Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign up Required

Are you the one who is looking for the list of best free movie streaming sites?

Do you like to watch movies from movie streaming sites?

These are some of the questions which I would like to ask you before we start the today’s post. If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then I am sure that you are at the right place.

Movies are one the very popular forms of entertainment. After the hectic schedule, everyone likes to watch movie on weekends. In the past, when there were not so many computers and digital equipment, people go to the theater with family or friends and watch the movies. In the present situation also, there are many theaters available where people go and watch the movies.

But with increasing use of technology and computers, people are forgetting the theaters and watch the movies online. In today’s fast and competitive world, no one has time to go to the theater and watch movie. Instead, people like to watch movies from movie streaming sites.

There are lots of free movie streaming sites available on the internet where you can watch movie without downloading. The popularity of these kinds of sites is increasing rapidly. The process to watch movie from free movie streaming sites is very easy. You just need to have a list of best free movie streaming sites with you. Then you can go to your favorite movie streaming site and watch the movie which you like.

There are some sites which provide good and quality movies while there are some sites which do not provide quality movies. Sometimes some free movie streaming sites create lots of problem for you. Some sites may charge you before you watch movie online. So to get rid of all those problems and enjoy your weekends, I have come up with list of best free movie streaming sites where no sign up is required.

The good thing about these sites is you can watch movies on your iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop or desktop as well. These sites will work on every device.

Advantages of Watching Movies Online on Free Movie Streaming Sites

1). Time-Saving

This is the first and foremost advantage of watching movies on free movie streaming sites.  If you watch movie offline then either you have to download whole movie, or you have to go to the theater, buy tickets and watch movie. Both processes are very time-consuming. If you watch movie on free movie streaming sites, then you can save your lots of time. That’s the main reason why people are using free movie streaming sites more and more.

2). Money Saving

Who doesn’t want to save money? Everyone…!! Right? So you can save your money if you watch movie on free movie streaming sites rather than buying DVD or watching movie in theatre. There are some movie streaming sites where you need to pay little money for subscription but it is quite less as compared to DVD prices or theater prices.

3). Quite Easy

To watch movie on movie streaming sites is very easy process. The person who has some basic knowledge about how to use the internet can easily watch movie on those sites. You just need to choose the proper site and the movie which you want to see. Then you can enjoy your favorite movie on that movie streaming site.

4). Privacy

There are times when you want to watch movie alone or with your loved once, but you cannot watch it in the theater. Isn’t it? So with free movie streaming sites, you can watch any type of movie at home with anyone on PC or Smartphone.

The above are some of the advantages, which you will get while using the free movie streaming sites.

So are you ready to check the list of free movie streaming sites with No Sign Up?

Note: Please bookmark this page because I will be updating the list in the future as well.

Best 15 Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign up Required

I am also a movie lover and using many websites to watch free movies. So I will keep on searching various sites and update this list regularly.

1). PutLockers2


PutLockers2 is a great resource to watch free movie online. PutLockers2 is having a good collection of movies and they are updating the database of movies frequently. You can watch the movie without registration or sign up which is great. This free movie streaming site is not hosting movies on its own server instead it provides links from various non-affiliated sources.

You can watch movies on any portable device from PutLockers2 because the site is fully responsive. They have good filtering system which helps you to find your favorite movie easily. It may happen that you may find that not all movies are available to stream on this site. In that case, you can use the feature called only available to stream to separate the movies which are available to stream and watch them.

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This is one of the best free movie streaming sites which I have ever found. There is no pop, pop up or any kind of advertisements only streaming. The design of this site makes it stand out from rest of the free movie streaming sites. This site provides high-quality HD movies. The design of this site is very Morden, and the features are great. So by these two things, it provides you the best user experience.

You can filter movies based on countries, genre and release date. The best feature which I like in this site is that we can request them for the movie which is not available in the site to watch. They will fulfill the request as soon as possible. You can also download any movie or TV shows with its subtitles. So you can also watch it offline.

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3). MyDownloadTube

free movie streaming sitesWebsite:

Who doesn’t free movie streaming site with Download option?

