Part Time Online Jobs for College Students ( 10 Money Making Ways )


Online jobs for college students: There comes a time in every college student’s life where he or she thoughts of earning a little money for some more comforts. It doesn’t depend whether he or she is getting pocket money or not. There is always some desires that can only be fulfilled if he/she had some extra income. Plus, there is surplus of extra or we can say free time which is mostly wasted in mobile phones and laptops watching movie or chatting.

So, in case you too have some of your special desires like buying a new guitar or a trip with your friends than today we going to introduce you to best online jobs for college students. As nowadays we all have access to internet all the time, many of our subscribers were asking for a list on online part time jobs that they can do right from their hostels or rooms.

Part Time Online Jobs for College Students (10 Money Making Ways)

Online Jobs for College Students

These best online jobs for college students provides you the most convenient way to earn something on your own. The list is prepared by taking many factors into consideration like how much time to invest, what is the earning and the authenticity.

Now without wasting time any further, let’s begin with our picks for best online jobs for college students.

1). Taking Surveys

Perhaps the most interesting and popular among the best online jobs for college students, surveying for different categories is really a good option to earn in your free time. There are tons of companies that conduct these kinds of surveys to get reviews of their product.

The best part of taking online surveys is that you don’t need to learn anything new or get be an expert in any domain. You just need to be honest and share your daily life experience by answering the simple questions.

Now you may find numerous number of such companies in a google search, but actually, only a handful companies of them are genuine and can be trusted. Down below are some of the trusted sites for taking surveys that we found on web.

  1. Toluna
  2. Vivatic
  3. MySurvey
  4. YouGov

The process for starting doing surveys is very simple in all these websites. You just need to sign up with few clicks and there you go. The layout is very easy for even a novice to learn and earn.

The rewards and earning that you get varies from site to site. However, once you get used to it, it surely will appear to you as one of the best online jobs for college students.

2). Getting paid for reading Ads

The next in our list of best online jobs for college students comes the easiest one, i.e. getting paid for reading ads. The websites that offer this opportunity are called PTC (paid to click) sites. These websites can be a real game changer for college students who are looking for part time online jobs.

The job is quite simple. You don’t need any specific degree or specialization in anything to perform this job. You just need to find a PTC website, sign up or create a new account and volla, now you are eligible to earn money right by clicking ads.

The ads that you need to watch in order to make some money will vary from 5 to 30 seconds. You can easily earn up to $0.001 to $0.01. So, by easily investing 1 to 2 hours in a day you can make $100- $200 per month without any external investment other than internet.

In order to receive the payment, you need to have an account in PayPal or a Payza. You can withdraw money from the PayPal by linking your bank details to your account. Thus, the whole method is very legitimate which puts this job in the list of most safe and excellent online jobs for college students.

Now we said that you need a good PTC website, but you will find a bunch of fake websites that will boast that they are the best. In order to save you from this trouble, here are some of the best PTC websites that you try your hands on –

  1. Neobux
  2. ClixSense
  3. PrizeRebel
  4. Paidvertshtt
  5. BuxP

All these sites are well tested by our experts, so you don’t need to worry about any scam or cheating. Now go on and try out this one of the many best online jobs for college students.

3). Data Entry Job

Is your typing speed good and you are looking for part time jobs from home? Well your search ends here as we introduce you to one of the most premier online jobs for college students.

This occupation is very popular among the students who have spare time, a laptop and a working internet connection. But not only this, you also need a good knowledge of the English language and typing speed of at least 30 WPM (Words Per Minute).

The whole process can be divided into simpler steps. First you need to register yourself in any of the website that provides this facility. As you finish registering yourself, you can now look for words for data entry.

Certain part of a form or any document will be presented to you, you need to observe it carefully and write it in the column provided on the page. You can also be asked to fill entries of data in a MS word or MS excel sheet. Thus, the process is very easy and provides you chance to perform one of the best online jobs for college students.

Some of the websites that provides these opportunities are as follows –

  1. Snagajob
  2. Transcription job (converting voice commands in to documents)
  3. VirtualBee
  4. AccuTran

A decent one hour work daily will easily fetch you $100-$150 depending upon your speed and accuracy. And a good thing about this job is that your accuracy and speed will always improve with time, so the more you invest your time, the better you become and consequently the more you earn.

