Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives


Google AdSense Alternatives: If you are in the blogging sphere, then you must be knowing about Google Adsense. It is one of the most influential factors due to which most of the people step into the blogging field.
In the meanwhile if you are not aware of Google Adsense then you need not to worry about anything as we will tell you what it is.

Google Adsense is a program run by Google itself that allows the publishers to serve their audience with relevant ads which can take up the form of links, graphics, text, and others. Google monitors These advertisements. However, the webmasters are given control to choose the ad types and units.

With Google Adsense, the webmasters can generate revenue, and the advertiser gets the reach.The revenue is generated on the basis if per click or impressions.Google Adsense is a participant of the AdChoices platform. This is why a triangular AdChoices icon accompanies the ads.

The Adsense program was launched in 2003 by the name as “Content Targeting Advertising”. The term “Adsense” used to be propriety of a firm called as Applied Semantics which was later acquired by Google in April 2003.

One can get access to Google Adsense if he/she is having a blog or a website which must comply with the Adsense terms and policies. One needs to apply for Google Adsense. Earlier, the success rate of acceptance used to be very high but due to the growing number of webmasters, getting a Google Adsense account has been tough. However, if you follow the guidelines, the chances are high that you will be able to get one.

So, you need not be discouraged if Google does not approve you. There are many other Google Adsense Alternatives with which you can make handsome amount of money.

Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

In this section, we will be telling you about the best Google Adsense Alternatives available in the internet sphere using which you can easily monetize your blog or website. So, let’s get started:



A yet another leading platform for both advertisers and publishers and can be considered amongst one of the best Google adsense alternatives.

As per the website claims, the platform holds the privilege of being the number #2 in the sphere of largest contextual ads globally. By contextual ads, we mean that the advertisement will relate to the context and content of the page. This is to ensure the relevancy of the page which in turn can lead to better user experience.

The salient feature of this network goes as:

  • complies with the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program.
  • You may earn high amount of revenue because the quality of the advertisements is quite good.
  • It supports mobile ads which help you to gain even more as the web sphere is tending to mobile friendly zones.
  • provides dedicated account manager to assist you with the ongoing processes.
  • has its center’s in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

You can apply for as runs on an invitation model. It’s very easy to implement ads with just two lines of JS code. They also provide in-content ads to maximize the revenue and reach for publishers and advertisers. The minimum payout for this network is $100.

2. Adcash


Adcash is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives which you can consider using in your blog or websites.

It is a leading online advertising platform which offers its services worldwide. Superficially, Adcash delivers advertising content to a huge number of audiences through the means of its internet network.

Some of the ostentatious features which embellish this platform, even more, are as follows:

  • Adcash currently operates in 249 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Their largest client includes primarily game development firms along with several other companies.
  • AdCash is ranked 545 globally as per the statistics are concerned by Alexa.
  • AdCash was entitled as “one of the biggest and hottest startups in Estonia” by in the year 2013.
  • Adcash operates from its offices in Bulgaria, Mexico, France, and Spain.

Adcash was founded in 2007 by Thomas Padovani in 2007, and it was later rebranded as Adcash Advertising Network in 2011. Adcash provides high-quality ads for the publishers with which the publishers can effectively monetize their online content and can earn good amount of revenue.

On the other hand, it is also an excellent platform for the advertisers as their global reach and network helps them to reach out the right audience, the right way. AdCash helps you monetize not only your blog or website but also your applications. It even supports mobile advertising with intelligent contextual targeting.

3. MarketAds

Website: is a superb popunder advertising network that can serve the publishers as well as the advertisers wonderfully. The easy approval of publisher’s account within 2 hours makes this ad network different from others. It accepts all types of websites.

The advertiser can start with from $5 onwards. A publisher can easily withdraw the payments through PayPal as soon as the account balance reaches $10. You can even talk to them about different payment options available at your address. The 24×7 Live Support throughout the year tells us about its readiness to serve its users.

Some of the highlighting features of this ad network have been listed below:

  • Daily payments through PayPal.
  • No minimum traffic requirement to get approval.
  • Advertisers can get refund for unused money.
  • Live statistics are updated on its dashboard.

