10 Best Kodi Skins – Change Your Kodi Looks


Kodi is the best open source media player that we have right now but apart from its wonderful media oriented features, users should also check out best Kodi skins too. Kodi is known for its multiple add-ons support and extensions too and its multiple skins and themes are one of them.

10 Best Kodi Skins – Change Your Kodi Looks

Kodi comes with the default skin called Confluence which also happens to the best one it has, but if you want to change the skin according to your wish then you have lots of options for that too. Here in this list, I am mentioning the best skins you can be used to change Kodi’s theme according to your desire.

1. Aeon Nox

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/aeon-nox

Aeon Nox

Ask some Kodi users or even the experts, everyone is going to zero down on one decision that after the default Confluence skin, Aeon Nox is an option which tops the chart of best Kodi skins. It is highly customizable and also the coolest and friendliest of all the other ones.

Aeon Nox uses a bluish Gray tone to the theme and the modern look is quite attractive especially for a person for whom looks are everything.

Now, talking about some of the details of Aeon Nox, then one striking thing is its big fonts. It displays all the menu options in a neat and clear way. However, Aeon Nox is not touchscreen supported so it would be best if you are going to use it with wireless accessing devices.

Amongst other Kodi skins repo, Aeon Nox literally stands out. The menu runs through a ribbon-like navigation quite like in Confluence but provides room for more options to add. You have customization options for everything from menu bar to visualization which I think is the USP of this skin.

2. Amber

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/amber


Tired of using highly heavy skins for Kodi causing it to slow down a bit? Well, I think Amber can be the best solution for this issue. It is a lightweight Kodi skin which is going to remind you of a mixture between Confluence and Aeon Nox on quite some extent.

However, rather than making it more modern and edgy, they focused on things like elegance and hence their main priority remained to be the comfort of accessing.

If you want to pick best Kodi skins oriented towards responsiveness then Amber is the one for you. Amber also supports Touchscreen mode perfectly but rather than being too OTT, it is way simpler. It supports all versions of Kodi and offers better customization options with the latest one.

Amber provides best customization support for the Favorites and shows all your preferred add-ons in a horizontal manner. Amber is highly organized so if you are such user who has installed a lot of add-ons and plug-ins then Amber is going to server you the best in this situation.

3. Phenomenal

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/phenomenal


If you want to explore the smoothest interface of Kodi then Phenomenal is a Kodi skin which can help you out in it. Phenomenal comes under the best Kodi skins which is especially preferred for being smooth and a visual treat for all the Kodi users.

So, the theme’s focus is a theatre like a background which displays on the home just like in Back Row skin of Kodi. Great thing is that you can access this skin from mouse and keyboard both.

It is a good thing that instead of putting transitions and effects in the menu options they have just put them in a row which can be accessed from the left side of the screen. By being smooth I mean a fraction of second of delay in loading content which makes it smooth like butter.

Moving over from the default settings, you can customize this skin as well on the basis of visualization changes and theme colors too. Phenomenal is amongst those few Kodi themes which provide flexibility in arranging the menu items and you can use the Skinshortcut script for it.

4. Nebula

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/nebula


This is the time to move to HD kodi skin called Nebula which best represents that how you can mix and match things in the best way possible. If visualization matters the most for you then you will feel like that Nebula is putting other best Kodi skins mentioned here on shame.

Nebula juggles between two themes at a time i.e. light and dark. Giving a wonderful HD feel, it keeps half part of the screen light and another half dark.

The transitions are smooth and fluid giving a much needed pace to the accessibility. Nebula suits best for the wireless accessing devices however it supports pointer devices too but with not that much of efficiency. I would recommend you to use it with some remote apps.

Along with offering great quality, Nebula offers customization to its users too. Talking about the overall color effect then it keeps on switching smartly according to the time i.e. light themed in the daytime and vice versa.

5. Mimic

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/mimic


Up next in the list of best Kodi skins is Mimic. Swift is the word I would like to use for this skin for being smooth as well as fast and also that it pays attention to even the smallest of details is something you would not find in any other types of skins available in Kodi at all.

Now, talking about the visualizations provided then they are just amazing. This Kodi skin is totally a sheer beauty in disguise which maintains the balance between appearance and comfort perfectly.

Another great thing which you would love to know about Mimic is that it supports touchscreen feature too and you can also control it from a wireless keyboard or other remote apps. Talking about the configuration then you can keep 6 items in Menu option and 4 in submenu.

