10 Best Sites like Codecademy


A current age student knows the importance of coding in the recent times especially when you want to launch a startup of your own. For this, you need sites like Codecademy which can allow you to grow as a coder and polish your skills in the best way possible through their online coding classes.

10 Best Sites like Codecademy

As Codecademy is a freemium site, you would have to eventually move to its pro version someday for better understanding of languages. This is why you need sites which offers free or rather cheaper plans for the same knowledge and process. This is why I curated this list of sites which can teach you everything about coding. You can take a detailed look down here.

1. Code Avengers

Website: https://www.codeavengers.com/

Code AvengersCode Avengers is a program which is designed in such a way that it reciprocates to everyone from a child to an education expert. With such a progressive and incremental approach at various levels, it is the first pick in the category of sites like Codecademy to learn coding from.

Code Avengers offers classes on programming languages like Python, HTML & CSS, Javascript, web development, computer science, designing and basic introduction to coding.

There are three programs, Junior for kids, Pro for adult students and Educators for teachers. All of them can be started under a free trial period but later on charges different amounts. For overall program, there is a trial period of 7 days and then you can upgrade to premium account for $29 per month.

Under the premium account, you get features like more than 500 lessons, 100+ quizzes, coding projects, course completion certificate, 100+ guide projects and many more services. I really liked their concept of providing different courses for every age group and I think their Pro plan is the best and most tried out of all.

2. Code

Website: https://code.org/

CodeI found this website best of all the other Codecademy like sites because of its cause. This non-profit organization aims at providing free lessons to everyone and try to make awareness regarding the education of computer science everywhere and on every level.

From kids to university students, Code.org aims at everyone and wants to do as much as they can in order to make coding an important part of every syllabus.

There are free lessons available on this website and with their program called “Hour of Code Challenge” free programming tutorials are provided to everyone. You just need to create an account and you are good to go then. From making apps, images, games to high-level coding, the site teaches it all.

This is not another option for the list of sites like Codecademy, but something way bigger and larger than that. You can even start various projects on this website like app lab, game lab, artist lab, play lab, drawing etc. You can also visit the Hour of Code website to learn more about their programs and courses.

3. Free Code Camp

Website: https://www.freecodecamp.org/

Free Code CampJust like code.org, Free Code Camp is also a nonprofit organization whose soul mission is to educate everyone about the importance of computer science in the current time. This is an ideal place to learn coding if you have never tried it before because this is the most suitable option for the category of sites like Codecademy for the beginners.

You can learn about programming languages and other web development operations like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, D3.js, Databases, Node.js, React.js and many more through Free Code Camp.

Despite being just 3 years old, Free Code Camp has established itself as a very popular name to learn coding from. The process here is quite interactive involving online community forum, chat rooms, smart learning, basics, medium publications and many more.

Free Code Camp acts just like a teacher and also focus on a student’s progress through project assignments which can be either completed alone or in groups. This actual class like approach makes it interesting to learn even boring languages on FCC. You can also build web apps after course completion as part of practical development experience.

4. Code School

Website: https://www.codeschool.com/

Code SchoolCode School is just like its name and provides an interactive platform to the people who wants to learn the basics and complexities of coding irrespective of their age and educational background. Don’t worry if you have never tried it out because Code School starts from very basics and then leads to higher level.

A perfect example of sites like Codecademy, Code School is perfect for aspiring developers around the globe waiting for the perfect online coding platform.

Although, it has a free program but eventually you would have to upgrade to the paid subscription for better features which is going to cost you $7 per month only. Under this subscription, you get access to 71 courses, 256 screencasts, 2885 coding challenges, iOS app access, community access and many more.

Apart from the course, you can learn various programming paths/languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML etc. on Code School. For advanced level, there are some projects which you can complete for practical development knowledge. Code School is the cheapest and most effective Codecademy alternative in this list which must be checked out at least once.

5. CodeHS

Website: https://codehs.com/

CodeHSA comprehensive and detailed study regarding coding, programming and everything in between, CodeHS is a school program which enables you access to the above stated educational courses. This enables you to teach coding in your school in the best way.

This school oriented program works in the best way for the kids and make them feel curious as well as interested in coding and computer science applications.

CodeHS offers free, pro and super plan which differs on the basis of features provided and whose prices are only revealed after successful school authentication. These courses targets the students of class 6 – 12. The features which are associated with them are individual child development with 1 on 1 support, magic grading, lessons plans etc.

Now, talking about the things to learn from CodeHS then they are Java+, CSP, Python, web designing course, Karel course, virtual reality course, test and prep material, offline classroom activities, students code accessing, complete progress tracking and many other features which are not there in any other sites like Codecademy.

