Top 10 Apps like Uber


Just when we thought life was getting harder, apps like Uber came to make it a bit easier. This taxi hiring app made a lot of things easier for us, be it reaching to office, parties or even to home. However, with the passing of time, Uber increased its fair which became an issue for the passengers.

Top 10 Apps like Uber

So, to cop up with this problem, people needed option and I am listing down the same here. Here are some great Uber Alternatives which are going to become you aid to travel in the city comfortably with less charges and other issues. You can download them after going through the fair and offers.

1). Lyft

Download App: Android, iOS

Lyft is the top contender in the list of apps like Uber. This is an app which is used by millions of people and holds as much popularity as Uber itself. In fact, somewhere you might find the use of Lyft way more than Uber taxis. This is the reason it got listed here.

As they claim, if you hire a personal taxi from Lyft, it is going to be cheaper than other taxis and faster than the bus plus you get the ease of accessing the app too.

Even a child can operate it to book the taxi from Lyft. With the help of this app, you can pay from your phone easily in a fast and secure way. This reduces your need of carrying cash and extra change with you. With its features, Lyft also allows you to split the cost too.

I think this is the most user-friendly Uber alternatives app ever which makes the transportation process easier than ever. As far as drivers of the app are concerned, they are pre-approved through a lengthy and strict system so you would not have to worry about that.

2). Hailo

Download App: Android, iOS

Hailo is the next one which is one of the perfect options if you are looking for apps like Uber. Hailo works in different countries and continents and amongst the most popular option for the transportation purposes. Hailo has both Android app and iOS apps available.

This is too simple to use Hailo. You just need to set your pick up location and the type of car you want. Then tap on the Hailo button and it is done. Your taxi would be there any minute to pick you up.

You also get a certain amount off on your first ride and constant offers are always up for you. Hailo is one of the finest taxi apps like Uber which are not only reliable but also comfortable to use too. Once you have booked your car then you can check its arriving status in real time.

Like Lyft, Hailo also checks its drivers personally so that customers do not have to report issues about their behavior. This app is also quite smart as it remembers your frequent locations and suggest you to input it directly.

3). Easy Taxi

Download App: Android, iOS

You did not even have a clue about it, but Easy Taxi is one of the most used apps like Uber with around 25 million users of it. Before you start using it, let me tell you that Easy Taxi has the simplest interface which is also updated on a daily basis to add new features to the app.

Easy Taxi wor942ks in such a way that it always assign the nearest cab to the customer. In this way, the process always takes place in fast pace.

Easy Taxi follows a proper procedure to hire the drivers and partners in their business. Hence the factor of safety is quite high in it making it one of the most reliable Uber alternatives. As far as using the app is concerned then it is quite simple too. The GPS tracker will automatically recognize your location and then you can easily book a taxi from there.

When you will add your credit card, then some additional features will also unlock along with some great offers too. You can also track the real-time location of your driver so you know that in what time he will be at your location.

4). Gett

Download App: Android, iOS

Another interesting app giving its bit to make transportation a bit easier is Gett. This is a type of global riding app which is built on the concept of providing easiest ways to hire a taxi by the customers. Gett also supports the idea that you will be treated the way you will treat their drivers.

So, this is like one of those apps like Uber which is quite practical rather than boasting about itself. In USA, Gett is associated with Juno to provide taxi hiring services out there.

Apart from US, the app works in UK, Russia and Israel. What you are going to like the most about this app is their customer support. They are there 24/7 to look up for their customers about their queries and issues resolving.

Gett is one of those types of Uber like apps whose fair is quite less as compared to the other apps in this era. This makes it even more popular amongst customers. The frequent updates in this app will help you to keep up with the simplest interface ever.

5). Cabify

Download App: Android, iOS

Can you imagine that all the apps like Uber that I am listing here have equal or even more downloads than Uber? Well, I think Uber took it away with the popularity factor, but these apps are also capable to provide you a comfortable ride to your destination and the next name in this row is Cabify.

The app is more suitable for the ride around the city rather than suburbs. Once you have installed the app then with some taps, you can book your taxi and in some minutes you will be in your taxi in no time.

