200+ Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend


26). Bubbies – Which is another meaningless but cute name

27). Bumpkin – which is a name to be given with care because she should not think that you consider her to be a country bumpkin

28). Bunny – For the girlfriend who is as cute and delicate as a rabbit

29). Bunbun – does not mean much but signified cuteness and affection

30). Butter Babe – IF you find her as soft and delicious as butter

31). Buttercup – If she reminds you of the flower by the same name then you should definitely choose this as one of the cute names to call your girlfriend

32). Butterfly – If she is as delicate and beautiful as a butterfly

33). Candy – If you find her sweet and delectable

34). Cheese ball – Although it is something eatable it signified cuteness and sweetness

35). Cherry – Especially if she has rosy cheeks

36). Cherub – Cherubs are angels and the same logic for the nickname Angel applies here

37). Chick – This again should be done with care because a chick is a general name given to girls

38). Chicken – If you consider her to be small but cute

39). Cinnamon – If she has a spicy personality then this is the best one of the cute names to call your girlfriend

40). Cookie – Like all things edible it signifies that she fills your life with taste

41). Cuddlebug – If you find her extremely cuddly and adorable

42). Cuddle Bunny – A combination of cuddly and bunny

43). Cuddle Cakes – If she is cuddly and adds taste to your life

44). Cuddle Muffin – The same as cuddle cakes

45). Cuddly – If she is particularly cuddly

46). Cuddly –Cuddly – The same as cuddly

47). Cupcake – If she has a sweet demeanor then this is one of the sweetest cute names to call your girlfriend

48). Cutesy-pie – If you find her extremely cute and sweet

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49). Cutie – The same as cutesy pie

50). Cutie Patootie – The same as cutie but more of a rhyme

51). Cutie Pie – The same as cutesy pie

52). Daisy – If she is as delicate and beautiful as a daisy

53). Dashing – If she has a strong personality

54). Dearie – Just like dear, only more cute

55). Dewdrop – If she has a heart as clean and clear as a dewdrop

56). Doll – If she is as cute and perfect as a doll

57). Doobie – No particular meaning but a cute nickname nevertheless

58). Doodle Bug – Does not mean anything, but is an endearing nickname

59). Dove – This is one of the great cute names to call your girlfriend particularly if she is fragile and pure

60). Dream girl – If she is the girl you always had in your dreams

61). Duckling – if you feel protective towards her

62). Ducky – The same as duckling

63). Dumpling – If she is sweet and delectable like a dumpling

64). Flame – If she ignites the flame in your heart

65). Flower – If she is as delicate and beautiful as a flower

66). Fluffer – A cute nickname with no particular meaning

67). Fruit cake – If she is sweet and desirable like the eatable by the same name then this can be one of the best cute names to call your girlfriend

68). Fruit loop – If she is sweet and looks adorable

69). Funny Hunny – If she has a funny side to her personality

70). Gorgeous – If you find that she looks gorgeous

71). Giggles – If she has the tendency to giggle a lot

72). Gigi – No particular meaning but is cute and desirable

73). Golden – If she has golden hair or complexion

74). Goldie – The same as golden

75). Goobers – A meaningless but cute nickname

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