Top 10 Sites like BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is no new name in the world of digital media. But do you know, there are more sites like BuzzFeed which are equally amazing and equally engaging.

This is the time to move over BuzzFeed and try out other sites which are way more fun and creative in its content.

Top 10 Sites like BuzzFeed

Here is a list of 10 websites like BuzzFeed which will help you to kill some time when you are being extremely bored.

You would be glad that how these sites give you interesting and unique updates and news which no other sites can ever give.

1. UpWorthy


The first pick for the list of alternative sites BuzzFeed is UpWorthy and the site surely deserves to be on top position too. You may call this site the king of time killer. If you are traveling somewhere or getting bored in a family function, just browse UpWorthy and you will have no clue about the time.

Upworthy is surely a site worthy of your attention. The site not only features short articles and images but also videos, fitness knowledge, culture, breakthroughs, real life incidents, and conversations.

Each of the category displays thousands of posts related to it. And trust me, you are not going to get bored with even a single one of them. You are going to find almost all types of viral posts, videos, images, social media posts, celeb moments and everything else on this site.

You need not to create any account for so much of fun and entertainment. However, if you want to stay connected with such sites like BuzzFeed then you must subscribe to them through your email. This site is one amazingly indulging platform, you would not want to get off from.

2. ViralNova


The best thing that I like about Viral Nova is the fact that it actually features content which is worth being viral or already viral. In fact, sometimes you are going to come across some serious issues too through this site. This is the thing because of which I included it in the category of sites like BuzzFeed.

So, another reason of drooling over ViralNova is its amazing categories for content browsing. You are getting some endless entertainment in bifurcations like Omg, science, videos, entertainment, culture, and life.

Apart from browsing the content posted by other people, you are also allowed to post some of your contents too. This means if you have some authentic news or videos or other content then you can also post them all on this site.

ViralNova is truly one of the outstanding BuzzFeed alternatives. After all these categories, you are also allowed to search something random that you want. I don’t think you are going to get so easy accessing and navigations on any other buzz type sites.

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3. Bored Panda


BoredPanda is a site which is my personal favorite in this list. Trust me, I have not spent so much of times with books that I have spent with BoredPanda and once you will get on this site then you will know why?

This site is no less than finding any treasure of entertainment and endless interesting posts on it. And the categories out here for the posts are just too much to take in.

I mean how can there be such sites like BuzzFeed who offer so much of entertainment and that too with no registration and no charges. You can browse feed in categories like art, photography, social issues, weird, history, travel, illustrations, architecture etc.

Almost all the posts on this site are in form of a thread of images. And not even a single of them are boring. In fact, you are going to look twice on each of them.

When it comes to pure entertainment and time killing, no other sites like BuzzFeed can excel like BoredPanda. You can sign up on this site for continuous updates of the posts.

4. Funny or Die


If you have not checked out Funny or Die yet then I don’t know how you are even laughing in your life? I mean the site is a big explosive of the funniest content that you can ever browse on the internet. Be it feed, videos, images, articles or any other media type, you are going to get all of them on this platform.

And trust me, you are going to laugh your heart out and all thanks to Funny or Die for it. I am sure this is going to be your favorite amongst all the other sites like BuzzFeed from now on.

There are categories like feed, original videos, popular stuff, celebs news and lots of other things which are going to make you laugh like never before. This is the reason the name of this site is Funny or Die. You are also allowed to upload something on this site as long as it is funny and hilarious enough.

This comedy video website is surely one great example of websites like BuzzFeed. I would rather give a big thanks to this for tickling the funny bones of millions and billions of users till now.

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5. PopSugar


PopSugar is another most browsed gossip mill on this list of alternative sites BuzzFeed. In fact, there are not one, not two but multiple reasons for liking Popsugar. And one of those reasons is that you can not only check out some great posts on this site but there is a section from where you can shop too.

I don’t know anything about men, but all the ladies out there would be dancing by now. The best part is that they have all the women essential categories for it like fashion, beauty, gifts, tech, fitness etc.

When it comes to the general categories for browsing interesting posts then you have lots and lots of them too. In fact, each of the categories are divided into some subcategories too. Some of them are celebrity, fashion, food, travel, Latina, news, videos, shop, fitness etc.

