Cool What to Get My Girlfriend for Her Birthday Ideas


What to get my girlfriend for her birthday: How do you know what to gift your girlfriend for her birthday? How can you present her with a gift that she’ll treasure for the rest of her life?

Is your girlfriend’s birthday drawing near? Oh no! What are you going to gift her? Make her special day happy by giving her a gift that she’ll never forget.

When it is the birthday of your girlfriend, it is always a good idea to give her a present. However, what should you do if you have no idea of what to gift her? If you don’t know the answer to this, continue reading!


Best Ideas for What to get my girlfriend for her Birthday

1. Find out when is the birthday of your girlfriend.

Simply question her! It will be embarrassing to be wrong of the day. Write it or mark it, in a calendar so that you don’t forget it the next year. By the help of this process you can say and can send best birthday wishes and gifts at her birthday date.


2. Think about what you can gift her.

First ask her what she would like but most probably, what will come out of her mouth is ‘nothing’. But in reality, this does not mean that she wouldn’t like anything. You should plan what to gift her ahead of time or at the least, spend some time with her.

If you already have idea, what she likes and always crazy for anything then this will be good choice for her. this is the best ideas for her.

3. Think of all the things that she likes.

If she asks you for something specific, buy it for her. If it is a little expensive, get her something different. For example: if she wants a specific brand of perfume but it is very expensive for you, don’t buy another brand for her. Buy something like a necklace or a ring for her, in its place.

4. Buy and wrap the gift yourself : Cool Ideas what to get my girlfriend for her birthday

This demonstrates dedication and effort. Either way, consider the following:

Give her a photo of you two. To score points with her, you can decorate the frame. Write a list of motives as to why you like her or why you love her. She will explode with happiness if you do that. The list should be sincere and meaningful. At least ten motives. Write them, even if you have bad hand writing. She will save and conserve it forever! A love letter is also an excellent option.

The majority of women love flowers. If she has a good hand for gardening, buy her a plant of her favorite flowers which she can care for.

Try jewellery. Could be necklaces, bracelets or a pair of earrings. Don’t buy her a ring unless you want to commit to her and the relationship. If yes, then try silver or gold (Other colours are too infantile). It does not have to be expensive, but should be meaningful. Search in jewellery shops where they offer discounts, or visit an art festival or a local wine festival to get something more artistic. this is trusted and effective ways for what to get my girlfriend for her birthday. You can buy some jewellery by help of bellow givin button.


You can also give her a present in the form of a joke. For example, if you two have a funny history between yourselves about monkeys, gift her a teddy monkey or a make a sock monkey for her.

Gift her a T-shirt of some place that you two have been to together so that it brings back memories. For example, if you guys went to Los Angeles, give her a T-shirt of that city. If you haven’t been anywhere that brings back memories, take her to a special place and then, make that T-shirt a part of your gift to her.


If you have time before the birthday of your girlfriend, make an album of the memories of the places that you two have been to in the past together. Include photos, tickets, etc. Keep in mind that this takes a lot of time to turn out really good, so if you consider about doing it a night before, save it in your thoughts for the next year.

Gift her a book or a diary. Write something inside it like in the inside of the front cover to give it a special touch. Help her keep this diary about your relationship with each other if it seems appropriate to you both.

Gift her favourite sweet to her if she has a sweet tooth.

5. Take her out on an unforgettable date.

To give her a birthday gift, it is not always necessary to give her something physical. Do something different. Take her out to a restaurant, if it is very expensive, you can take her for a picnic with candles and flowers. Don’t forget the beach, the nature, the museums, the touristic places etc., if she likes these kind of places.

6. Don’t forget a birthday card!

Make her a card, even if you are a bad artist and can’t draw a straight line. She will think that your stick figures are beautiful! If you buy a card for her, write something personal inside it. Buy birthday cards for your girlfriend by help of bellow given button.


7. Wrap up a good gift.

If you don’t know how to wrap up a gift properly, ask someone to do it for you. If she has any special friend and she always share everything with her/him then try to ask him/her what she likes and how she want’s to make her birthday special. If you found right then do for her. I think this also a good way for know more about what to get my girlfriend for her birthday.

8. Give her the gift.

She will love it just by knowing that it is from you.


Remember to remove the price tag of the items that you buy.

Let your gift speak the words of your heart.


Call her or send her a text at midnight to be the first one to wish her. If she doesn’t reply, leave her a message. It does not matter if she does not wake up, she will be happy nonetheless. If you guys go out for a meal, pay the bill.

Ask them to put candles on your table if you are going to a restaurant….however, the best place will be private or some place predictable, that you already know. If you don’t know what to buy, ask your mother to accompany you and she can buy the gift for you. Or ask for help from others like your parents, your brothers or sisters, a friend, etc.

Kiss her according to the number of years that she has completed. If she has just turned 18, kiss her 18 times (only small kisses). Tell her: 18 kisses for your birthday! Or maybe, it is possible that she may not understand the idea.