4). Affiliate Marketing

Next in our picks for the best online jobs for college students comes the one which is becoming bigger with each passing day. Yes, we are talking about affiliate marketing, and in this article, we are going to tell you everything related to it.

Affiliate marketing is rather a new developing sector. So not many people have knowledge about it. Affiliate marketing in simple words can be described as advertising for any company’s product. If your advertising proves to be in favor of that company then they will pay you for it.

Affiliate marketing is one of those good jobs for college students which has endless possibilities. Our modern world is shifting more and more towards online shopping and hence is the scope for affiliate marketing.

All you need is knowledge of people that what they want. Also, you can open a Facebook page or try designing your own website. If your webpage attracts a decent amount of traffic, companies will be willing to pay you high and high to advertise their product in your page.

Down below, we are providing list of some of the most reputed websites worldwide –

  1. ShareSale
  2. Clickbank
  3. Rakuten
  4. CJ(Commission Junction)
  5. Amazon Associates
  6. eBay

You can go on with any of the above listed website. They are well tested by our experts and really provides best jobs for college students.

Now go on, advertise products as best as you can and this one of the best online jobs for college students will reward you with $300 – $600 per month easily.

5). Online Tutoring

Suppose you are good in any subject/subjects and we will tell you that you can earn by teaching those subjects to students worldwide right from your laptop. Wouldn’t that be splendid? Yes, we are talking about online tutoring which is one of the prime online jobs for college students.

Online tutoring has been of the most trending part time online job in the last decade. All thanks to the modern technology that enables us to learn as well as earn right form our home.

You can choose to teach any subject you like. It can be more conventional ones like math, physics, chemistry and English or you can choose some very different topics like arts, music or even dance. Online tutoring provides you different ways to get in touch with your students. You can teach through texts, voice recording, videos as well as online chatting.

Below are the top 6 legitimate sites that offers part time jobs from home in the field of tutoring –

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  1. Tutor
  2. Homework Tutoring
  3. Aim-for-A Tutoring
  4. EduwizardS
  5. TutorVista
  6. Skooli

Once you get started and attract a decent number of students, these websites will start paying you around $25 per hour in the beginning. This amount can rise up to significantly high if your teaching skills prove to be off the charts.

But make sure of one thing before you start giving online tutoring that you yourself has enough knowledge of the subject.

Now head onto these websites, make your account as an online tutor and earn as well as enjoy teaching your favorite subjects to students worldwide. Thus, this part time job really proves to be a gem among online jobs for college students.

6). Freelance Writing

Probably one of the best online jobs for college students, freelance writing is my personal top pick among the part time online jobs. It provides a great way to college students who lots of time to spare, a working internet connection, a laptop and a good understanding of the English literature. It’s not even compulsory to write it in English language only.

In freelancing writing you will be given certain articles or topics to write for. These can be related to different genres like technology, relationships, fitness or travelling. You can choose the category whatever you are most comfortable with.

In the beginning, you will have to adjust to certain format and styles but once you get acquainted enough, you will definitely love writing articles.

There are several good websites that offers this functionality of part time jobs from home, but down below we have mentioned the best in this sector.

  1. Strong Whispers
  2. Watch Culture
  3. Metro Parent
  4. Viator Travel Blog

Now coming to the pay section, the amount that you can earn varies from site to site as well as according to the word count of the article. But if you will work with an appropriate amount for some time, you can easily earn somewhere between $100 – $200 easily.

So, head back to your laptop, sign up for these websites and try out this one of the simple yet awesome online jobs for college students that you can find.

7). Playing Games Online

This must sound so unorthodox to you. But yes, this is true. Actually, this is one the most trending and the coolest among all the online jobs for college students.

What could be more pleasurable for any hardcore gamer if they were being rewarded with money every time they will play a game. This is like a dream come true for most of the college students, as they spent most of their free time, playing different online games.

There are many websites and companies which provides this opportunity to the young talent. Actually, what the company actually does is that it firsts checks for bugs and errors by letting the test players play the game first. Then according to their reviews, they can make the required changes and launch the game, bugs-free.

Also, there are companies which would pay its gamers just to encourage them to use their sites most often. Once they start getting good attention they can sell their advertising space to various companies for their promotion.

