Top 10 Games like Cards against Humanity


Amongst all the complex games with high-end technology use and ultimate visual Games like Cards against Humanity stands out like loners. Being a free to play party game for the people who wants to have fun. Being strictly adult game makes it the life of parties.

10 Games like Cards against Humanity

For such people who want to have some gala time with their friends, this list of alternative games like Cards against Humanity is surely for them. I have tried to list them down along with basic rules and ways to play. For more information, you can check out their official website mentioned along.

1. Slash: Romance without Boundaries


Slash: Romance without BoundariesEverything is fair in love and war as they say then why don’t we apply it to card games too? Well, there is one pick in the list of games like Card against Humanity that thinks the same way which is Slash: Romance without Boundaries.

So, this is obviously a card game which is all about romance and crazy matchmakings. It starts from every player getting a character of their choice from history, culture, literature etc.

Now, the matchmaker is going to pick one card and place is on the table facing front. Each player is going to make up a story trying to establish the relationship between their character and the card facing up. The one whose story is going to be liked the most by matchmaker is going to win.

If other players want then one can win through majority too. The game goes on until one player acquires at least 20 points in the game. You can twist and turn the game according to your choice whenever you want.

2. Game of Phones


Game of PhonesThere are more Cards against Humanity alternative games out there than you can possible think and the next one to mention here is Game of Phones. Basically, the game has two versions, the basic one which I mentioned here is going to cost you $20 and the creative pack is for expansion which charges $5 additionally.

So, basically, as you are a beginner you should stick to the normal version of the game only. Usually, this is so annoying to see your guests using their smartphones in the party but this game can be played by using phones only.

One person is going to draw out the cards and other ones are going to be ready with their phones having full usage of internet. Now, as the person will draw one card, others are supposed to find the weirdest and funniest answer to it within 60 seconds and they have the full support of internet meanwhile.

Isn’t it the most amazing games like Card against Humanity in this list where you can use your smartphone to turn card games into real fun?

3. Red Flags


Red FlagsRed Flags also known as the game of terrible dates is another one in the list of games like Cards against Humanity. With so many expansion packages you can transform and upgrade the game whenever you want. But unfortunately, like Cards against Humanity, it is not free to play.

You can buy Red Flags game for $30 from its official website which I have already mentioned. Other expansion packs are Dark Red Flags for $12, Nerdy Red Flags for $9.60 and Sexy Red Flags for $12.

In fact, there are more expansions then these ones which you can check out and buy according to your mood. So, there are two types of cards, red and white. There are some terminologies like perks and red flags which are important to understand before you start playing the game.

Just like the usual cards games you are supposed to draw out some cards and read them out loud to create the perfect date. It is best played with couples and you can play it with your partner only through the expansion packs.

4. Spank the Yeti


Spank the YetiSpank the Yeti is one such games like Card against Humanity which is strictly for the adults only. This is a party card game which requires 2-10 players to play it. Thankfully the game is quite cheaper than most of the other ones and you can buy it for just $6.66 from any local store or Amazon.

The game is inspired by the popular game Kiss, Marry, Kill and you are going to have the similar options in the each round which are way quirkier than the former game.

There are some action cards and some object cards along with ABC cards and 3 numbered cards. All you have to do is draw out 3 action cards and put them facing front and now draw object cards and put them facing down along with each situation.

Each player would have to guess the answers and the one liked by the Yeti will be awarded points. Spank the Yeti is one of the funniest and most loved card games like Cards against Humanity and you can literally see many of your friends playing it in the party.

5. Joking Hazard


Joking HazardIf you have heard about Cyanide and Happiness then you would probably know what I am talking about here. Joking Hazard is a strictly for adults offensive card game where you need to complete and awful three-tier comic and you come up with a million of combinations for this.

So, you can buy the base card game of Joking Hazard from any of the reliable source whose links are mentioned on their official website. It is going to cost you $25 only and trust me the game is the most amazing one amongst all the other games like Cards against Humanity.

So, let’s start learning that how you can play this game. You need three or more people to get started with it. Each of them will be given seven cards which are going to be replenished after every round and don’t forget to pick a judge too.