Once the publisher’s account is approved, the popunder code can be applied to the approved website and publisher can start earning at a go. The advertiser can start the campaign within 30 minutes of his joining. Each and every campaign is served with genuine traffic.

Its system can easily determine the fake traffic and doesn’t count clicks through fake traffic. Both advertisers and publishers can utilize this popunder advertising network and generate good results.

4. Infolinks


Infolinks is driven by a tagline which says “Innovative Ads Powered by Intent.” The platform is a one-stop solution for those who are looking for a better Google adsense alternatives.

Some of the noteworthy traits of Infolinks which makes it a better Google Adsense Alternatives are:

  • Best in-text advertising platform.
  • As per the website claims, Infolinks has a marketplace of over 150,000 websites from 128 different countries.
  • Supports relevant ads leading to better user experience.
  • Other ad units include InFold, InTag, and InScreen.
  • Easy integration.

Since this is an era of native advertising. So, you should consider going for Infolinks as a Google Adsense Alternatives. Additionally, advertisements powered by Infolinks are entirely compatible with Adsense. So, you can also use it along with your Adsense ads.

Infolinks facilitates it’s users with a facility to customize the ads. Also, the minimum payout is $50. The revenue is calculated on the basis of website’s visitor engagement.

5. Adversal


It is an Ad network for both the advertisers and the publishers. If you are looking for Google Adsense Alternatives, then you should have a look over here. As of now, the website has nine ad formats. This ad network is popularly known for its pop –under ad units, but they also offer other ad units.

This platform also offers a service named as RTB (Real Time Bidding) which allows real time advertising inventory auction so as to maintain a perfect balance between the supply and the demand.

Some of the ostentatious features of this platform includes:

  • Advertisers can have multiple banner sizes, pop-under ads, easy to use interface with quick setup.
  • Publishers hold the benefit of 100% fill rate with various ad formats.
  • The minimum payout threshold is $20 for the publishers.

Payments are made on the NET35 basis which means that the payments will be done after every 35 days which excludes weekends.

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This Adversal program is not for you if you have adult content on your website or blog. This platform also has a referral program through which you can earn up to 10% commissions on the earnings of the referred publishers.
You need to submit an application to get into this advertising platform. If ever for whatsoever reasons your application gets rejected then you can re-apply only after 30 days tenure.

6. Ayboll


It is an intuitive platform in the sphere of advertising which provides a better solution for the native advertisements. Unlike other ad networks, Ayboll installs a widget on your website or blog which displays links relating to other networks. The links often contain articles which your reader or visitor might want to read, and you get paid for it if he/she clicks on that.

The salient features are:

  • The platform has over 2,000+ premium advertisers.
  • As per the website claims, $6 average ECPM on US based traffic.
  • 100 % fill rate.
  • Over 600 publishers are joining Ayboll daily.
  • Easy 3-minute installation.

The website states that the platform is built for marketers by the marketers. You can monetize your blog or website using the native ads widget platform if you are looking for a better Google Adsense Alternatives. It is a premium CPA network, and the payout threshold is $100.

7. Buysellads


This is a yet another online advertising platform which works both for the advertisers as well as the publishers. The moment you have submitted your website or blog to buysellads, it will automatically fetch the site metrics such as page rank, Alexa rank, and others.

You are required to have a good amount of traffic on your website or blog to get approved by the Buysellads.

The featured attributes Buysellads are:

  • The acceptance rate is 5%. This is done to ensure that the advertisers get the best out of the digital content.
  • As per website claims, the platform sells over 6 Billion impressions a month.
  • Over 12,000 + advertisers.
  • Over 1500 + publishers.

It was on February 2008 when BuySellAds sold its first ad and since then there is no looking back.

As soon as you get approved, all that you need to do is to setup an area for BuySellAds on your blog or website and then wait for the advertiser to bid on your ad space. Since the platform is highly restricted and exclusive, the chances are high that you will get your places filled within no time.

8. Chitika


Chitika is an online advertising network which firmly believes on an ideology that “If you have traffic… You can earn money”. It is quite evident also. Chitika was founded in 2003 and is having its headquarters in Westborough, MA along with its offices in Hyderabad, India.