Either way, it’s the gamer that is actually benefited just by playing game that he/she likes.

Down below are some of the suggestions of the sites that provide this one of its own kind of online jobs for college students.

  1. GamesVille
  2. Zapak
  3. GSN
  4. Paid Game Player
  5. Exodus3000

You can earn up to $200 – $300 per month depending upon the level of your performance. You can also target for the prize money which is given to the overall winner of the game.

Now one thing you should take care is that these websites only pay you if you are of some use for them. What I meant to say by this is that they will not pay an amateur who don’t know how to play some intense graphic loaded games.

So, make sure you have a good grip among different games before applying on the above-mentioned websites. Now go on and unleash you’re the true gamer inside you to make money out of him.

8). Micro Jobs Websites

Micro jobs refer to those jobs which are relatively small and can be completed in a matter of few hours only. Thus, websites that provides these online jobs for college students are much trending in todays internet-prone world.

You can showcase your talent and skills in various sections here. You can opt for jobs in different genres like blogging, card designing, counseling, webpage developer and many more. You can showcase yourself with the abilities you have. When you will receive any order, you will have to complete that within a specific time. In the exchange of your services, you can ask for money.

For example, if someone would give you an order of making a birthday card with details about some of its element, you will use your creativity and produce the best you can. Once completed, the buyer will pay you for your work and that’s how simple the process is.

It’s a great way to earn money in your free time plus you also get to do what you love. With time your level of professionalism will also increase and thus you can start raising the price of your work.

Below you can find some of the best websites that provide these online jobs for college students. These are well tested by our experts and are totally fraud-free.

  1. MicroWorkers
  2. Fiverr  –
  3. Mturk
  4. RapidWorker –
  5. SwagBucks

I have personally used some of these micro jobs providing websites and it’s really a fun being a part of them.

Now talking about the earning, different sites have different rate cards. For example, in fiverr any job has the minimum cost of $5. Thus, by completing multiple orders, you can easily make around $100 in a week or month.

9). Earn money from YouTube channel

Everyone knows about YouTube. It is the most intense video playing website that you can find on the internet.

All of us has used YouTube at some point of our life, but what most of the masses don’t know about YouTube is that you can make money out of it. It is one of the most premier online jobs for college students. Still confused how? Relax, we will tell you the exact procedure.

First of all, you need to create a YouTube channel on which you will upload all your videos. Next comes the video part. You can shoot videos on any topic of your choice. You can make short films with your friend. You can make dance or singing video as well shoot prank videos. The most trending nowadays is the videos which gives reactions to any particular event.

So, no matter if your interest is in cooking, news reporting, dancing or singing, you can upload your videos. Next you need to apply for an AdSense account via YouTube. Later based on the number of views that your videos attract, you will earn through Google AdSense.

There are many examples of people who have become a huge success just by uploading their videos on YouTube. So, start your own success story right now and upload your own video on YouTube.

10). Freelance Photography

The last in our list of online jobs for college students comes a treat for all the photography enthusiasts. You can choose to be a freelancer photographer and make money out of the snaps that you click right from your smartphone.

There are many websites that provide this functionality. You can upload your photos in these websites. If anyone will like to use your photo, you will get paid according to the number of downloads.

You can try to upload your photos in the websites provided below.

  1. Stockxpert
  2. DreamsTime
  3. Crestock
  4. Veer
  5. Fotolia
  6. ShutterShock

According to the stats, if you are good in this field of photography, this job can help you make around $10 per week. The pay goes high with your experience.

So, this is great choice for part time online job from home. You will definitely love it once you get accustomed to it.


So, we conclude that a little earning in the lives of college students can always prove to be a boon. Be it be a trip that you need money for, or a guitar or any dress, we have provided you some of the best online jobs for college students.

You can totally rely on these mentioned online jobs for college students as they are the most legitimate source of income you can find on the internet. They are well tested by our surveyors and technical experts for a totally fraud – free user experience.

What makes these online jobs for college students even more special is that you don’t only earn money from them but also gets chance to showcase your non-academic part too. You can polish your skills and be more confident both financially as well as psychologically.

Now go on and try out these online jobs for college students, whichever suits you the best.

So, what do you think about our list. Let us know your reviews in the comment section below.

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