that we have in this list of sites like Couchtuner. There is no denial in the fact that, it has one of the richest databases not only in terms of TV shows but movies too. This is truly one of the most browsed movie sites like Couchtuner.

There are various ideas and sections through which you can categorize movies and then can find your favorites in them. The process is really easy and the site is well maintained too.

You will find the access really comfortable as all the TV shows and movies are indicated through images and not only words listings. This makes the site even more attractive and organized. The registration is optional on this site but you can go for it if you want to be updated about new uploads on the site.

In the list of sites like Couchtuner, The Series Online is surely one amazing pick. You can find the movies of various countries on this site easily. There are various genres available for both movies and TV shows which you can browse for better accessing.

5. Select TV


The next pick in the category of sites like Couchtuner is none other than Select TV. This site is like the whole package of entertainment that you have always been searching. Let me just clear it to you that the site is not free to access but it just needs a mere amount of $2 per month to enjoy the specific services.

Select TV does not stick to the TV shows only and feature a long list of movies, Radio channels, Events, games etc. The site is really great and easy to access.

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This is compulsory to sign up on this site in order to avail all the facilities provided by it. You just name the kind of shows or movie you want to watch and it would in front of you in no time. This site has surely excelled all the other options of sites like Couchtuner in this list.

There are like thousands of channels that you can access on this site. It is like your own TV with way less costly cable plan. You can save a lot through this site. Just sign up on it and enjoy endless services.

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6. Café Movie


Café Movie is one of those sites like Couchtuner which carries a great collection of not only movies but excellent TV shows too. Once you get on its site, then you will come to know how amazing this site actually is.

Let me just describe this site from the fact that how good and creative it is. It has every single thing sorted in such a great way that there is no scope for confusion at all. You must sign up on this site as it is free and you will get necessary information too.

There are amazing TV shows which you can watch on this site and that too from different languages. The site also features some old classic movies of all time which must be on your to-watch list now. There are various genres and years which will help you to refine the search in a better way.

7. TubiTV


You have no idea how amazingly perfect this site is providing nonstop entertainment that you cannot even imagine. TubiTV can be one of the most underrated sites like Couchtuner in this list but this site must be checked out by every single movie buff for sure.

This site is more like a library for watching the ultimate classic movies and your favorite entertaining TV shows peacefully. You can get registered on this site absolutely free.

In fact, you would be glad to know that TubiTV has its own application for Android and iOS devices. Isn’t it just amazing that you are getting so many features in just a single site? The site is absolutely free to access and you can watch as much movies and other media files as you want.

TubiTV is one of those sites like Couchtuner on which registration is a compulsion and only after doing so, you can stream the movies and TV shows on this site. The site is 100% safe to use and you would not be facing any malware in it.

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8. ProjectFreeTV


Project Free TV is a site which is all about TV shows only. This is a site which is just like other sites like Couchtuner. However, Project Free TV does not provide any content or streaming links for the movies on its site. Its streaming links stays limited for the TV shows only.

Now, talking about the site, Project Free TV lacks some serious site goals. The site does not feature any images and hence the way of presenting the content sticks on links only.

However, the database provided is really good and vast. This compensates for its super old looks. Now, talking about the categorization then I am sorry, no genres are provided to bifurcate the TV shows. However, you still get popular and recently uploaded categories.

This site works as the medium between viewer and the third party media streamer. This means none of the content belongs to the site and all the videos are derives from a different source. The site is a decent source to watch your favorite TV shows easily.

9. Watch Episode


From The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, Watch Episode is a site which is known as the heaven for TV shows lovers. The registration on this site is not a compulsion and you can easily stream the TV shows without even signing up on this site.

In the list of sites like Couchtuner I have almost covered up the best sites in this category. Watch-Episode carries nothing new which can excite the viewers. However, the site is well maintained, and allows ease of accessing to it.

There is a section named Top 10. This section features top shows only daily basis. If you like watching TV shows of every era then this section might work for you.

The best part of such sites like Couchtuner is that you can easily watch really old and classic TV shows on them. In fact, some shows uploaded are as old as 1960s. This site is a great way to dig deep into the love of yours for old classic TV shows.

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10. CMoviesHD


The last pick in this category of sites like Couchtuner is Cmovieshd. This is a site heard less but maintained so well. You are surely going to get addicted to it once you start browsing media files from this site.

Don’t take its name too seriously, because the site not only features movies but great TV series too. This means browsing this site is twice the fun. There is not even a single latest movie that has not been uploaded to this site yet. In fact, they try to upload the movies as soon as they go on air.

There are various genres like action, biography, comedy, family, crime etc. which are given to choose the movies from. There are some adult 18+ contents too on this site.

This place is just perfect to pursue and grow your movie and Television love at.

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These sites like Couchtuner are no less than a treasure for the movie lovers. Not everyone in this world can afford to browse Netflix and hence such options work as wonder for them. Their free accessing helps people to browse whichever media file they want.

In fact, you even get options in streaming links too so that you can pick the best ones. So, what you guys are waiting for now? It is the time to grab some snacks and stuck your eyes on these sites.

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