10 Best Games like Until Dawn


As I have noticed the various genres of gaming, the interactive drama survival horror adventure action games are not that much cherished as compared to RPGs. However, they are the true form of art and technology coming together in the best way possible and games like Until Dawn are the examples of it.

10 Best Games like Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a quite mysterious and horror themed video game which earned critical acclaim for its representation and praises for its visuals and horror elements incorporated. If you loved this game then I am sure you are going to love the similar games belonging to horror genre which are enlisted right below along with their details.

1. The Walking Dead

Website: http://www.telltalegames.com/walkingdead/season1/

The Walking DeadNo other game could have taken this number 1 spot in this list of games like Until Dawn and the reason is pretty clear. The Walking Dead is the ultimate interactive survival horror game constructed in form of episodes, which is going to send chills down your spine.

Scarier than the show itself, this graphic adventure video game is developed and published by Telltale games and can be played in single player mode only.

There are total five episodes in the game, and the plot is set after the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. Played by third person perspective, the player assumes the role of Lee Everett whose sole mission is to stay alive amidst these zombie attacks. As there are other survivors too so interaction remains a key in the game.

The game is more focused on developing story and character rather than action and combat. The storyline of the game is majorly affected by the decision taken by the player.

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2. Oxenfree

Website: http://nightschoolstudio.com/

OxenfreeA graphical adventure video game based on the theme of supernatural mystery, Oxenfree is the next choice for the category of games like Until Dawn. Released in 2016, Oxenfree revolves around a character named Alex who is a teenager going to a local island for weekend.

Player assumes the role of Alex and along with her friends she must have to reveal the reason behind the supernatural events taking place on this island.

The environment is in 2D but characters navigate in 3D giving a 2.5D perspective to the game. Just like the other games in this list, the game involves branching option for conversation and “walk and talk” mechanics remain an important aspect throughout.

Alex has a radio whose frequency can be adjusted to do certain tasks like opening doors, communicating to ghosts giving a puzzle like feel to the game. There is no proper ending to the game and as the player takes decision, it determines the next phase of the game.

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3. The Last of Us

Website: http://thelastofus.com/

The Last of UsFor more alternative games like Until Dawn, I got The Last of Us in the list which is a survival horror game based on the theme of action and adventure. Player assumes the role of a smuggler named Joel in this game whose task is to escort a teenage girl Ellie across the post-apocalyptic US.

The last of Us is developed by Naughty Dog and released in 2013. It can be played from third person perspective and this is one of those few survival horror games which also incorporates combat in it.

There are various firearms and improvised weapons provided to the player which he can use for stealth and to protect him and his companion from cannibalistic humans. Other non-playable characters including Ellie are controlled by AI, apart from winter segment where player controls both Joel and Ellie.

If you are looking for combat based games like Until Dawn featuring less use of interaction, then The Last of Us is the best option you can try out.

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4. Life is Strange

Website: http://lifeisstrange.com/

Life is StrangeAlthough not horror but Life is Strange is totally a graphic adventure game just like the rest of the games like Until Dawn enlisted here. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, it was released in 2015 in form of five different episodes just like The Walking Dead.

The plot of this game focuses on 18 year old photography student Max who get to discover her unique ability to rewind time whenever she wants.

Max discovers that a storm is about to approach and now she must use her ability to save her town from the destruction. The game is set in various quests and puzzle solving is also a feature of Life is Strange game. Interaction with people is also important and you can control Max from third person perspective.

Exploration and item collection are other elements of the game and branching options are used for the conversation with non-playable characters. Although not horror in theme, the game is surely kind of mysterious to play.

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5. Dying Light

Website: http://dyinglightgame.com/

Dying LightAn open world survival horror game, Dying Light makes the perfect Until Dawn alternative which also incorporates the theme of action and adventure just like The Last of Us. Developed by Techland, it was released in 2015 and I am sure you are going to love its open world theme too.

Controlled from first person perspective, the player assumes the role of an undercover agent Kyle Crane who is sent to a post-apocalyptic zombie area Harran.

This city is shown in open world and the player is now supposed to survive here by looking for supplies and resources and crafting weapons to fight against infected people. Player can perform various actions like climb, slide, jump, zip-lining etc. to survive in the game.

This is called Parkour mechanics which is also applied to the combat in the game. It has over 1000 weapon possibility making it the most diversified option in the list of games like Until Dawn.

