How to Access Blocked Websites at School, Work, Home or Anywhere


Colleges and schools often block websites that do not directly relate to their work/education.

Even governments block websites throughout countries if they think their propaganda, tradition, and ideas may be questioned, challenged, or  not supported by these websites.

Well, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Here are nearly 10 different ways to access blocked websites, anywhere.

Sites are generally blocked by identifying the user’s IP address, so that whenever the user visits that site, he finds it blocked.

Therefore, to resolve this problem, many sites are available online that will hide the user’s IP address.

Hence, the website fails to identify the user’s IP address and the user can then easily access the blocked sites without any interference.

There are many ways via which we can easily unblock blocked websites without any issue.

Ways To Unblock Website | Methods for Unblock Any Websites

  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using Proxy Server

The simplest and easiest way to unblock blocked websites is by making use of proxy servers but this methods don’t works every time because webserver load time on the proxy server.

Proxy sites are the sites that hide the IP address of the user and also allow him to surf the internet anonymously. Thus, user’s identity remains unidentified from hackers.

This is the safest means of accessing blocked websites without any hindrance. Proxy servers are reliable and easy to use. Some of the most commonly used proxy sites are detailed below.

  • Proxify


In order to use this proxy site, you have to get registered on proxify. After you log in to your account you can access any site.

It is the paid site.  You will get free one-day trial to try all of its features. If it suits your requirements, then you can proceed to payment.

  • Hide My Ass


It is the most popular online proxy site used till date. Just visit the site and type the URL of blocked website you want to access. This proxy site is best used for accessing YouTube videos.

It provides many options of changing your IP address so that you can browse the web anonymously. Hide my ass also provides SSL encryption for all sites.

  • Kproxy


You can browse the web anonymously by using Kproxy. Using Kproxy you can access any website by typing the URL of the site clicking on Surf.

The site hides your both IP address and country and also bypasses the filters. It evades the display of ads and popups on its site.

  • Vtunnel


Vtunnel is also known as CGI proxy service. It is a website based proxy site and you connect to it to retrieve websites that are normally blocked by schools and colleges.

The site also creates anonymity of the users so that he remains unidentified from the website owners whose site you are visiting. Unlike standard “open proxies“, Vtunnel requires no special browser configuration.

And unlike many proxies, CGI based or conventional, Vtunnel allows the HTTP Form Post method, which means that many websites that require logins will work with Vtunnel that will not work with the majority of free proxies.

Finally, unless abuse becomes a problem, Vtunnel will also allow file downloads, whereas many proxies do not.

  • ProxFree


Proxfree is simple and completely free online proxy website. It also allows access to any blocked social networking site or video. It acts a mediator between you and the website you want to access.

Any blocked media will become available for you as long as you have access to proxfree server. Target website will contain the address of the proxfree server on its address bar.

Proxfree contains the menus of YouTube proxy if you want to unblock any blocked video, a Facebook proxy for unblocking Facebook and video proxy for unblocking any video related sites.

  • Spy Surfing


Spy Surfing is also one of the most popular proxy sites. It redirects you to the blocked website that you want to unblock in few seconds. It also contains filters for removing images, flash and script files, so that your website loads quickly without any interruption.


  • How to Access Blocked Websites with VPN Service

Or, just use a VPN. VPN stand for “Virtual Private Networks”. These days internet full of VPN services but some VPN service working great from last couple years. 

They sound complex. I know but it’s very easy because non-tech guys easily can run VPN own self and can connect his internet any countries VPN server. And User can bypass countries restriction within 10 sec.

Actually? Just install a VPN > click on a country. Done! You’ve unblocked the entire internet. It’s truly that easy.

The VPN will change your IP address with one of its own.

The websites will see your VPN’s IP address, and not yours when you access them.

Websites are primarily blocked using IP-sets from specific countries/locations.

With the IP changed, you can freely access anything, VPN services also offer various technical security features such as VPN Protocol, DNS Leak, Split Tunneling, Faster Streaming and lot more. Here are some recommended VPN services for you.

NordVPNSurfshark VPNAtlasVPNExpressVPNTorGuard VPN

1. NordVPN

2. SurfShark VPN

3. AtlasVPN

4. ExpressVPN

5. TorGuard


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1. NordVPN


is not just a VPN, it’s the fastest and most secure VPN in existence.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use NordVPN on this NordVPN review. 

It offers nearly 60 countries to choose from. Regardless of how many countries have blocked the website, I’m certain at least 1 of these 60 countries will easily grant you access.

In fact, NordVPN is one of the very few VPNs which unblocks not just normal sites, but also those with advanced proxy/VPN-detection tech, such as Netflix.

It offers some of the best encryption available to man.

But, most importantly? It offers a verified no logs policy. Your activities remain private, period.

  • Hola

Hola is also an unblocked tool used for unblocking any YouTube video that has been banned in your country. The best part about hola is that you can unblock any site from any country. It is used as an extension to your web browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


You can install Hola for your browser and use it in just a few steps.