If you are someone who is looking for really cool Kodi skins suiting best to your personality, I think Mimic is something you should go for. You get 15 visualization modes in it which means full control over customization which is something every user dreams of.

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6. Bello 6

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/bello-6

Bello 6

There are people who do not prefer too much of drama and over the top representations, Bello 6 is one such best Kodi skins which suits such people. This skin provides a clean and simple interface along with minimal visualization effects and transitions.

All the menu options and sub options are displayed in form of a breeze which means you are going to be displayed the named of option in a horizontal row.

The navigation process is simple, you can either click left or right for the upcoming option. Now, there are some shortcomings associated with this skin and the most disastrous one is that it is not accessible through mouse. However, wireless devices are still supported.

I would call the skin to be “nice” which means not too less and not too much to have. However, if you are a fan of customization then this skin is not for you at all. But as a bonus, you get this 3D effect here which looks kind of cool but you would have to kiss goodbye to your mouse for it.

7. Black Glass Nova

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/black-glass-nova

Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is amongst those types of skins for Kodi which is mostly preferred by such users who wants to have full control and customization in their hands. The default background of BGN comes with a striking color palette picture and you can also change it from either the available pictures or even ones from your system too.

Black Glass Nova shows the items of menu in form of a slideshow representation with the selected option on the bigger picture in front.

The effect is great and surely a visual treat as it gives better accessing. But what lacks here is that you would have to keep on side scrolling to see all the options as they all are not shown at once. BGN is best suited if you are accessing Kodi on HD TV as the effects are clearly visible out there.

However, other options you get with this one of the best Kodi skins are home items customization, art and logo settings, skin widget, artwork downloader and many more.

8. Pellucid

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/skins/pellucid


Pellucid supports to Kodi Krypton and above only. It is mostly preferred by users for being extremely simple and clean to handle. Pellucid is more like vanilla while other best Kodi skins are more outgoing and expressive especially when it comes to the display.

Pellucid is best suitable to the fact that your entire family is sitting together and watching a movie or something and hence can be operated by anyone.

Pellucid is lightweight and hence works amazing on low memory systems too. Pellucid creates the minimum fuss and confusion possible and displays all the options in rectangle shaped boxed with no visualization and customizations available.

Good thing is that its shortcut script is available for add-on which provides a bit of customization to it. Other prominent features of Pellucid are full PVR support, menu customization, slideshow supported etc. This is the simplest Kodi skin ever and won’t be a bad choice if used for family movie sessions.

9. Revolve

Website: https://kodi.tv/addon/libraries/revolve-skin-script

As the name says a lot of things, Revolve is another name in the list of best Kodi skins which goes a full circle to change the appearance of your Kodi platform completely. Where all the other skins include squares and rectangles to define the options and interface Revolve does it differently.

It channels the 180 degree rotating handle where you get to see all the options, categories and sub categories as you rotate the circle and hence the name Revolve.

Along with this, you get great transitions and smooth effects to compliment the interface. Apart from it, you get to customize this skin too by the variety of color combinations available giving the extra personalized look to your Kodi player. I personally feel that the people have put quite a creative concept behind this skin.

What else you might like about the Revolve skin is that it gives great visualization and hence you get better access to each of the settings and options available. It also features round thumbnails but the inner banner list remains to be in rectangles only.

10. Eminence

Website: http://xbmc-skins.com/skin/eminence


Eminence is a cusp between technology and comfort in the best way possible. With a customizable interface to support for both wireless and touchscreen modes, Eminence establishes a balance between all types of devices and hence got listed in this category of best Kodi skins.

For people who are tired of accessing Add-ons and plugins by clicking so many times, I think they need Eminence to sort out this situation as it is highly organized.

Despite being easy to control, you can witness several glitches and delays in it too. All the buttons are displayed on the bottom side of the screen and in parallelogram shaped. This is one thing which is going to remain constant throughout the customization and visualization settings.

This is the reason of monotony in this skin and hence I mentioned it on the last as best skin for Kodi. Great thing is that you can change the color scheme of this skin adding some variance into the boring interface. Another important part is the shortcuts where you can directly add your favorites and hence can access them with the least clicks possible.


One thing I absolutely love about Kodi is that you do not have to do much about changing its settings according to your preference. The simple interface allows you to access all types of features like a pro no matter whether you are using it for the first time or not.

After getting done with the preview, you can download whichever Kodi skins you want. These best Kodi skins are quite different from one another and you can easily learn to navigate between one to another skins like a pro. Get ready to personalize this amazing media player according to your taste through these skins.

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