10 Best Webcam Software for Windows

With the growing change in technology, seeing a person live in front of your eyes from like miles away is really not a big thing anymore. All thanks to the best webcam software that you can actually make your long distance relationship work. In fact, this is for something more than that.

10 Best Webcam Software for Windows

Organize a conference with your employees in different countries or just use crazy filters and stickers to have a fun chat with your friends. With these web cam programs everything is sure shot possible. However, if you got no clue about such software then here is a list of some of the best webcam software that you can checkout.

1. Cyberlink YouCam 7

Website: https://www.cyberlink.com/

Cyberlink YouCam 7Obviously, not a free software, YouCam 7 by Cyberlink gives such a functionality to a user that it can put other programs on shame. With best webcam software like YouCam 7 by your side, you can use your built-in webcam in such a way like never before.

It is going to cost you $34.95 to buy this software but once purchases, you get a lifetime license along with some really cool and high-end features.

Starting its long list of features with examples like real time virtual makeup, filters and personality, visual settings, high security, business use too. Well, it was about the simple things that come with YouCam 7. Talking about the fun involves in it, you get more than 200 filters along with recording option too.

It is no less than the professional camera for capturing images in between as well as for webcam chatting and recording sessions. With functions like various video calls app support, personalization, gadgets and emoticons, editing and beautification tools, it is surely one of the best webcam programs ever.

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2. IP Camera Viewer

Website: http://www.deskshare.com/

IP-Camera-ViewerIP Camera Viewer is a free program for webcam capturing offered by Dekashare which supports all the versions of Windows operating system. Despite being a great aid to webcam operations, it is totally free which makes it worthy of being in the list of best webcam software.

IP Camera Viewer supports various network cameras and webcams and also provides zoom if it is not available in the webcams already.

It is like syncing your original webcam to this program and making it more effective. Some of the interesting features of IP Camera Viewer are control over 4 camera feeds at the same time, support for 2200 camera models, camera control on multiple monitors, pan/tilt/zoom support etc.

It was all about the technical advancements that you get with IP Camera Viewer. Other features of this program are live audio support, multiple format support, full screen display etc. However, despite providing so many features, the program still lacks some interactive filters and frames options. So, it is more suitable for surveillance and official works rather than intellectual and personal use.

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3. ManyCam

Website: https://manycam.com/

ManycamManyCam can be even awarded for being the best free webcam software ever. I mean you cannot even imagine how many services it has to offer and that too for without even charging anything from its users. With multiple platform support and a really simple interface, ManyCam is amongst the most used webcam service ever.

The current version of ManyCam is 6.0 which can be downloaded for free and with the high-resolution video quality, you will have the best experience of video chatting ever.

ManyCam even support almost all the video oriented apps and gives super cool 3D mask effect with them too. Other features of ManyCam are customizable layout, amazing effects and filters, live streams, video switchers, screen and video recording etc.

In fact, you can ever use this best webcam software for video conferencing, web events, game streaming, webinars, online courses etc. The uninterrupted service of this program is hugely popular and hence it is the best social app ever.

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4. Yawcam

Website: http://www.yawcam.com/

YawcamYet Another Webcam software or simply Yawcam is another option for the list of best webcam software. Just like its interesting name, the features provided by it are also interesting and fun. However, not that intellectual and open in approach, Yawcam is mainly preferred for mainstream video chats in better quality and with better experience.

Of course, with video streaming, it provides you snapshot option and usual video recording option too. And let me tell you, Yawcam provides this all for absolutely free.

Other options which comes handy with Yawcam are motion and face detection, built-in webserver, text and image overlaying, run as a core window service, platform availability with multiple languages, timely updates etc.

You can ever protect your data on this software with password protection and use its timer for online scheduling for events important to you. This simple yet smart program is quite helping for improving your video chat experience with your friends and even colleagues.

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5. Debut Video Capture Software

Website: www.nchsoftware.com/

Debut-Video-Capture-SoftwareA very popular webcam program offered by NCH Software, Debut video capture is a webcam software for windows 10 and for other versions of Windows and Mac too. However, it is not available for free and you can purchase its home edition for $40 which is just for personal use and pro edition for $50 which can be used for commercial use.

Starting from very basic features, you get utilities like webcam recording, external device support, screen recording, streaming etc.

Apart from it, Debut Video Capture software also offers services like multiple video format and camera type support, full screen recording, video alone or audio/video combined recording, text and time stamp insertion, color settings and video effects, high-quality videos, adjustment for video resolution, frame rate and size etc.

Apart from being one of the best webcam software, you can use Debut Video Capture for after process too. Like, it supports direct sharing and even direct CD burning too which saves a lot of time.

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6. iGlasses

Website: http://www.ecamm.com/

iGlassesAvailable for only Mac platforms, iGlasses is another option for the category of best webcam software. It is highly used for changing your aspect over webcam chatting and making it a fun experience for you and your friends. As you can use it for free for only a limited time, you would have to buy it for $19.95 only.

It has so many fun looks and style adjustments that you can try them out all in a chat and still there would be plenty of them left.

iGlasses gives a perfect webcam experience even in low light. You can use the brightening settings to produce effects and 3D distortion too. With HD quality, iGlasses gives the best webcam chat experience ever and it can be used with literally any video chatting app.