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So, be it the slightest gossip or the largest viral news, you are going to get it all on PopSugar for sure. This is one of the most loved sites like BuzzFeed for all the ladies out there.

6. Cracked


Cracked is no new name in the social media and digital platform. In fact, there slogan says that America’s only Humor site since 1958. This makes Cracked a great addition in the list of sites like BuzzFeed. Cracked is a site which is an ultimate go-to destination for most of the users for unlimited fun and laughs.

There is every possible mode of funny and humorous media available on this site to keep the users hitched to them.

Some of the categories you are going to find in the section of Articles are music, celebrities, news, sports and in Videos are afterhours, antiheroes, romcom, cracked TV etc. Apart from articles and videos, the other categories you can browse on Cracked are photoplasty, pictofacts, personal experiences etc.

As a whole, you can consider Cracked to be one outstanding BuzzFeed alternatives easily. is a venture of Cracked magazine and the site is a home to 300 million monthly page views. When you are on Cracked, you are guaranteed to be amazed and to be fun filled and nothing else.

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7. Mashable


Mashable is a site which needs no formal introduction that how vast it is and how it engages people into it completely. Being one outstanding option in the list of sites like BuzzFeed, Mashable is truly a mixture of all types of contents and posts which would not make you feel bored at all.

Mashable is a digital media platform which is running successfully since 2005. This news and blogging kind of site has now become way more than that.

There are various categories to be browsed on Mashable. Some of these classifications are videos, tech, science, business, culture, entertainment etc. Mashable may not be as popular as its predecessor Cracked but it also earns about 45 million monthly views on its site.

This free to use the platform is one go-to destination for various users for all kind of viral stuffs and posts. Like most of the sites like BuzzFeed, there is no need of sign up on this site. But, you can subscribe to this site to get the information about recent posts on it.

8. Digg


Digg is a kind of social news aggregation type of site. You can find it equally interesting and engaging as the rest of the sites like BuzzFeed. In fact, you are gonna find it even more interesting with great categories too.

You can browse the feed from classifications like technology, science, long reads, news, entertainment, originals etc.

There is no provision for specially registering on this site. And the best part of this site is that apart from the text feeds, you are getting videos, editions and a store here too. This makes Digg one utterly diversified and rich in its content kind of site.

There is a search bar on the top side of the site so that you can directly search whatever you want. Digg is definitely one great example of websites like BuzzFeed running successfully since 2004. This is a site which feature the most viral content so that you can stay updated that what is happening around the world.

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9. College Humor


College Humor is a big entertainment website which is running from year 1999. Despite being so old, people rely on it rather than checking out some new launched sites in the same era. This comedy website has all kind of stuffs on it which is surely going to make you laugh a lot.

College Humor is one of those types of sites like BuzzFeed which runs is comprised of other sites too like, etc.

Just like all the other sites like BuzzFeed in this list, there are various categories on this site too. You can browse posts from categories like comics, relationship, politics, life, food, WTF, shop etc. There is probably nothing about this site which you are not going to like.

College Humor is such a vast platform that it gains about 100 million views on its site per month. Like most of the sites in this list, there is no need of sign up on this site as well.

10. Boing Boing


If you think the name of this site is utterly funny then have a look at its content and you would not be able to decide. The last addition in the list of sites like BuzzFeed is Boing Boing. This is a site which resembles to Cracked and Funny or Die in terms of feed and features.

You are not going to find various categories on Boing Boing but that does not mean the site is not worth browsing or having a look at.

The site has been running successfully since 1988 with different names and modes and making people laugh out loud. This is more like a blog but trust me you will find it as easy to access as any other sites mentioned in this list.

Be it short posts, articles, images, videos or anything else funny enough, you are surely going to find it on Boing Boing. There is no need of sign up on this site and you can also submit your own content on Boing Boing as well.

Top 10 Sites Like and Alternatives Popular Posts:


When it comes to social media engagement and entertainment, these BuzzFeed alternatives and BuzzFeed itself leave no stone unturned to entertain its audience. Users love to browse these sites because they serve you hot news in interesting categories.

These sites listed above are not like the mainstream news aggregation kind of sites. Instead of it, you are going to find more interesting and viral content on these sites like BuzzFeed. This is the reason that people prefer to engross themselves in such kind of sites as compared to other ones.

So, just get on these sites and Happy Buzzing !

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