Top 10 Sites like Tumblr


Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging and media sharing site but to expand your reach towards social media, you can discover more sites like Tumblr. These are the similar sites to Tumblr which provides same facility and provides you a platform to share your views about multiple aspects.

Top 10 Sites like Tumblr

In this section, I am going to list out more Tumblr like sites which can help you to continue your passion for blogging on different platforms. The more you open up to social media, the more are the chances of your idea becoming a huge success. You can start your journey from these sites definitely.

1. WordPress


WordPress-logoWordPress is undoubtedly the winner of this list of sites like Tumblr. I don’t think there is any other platform more powerful than this for microblogging purposes. In fact, WordPress is the one which powers more than 28% of the internet.

You can start your blog for free through its domain name. Or if you want your own domain then it starts from $4 per month fees.

The other plans of WordPress which are for higher and business purposes are Personal, Premium and Business. But, if you just want to avail the basic facility of blogging only then you can get that for free of cost. And you must have absolutely aware of WordPress’s features.

WordPress offers features like blog, website building, advanced customization and business tools, custom domains, various themes, mobile friendly, media support, content export, apps support and many more.

WordPress also takes care of after you get done with finishing your blog. It provides in-depth stats, built-in social media sharing, built-in SEO tools and many more internal tools for making your blog successful.

2. Ghost


ghost-logoAnother great platform for blogging is Ghost which has other wonderful features and applications too. Ghost is a platform not only used for blogging but also for magazines, journalists for various purposes. Being a fully open source platform, Ghost reached to the top of the success ladder really soon.

Like most of the sites like Tumblr, you need to first sign up on it and then the rest is a simple process to get used to its features and services.

Talking about the pricing plans, you can go for plans like Personal for $19 per month, Advanced for $39 per month, Team for $79 per month and Business for $199 per month. They all are used for different purpose and for basic accessing, you should go for Personal plan.

You can access it for free too if you do not want to opt for paid plans. You get features like team involvement, content scheduling, simple site editing, SEO, email subscription, Web, Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility, powerful tooling and others. Ghost makes one of the most preferred Tumblr alternatives especially when you are a beginner at it.

3. Blogger


Blogger-logoBlogger is the simplest, most primary and surely most used microblogging platform in this entire world. Powered by Google, what helps Blogger to be remembered differently is its simplicity and to the point things and features.

It perfectly fits in the category of sites like Tumblr and for the one who has never ever created any blog earlier, I would recommend them to get started with it.

Trust me; Blogger is so much flexible that you are going to create a blog just according to your taste. And did I forget to mention, it is absolutely free too. So, now talking about the features then Blogger offers, easy to use templates, great layouts, wonderful themes and background images, free domain and many more.

You can also earn through it easily. With in-depth stats and media sharing, you can improve the quality of blogs over the time. With in-built analytics and storing thousands of media files on your account allows you to fully utilize your blog domain. Don’t wait any longer and create your blog now.

4. Medium


A medium is a collaborative approach towards adjoining ideas and thoughts over a single platform. It drives users from around the world who share their knowledge, ideas, and remarks over numerous topics of interest and hence makes it a feed for others.

A wonderful addition in the category of sites like Tumblr, Medium is quite similar in interface and accessing to Tumblr too.

It has various categories like creativity, technology, politics, culture, self, popular on Medium and many more. You just need to register here to get started which provides access to basic features of this site. If you want to upgrade anytime to higher services then you will be subscribed to $5 per month charges which gives you better features and advantages over this site.

You can related Medium to other picture sites like Tumblr which makes it interesting and expressive for the users. Medium is a perfect platform for writers, storytellers, thinkers and anyone else who wants to share something with world. Being extremely customizable and flexible is what makes Medium one of the top sites in the world.

5. Hubpages


hubpages-logoHubpages is a community of creative and thoughtful people who always have something interesting to share with rest of the people. The site is writing oriented and you can also call this to be a collection of networks which drives traffic from various other sites too.

Hubpages is a huge network of more than 41 million people and trusts me this is one of the most interesting microblogging site.

You can find various categories on Hubpages like health, tutorials, food and cooking, relationships, autos, books, employment and many more. If you have something to share or to seek, you can explore this page and use this for absolutely free without any hidden charges.

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This site makes an excellent example of sites like Tumblr with various user-friendly tools and features. Simple interface, easy article creation, ad revenue, reward-earning, media sharing are some of the features of Hubpages that you would love to use. You can easily create an account on this site and the rest is just pretty simple.