MyDownloadTube is a relatively new but great free movie streaming sites where you don’t need registration or sign up to watch movie online. This site is using movies from 3rd party sites so you may see some ads on this site. But if you are using some ad blocker plugin then there is no need to worry about those ads.

You can find Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and games on this site. The best thing about this free movie streaming site is that this site is frequently updated. So you can find all the new movie release, its trailers and everything at one place.

The site design is attractive. You can also find various PC games here. You can download the movie or game to use offline also. You can easily search and filter the movie using the sort and filter system.

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4). Amazon Prime


Who doesn’t have heard the name of Amazon? We all know that Amazon is one of the Market Giant in the world of E-commerce business. But do you know it also provides free movie streaming for 30 days?

Amazon is a big name in online market, software or video services. Due to its quality services, each and every internet person has heard its name and uses the service one or the other way. Amazon is having one of the biggest collections of movies.

You can watch the movies from its service called Amazon Prime. In Amazon, 30 days free trial is available, and after 30 days, you need to pay some small fee to continue. But you can try for this site. You will get quality movies only.

Amazon is home of many award-winning TV shows and movies along with some HBO series also.

5). Netflix


Netflix does not need any kind of introduction. This is very reputed and well-organised site to watch best movie streaming online. This is mainly for online streaming content in America, Japan, Australia and some parts of Europe. Netflix provides you the 30 days free trail pack. Once the pack is over, you need to pay some fee for subscription to watch movie.

Netflix is one of the top sites to watch movie online. You can choose the plan which you like. Just make sure that the service is available in your country or not before going for this service.

Netflix is having huge collection of movies, TV shows, and cartoons. This company is known for its reputation. So you don’t need to worry about your subscription and quality of movie.

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6). VioozWatch32Movies


VioozWatch32Movies is the best place for those people who are big fan of Hollywood movies. This is one of the best free movie streaming sites for Hollywood movies. This site is not hosting any movie on its server. It simply gives you links of 3rd party where you can watch movies for free. This is the site where you don’t need sign-up or registration. So you can enjoy the movies without any hassle.

The design of VioozWatch32Movies is quite good, simple and site is updated on a daily basis. So you can find your favorite and latest movie on this site. The site is not using any ads. So you will get awesome user experience with them.

On VioozWatch32Movies, there are different categories like action, SC-FI, comedy, animated, drama, etc. You can also use this site on Android or iPhone to watch your favorite movie. If you have any query, then you can use their contact us form to contact them.

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If you are movies lover than I am pretty sure that you will like this site.

This site is using public API’s to give recommendations to its users. This site is also not hosting any movie on its server. It just gives you the 3rd party links where you can watch movie without sign up or registration.

It is quite possible that most of the free movie streaming sites is using lots of ads to increase the revenue. But this is not the case with HouseMovies. You will get fewer ads on this site. So you will not get annoyed by ads.

The design and layout of this site make it user-friendly. You will also get recommendation on this site. You just need to choose the movie which you want to see and then click on its icon. Once you do that, you will receive short description, number of recommendations and the list of references to the movie online. This is the site which provides quality movies to its users.

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8). Crackle


Crackle is service by Sony which is popular brand in the world. Crackle is one of the best free movie streaming sites. You can watch web shows, Hollywood movies and TV shows on Crackle. Crackle is having its Android and iOS apps also.

There is no need to sign up in Crackle. You can watch movie without registration also. But there are some advantages of Sign up. The first advantage you will get is crackle will notify you when new movie is added to the database. The second advantage is that you can make list of your favorite movie in your account and watch them later. There are many categories which include Sci-Fi, Sports, Horror, Action and many more.

9). NewMovies


Like all other free movie streaming sites, this site is also not hosting any movie on its own server. NewMovies will give you many links to you to watch free movie online. All those links are linked to non-affiliated 3rd party sites where you can enjoy movies.

NewMovies is a new site but it is very user-friendly site when it comes to free movie streaming sites. If you are looking for the movies from 2014 to 2016, then this site will be your one-stop destination. You can check movies in different genres like action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime and many more.