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6. Outlast

Website: http://redbarrelsgames.com/

OutlastA survival horror game based on the theme of psychological adventure, Outlast is a phenomenal mind-boggling game which can be controlled by first person perspective. The next in the queue for the list of games like Until Dawn, it can be played in single player mode.

Outlast focuses on the character of Miles Upshur who is a freelance investigation journalist. While investigating a psychiatric hospital he realizes it is overrun by homicidal patients and now he must have to survive out here.

Unlike other games, Outlast relies on stealth the most. Although the player cannot attack, but he can run, jump, hide, crouch and take shelters in hidden areas to survive as longer as he can in the game. You can control the protagonist from first person perspective.

When the player dies, the game does not get end but resets on the last checkpoint which is a major advantage of it. The game is renowned for its sudden horror elements.

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7. The Evil Within

Website: http://theevilwithin.com/

The Evil WithinA survival horror game controlled from third person perspective, The Evil Within makes the next choice for the list of games like Until Dawn. The game was released in 2014 and developed by Tango Gameworks and serves as the first game in series.

The game focuses on the story of protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he goes through a world full of weird horrid creatures and nightmare kind of setting.

You can control the protagonist from third person perspective and with combat being a top priority you need to continuously battle with the scary creatures in the game. You goes through various levels and given different weapons in order to survive in the gaming world.

With stealth and collectibles, you need to keep on going and fight through bosses and disfigured enemies to keep on moving forward. The atmosphere of the game can send chill down your spine and the horror elements are literally quite scary and creepy.

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8. Beyond: Two Souls

Website: http://playstation.beyond-twosouls.com/

Beyond: Two SoulsAnd interactive drama theme based action adventure game, Beyond: Two Souls is no different from other Until Dawn similar games. Developed by Quantic Dream and released in 2013, it is one of those few games which features two playable characters.

One is Jodie Holmes and other is Aiden, a soul linked to Jodie since birth. As the soul element is involved, you can see psychic elements and supernatural powers involved in the game as well.

For a start player controls the character of Jodie and later can switch the control between Jodie and Aiden. The game runs in a guiding manner telling Jodie to move in a certain direction if needed. Aiden being a soul can walk through walls and other objectives but cannot go much far from Jodie.

Interaction remains an important key of the game throughout while combat is also featured sometimes. As a whole, Beyond is a complete package and hence it got listed out in this category of games like Until Dawn. Well, despite having a soul as a character, the game does not feature horror elements in it.

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9. Soma

Website: http://www.somagame.com/

SomaSoma is also a type of survival horror game just like the rest of the games like Until Dawn but with the theme of science fiction which is kind of different. It is developed and published by Frictional Games and released in 2017.

The plot is set in an underwater research facility where machines starting to take human characteristics and begins functioning in evil way.

As a player you assume the role of Simon Jarrett who finds himself in mysterious conditions in this facility and now trying to uncover his past. Soma uses psychological horror theme where the protagonist needs to encounter weird creatures and still manage to survive in this situation.

The game is set from first person perspective and the player keeps on moving and taking decisions on the basis of the clues and notes he finds in different locations of the gaming world. There are zero elements of combat and interaction, stealth and puzzle solving remains priority throughout.

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10. Silent Hill

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/

Silent HillI have mentioned some amazingly popular and entertaining games similar to Until Dawn and the last one to join this category of Silent Hill. It is a survival horror game made just for PlayStation by Konami Computer and released in 1999.

It is the first installment in Silent Hill game series and uses a third person perspective to showcase 3D visuals and real time rendering.

Story of Silent Hill focuses on Harry Mason who is in search of his missing adopted daughter in the fictional town of Silent Hill. The town is filled with monsters and with the help of combat, puzzle solving and exploration you need to find the protagonist’s daughter Cheryl.

Interaction is not that important but combat surely is making it character oriented and involves player deeply into it. This trait makes Silent Hill one of the most interesting games like Until Dawn and the constant change in camera angles keep you thrilled and vigilant too.

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The use of graphics and horror content is used explicitly in some of the games like Until Dawn. For example, The Walking Dead is the scariest of all whereas games such as Soma and Life is Strange are quite mysterious in terms of genre and theme.

However, they all belong to the similar concept of interactive drama and sudden change of plot and mechanics leading to various ambiguous twists and turns in the game. All of this adds a new level of complexity and attract the gamer more towards solving them out. This is why you should ditch your RPGs for a day and try out these survival based games for a while.

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