6. Soup


Soup-logoSoup lies somewhere between handling a blog and making just a simple profile. It is perfect for those people who can dedicate moderate amount of time to manage their side passion and creative ideas on a platform. Of course, you get exposure but most importantly you get a smart layout for your ideas.

Through a single step sign up, you can easily create your account and get started with it. Soup is a very simple form of blogs which possess every single reason to attract users towards it.

Soup is counted as one of the top most blog sites like Tumblr and you would get to know more about it when you will use it. You can call it scrapbook or blog whatever you want but basically, it helps you to share your thoughts in a great way and in return you get wonderful exposure.

What you get here in the form of features are domain name, groups, customizable settings, friends view, simple interface, media sharing, free of cost, super easy and many more. In fact, the soup comes in the category of those rare sites like Tumblr, which even allows you to add any media file on internet to your soup profile. Isn’t it cool?

7. Typepad


Typepad-logoThe next one in this list of sites like Tumblr is Typepad. Even the tagline of this site says it all that it is meant to share your passion with the world in an organized and catchy way. Typepad is loved by the best and top most bloggers in the world and it helps them to come out with their creativity.

Firstly, I think you should know about the pricing plans of this website. There are four subscriptions which are Plus for $8.95/month, Unlimited for $14.95/ month, Premium for $29.95/ month and Enterprise for $49.95/ month. All the subscriptions come with 14 days of free trial too.

Now, talking about the features of this site. Well, you get plenty of them here like easy publishing, run ads for revenue, easy integration with Google Analytics, fully customizable designs, various themes etc.

Typepad is a popular and reliable platform for the bloggers around the world and I think it’s a perfect place to develop your idea from.

8. Posthaven


Posthaven-logoPosthaven is a site especially and particularly dedicated for blogging only. You can kind of relate it to Blogger but it is less popular than it. Simple and easy, Posthaven blogs are helping numerous users to mark their unique identity.

The idea of sharing ideas and thoughts with the likeminded people can be made easy through Posthaven just with some clicks.

You can get started with it and it is going to cost you just $5/month only. There are no other subscription charges and you get complete features at this price only. You can attach any file with your text like video, audio, images, docs, and anything.

Posthaven makes a wonderful example of sites like Tumblr and surely one of the most preferred one as it is quite cheaper than others. Posthaven is a very clean and simple platform whose main concern is to provide a great platform to the users who want to share their thoughts.

Posthaven also has facilities like auto posting, posting from emails, authors to contribute, full HTML/CSS control, various built-in themes, secured data and many more.

9. Weebly


Be it website, online store or a blog, you can start anything on Weebly. Considering the focus on blogs just the way I mentioned in rest of the sites like Tumblr, Weebly makes an excellent source for this service. It is counted in the top most platform for microblogging and surely reliable too.

You don’t need to understand technical terms to get started with Weebly. With interesting themes and interactive features, you can set up your own blog in just minutes.

For getting started, it is free of cost but you will get Weebly subdomain with it. For going a level higher, you can opt for subscriptions like Starter for $8/month, Pro for $12/month and Business for $25/month. Each one offers different features and services.

The features of this site remains to be the same like most of others which are media sharing, amazing themes, customization, unique domain or subdomain, revenue generation, templates, SEO tools, drag and drop features, flexibility, etc.

10. Strikingly


Strikingly-LogoThe last one for this list of sites like Tumblr is Strikingly. This is a site dedicated for creating a little world of your thoughts and ideas and that too with the tag of your own too. This is so simple to get started with Strikingly and it is free to use too.

For basic needs, you can go for the free plan but to upgrade for better services, you would have to opt for Limited or Pro plan which are paid services.

Talking about the features associated with Strikingly, you get simple interface, simple editing techniques, various designs and themes, add-ons, super easy blogging, social feeds, analytics of every post, domain name, media sliders and many more.

There are various websites like Tumblr and I think Strikingly is one great example of it. I would strongly recommend this platform for those users who want to access it especially for creative posting and attractive content and surely for standing out amongst all.

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The world of blogging and social media is way larger than you think and you can definitely become a part of it if you try out these sites like Tumblr. You just need to set up an account on these sites and then get started with spreading your words along with perfect use of media.

Make sure that you utilize these platforms for the best and not for something which is not acceptable at all. I hope now you must have been clear about their uses and features through the description that I mentioned here. So, get ready to explore the real power of social media with these sites.

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