10 Snipping Tool Alternatives for Windows 10


If you have recently downloaded Windows 10 then you must be wondering about snipping tool windows 10 for sure. Well, this is not just you but various people have reported about this trouble before that they are not able to find the snipping tool in this version of Windows.

First, let me tell you what a Snipping tool actually is? This is a screenshot utility which is provided in every version of Windows after Vista by the Microsoft Corporation. There are various features associated with it like rectangular area, free-form, open windows screenshots etc.

So, even after trying everything if you are still not able to access this feature then this section might help you in it. Here are the best snipping tool alternatives given below which will fix the void of original snipping tool in Windows for sure.

How to Use Snipping Tool Windows 10

Before, I move to the options available for snipping tool windows 10, I would like to tell you that how can you use snipping tool in Windows 10. Being a keen admirer of Windows, you must have been wondering this for so long.

This section is for those people who have found the option of snipping tool in their Windows 10 or who are able to access it somehow. So, you can follow the given steps for this.

  • Go to the start menu, type Snipping Tool in the search bar and then open the snipping tool option from there.
  • Now, click on the option of New for starting a new snipping process.
  • Select the type of snip you want to obtain from the options like Free-form, rectangular, window snip and full screen snip.

  • Now select the area that you want to capture and the snip will be applied and it will obtain a screenshot of it.
  • You have the options to write on this screenshot or highlight some areas.
  • Don’t forget to save this screenshot before closing the window. And this is how the Snipping tool is used.

10 Snipping Tool Alternatives for Windows 10

Do you want to use new tools that can use for desktop windows cropping and editing like as Windows Snipping, Here I am giving you, top 10 snipping alternatives for a quick process, let’s check out..

  • SnagIt –  Capture, Create, Connect

Website: https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html

Another great tool in the list of snipping tool alternatives is SnagIt. This is one of the most powerful and multi-utility screen capture software right now. This is also one of the most used and loved tools too when it comes to having a competition with the pre-installed snipping tool of Windows.

Unfortunately, SnagIt is not free to use. You are supposed to download it and then you have 15 days of trial period to use it. After that, you need to pay $62.99 for a lifetime license of this tool.

Now, talking about the features of this tool then it is an amalgam of some usual and amazing services. You can not only capture images but also videos too. Once you have taken a screenshot of a video then you can decide whether to keep it an image or small video.

I found the snipping tool windows 10 download easy too along with smooth interface and other editing features.

Get SnagIt Today

  • LightShot

Website: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html

The first mention for the options for snipping tool windows 10 is Lightshot. This is a simple screenshot capturing software or application which is compatible with both the platforms of Windows and Mac. To start using it, you just need to go on its official site and download the tool from there.

Once you have installed it in your windows system then LightShot will replace your traditional snipping tool is going to work as a replacement for it.

To be true, this is a tool which I personally liked a lot. The reason is that the tool is available for free. In fact, LightShot is quite better than the simple snipping tool because of the multiple features that it has. There are various qualities of LightShot.

You can select an image and find various similar images through LightShot. It also has a powerful image editor along with simple interfacing. Over all, you are going to love this alternative.

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  • Greenshot

Website: http://getgreenshot.org/

Greenshot is a great tool which is capable enough to replace the original snipping tool windows 10 perfectly. To be true, I really liked the fact that despite being free of cost, these apps have so much to offer as compared to the simple snipping tool which comes pre-installed in the Windows.

Greenshot is free to download but you can voluntarily donate some amount to them. You can download this app from their official website and the installation is then easy too.

This is a lightweight screen capturing tool which means no effects on the speed of your system at all. You have the options to customize the size like selected, windows or full screen etc. You have the additional options to export the screenshots to clipboard, email, printer, Picasa etc.

All I would say is that Greenshot is a perfect snipping tool windows 10 and you can download it now.

  • FastStone Capture

Website: http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm

Another powerful snipping tool windows 10 in this list is FastStone Capture. It has every essential tool (normal and advanced) which should be there in a great Snipping tool. It is lightweight and perfect enough to replace the original one.

FastStone Capture is not free to use. You get the trial of 30 days when you download it. But later on for a lifetime license, you are supposed to pay $19.95 as a one-time fee to them.

Still, this app has some features which make it one of the best snipping tool alternatives. Apart from being a screen capture tool, it is a screen video recorder too. It has various modes which puts original snipping tool to shame.

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The interesting features of FastStone Capture are color picker, global hotkeys, watermarking, cropping, resizing, sharpening, image scanning etc. This is surely one powerful tool which you have always wanted for your image and video editing works.