Cabify ensures that you have the experience like it is your personal car. You get AC, water and you can also turn your favorite music on in it. Cabify tries to provide the best and most satisfactory riding experience along with ensuring your safety too.

You can customize the app according to your choice like car temperature, type, music, mode of payment etc. This saves a lot of time of the passangers and without even saying a word, they get the best treatment.

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6). Curb

Download App: Android, iOS

The next mention in the list of apps like Uber is Curb. This taxi app is rated quite high and it connects you to a network of about 50,000 cabs with just a tap of the button. Curb ensures you to have the best traveling experience and provides its services in the 65 major cities of USA.

There are various options that come with this taxi app through which you can customize your app and the ride to have the desired experience.

Some of these features you get with Curb are ride now for immediate cab booking, ride later for taxi reserving within 24 hours, pair and pay for car-pooling option etc. This is like traveling in your own private car with multiple utility features.

This is the reason Curb is one of the most loved taxi apps like Uber in USA. Curb also takes care of the physically challenged people and hence provide such vehicles too which are wheelchair accessible. Apart from it, other things like payment, drivers are safe and secure too.

7). Flywheel

Download App: Android, iOS

Flywheel might not have as much of popularity and downloads as other but it is still and effective and functional app which can help you in your taxi hiring thing. Flywheel works only in San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, San Diego and Sacramento only.

Being in only particular areas of USA, Flywheel could not get enough popularity as compared to other apps like Uber.

However, despite that the app is quite easy to use. Booking a cab is really simple through Flywheel. You just need to tap to book a cab, you are going to be notified when it arrives. You can simply pay from your smartphone after your ride is over. It is that simple.

The best part of Flywheel is its reliability and ease of accessing. There is no need to carry extra cash for payment plus you get a safe ride home too. Another great thing is that Flywheel does not change its fair according to the busy hours of a day. Their fairs remain the same no matter what time it is.

8). Drivr

Download App: Android, iOS

Drivr is a concept app which I personally liked a lot. This app is quite different from the rest of the apps like Uber and the reason is quite amusing too. Actually, Drivr is a type of ridesharing app which means you can share your cab as well as fair with another passenger only if you both are traveling on the same route.

If you are thinking that it might not be safe or adds more time to your journey then it is not true. Actually, you can choose alone ride too and when you are sharing a cab then it only adds few minutes only.

Such Uber alternatives are perfect for people are on a budget like students. This helps them to save some money as well fuel is also saved in this process. If you want to book a cab through Drivr then you just need to put your destination in the app and tap request and you are done.

Your cab will be there in no time to pick you up.

9). Via

Download App: Android, iOS

To cop up with the problem of cost-cutting and finding an affordable yet reliable solution to get around the city. This is quite like the earlier app Drivr that I mentioned in this list of apps like Uber. You can share a ride with someone to save some bucks here.

Unfortunately, Via is functional only in some parts of USA only like Washington D.C., NYC and Chicago. But thankfully, the mass public of New York can use it.

This is a type of on-demand app through which you can share you cab with the passengers going in that exact same direction. In this way, without even spending too much of time, you can save some bucks and fuel too. Via is really popular app used by NYC citizens.

10). Taxify

Download App: Android, iOS

The last and surely not the least in this section of apps like Uber is Taxify. This is a really popular app with millions of registered users on it. The app works in various countries and continents but most prominently used in UK and other parts of Europe.

This is so simple to book a cab through Taxify. You just need to set the location and request for a car to pick you. You can see the driver arriving in real time and within minutes only you will be in your cab.

Taxify uses the GPS trackers so it will auto-detect your location without even inserting it. This saves a lot of your time and is a real saver when you do not know your exact address. Taxify also chooses its drivers according to the best rating and hence you can feel safe in that aspect.

Amongst all the Uber like apps, Taxify covers a really large area in the world and surely it is one of the most popular app too.

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Apps like Uber became a big life saver when many issues like misbehaving with passengers, increased fairs etc. were reported. Thanks to the developers who created such taxi hiring apps as they are quite easy to use as well as affordable too.

With great options and superb services, now you can rely on other applications too for hiring taxis whenever and wherever you want. There are always options available, you just need to explore them.

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