10 Best Bookmark Manager Tools


Be it print media or digital one, humans tend to forget a thing or two and this is why they need best bookmark manager to keep up with the things which are really important. We all have to agree that there are sites which we always want to visit again and again all the time.

10 Best Bookmark Manager Tools

So, why not to compile them all together so when you actually need them you can just visit your manager keeping up with all of them. This bookmark organizer technique is quite reliable and if you want to try out any then visit this list comprised below offering ultimate options.

1. Pocket

Website: https://getpocket.com/

Pocket is one such best bookmark manager which is the reliable tool for more than 20 million people around the world. With offering support to multiple platforms and even in form of extensions, Pocket makes the best tool you can use to manage your favorite pages on the internet easily.

Pocket is a free to use software which is not only suitable for windows platform but also offers more than 1500+ apps integration too.

Founded in 2007, Pocket is now the biggest and most reliable bookmark managing app in the world. From saving articles, videos, images to favorite web pages, Pocket is a tool which can manage every choice of yours perfectly so that you can visit them again and again.

All you have to do is just create an account on this site and download it for whichever platform you want. It is totally free and apart from web browser, you can save stuffs from your email account and multiple apps too. Pocket is surely one perfect tool you need to get things done right.

Compatible with: Google Chrome Extension, Mozilla Firefox Extension, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac OS X

2. Xmarks

Website: https://www.xmarks.com/

XmarksI am sure you must have gone through Xmarks review before as it is a very popular tool used for managing bookmarks on multiple browsers. This tool is used in form of browser extension and currently works for other platforms too.

However, Xmarks is a free to use extension but if you want to upgrade to premium services then you just need to pay $1 per month for that and I think it’s a pretty generous pricing plan.

Talking about the features and services of this best bookmark manager then there are plenty of them. The best feature of Xmarks is its syncing capability. No matter on how many PCs you are using it, you can integrate them together over Xmarks for shared data and information.

Other features of Xmarks are smarter search based on your bookmarks, browser syncing, Xmarks icon in location bar for additional site info etc. The features of Xmarks can differ on the basis of different browsers too but as a whole Xmarks makes a wonderful choice for bookmark managing process.

Compatible with: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer Extension, Blackberry, iOS, Android

3. Toby

Website: https://www.gettoby.com/

TobyAnother interesting pick for best Bookmark manager is Toby. This is a free to use web browser extension for multiple platforms but if you are using it for an enterprise level then you would have to consult them first. To be true, Toby makes the process of taking care of your favorite web pages in a really smart way.

Toby can be accessed in over 144 countries and you can easily find it in the list of your web browser extensions and using it is easy too.

Interestingly, Toby categorizes all your favorite pages into several categories like work, personal etc. After categorization, you can even use Toby in a team too so that all people can access them in the simplest way possible. This not only saves people’s time but also increases functionality too.

Toby makes a perfect Firefox bookmark manager where you can assign different tags to your favorite collection. Toby is mainly used in the office premise when you are working as a team as its best application is find while working in a group.

Compatible with: Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Opera extension

4. Bookmark Ninja

Website: https://www.bookmarkninja.com

Bookmark NinjaIf you think every best bookmark manager is free to use then you are living in an illusion only. Bookmark Ninja is one such tool for bookmarking which is only free under its trial period. After you are done with it then you will be charged $1.99 per month but I think it is a very nominal price.

Great thing is that you can access Bookmark Ninja from multiple devices and it does not stick necessarily to web browsers only.

Apart from keeping your important documents and sites organized, they also keep them confidential too which means all your data is accessed by you only. One of the best part of this manager is that you can import your data from other bookmark manager or browser easily which provided inter-sync capability.

Bookmark Ninja works on automatic tagging technology which means you need not to put extra efforts on classifying your saved pages. Simple interface and additional dashboard view provides extra comfort to the users which further makes the tool easier to use.

Compatible with: Windows, iOS, Android, Browser extension

5. Raindrop

Website: https://raindrop.io/

RaindropPeople do not call it all in one bookmark manager in vain, it is indeed one of its kind. With wonderful features and an extremely simple interface, you would love to use Raindrop to manage all your important stuffs taken from different sources.

This is like collecting a database of all the amazing things you have ever come across and categorizing them on a single platform.

Raindrop offers two plans which are free and Pro which is going to cost you only $3 per month with upgraded features and services. Some of the features of this best bookmark manager that you should know are articles, photos, videos, websites etc. all in one place, auto tagging, bulk operations, direct sharing etc.