Superficially, Chitika is a CPC oriented program. It also supports relevant ads mechanism and unlike many other online advertising platforms, the users of Chitika are facilitated with a facility of customizing the text color, URL color, and border color to comply with the website look and feel. This makes this platform even more democratic to use and if you are looking for best Google Adsense Alternatives, then you can surely consider this as an option.

Features of this platform are:

  • Real-time bidding.
  • Over 350,000 publishers.
  • Over 4 billion targeted ads per month.
  • Advertising partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia, and HomeAdvisor.
  • Awarded with the title of “Silicon India Top 100”.

Unlike other ad networks, Chitika not only allows its publishers to monetize their web properties irrespective of their website size of the traffic volume. They do not even commit to particular type of ads either.

9. Qadabra


It was formerly known as AdsGadget, which was later rebranded as the present name “Qadabra”. This is an online advertising platform where one can earn revenue by the advertisements which are absolutely performance based.

The process after signing up for the platform is quite simple. All what you have to do is to create an ad unit, and then embed the ad unit to your web property and now, track earnings. It is as simple as that.

The features include:

  • No rigid guidelines.
  • No payout threshold.
  • No minimum impression value.
  • Global ad coverage.
  • Automated optimization algorithm.

This platform is driven by an intuitive technology and the process for signing up and implementing the ads is not tough. There are over 30 categories from which one can choose relating to his/her niche. This helps to provide relevancy to the audience. You can get your payment via PayPal, Payoneer or even through wired bank transfer.

In case, if you are facing any problems then Qadabra comes up with an excellent support team which helps you to get rid of your problem.

So, if you are looking for something that could assist you in your quest of finding best Google Adsense Alternatives, then Qadabra can be the answer.

10. Skimlinks


The parent concept behind this online advertising community is affiliate marketing. Actually, what it does is that it turns your outbound URL’s into affiliate links of some commerce business and whenever a sale is incurred through your outbound link, you get a commission for that. Quite an intuitive way of advertising.

The chances are high that you might end up making more money than any other ad network listed in this article as you will be paid on the number of sales made through your link rather than the clicks on the ads. So, if you have targeted traffic, then you should surely consider this as an option for Google Adsense Alternatives.

Some features of this network are:

  • 20,000+ merchants on board.
  • Automatic affiliate links.
  • High commission rates.
  • Revenue per sales based.
  • Support team.

If you are looking to earn way more than what other ad networks are offering, then you should choose this. As per the website claims, the platform is currently entertaining 4.6 billion page impressions.

11. Intellilinks


A yet another online advertising platform which connects advertisers with a network of quality publishers and hence, serving both. It is a fully context link advertising network which means that all adverts are link ads.

So, if you are looking for any Google Adsense Alternatives, then you should definitely have a look over here. This might be of some help for you.

Some of the features of this advertisement platform are as follows:

  • No minimum payout threshold. All the money made will be paid through PayPal in the first week of each month.
  • Control over the ads on your website or blog.
  • 24 x 7 support.

Once you have submitted your website or blog at the platform, Intellilinks then sets a price for ad spaces on your web property. After this, the advertisers are required to bid on your ad space. Once this process is done, the revenue is split into two halves. However, you can set your price if you are not satisfied with the price of your ad space.

Intellilinks also offers a referral program with which you can earn some extra bucks. Whenever anyone signs up with your referral link and makes an amount of over $50, then you will get paid an amount of 7.5$ in the subsequent month.


This marks the end of this detailed article on the best Google Adsense Alternatives. After going through the entire list, you must be equipped with the nitty gritty of the best Google Adsense Alternatives.

We hope that by now, you would have signed up for any of the online advertising networks mentioned in this article. These networks are unquestionably good enough to give a try.

If you are still left with any query regarding Google Adsense Alternatives, then feel free to drop a line through the comment section right below. We will try our level best to solve your query.

Undoubtedly, Google AdSense Program is one of the highest and best paying platforms but there are many other Google AdSense Alternatives, which can be given a try at least once. What other methods or online advertising platforms do you use to monetize your blog or website? Do tell us, your addition is highly appreciated.

Thank you for crossing by and giving it a fantastic read.

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