A passionate kiss is not out of bounds either if that is what floats your boat. 😉

Write a memory book about your relationship. From the time that you both met each other till now. Be sure to mention the dates and to put photos, that too will be great! She’s going to lose her head from the happiness.

Take her hands in yours and look into her eyes! Give her all your attention. hope you will find some ideas about what to get my girlfriend for her birthday and can use these ideas into your real life and bring smile on her face.

9. If the birthday of your girlfriend is drawing near rapidly

It is important to give her a gift that she will enjoy. If it is fine with you, they can be universal gifts that all women enjoy, you can chose the perfect birthday present for your girlfriend just by knowing what she likes. The birthday gifts for girlfriends vary according to the interests and age of the women, also according to your relationship with her.

10. Her interests : Best ideas what to get my girlfriend for her birthday

Your girlfriend can appreciate a birthday gift that reflects her interests or her hobbies. For that, it is very important to understand her interests. If she plays football, consider buying her an expensive pair of shoes of her size. If she likes the cinema, she can appreciate some tickets to go see a film. Girlfriends of different ages have different interests. The clue is in knowing about those interests and buying her a gift accordingly.

11. For a girlfriend in a serious relationship.

If you are moving ahead then you should focus on this point because this will also impact on what to get my girlfriend for her birthday. If you have been going out with a woman during a long period of time and your relationship has become serious, there are a number of options for gifts. A promise ring is a serious gift and in comparison, even an engagement ring or a betrothal ring can seem pale. It can demonstrate your commitment with the relationship that can convert in matrimony. Other adequate gifts for a serious relationship can include a surprise trip together, lingerie or taking her out to a luxurious restaurant. These options of gifts can be appropriate in some relationships that are less serious too, but it is possible that you wish to avoid gifts of higher costs till the relationship has reached a certain level of commitment.

12. Gifts based on experience : Ideas what to get my girlfriend for her birthday

If your girlfriend is the kind of person that likes to try new things, and your relationship is based on the experience together, she can appreciate a reservation to try a new experience. This type of a gift requires more work than simply buying something in a mall. The ideas for gifts based on experience include horse riding, participating in a yoga class, a visit to the museum or an art gallery, a cooking class or rafting etc.


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13. For all kinda of girlfriends.

Independent of the relationship, there is a multitude of other surer options to give to your girlfriend on her birthday. While some of these options can seem simple to you, your girlfriend can appreciate things like flowers, chocolates, wine (If she is above the legal drinking age), a dress, jewellery, movies, music and registered gifts etc.

Free advices for what to get my girlfriend for her birthday:

Why is the birthday of your girlfriend so important? This is a question that I asked some of my friends and all of them said in a unison that if your girlfriend wasn’t born, she wouldn’t exist; an if she didn’t exist, you wouldn’t have such a loving relationship in your life. There lies the importance of your girlfriend. But how to celebrate the birthday of your girlfriend is not an easy thing to plan, a lot of times it is according to the type of personality that she is, so we should prepare and contribute a lot of ideas.

If you have already been with your girlfriend for some time, then it is relatively easy because you will then already know her likes and dislikes and as a result, what you can gift her that will make an impression with her. But the thing to always remember is that any gift that you think of should be within your economic possibilities, otherwise you will be generating a major problem for yourself.

But if the relationship has just started recently and the birthday of your girlfriend is nearing, then you have to start to realise some actions that permit you to guarantee an adequate selection of the gift that dazzle and are within your economic possibilities at the same time.

One way is to identify your girlfriend’s zodiac sign and later to search on the Internet what gifts are the ones that she would most like to receive. Another way also is to search on the Internet, the forums where they make these questions and search for the likely answers to them. They are sure to help you.

Always remember that the value of the gift isn’t in its cost but in what you want to express to her with it, an inherent love, a love full of romance and an adventurous relationship.

One of the most romantic things that you can do for her is at midnight, arrive with a group of musicians and play a beautiful song for her, serenading her and expressing your immense love that you feel for her.

Also, you can plan a party for her in your house, inviting some common friends and later calling her to tell her that you want to spend some time with her alone and when she arrives, by giving her a big surprise that is sure to dazzle her.

Some think that you can also prepare a cake for her or bake it yourself for her birthday, her favourite dishes, that is to say that there is nothing that will please her more than knowing that you have cooked something for her with your own two hands.

What should I gift to my girlfriend for her birthday or Ideas what to get my girlfriend for her birthday? This is a question that plagues every man who’s girlfriend’s birthday is drawing near. Is it our imagination or does the majority of men suffer when they have to buy a birthday gift for their girlfriend? I will share with you some original ideas of gifts for women on their birthday according to their personality that surely, any woman will love. Yes, these she will love a lot, especially if it is accompanied with a hand written letter or a card that expresses your feelings for her and tells her just how much you love her.

If you are a woman and are reading this blog, you can leave this link with your boyfriend ‘by chance’, close to him so that it may give him some ideas for the perfect birthday gift for you.

