10 Best Anime Streaming Sites

Are you the one who is done with downloading anime shows? Well, then move to these best anime streaming sites and save your storage space. Recently, quite a few Anime sites did go down which is why we compiled this list.

But now you don’t have to be disappointed because I have got some reliable sources of anime streaming for you. I compiled a list of the best anime sites which is going to provide you unlimited entertainment, without charging anything in return. You can check out the list of these anime sites here.

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10 Best Anime Streaming Sites

Let’s go ahead and check out provided sites. I tested every website before mentioning into the list to provide you best resources to watch anime online anytime.

  • KissAnime

Anime Sites like KissAnimeWebsite: http://ww1.kiss-anime.me/

Be it any type of anime like dubbed or manga or anything else, a true anime fan knows that KissAnime is not going to let them down for any anime show search. KissAnime is one of the oldest and most browsed type of site in this list of best anime streaming sites.

I accept that you may not find any options to filter out your results but when it comes to finding your favorite anime shows, you are surely going to find it on KissAnime.

KissAnime does not require you to sign up on its site to get started with it. They also do not even charge anything from you. This is just a simple site intended for the purpose of providing all the best anime shows to its users.

There is no way you can deny that KissAnime is amongst the best anime streaming sites we have right now. You just need to search for the desired show and the site is going to show you the results available for it in no time. You can also request for a show if it is not available on the site right now.

  • Chia-Anime

Website: http://www.chia-anime.tv/

Chia-AnimeChia-Anime is among those best anime streaming sites whose main focus is not only on anime series but also on covering different other media files too. You have the option to browse Drama, Manga and dubbed shows. For making the website and it’s content more user-friendly, they tried to leave no stone unturned.

To keep the confusion in checking out user’s favorite videos minimal on this site, anime shows are uploaded episode wise.

Although, the content on this site is not that much abundant but still as an average performer this is not bad too. Sometimes it may be kind of difficult to look for the anime by genre but still the approach of covering most of the anime media is commendable.

You are also free to search for some regular movies here as they do not want their viewers to be disappointed. If you are still not able to find your desired anime-media then you can search for it in the search bar. You can also request them for this show as well via mail.

  • AnimeSeason

Website: http://www.animeseason.com/

Anime-SeasonAnimeSeason is no new name in the anime industry. It has got everything what an anime lover wants and hence it is a huge success in anime browsing world. Like every other best anime streaming sites, it has various types of anime seasons uploaded on its platform.

The reason of people literally loving to watch the videos on this site is because of the well-organized manner of this site. I think this is how you define the term perfect.

However, Animeseason does have such content that people below the age of 13 are not allowed to watch videos on this site. The best part is that all the Japanese anime dubbed in English which means you are not needed to download subtitles.

This is the type of site which is made in such a way that you feel no issues while browsing them. However, Animeseason does not take responsibility of any of the video because they are driven by the third party. Also, make sure to not post anything offensive otherwise you will be blacklisted.

  • Crunchyroll

Website: http://www.crunchyroll.com/

CrunchyrollBeing an anime lover, if you have not heard the name of Crunchyroll then I would have to doubt about your love for anime. I mean how can someone not know about this amazing and one of the best anime streaming sites. This is the most browsed site to watch anime.

You are going to find this site full of Japanese anime videos and other relevant Asian content. And above all, the best part is you are getting to see the anime in multiple language. This means no issues of downloading additional audio tone or subtitles.

The site follows some policy too. Although the site is free to use but you are getting 15,000 hours comprised of about 25,000 episodes of anime under this. You would also have to get yourself registered for this. If you want to see unlimited anime shows then you would have to go to the premium plan for this.

You need to pay $6.95 per month for this plan. You get unlimited time and ads-free browsing along with 14 days of trial period too. Apart from Anime shows, you also get to watch Manga here.

  • Go Go Anime

Website: https://www2.gogoanime.io/

When it comes to streaming Anime online, Go Go Anime is without doubt one of the most popular and content-rich platforms when it comes to streaming Anime online.

It has an orangy (if that’s even a word) layout with the top-bar hosting the basic options such as Movies, New Season, Popular or Anime List.

The Anime List is what lets you access the entire database of available content on the site, alphabetically. Or you can click on “New Season” to check all the new series being uploaded to the site. Popular obviously would redirect you to the most watched content on the site.

The homepage by default displays the recent releases, although users can switch to a “DUB” section which then only lists the Anime which has been dubbed in other languages.

