200+ Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend


76). Goofy – If she has a goofy side to her personality

77). Gum Drop – Does not mean anything but you would like her to stick to you like a gum drop

78). Heart Throb – If she is your heart throb then this is one of the ideal cute names to call your girlfriend

79). Honey bun – If she is as sweet and desirable as a honey bun

80). Honey bunch – The same as honey bun

81). Honey Bunny – If she reminds you of something sweet and a cute rabbit at the same time

82). Honey cakes – If she is sweet and desirable

83). Honey lips – If kissing her makes you feel that you are tasting honey

84). Hot Lips – The same as honey lips

85). Hot stuff – If she is particularly sexy and sensuous

86). Hottie – If she is hot and sexy then this is one of the best cute names to call your girlfriend

87). Huggy Bear – If you feel like you are hugging a cuddly teddy bear when you hug her

88). Honey pot – If she is as sweet and delicious as honey

89). Jelly bean – You love her as much as jelly beans

90). Joy – If she brings joy and happiness to your life

91). Juliet – if she is the heroine of your fairy tale

92). Kiddo – If she has a childlike personality

93). Kit Kat – A meaningless yet cute and adorable nickname

94). Kitten – If she has the feline qualities of cuteness and smartness

95). Kitty – The same as kitten

96). Lala – No particular meaning except that it is a rather musical sounding nickname

97). Lamb – If she is as innocent as a lamb then you need to look for no other cute names to call your girlfriend

98). Lambchop – Same as lamb, only a little more cute

99). Lambkin – Same as lamb

100). Love – If she is the true love of your life

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101). Love bug – If she made you feel like you were bitten by the love bug

102). Lovely – The word has the meaning that it is supposed to depict

103). Love muffin – If she is full of love and affection

104). Lover Pie – If she is lovely and sweet

105). Lovey dovie – It is a common phrase used to describe something romantic

106). Lovie – The same as lovey dovie

107). Mooky – No meaning but a funny sounding nickname so one of the funny cute names to call your girlfriend if she is a fun loving girl

108). Mooky poky – The same as Mooky

109). Muffin – If she is as sweet and desirable as the eatable

110). Muffy – A simple and common but very cute nickname

111). Muggles – Does not mean anything but can show that you feel all mushy with her

112). Muncie – A cute and adorable nickname without meaning

113). Munchkin – If she has childlike qualities that make her appear like a munchkin

114). Muppet – If she is pretty and adorable like a muppet

115). My queen – If she is the queen of your heart

116). My world – If she means the world to you

117). Num Nums – No meaning but a cute nickname that sounds soft

118). Pancake – If you find her sweet and delicious then this is one of the good cute names to call your girlfriend

119). Pandabear – If she is as cute and cuddly as the animal itself

120). Papi – No meaning but a cute sounding nickname

121). Paradise – If you find paradise in her arms

122). Peaches – If you find her sweet and delightful like the fruit itself

123). Peaches and crème  – The same as peaches

124). Peachy Pie – The same as peaches

125). Peanut – Although there is nothing special about peanuts, but they are tasty

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