1). A romantic girlfriend : Beautiful what to get my girlfriend for her birthday

A perfume, make up (eye make up, only shades and lipsticks so as not to complicate), jewellery and sexy lingerie, are excellent details for your romantic girlfriend. If you have no idea of what to give her, observe her for a few days: what kind of earrings does she wear, how does her perfume smell, what colours does she use the most, etc.


2). A modern girlfriend : ideas for what to get my girlfriend for her birthday

If she likes things that are are outside the “common” and the “predictable”, what is most important for a woman like this is that the gift be original and that none of her friends have it. Some ideas are things for her office, shades of colours the most attractive and articles or items to decorate her house.

3). A fitness freak girlfriend.

If your woman loves sports and working out, you have to think of a gift that she is going to use. Any sports clothes or apparatus, be sure that she likes it; but also you can give her accessories or sports gadgets.

It is her birthday. It is your anniversary. She graduated at year end. Or is recovering from an illness and you were not there to visit. Even you will have to reconcile with her after one of those fights. The question is always the same: what can I give her? or how to know more about what to get my girlfriend for her birthday.

To you, it is a very difficult question to chose a gift for our girlfriends. Why is that? It is not because they know you well, though that is what they’ll always say. It is because women are very complicated creatures. They will somehow always interpret that your choice of gift has something to do with the affection that you feel for them, when in reality, it is likely to depend on your momentary inspiration….or your pocket. Anyways, here are some tips for avoiding failure.


What not to do!!!!!!!!

Ideas which you not try to get my girlfriend for her birthday (What to get my girlfriend for her birthday)

4). Flowers, not always.

That women love to receive gifts, plants or flowers is nothing new. What you must remember is that for her, the flowers are a basic gift. That is, if you just take her a bouquet of flowers on the day that you are celebrating her birthday, you will probably get a look and a bald question asking, “and where is the real gift?” Flowers are an accompaniment, never the main course. Unless you give them to her on any other ordinary day. Then, she’ll love them.

5). Chocolates, not for all.

If your woman lives complaining about her figure, that she no longer fits into her clothes, that she looks like a cow, please do not make the mistake of giving her sweets. You are very likely to mourn your stupid mistake or get a head injury. Or get a head injury and then mourn your stupid mistake. And do not ever…..ever give her a low calorie product! That is to say that chocolates are for women without complexes. The advantage they have is that are a perfect gift to share; ideal if you take them together when both attending her birthday party or going to meet her parents. You will score 10 points from them all!

6). Clothing, beware.

The best thing to give her is a garment but only when she’s with you to choose it. Let her choose why she wants and when she reaches the counter to pay for it, surprise her by putting your credit card on the counter. Admit it: you  are more likely to declare peace in the Middle East than getting the right size, favourite colour, cut and mark in choosing the dress for your woman.

I think before share any gifts and wishes. always confirm what she likes and what that’s why inside this article our main focus is what to get my girlfriend for her birthday and you can prevent these type failure.

You can easily win her HERT!!

7). Stuffed animals either.

Maybe your dream is to receive an action figure collectible. You know how much it sells for on eBay. And many men still have fun with “toys” such as the console and numerous accessories like paint ball rifle or a board game that you can share with your friends. But do not look for the female equivalent of such gifts in a teddy bear. Unless your sweetheart is a girl of fifteen, and still have her upholstery toys of her childhood bedroom, the stuffed animals are out of the question. An adult woman will look at you as if you are making a joke and you will not win any points for good behaviour.

8). Home appliances, less.

You’re a man of the century, you know that household chores are shared, both she and you work and that the respective roles in a relationship are divided. Well, give her a blender, a microwave, a toaster or a coffee maker-for as practical as it may seem to you, you will lose everything that you were striving to achieve with the good will. In the worst case, you will be accused of being a sexist and that you just want her to wash the dishes and then you will have to apologise for it to get in her good graces all over again.

And what is that?

Please do not be tempted to go into a sex shop and buy something provocative for her to enjoy together. For even if she is open and uninhibited in bed, you may never know how she will react. Usually, the things you like, she may not. The exception is that if she suggests this type of gift, in which case you can truly consider yourself a lucky man……

Yes now!

Yes to underwear (not too classic as she will feel old or too provocative as she will look at you and say, “what do you take me for?”

Yes to jewellery (the authentic, if you can pay for them).

Yes to CD’s of the bands she like (carefully review the discography to make sure that you do not take something that she already has or do not Kirsten much to).

Yes to perfumes, but only if you know what she likes.

Yes to shoes and handbags (no matter how many she has , women always want more).

Hand Picked Stuff for You:

Well I know that by now, you are thinking that it is easier to decide what to give her and what not to give her for her birthday. Just keep in mind my advice and warning, the do’s and don’ts and you’ll be fine,  hope this article ” what to get my girlfriend for her birthday ” proving helpful for you.

Good luck! That’s all for today….I hope these tips serve you well.

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