It offers over 50 effects including face tracking too and also gives pan and zoom options if they are not available in the basic app. You can also adjust the visuals according to your choice and make them default for the next session.

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7. SplitCam

Website: http://splitcamera.com/

SplitCamA perfect option for windows 10 webcam software, SplitCam is a really cool webcam service available for adding great video effects and really smooth streaming. Despite being available for totally free of cost, SplitCam has some really catchy features to offer to the users.

Their motto is to make the video calls with your friends more fun and informal and hence you people can connect more quickly than ever.

With really amazing features like webcam effects, crazy filters, stickers, mid-texting, emoticons etc. you can make your chats more fun and they are more likely to last longer. It even gives you some technical advancements like video splitting to various programs, realistic 3D masks, multiple format and video chat apps support etc. along with the usual recording and snapshot options.

The one most important feature of SplitCam is that you can chat with your friends on various app at exactly the same time without either of them being shown the busy sign. This is the best webcam software made for multitasking like a pro.

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8. VideoBooth

Website: http://www.my-video-booth.com/

VideoBoothFrom the point of view of a fun and interactive program, VideoBooth is the best webcam software ever. It has so many interesting and fun utilities that you will probably never get enough of it. Although not available for Windows 10, but VideoBooth is highly used for making boring webcam chats a fun activity.

The basic version of VideoBooth is available for free but as it does not offer complete package, you can buy the pro version which is going to cost you $49.95 only.

Now, coming on to the features provided with VideoBooth then they are photo snapshots between the video chats, webcam recording, built-in effects and filters for both videos and photos, direct sharing on social media sites, four snapshots in one succession, smooth recording etc.

You are going to fall in love with the effects which comes handy with this program. It is a lightweight software which is not going to affect the continuity of the streaming at all. Apart from it, if you are not satisfied with its performance then you can claim your money back within a month too.

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9. MyCam

Website: https://www.e2esoft.com/

MyCamMyCam is the simplest and easy-going standalone software which is widely used for webcam operations. From taking snapshots in between to recording the entire long length videos and webcam chats, it does everything which you feel like doing with your webcam.

In fact, it is like addition better features and functionality to the webcam of windows based system. And for all of this you are not even supposed to pay anything because it is a completely free program.

MyCam is a very lightweight program of only 2MB and hence eliminates the need of installing and you can directly use it just after downloading. The set-up is simple and it works with all types of webcams. However, being a simple program it supports fewer file formats as compared to other best webcam software listed here.

Some of the features of MyCam are automatic webcam configuration, easy to use, support almost all the video chat apps, webcam recording, screenshots capturing etc. However, you get no additional filters and camera effects with this software.

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10. Magic Camera

Website: http://www.shiningmorning.com/

Magic CameraAnd the final choice for the list of best webcam software is Magic Camera. It is an all in one webcam effects software which is highly preferred for making dull webcam chats an interesting process. Magic Camera works for all types of cameras like HD, camcorders, IP cameras, digital camera etc.

However, despite having a free version you do not get all the services under it. And hence you can buy its standard license for $59.95 which comes with lifetime validity of license.

Magic Camera is mainly used for adding filters and effects in the webcam chats. It offers options like adding frames, image and video overlay, flash and animations, visual and transform filters, funny masks and stickers, real time background change, text add feature, video scenes, picture in picture effect and many more.

Magic Camera makes a really good webcam software which is compatible with all the popular webcam chat programs without creating any glitches too. Along with the basic features of snapshots and video recording you have so much to explore on this program that it is like never ending process.

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11. APowerSoft Screen Recorder Pro

Website: https://www.apowersoft.com/screen-recorder.html 

Best Webcam Software for Windows

APowerSoft is a company which develops a ton of tools, and one of them is its Screen Recorder Pro, a Webcam software which can be used for more than just recording the Webcam. It allows recording the entire screen, a specific region, and even individual app-windows.

The videos can be saved in MP4 formats. Although the tool features an inbuilt converter which lets us convert the recorded videos to other formats such as  AVI, FLV etc. It targets Webinar organizers, Live-Streamers and other such professionals and individuals hinting at its confidence about the tool’s professionalism.

Additionally it can even be used to monitor the activities on your computer when you’re not around, a kind of Parental tool of sorts without any extra expenses. Automation is completely possible and the application will start recording the screen and webcam on a preset date and time.

It even features two video editors which can be used to embed annotations, Trim, crop, add effects and much more. Uploading directly to Youtube, ShowMore and FTP servers is possible as well.

It can be purchased with its Lifetime license for USD $79.95 (offer price), or monthly and yearly plans are available for USD $12.95/month and USD $39.95/month respectively. Business plans cost USD $79.95/Year, or USD $159.00 for the lifetime license.

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You must be wondering that despite having webcam facilities on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp why do you even need a secondary program? Well, as everyone know that the services provided over such programs are highly limited and surely for something professional you need a better alternative.

There are some software available other than these which despite being popular do not offer that much amount of features on it as compared to other best webcam software. I am sure you would love to discover their amazing services that you would probably ditch the traditional programs for it.