  • DuckCapture

Website: http://www.ducklink.com/

The best part about DuckCapture is that it is too simple to use. This screen capture tool comes with various modes and features which make it more favorable by all the users out there. And apart from everything, this snipping tool windows 10 is absolutely free to use too.

DuckCapture works for both Windows and Macs. If you want to install it for Windows then choose the right option for it too.

You have modes like windows, scrolling, full screen, and region selection to operate this tool. The best feature is that you can even snip out a tall webpage too so that each and every information falls into one image.

Apart from snipping, it has great editing tools too. You have annotations options and draw options too. You can combine multiple captures in a single image too. And after you are done with everything, this snipping tool windows 10 allows you to share this right away to whoever you want.

  • PicPick

Website: http://ngwin.com/picpick

PicPick is popularly known as all in one design and screen capture tool for everyone. The software is compatible to Windows 10 as well as all the former versions of it. You are not even going to believe what kind of advanced options are provided by this app for the comfortable and great use.

This snipping tool windows 10 is one great option which is sadly not free to use. You would have to pay $24.99 for a lifetime license per user. A single user can operate this tool on two devices (computer and laptop).

However, the features offered by PicPick are still kind of advanced which you may not get in other windows 10 snipping tool. Examples of such features are virtual whiteboard, protractor to find screen angle, crosshair for relative coordinate, magnifier, color palette, pixel ruler, color picker etc.

After editing tools, you have the options for save and share that image to many platforms like Twitter, printer, email, Dropbox, clipboard, box, PDF, etc.

  • Screenshot Captor

Website: https://www.donationcoder.com/

Screenshot Captor is a snipping tool windows 10 which is in existence from last 10 years. Since then it has been running successfully and that too without even charging anything from its users. Yes, you heard it right, Screenshot Captor is absolutely free to use.

This is completely compatible with different versions of windows including windows 10 too. The latest version which you can download from the official website is V4.21.1.

Now, talking about the features that you are getting along with Screenshot Captor then they are so many. Some of them are lots of capture modes, thumbnail maker, image editors, customizable hotkey, special effects, scanner acquisition tools, scrolling capture tools etc.

Despite having so many features, the interface of this tool is extremely simple and easy to use and you must give it a try.

  • ShareX

Website: https://getsharex.com/

ShareX is an open source free to use screen capture tool which can be downloaded on almost all the versions of Windows easily. This snipping tool windows 10 is quite efficient and lightweight too. This means no slowing down for the speed of your system.

This tool is more like an entire software comprising of some of the great features which you usually do not get free of cost.

Some of the features of ShareX are no advertisements, lightweight, various capture modes, thumbnail generator, text recognition, image effects, annotate the image, print etc. All these features combining together makes this platform a useful and very comfortable tool for all the users.

You have the option to directly share the file on many platforms through the software only. You can donate some amount to this site if you want. Otherwise, the software is completely free to use.

  • WinSnap

Website: http://www.ntwind.com/

This is the time to create high-quality screenshot just by some not so conventional software. And this time one such snipping tool windows 10 software is WinSnap.

The software is free to download initially but the trial period lasts for some specific time only. After that, you are supposed to buy a lifetime license for this software which is available for $29.95 per user. You get great features under this app.

Some examples of its features are highlights, outlines, image editing, image improvement, color effects, innovative user interface, blur effects, built-in presets, PNG transparency, multiple objects and region capture etc.

So, by now you must have understood that WinSnap is a great snipping tool windows 10 utility which you can download and install easily.

  • Screenpresso

Website: https://www.screenpresso.com/

The last one in this list of snipping tool alternatives is Screenpresso. Along with being a screen capture, this tool is a video capture too. Be it anything, videos, documents, web pages, images, etc. Screenpresso is adequate enough to capture a moment out of anything.

Although, Screenpresso is free to use but it has some upgrades too. There are upgrades like Screenpresso Pro and Screenpresso site license which are paid features.

I think for a minimal and basic use, you should go for the free version only. You are getting various facilities in this version like sharing the screenshot, HD video capturing, image capturing, image editor, document generator etc.

The process for this snipping tool windows 10 download is easy too. You can download it from its official website. The makeover that you can give your images and documents through Screenpresso is totally amazing and I think, you should try out ScreenPresso snipping tool.

Best alternatives blog posts for you:


Some of these options for snipping tool windows 10 are paid and some are free. Of course, they all are fully functional and provide way more services than the traditional snipping tool could ever offer. I am sure you would have a great experience using them with Windows 10.

On some points, you are going to find them way more creative and easier to access. They are quite easy to use just like the original snipping tool. Now, if you are unable to use the Snipping tool in your windows 10 then you can try out these windows 10 snipping tool alternatives easily.

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