Top 10 Japanese Movies on Netflix


This is so usual to watch the regular American movies but if you want to watch Japanese movies on Netflix then you have a lot of great options for it. Yes, in this section I am going to tell you about the most entertaining and amazing movies from the Japanese industry which can be seen on Netflix easily.

Top 10 Japanese Movies on Netflix

You can check out the list given below which is comprised of the best Japanese movies which are ever made. You can easily watch them through Netflix along with their subtitles or dubbed versions too. I am sure you will have a great time watching these movies.

1. Battle Royale (2000)

Rotten Tomatoes: 87% IMDb: 7.7/10

The first mention in this list of Japanese movies on Netflix is Battle Royale. This movie is adapted from the novel of same name by author Koushun Takami. This is the last film directed by Kinji Fukasaku and based on the theme of dystopian Japan.

The movie follows the story of a guy named Shuya Nanahara whos is a high school student and it involves his friends too.

The movie proceeds when their class is chosen by the government to take part in a competition where each one would have to fight until everyone dies and only one remains. Being so sensitive in its content, the movie aroused various domestic and international controversies.

However, despite that it got great ratings and superb commercial success too. What is going to interest you in the movie is its visuals and high amount of blood shed. This movie is only for adults and even got banned in several countries too. If you are a fan of action based movies then I am sure you would love it.

2. 13 Assassins (2010)

Rotten Tomatoes: 96% IMDb: 7.6/10 

As the name says a lot about this movie, it is basically a samurai movie which is a remake of a black and white of the same name which was released in 1963. This is directed by Takashi Miike and loosely based on some historical events.

This is one of those Japanese movies on Netflix whose plot is as old as in 1844 and hence you are going to see a lot of medieval elements in the movie for sure.

This is about a group of assassins which have 12 samurai and one hunters in it. Their motive is to kill the savage leader of Akashi Clan whose name is Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu before he become powerful council leader.

This 125 minute movie is up for online streaming on Netflix and you can watch it out there in a very great video quality too. This movie not only got amazing reviews and ratings from the critics but it also earned well on box office too. This movie is amazingly portrayed and each segment is filled with excitement.

3. Gantz: 0 (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 61% IMDb: 7.3/10

If you think Japanese movies on Netflix are just about drama and intense action only then you need to think twice about it. The next one in this list is Gantz: 0 which is a power pack comprising of best science fiction story and amazing CGI Anime use in it.

This movie is directed by Yasushi Kawamura and it is based on a Manga series namely Gantz. This movie not only did great on box office but also won some awards for its VFX and CGI techniques too.

The plot of this movie is about a girl named Reika who is saved by her friend by invading monsters and then teleported back to her main base. Reika and her team then proceeds on a mission to fight through these monsters and save everyone from them and hence wear skin tight black suits with advanced technology.

Gantz is referred as the black orbs in this movie who are on a mission. This movie is a visual treat and I am sure you would love the technology being used in this flick.

4)Sweet Bean (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes: 85% IMDb: 7.3/10

Sweet Bean is a Japanese drama movie which is directed by Naomi Kawase. This movie is considered as one of the finest Japanese movies on Netflix and other platforms. It even opened specific sections in Cannes as well as Toronto Film Festivals.

Sweet Bean is based on a book named An by Duria Sukegawa and this 113 minutes movie is a treat to watch for the viewers.

The plot of this movie is focused on a middle-aged man named Sentaro who owns a small Dorayaki shop. He puts up a notice for a co-worker and a women in her seventies named Tokue approach her who make the fantabulous bean paste. However, Sentaro had to let her go after realizing that her hands are deformed because of Leprosy.

You should download movies online like Sweet Bean because they are so beautiful and teaches us a lot of things which makes life much simpler. This movie comes out as a strong and amazing story one must watch.

5. The House of Small Cubes (2008)

Rotten Tomatoes: 62% IMDb: 8.3/10

The House of Small Cubes or La Maison en Petits Cubes is a Japanese short subject animation film which is created by Kunio Kato. The movie is only 12 minutes long but holds a special place in this list of Japanese movies on Netflix because of some special reasons.

You do not come across such excellent movies each day and the reason it stands out amongst all the other movies is because of the message that it conveys.

This is the story of an aged widower who is forced to add levels in his house because of the flood in his town. This is his remembrance of his life when his smoking pipe falls into the submerged levels and he starts searching for it.

This is the best one for the people who loves to watch movies online on Netflix. It also won great awards like The Annecy Crystal, Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film and many more. It will surely transport you back to the good old days of your life again.