Now, the judge will start drawing card from the remaining deck. With black border it states regular round and with red border it states bonus round. Now, it is up to the judge to pick the best card to make a three panel comic. It’s so much fun mainly because the cards are so hilarious.

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6. Deck Around


Deck AroundThis is so annoying to see all of your party guest running their fingers on their phone and having no interest at all in what is going on around them. Well, I have the perfect idea to get rid of this situation in form of the ultimate option to games like Card against Humanity which is Deck Around.

You can buy this game for $35.99 from its official website. You can literally enliven your parties with this game and am sure your guests would not be looking at their phones anymore.

What makes it popular is that it is so simple to understand. All you have to do is just come up with a slang and provide a definition of your own which is convincing enough to fool everyone around you. You need to draw a card from the deck which have these abrupt slangs written.

I am sure you are gonna love such Cards against Humanity alternative games and mainly because this adult card game is such an entertainer and savior from the dull parties.

7. Dixit


DixitDixit is another card game in the series of games like Cards against Humanity. Gladly, this is the one and only game in this list which is eligible for the people above age 8 otherwise all the other games are for adults only.

It requires 3 to 6 player at a time to play this game together and for one complete set you are going to need to spend at least 30 minutes on it.

Dixit is going to cost you $27.99 as one-time charges and you can buy it from Amazon or from the official website of this game too. Each player is going to be provided 6 random cards and everyone gets the chance to be storyteller. Now storyteller narrates something by taking clues from all cards in his/her hand without showing.

Each player is going to pick one card and hand it over to storyteller which matches this story best. Now, after showcasing all the cards, the one who guesses the storyteller’s card is going to win in this game.

8. Say Anything


Say AnythingSay Anything is a board game which was released in 2008 by North Star Games. This next pick for the category of games like Cards against Humanity is really amazing mainly because it is similar to the award winning game Wits and Wagers.

So, the goal of this game is really simple. You need to Say Anything to people in order to get them talking about something interesting.

Card games like Cards against Humanity are always fun to be played and this game called Say Anything is exactly like that. You can buy it for $14.99. So, in each round one person will be Judge who draws a card and ask question. Other players are going to write answer and put it facing up on table.

Now, judge secretly decides a winner and each player has to guess that which answer is the winner. This is geekier than other games but still a fun game to be played with your friends and family.

9. Personally Incorrect


Personally IncorrectLet me tell you clearly that Personally Incorrect is not at all for family game nights. In fact, don’t even think about it otherwise you will be in a big trouble. This is the funniest and quirkiest game ever which can be played with your friends and you can buy it for $24.95.

Of course, there are some expansion packs too which can make the game dirtier than ever and you are surely going to love them too.

So the game proceeds like this that one player is going to read the question card to the group by saying the name of a specific person out there. Now other players are going to draw out the most offensive cards they have to complete the sentence.

Now, players together decide that which answer is the most hilarious one and that person wins that round. I guess this is the most offensive game in the list of games like Card against Humanity.

10. Apples to Apple


Apples to AppleThe last game which makes another great solution for alternative games like Cards against Humanity is Apples to Apple. You can buy this game for $31.49 from any shopping site or the official website of the game also.

There are various versions of this game like Big picture, anniversary version, party tin and much more and the one I am suggesting here is party in a box.

This game is different from other games like Cards against Humanity mainly because it is perfectly suitable for family game nights. There are 441 red apple cards and 63 green apple cards in this game. The judge is supposed to play the green apple card and now all the other players will draw their red apple card.

The most hilarious one matching the former card is going to be declared the winner of that round. As there are so many cards then there can be numerous number of players at a time.

Most played games that you may try:


You rarely come across the dark and edgy games like Card against Humanity and trust me they turn out to be really interesting and engaging ones. These party games are serious the real fun of parties and I am sure you would not want to miss them at all.

Apart from these dark games I am sure you would love to play some other types of games too. I have listed them all here and you can check out them along with their rules and basic description. So, next time you are going to throw some house party, make sure to include these intimate card games in them.

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