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6. Tutsplus

Website: https://code.tutsplus.com/

TutsplusTutsplus is a program by Envato and to be true it better belongs to category of sites like Udemy because of the versatility involved. Tutsplus focuses on various programs but with main focus on interactive coding through tutorials and online courses offering wonderful and simple approach towards computer science.

Tutsplus also functions in other categories apart from coding. These categories are web design, photos and videos, business, music and audio, 3D & motion graphics, design & illustration and many more.

However, you would have to subscribe first with $29 per month charges which allows you to access not only Tutsplus but Envato elements site too. Now, focusing on its coding features then you get a detailed study about it. They offer various courses like JavaScript, PHP, iOS, web app development, Laravel, WordPress Coding basics and many more.

You get a certification of completion after the courses are done. The interactive approach makes the learning process fun and interesting throughout. This is why Tutsplus makes an excellent option under the list of sites like Codecademy.

7. Treehouse

Website: https://teamtreehouse.com/

TreehouseA platform completely dedicated to the applications of web designing, coding and much more than that, Treehouse is a very popular known when it comes to online intellectual programs for computer science. It has a very huge course library where you can pursue any course of your choice.

However, Treehouse is not free to use and you can access it for free for only initial 7 days. After this, you got two plans to update on which are basic for $13 /month and Pro for $38 /month.

Treehouse functions similar to any other sites like Codecademy and provides basic to advanced level learning through various videos and tutorials. There are timely quizzes and interactive code challenges to apply what you have learned into practical application.

As you move further and make progress, you are awarded with badges which indicated the skills you are having right now. Not only coding but Treehouse also focuses on learning website development, app development, business startup and many more web designing, coding and business related ideas.

8. Codewars

Website: https://www.codewars.com/

CodewarsPowered by Qualified organization, Codewars is a step by step guide towards making a person experienced and mastered in coding. I found the site most versatile and richer than all as it provides tutorials and courses on various programming languages which are not made available on any other sites like Codecademy.

Codewars is available to use for both business and educational use. It has a very defined pricing structure according to which it costs $19 per student per month, $199 per month for 20 students and a custom plan is also available.

Now, the languages available to learn from Codewars are C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Crystal, Rust, SQL, Shell, Swift, Dart and many more. You can choose any of the languages to start from and the detailed study and courses are made available then on this language.

All the languages are made available on Kata and you can also challenge yourself with various program available on it. It not only earns you wisdom of that language but also ranks and honor too. I am sure you would love this unique approach towards learning to code in a mastered way.

9. W3Schools

Website: https://www.w3schools.com/

W3SchoolsNext one to join the list of sites similar to Codecademy is W3Schools which derives its name from World Wide Web (W3). This is a web developers site which teaches about web designing, coding and other computer science aspects with the help of tutorials and references.

With the help of W3Schools, you can get to learn about programming languages like CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Bootstrap, W3.CSS and many more.

It was first created in 1998 and ever since it has been running successfully offering a variety of services. Interestingly, it is a completely free to use platform which has a huge list of programming languages enlisted on its home page and you can choose the desired one to start learning.

W3Schools makes an excellent option for the list of sites like Codecademy especially when you want to learn programming languages and that too for absolutely free. The site starts from very basic level and then gradually progress towards a more professional level providing a better understanding to the users.

10. Tynker

Website: https://www.tynker.com/

TynkerAnd finally, as the last option we have Tynker in the list of sites like Codecademy. There has been mention of all types of sites providing higher and advance level information of coding for adults and university graduates but it is the time to make your foundation strong with Tynker.

Yes, finally there is a site which approaches to small kids in a fun and intellectual way that they automatically generate interest for coding and relevant courses.

However, it is not free and costs $16 per month when paid quarterly and offers 18 online programming courses, Minecraft Java Edition server and 8 mobile courses under it. You can use Tynker for home as well as for schools too under its parental and business plans.

It teaches kids to learn about developing simple apps, games, control robots, mod minecraft, learn about programming languages like JavaScript and Python in a fun way. This is one of the best educational site for kids ever.


No matter how boring and dull it sounds but it is so important to have at least basic knowledge of various programming languages. It is the time that you can ditch the boring coaching looting you with high fees because these online programs are way affordable than those classes.

These sites like Codecademy got everything covered for you like quizzes, tests, basics, examples, tutorials and everything else relevant. Of course, you are always reluctant in the start but as you will start to spend time on these classes am sure you will outgrow your fear of coding pretty soon.

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