As for ads, there are no “Hidden” ones which is a relief as it’s frustrating when ads just popup on each click, it however does feature a play-button ad (pops up when the play button is clicked) along with sidebar ads and slide-ins from both the sides of the screen.

The sidebar however also lists an extensive “Genres” list which lets users directly search content in specific genres; or you can also directly find Ongoing series from the right-sidebar.

Absolutely no registration or payments are required to stream anime on the platform, does offer an extensive synopsis as well as release date, genre and Type on the streaming-page. Offers multiple servers. Some content also boasts inbuilt subtitles.

  • Watch Anime

Website: http://www.watch-anime.net/

Feeling like wanting to see some good and best anime streaming sites? Well, now you can finally end your quest on Watch-Anime. This is a site which I would strongly like to recommend to everyone to watch your favorite anime shows and movies.

Not only Anime, but you can find Manga too which means better and rich content than other anime sites. Being a creative user, if you want a brand new site where you can surf as much as you want then Watch-Anime can prove to be a great option for you.

With the passing time, the charm and popularity of this site only grew more and more. And you are going to realize the reason when you will see its vast anime library.

The best part about such best anime websites is that you have the facility to look for an anime show as old as belonging to 1950s. You can also chronologically search for whatever show or episode you want to see whenever you want. The anime world is endless on this site and you can enjoy it as much as you can and that too for free.

  • Anime Planet

Website: http://www.anime-planet.com/

Anime Planet is a basically an open source users driven site. In fact, most of the content of the site is uploaded by the users only for other users. Anime-Planet witnesses millions of users per month and because of their uploads, the site stands amongst the best anime streaming sites in the world.

I would rather say that Anime Planet is the one of the largest anime manga community right now. You just need to get yourself registered on this site and then you can explore its sea-vast database.

Unlike Crunchyroll the site has no limit on watching anime shows and it does not even charge anything from the users too. So, people who have completed their limited hours on Crunchyroll can move towards Anime-Planet for more entertainment.

You can watch anime through different categories here like seasons, recommendations, dubbed etc. and you have about 50,000 anime episodes to watch from this site. It was launched in 2001 and till date it has been running successfully and counted in one of the best anime streaming sites.

  • Cartoon Crazy

Website: http://ww1.cartooncrazy.net/

Tired of downloading subtitles for your favorite anime shows? Well, forget this trouble then and move to this amazing site called Cartoon Crazy which is amongst the best sites to watch anime. It has this super cool and super rich database of all the anime shows and movies that you would never get tired of watching them.

In fact, I don’t think you are ever gonna find such a huge library to watch dubbed anime. Many sites provide anime shows but most of them are not dubbed but Cartoon Crazy is different from them.

You can find out your favorite anime show on the basis of alphabetical search. You also have various genres from which you can choose your favorable anime media files. And apart from everything, you have the simplest and most user-friendly platform to browse.

You are not supposed to register on it and there are no charges for watching the anime shows too. This means you just get on this site and start watching right away. What else an anime lover wants in the best anime streaming sites? This can be the perfect anime site that you have always been looking for.

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  • Anime Freak

Website: https://www.animefreak.tv/

AnimeFreak even though no longer flaunts its Japanese-inspired homepage, it still would let you stream not just Animes but also Mangas.

Although in my experience I’ve found the platform majorly lacking in “Movies” and it rather is biased towards Anime series.

As for the interface, it’s cluttered, and tries to hide Sponsored ads in the anime lists although they do have a “sponsored” text right next to them which does make it a tad bit easier to spot them.

It lets users manually choose the display-style of the content, users can choose from a List based, Grid based or thumbnail-based display.

There is no top-bar, rather a left-sidebar which can be accessed by clicking the three horizontal lines on the top-left corner of the screen, the sidebar holds options such as Anime List, Browse by Genre, Spring 2019, Ongoing Series, Latest Anime, Popular Anime and so on.

The Anime list like the list on most other similar sites is arranged alphabetically, and each alphabet seems to host couple hundred Anime content within itself, point is; it’s content-rich.

Or you can click on the “Browse by Genre” link to get a list of Anime arranged based on Genre. The site does show ads as already mentioned, apart from the hidden ones, there are slide-ins and banner ads to look out for.

Does feature an autoplay option on the streaming-pages; and fortunately the play button is free of ads.

  • Midnight Pulp

Website: https://www.midnightpulp.com/browse/anime/

If you’re comfortable trading “quantity” over legality Midnight Pulp is something that may suit your needs. Trading? Well that’s because Midnight Pulp is a “legal anime streaming platform” and a part of the DMR Channel network.