Step 1:  Hola is best used with your Google Chrome browser. Therefore, install Hola extension on your Google Chrome from the link provided:  Hola for Google Chrome

Step 2:  After installing it, you will find Hola extension as an icon on Chrome’s extension bar.

Step 3:  Now open the YouTube video that you want to access and click on the Hola extension icon that you have just installed on your browser. After you click on Hola icon,  dropdown down menu will appear that will display the options of country flags.

Select your country flag. After this, you can watch blocked video as Hola will reload and make available the blocked video within seconds.

  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using TOR Browser

One drawback of using a proxy server is that you can only view static websites. If you want to view social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram then proxy sites fail to provide access to these sites.

This is because social networking sites ask the browser to store cookies and proxy servers fail to provide this feature.

In that case, TOR browser comes into play, which is a browser-based network.

TOR browser not only assists in accessing static sites, but also social networking sites for free. It provides safe and secure web network and protects your privacy during web surfing.

Essentially, Tor Browser is open software for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux system that aids in accessing banned websites.  In order to use this browser, we have to download it from its official website


The Steps for installation:

  • Open the official website of TOR browser and then click on the download button
  • After download, install it in your PC or laptop.
  • After completion of installation process, click Finish to launch TOR browser.
  • Now on the Tor Browser’s wizard click the Connect button.
  • Once the browser is configured to use Tor, type the URL of blocked site and start surfing the web anonymously.


  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using Command Prompt

How websites get blocked? Websites get blocked because of blocking software. This software makes a database of the site that the owner wants to block. Therefore, whenever you enter the URL of the site you want to access then you find it blocked.

Every website has its own unique IP address. If you can identify that IP address then you can easily access the blocked site. Very easily you can identify the IP address of the particular site is using the command prompt.


To identify the IP address using cmd, follow the below-listed steps :

1. Press Windows + R keys together to open run dialogue box.

2. Write cmd in run section and click enter.

3. This will open command prompt window. Inside this window, enter ping and then the name of the website whose IP address you want. Eg: ping website name. Com. You should remember to leave the space between ping and website name.

4. On entering this, you will get the IP address of the site that you want to unblock.

Once you get the IP address of the blocked site, you can easily access that site using its Ip address..

  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using Decimal Code

The above explained method of the unblocking site by recognizing its IP address has one drawback. What will you do if the site’s IP address is also blocked? No issue! This problem could be easily resolved by using decimal code method. With this method, we can easily open any blocked site.

By converting the blocked site’s unique IP address into decimal code, one can easily unlock any site. It is impossible to block any IP address written in decimal code.

By using the IP address to decimal code converter, you can convert any IP address into the decimal form. So that when the next time you try to open any blocked site using the decimal code of that IP address then any blocked site will get unblocked.

You can readily get the decimal code of an IP address using IP Address to Decimal Calculator. Only you have to, enter the IP address of blocked website and click on the convert button. There are many sites available on the net for performing this conversion. You can use any one of them.

For example:  If the IP address of Google is then you can use the decimal format instead http://1249766560. Both will take you to the Google home page


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  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using WayBack Machine

Way back machine is generally used in case you want to use cache for accessing blocked websites at schools and colleges.

With the help of Wayback machine, we can easily view the previous versions of blocked sites like Twitter, Facebook or any other site that has older versions through the archives.

Just enter the URL of the previous version of the site you want to view by visiting way back machine website and it will show you the previous version of that site that has been blocked.

  • How to Access Blocked Websites using Google Translator

Using the Google translator is also one of the methods by which we can access blocked site easily

In schools and colleges, normally is not blocked. One can access all of its services.

Google translate is one of its services which assist in viewing blocked sites. By using Google translate as a proxy server; we can unblock blocked websites easily in schools, colleges and at your workplace.

Steps for using Google translate as proxy servers are listed below:

Step 1:  open and search Google Translate in the search bar.

Step 2:  click on the arrow of detect languages. Select your destination language from the dropdown menu that appears.

Remember to select the language other than the destination language of the website you want to view. If the website is written in English language, then select any language other than English.

Step 3:  Now pick the Destination language of your choice like English or any other language agreeing to your requirement

Step 4:  now enter the address or URL of the website you want to unblock and click on translate button

There you go, you will be able to access the blocked site.

In short, you can also directly visit the blocked site by entering below-mentioned address in address bar and replacing with the name of the website you want to visit.


  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using Email Services

Nowadays half of our work is done using email services. No doubt, we can even unblock our favorite sites using email services. Web2mail, as the name suggests is a web-based email service.


Web2mail sends information about the web pages of the website you want to visit at your email address.

The procedure is very simple. You have just to create an account on webmail in order to use its services. After you get yourself registered on web2mail, log into your account and enter the URL of the website whose information you want to get.

After this step, webmail will immediately send you the information of the webpages at your mail address. This way you can access any blocked website very easily.

  • How to Access Blocked Websites on School Computers Using Unblocker Software

For blocking any website, the website owners make use of blocking software.