To watch movie on this site is a piece of cake. You just need to find the favorite movie on this site, and this site will give you best 3rd party links where you can watch your favorite movie for free.

10). Hulu


How can I forget to mention the best American movie streaming site here?

Yes, I am talking about Hulu here. Hulu is the widely used and famous website to watch free movie online. Hulu is an American company that provides movies, TV shows and much more to watch. Hulu is the best place to watch online movie.

But the sad part about this site is that it is available for the United States only. If you are not American, you cannot use Hulu to watch movies.

As we all know that every problem has its own solution. Here is the solution to use Hulu to watch movies outside the United Status. Use the power of Proxy. Proxy servers are meant to hide the IP address, and you can use Hulu with the use of Proxy.

11). Viewstar


Viewstar is one of the best movie streaming sites to watch movies without downloading. Viewstar is video service company whose headquarter is in Switzerland. The quality provided by Viewstar is damn good.

If you or your kids are fan of animated movie then Viewstar will be your one stop solution to watch animated movies online. Your kids will surely like this. There are thousands of movie present on Viewstar. These movies are categorized into 20 different categories like action, adventures, Bollywood, comedy, drama, kids, animation and more.

If you don’t want to use your computer to watch movie then you can download the app also. At present, the app of Viewstar is only available on Android platform.

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12). Watch32HD


If you are looking for HD movies, then Watch32HD is the perfect place for you. The site claims that they have removed all the lower quality videos with HD quality videos. So you can see only HD quality videos on Watch32HD.

There are many people who want to watch past movies which are popular. Watch32HD is the best place to watch movies from the past. I have seen movies from 1998 on Watch32HD.

There are various categories for you to search movies. Categories include action, biography, animation, War, etc. The user interface is not that much good, but you will enjoy the quality of movie for sure.

13). Megashare Movies


A mega share movie is one of the great sites to watch movie without registration or sign up. Like all other sites, Megashare is not hosting any movie on its own servers. You will get the 3rd party link on Megashare Movies.

This site contains movies which are new and old. You can find all different genres like action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, etc. on this site. You can watch your favorite movie on your favorite device. You can use this site on Smartphone or PC. It will work great irrespective of the device because of the well-designed site structure.

To watch the movies on Megashare, you don’t need to do anything. All you need is to find your favorite movie and click on streaming link. The movie will appear in front of you.

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14). VKFlix


VKFlix is not as good as above listed option, but there is a good number of movies available on this site. If you are not satisfied from any of the above sites then go for this site. The user interface of VKFlix is very good. Any child can access and watch movie on this site without ads.

The latest collections of movies will be on homepage. You can move to watch old movies also. There are subtitles also which can help you to enjoy the movie. There will be many links for the one movie. You need to choose the best link for you. You can use the IMDB rating while choosing the best link to watch.

On VKFlix, you will surely find the fast loading and quality movies to watch online. The site is also responsive so you can watch movie on any device you want.

15). Top Movies Online


Top Movies Online is the last website on this list. Top Movies Online also free movie streaming sites which allow you to watch movie for free. And here you don’t need to sign up or register to watch movie online. There are different kinds of the movies which are categorized according to the relivent category. Some of the popular categories are comedy, action, horror, etc.

You can also watch TV shows on this site. On the homepage of Top Movies Online, you can see Cinema movies, A-Z movies, new movies and TV shows.

Top Movies Online is also not hosting any movies on its server. It will simply give link to 3rd party sites like Daily Motion where you can watch your favorite movies.

Final Words

As a Movie frank, I am using all the above sites as free movie streaming sites. No doubt, there are lots of free movie streaming sites, but some of them contain ads, some may contain low-quality movies, etc. So it is necessary to select the best website for you. The above-listed sites are some of the free movie streaming sites which you can use in your free time.

The above site will not ask for money or sign up. So you can watch movies without any worries.

Share the above free movie streaming sites with your friends and let them enjoy the weekend at home.