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A smart and powerful tool you are ever going to find for managing all your data and can be used in form of extension for multiple browsers. The interface of this tool is completely customizable and the final power lies in the hand of user only. I am sure you would love the modern and systematic approach of Raindrop.

Compatible with: Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

6. Pinboard

Website: https://www.pinboard.in/

PinboardPinboard is indeed a typical bookmark manager which combines social skills along with the organizing scheme. Being a wonderful option for best bookmark manager, Pinboard unfortunately does not provides free services but its pricing plan costing $11/year is quite cheap and affordable too.

This tool works just like its name and clips everything to a single platform from where things get easier to be accessed.

This site is a perfect place for people who respect their privacy and wants a space of their own. You would not be getting involved in any nonsense or ads torturing you timely. Apart from it they support popular browsers and even apps too which makes the syncing possible.

In fact, you can even sync three twitter accounts and other bookmark services to it too. No doubt that Pinboard is many user’s favorites manager for sure as it makes data transfer extremely handy. This service is quite faster and stores full page content too which is like the biggest advantage over other bookmarking services.

Compatible with: Windows, Mac OS

7. Diigo

Website: https://www.diigo.com/

DiigoI found Diigo to be the only option under the category of best bookmark manager which has so much to offer under so many versatile plans. I mean they have an entire catalog to choose from when it comes to their services and features.

Starting from a free plan, their other pricing plans are Standard for $40 per year, Professional for $59 per year and Business for $10 per month.

If you are someone who is not so frequent with bookmarking schemes then even Free plan would be enough to you as it offers 500 bookmarks but also includes ads too. Talking about other features of Diigo then you get multiple platform syncing, auto tagging, highlights, data sharing etc.

Be it any web page or some videos, you can bookmark anything and collect them with you for further accessing. A perfect and simple tool with great features including team accessing and dashboard support makes Diigo a must for office uses.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox

8. iCloud Bookmark

Website: https://support.apple.com/

iCloud can be termed as Google Drive to quite an extent but it is way advanced and save all your bookmarked things on one single platform. You can use it for free until you are acquiring 5GB of space and afterwards you would have to pay for further usage.

There is no doubt that Apple is offering one of the best bookmark manager ever which can provide syncing between various iOS based devices easily.

Apart from it, all the browsers can use it in form of extension from their respective extension store. All the photos, videos, documents, bookmarked pages and everything else remains safe here and they can be accessed from another synced platform too.

However, more than bookmarking, iCloud is mainly used in form of backup for music, videos and other media files. It won’t be wrong to call it a type of online bookmark manager too. If you are someone looking for a way to establish sync between windows and Apple based bookmarks then iCloud is the best option for it.

Compatible with: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer extensions, iOS, Mac OS

9. Google Bookmarks

Website: https://www.google.com/

Why look somewhere else when you can find a smart and simple to use best bookmark manager in your own Google account. A free to use service provided by Google to all of its users since 2005, this bookmarking service is the simplest of all the others.

Google Bookmarks works on the basis of cloud bookmarking which is way different from the standard bookmarking I mentioned earlier.

Google Bookmarks allows users to bookmark pages that they like and also label them according to different categories. The idea is pretty simple, all you have to do is just sign into your Google account from whichever browser you want and you will be able to access all your bookmarked pages from it.

This provides direct syncing without much of the trouble. In fact, apart from signing in you can use it in form of extension too.

Compatible with: Chrome, Firefox extensions, Web-based use

10. Dewey

Website: https://chrome.google.com/

Dewey Bookmark is a service which is especially available for Chrome browser only. Considered as the best bookmark manager for Chrome, Dewey is a smart and mostly automatic in use which means it reduced user’s involvement in managing things tirelessly and makes it way simpler by arranging stuffs on its own.

From searching, tagging to sorting in various categories, Dewey does it all for the users and it can be used as a Chrome extension for free.

Dewey can perform various functions like generating screenshots of bookmarks, custom tagging, faster and smarter, bookmark editing and managing and many more. Dewey not only makes bookmarking smart but searching too.

You are going to get Pinterest kind of feel from this smart tool making it best bookmark manager along with modern interface and catchy theme. Apart from saving media files and other stuffs you can directly add URLs in this manager too. Being a web based bookmark manager, Dewey is smart and best you can go for Chrome browser.

Compatible with: Chrome


Things can get way more organized than you ever thought. You just need to know about the right tools for it and I think the best way to organize bookmarks should be left to the best managers only. Some of the high end features of these tools are paid which totally lies on your choice.

You can opt for other options which are not listed out here to choose best bookmark manager from. Make sure to go through their entire features and plans before making a decision so that you can get exactly what you need for your work.

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