Hence it only offers those streams to which it has distributing rights. Most other platforms on this list are probably illegal (and hence shouldn’t be used) but that’s not the case with Midnight Pulp.

Its total database is still impressive, however when talking exclusively about “Anime” it only offers 60 of those. The user-interface is professional, there’s a top-bar with options such as Movies, Articles, Collections and Devices.

Although if you wish to access the Anime directly, simply use the URL provided above. There’s also a left-sidebar with a Genre-filter with filters such as Action, Adventure, Crime, Horror, Independent, Martial Arts, TV shows and many more.

Even if not all the content in the other genres is “Anime” per-se, most of it is  or atleast Cartoonized so you may find those interesting as well.

There are other filters as well such as release-year and another which lets sort the content alphabetically.

The best part about the platform is it’s completely ad-free. so that’s another cherry on top of it being legal. No registration is required, however some content may be locally restricted so you may have to use a VPN in order to access them.

  • Anime Land

Website: https://www.animeland.us

Anime Land is a goldmine especially for those who’re searching for Dubbed Anime content. Infact, its logo too says “Dubbed TV” further backing that statement.

The site has a top-bar which has a number of links, although the important ones being “Dubbed Anime List” and “Anime Movie“. Obviously clicking on the Anime list brings up the entire anime Database on the site. Or if it’s “Movies” you’re looking for and not series the “Anime movie” is where you click.

There are other links too such as “Dragon Ball Super“, “Naruto Shippuden“, “One Piece” etc. but those are for individual contents which gained more popularity than others.

The Anime database however seemed extensive with over a thousand titles, most of them have over 10 Episodes making the entire list of available content quite impressive.

Although beware the site isn’t too interactive, as in hovering over thumbnails and links doesn’t do anything and you’d have to click on each element.

Users can even comment and rate episodes. It does feature hidden ads, sidebar ads, banner ads and even video-ads on the video player before the video is played.

Doesn’t ask for registrations.

  • AnimeStreams

Website: https://animestreams.tv/

The next one in this list of best anime streaming sites is AnimeStreams. This is my final pick in this category and trust me the site no less than other ones and suits perfectly fine in this field of anime streaming. The entire content is divided into some categories which makes the interface user-friendly.

You can check out the different types of anime media here. You have options like anime movies, English sub, English dub, ongoing media, chronologically sorted list etc.

Now, you know that you are getting the subbed and dubbed anime here too. You can also directly search for the desired anime in the search bar. If some media is not available right now then you can request them to upload it.

You are not supposed to register on it to use it. Also, there are no subscription charges too which makes it one of the best free anime sites too.

  • AnimeHeaven

Website: http://animeheaven.eu/

You must have heard the name of Anime Heaven before. The rising popularity of this site makes it a perfect destination for the people looking for best anime streaming sites. It has various types of anime shows and movies uploaded in its database.

You have the feature to check out anime through different sections like dubbed, years wise, ongoing, popular, random, genre-wise, movies etc.

This bifurcation make the sorting out of favorite anime media even easier for the viewers here. What I liked the most about this site is that with each Anime series, they mention the episode number and the time when it was uploaded.

This makes you completely familiar with all its uploads. Like most of the best anime streaming sites mentioned here, you are not supposed to register here and no amounts are to be paid too.

  • Masterani.me

Website: https://www.masterani.me/

MasterAnimeThe next pick in the category of best anime streaming sites is Master Anime. This site is really well organized and comes with the phenomenal user interface. The another great thing about master anime is that they are always updated with the latest stuff on their site. You can find the recent uploads only just minutes ago.

That is the reason that people love them so very much. The thing that differentiates Master Anime from the others is that their uploads are done according to schedule. This means you know the exact time of series or movies uploads on this site.

You can watch various types of movies, series, ONA etc. on this site with high-quality streaming.

Such best anime streaming sites like Master Anime are a great source to watch anime and you would be glad to find it. You can get yourself subscribed to them via email to stay updated for the new releases and uploads on the site. So, don’t waste any more time reading this and immediately check this site out.

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I am sure you must have liked these sites. Some of them even have paid policies for additional features. But each site is full of great anime database whether new or old. These best anime streaming sites are surely not there to let you down at all.

Now, watch anime online without worrying about your limited storage space being acquired. You might have to face ads in some of the sites but I think that is worth bearing when you are getting such a huge collection.