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6. Tag (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes: 64% IMDb: 6.2/10

If you are feeling bored with the dramas and documentaries in this section of Japanese movies on Netflix then I am sure you are going to love this horror flick named Tag. This movie is a suspense action movie along with the elements of horror and directed by Sion Sono.

The movie Tag is inspired by novel Riaru Onigokko by Yusuke Yamada. This is only 85 minutes long and based on the survival story of a girl.

The plot focuses on a high school girl named Mitsuko who survives a windy attack on her school bus which bisects everyone in it except her. The story then leads with the continuously changing identity of Mitsuko and her encounter with new troubles every day.

This is such a shocking and quite different movie than the rest of others which is mentioned in this list. However, what’s more tragic is the climax of this movie which leaves you wondering whether everything is true or not. I can assure you that you would enjoy the suspense and action of this movie a lot.

7. Tokyo Tribe (2014)

Rotten Tomatoes: 52% IMDb: 6.5/10

Tokyo Tribe is a movie from 2014 which is directed by Sion Sono and based on the Japanese Manga of the same name. Although the movie got average reviews from the film critics and rest of the audience but still it is one of the best Japanese movies on Netflix right now.

The plot of this movie is based on an alternate Japan where various territorial street gangs have collectively formed a group named Tokyo Tribes.

This is a street fight kind of movie in which the leader of Wu-Ronz tribe, Merra and Gangster Buppa join forces and accidently kills Tera who is a the most loved by the members of all tribe. After this, all the other tribes collectively form Tokyo Tribe to fight against Merra and Buppa.

Things that you are going to see in this movie are turf wars and rap battles and the nightlife of Tokyo city. You are also going to see the elements of comedy, action and musical too.

8. Battle Royale 2(2003)

Rotten Tomatoes: 30% IMDb: 4.7/10

This is the second installment of the first movie Battle Royale of this list of Japanese movies on Netflix. This is also a dystopian movie and proceeds the story further ahead of the first part of this series. This movie is directed by Kenta and Kinji Fukasaku.

Let me tell you already that the movie could not impress the critics as its earlier part and also tanked at the box office too. Still, if you are in love with action and BR series then it is just perfect for you.

The plot is about the survivors of the earlier part of this movie who have formed a rebel group called The Wild Seven whose leader is Shuya Nanahara. In this movie all the losers kids who are mostly orphans are kidnapped and sent to an island where they need to start the next battle.

But this time they need to kill Shuya within 72 hours as their family is killed by this group only. If you love action then you will find this to be one of the best movies on Netflix.

9. Mifune: The Last Samurai

Rotten Tomatoes: 82% IMDb: 7.3/10

Mifune: The Last Samurai is a movie which is way different than rest of the Japanese movies on Netflix and there are some reasons behind it. The most important one is that this is a documentary on the accidental movie career of Toshiro Mifune who is considered one of the most epic actors of the world cinema.

The next big thing about this documentary is that it is narrated by Keanu Reeves who just made this documentary unforgettable for everyone.

This is exclusively available on Netflix and comprised of various film clips, archival skills and various interviews from different film personalities and close friends of Mifune. All I can say about it that nobody could give such an amazing tribute to the career of Toshiro Mifune in a better way than this.

This Japanese movie perfectly portrays Mifune’s contribution in Japanese Cinema and his continuous efforts in making it the Golden age by his work. This is directed by Steven Okazaki and casts many amazing personalities in it.

10. Harlock: Space Pirate (2013)

Rotten Tomatoes: 54% IMDb: 6.5/10

The last mention in this list of Japanese movies on Netflix is Harlock: Space Pirate. This is a type of 3D CGI anime science fiction movie just like Gantz: 0 which I mentioned earlier in this list. This movie is directed by Shinji Aramaki.

This movie is based on a manga series namely Space Pirate Captain Harlock by Leiji Matsumoto. Despite having a big budget the movie could not do wonders on box office.

The plot of Harlock is based on the future visuals where mankind has discovered to travel faster than light and also colonized on other planets. It is then throw some light on Deathshadow Martyr Fleet which is led by Harlock to protect Earth from being colonized again as it has been marked sacred.

You are going to see lots of action and bloodshed in the movie. If you are a fan of action Japanese movies then I am sure you would love to watch Harlock: Space Pirate for sure.

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There are some of the greatest movies which are made in Japanese cinema. You just need to discover them and to save your time I did that for you. The movies mentioned here in this list are quite entertaining and belongs to different genres too.

There are chances that you might find the remakes of such Japanese movies on Netflix in American film industry too. But I am sure you are going to like them all.

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