20 Songs About Growing Up

How time passes quickly and everything around us gets changed. You can now feel the same through songs about growing up. These songs are so relatable with your life that with each line you will be like “this is the story of my life”.

20 Songs About Growing Up

If you want to know more about such songs then here is the list of some of the great growing up songs that you would love to listen to. They are gonna teleport you directly to your childhood where everything seems alright. I am sure these songs soon will make way to your playlist.

1). Time by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is the most popular rock band of all time and Time is a track from their album The Dark Side of the Moon which was released in 1973. Even after belonging to such an old era, the band’s songs were quite progressive.

Time is one of the most accurate songs about growing up. The song tells that how time flies and we do not even realize it. We grow up and become something we never thought of. The song is about those people who does nothing in their life until the last moment but till then they are done with losing everything.