Since there is a key for every lock, therefore, to remove this lock of blocked site, we can also use the unblocking software. As the name suggests it directly unblocks any blocked site so that the students and employees could visit their favorite sites.

On the internet you will find an infinite number of unblocking software sites. This software has to be downloaded and installed in order to use its features. The functioning of this unblocking software is similar to those of other proxy servers, i.e. hiding and protecting user’s identity. Some of the most popular and best free website Unblocker software are

All these software are friendly with all operating systems like windows 10, windows 11 and Windows operating system. Download the website unblocker software according to your wish and enjoy free access to your favorite sites.

  • How to Access Blocked Websites on School Computers Using URL Shortener Services

As the name suggests, URL shortener is one of the services that Google provides, used for shortening the URL of any site. With the help of URL shortener, you can unblock blocked websites shortening the URL of that site. Its working is very simple. Just open the URL shortener from this link: https.

Once the page gets opened, type the long URL of the site you want to access, in the text field as shown in below screenshot and then click on shorten URL link button. Shorter URL of that website will appear on the right side. On clicking that URL, you will be redirected to the actual site’s address.


For example: If you want to access that has been restricted in your college or work place, then just type the twitter’s URL in the text field. On doing this, the shorter URL for Twitter will appear on the right side with the screenshot of twitters index page. Copy the URL and paste it in address bar


By doing this, you will be redirected to and you can easily access this site from this point.

  • How to Access Blocked Websites Using HTTPS Connection

By changing the HTTP format, one can easily view the blocked site very easily. These days, almost all the popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc use the secure connection.

In order to unblock blocked websites at school, colleges, and work, instead of opening the blocked websites in HTTP:// format open them in https:// format.

By doing this, you can access blocked websites on school computers. For example, in schools and colleges,

if you try to open the Facebook site by typing instead of then you can easily unblock the

  • How to Access Blocked Sites by Creating Own Proxy

Sometimes the proxy sites that we use for unblocking any site are itself get blocked. In such situation, you can create your own proxy site and save it on your PC. It is safer than using online proxy sites.

In order to install a proxy, you must have a web server installed on your computer on which you will install the proxy.

You will easily find much web server software on the Internet like Virgo, Abyss, Cherokee webserver, etc. Here I am taking the example of WAMPServer. It is best used for window users.

1. Initially, visit the official website of WAMPServer. Download and install this server on your computer.

2.  After the completion of installation, you will see its icon in the window’s task bar.

3.  Right click on the icon and select “Put Online” to turn your server on.

4.  Again right click on the icon and select “Localhost“. Now if the configuration page appears then you have done all the steps properly otherwise check for errors.

5.  Next step is to install proxy server software. Download any one of the proxy server software from the internet.

6.  After downloading proxy server from the internet, compress the zip folder and copy all the files to the location shown below.

Windows: - C:/wamp/www/
OS X :- Applications/MAMP/htdocs/

7. Testing your proxy software becomes an important step at this point. Perform the loyalty test of the proxy server. Open your web browser and enter this URL http://localhost/proxy name and click enter. If the proxy page appears, that means you are on the right track. And your proxy server is working accurately.

8.  Now find your private IP address by entering ipconfig in command prompt that appears by entering cmd in run section and save it for future use.

9.  Next, open your router’s configuration page in your browser and provide all settings for your personal IP address. After doing this, search your public IP address by typing my IP address in the address bar of your browser.

10. After performing all the above steps correctly, now you can access any site from anywhere by using your public IP address. Just enter your IP address/your proxy server name and hit enter. That’s all. By doing this, you can easily view blocked sites from your own proxy server.

Is Accessing Blocked Sites illegal?

I get it. Changing IP addresses, using proxies, changing protocols may seem like an illegal thing to do.

Well, it’s not. For the most part anyway.

Accessing blocked sites is not illegal.

However, a lot of factors are at play here.

For e.g. which sites are you trying to access?

Are they sites such as Facebook, Google, Netflix maybe?

Or, are you trying to unblock porn or gambling sites?

Then, the laws specific to the “content” come into play.

In some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and most other mid-eastern countries, porn is outright illegal.

The same holds true for gambling sites.

However, in most cases, you wouldn’t be jailed solely for “accessing” these websites.

The worst-case scenario may involve a fine.

However, it’s your responsibility to ascertain the legality of your actions before unblocking any of the websites.


Every lock can be easily unlocked by using its key, similarly every blocked site can be unblocked by using a key in the form of proxy server, Tor browser, Google Translator, URL shortener, Command Prompt, etc.

With the help of these unblocking software, one can easily surf the net anonymously with the utmost protection.

All these proxy servers are beneficial in the way that they will hide and change your IP address, provide SSL encryption for all sites and also bypass web filters. T

his way your identity remains hidden from hackers and spammers, and you can access any site freely. Thus, if next time you want to access any blocked site, then switch to above-mentioned software without giving any second thought to it.

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