10 Best Sites like GoMovies


Ever since GoMovies went down, regular viewers of this site were baffled and looking for new options.

So, here I am bringing you some of the best options of sites like GoMovies which are great enough to provide multiple options of movies and TV series for you.

There are so many websites providing similar services but many a times the links provided by them are either broken or showcase completely different media file.

In order to find the reliable options, you have to keep on looking and trying new sites which can be kind of tiring. Hence, this section of GoMovies alternatives can be really helpful for you.

Top 10 Sites like GoMovies

As compared to the earlier section of sites similar to Fmovies, this section is mostly comprised of the reliable and quite renowned media streaming websites only.

After much of analysis, I picked 10 options of sites like GoMovies which are great for entertainment and provides all of its content for absolutely free.

Moreover, you can also browse other files apart from mainstream movies and TV shows.

  • PutLocker

Website: http://www2.putlocker.io/

free movie streaming sitesWe definitely need more sites like Putlocker in order to access the great movies of all time as well as the recent releases too. Although Putlocker keeps on switching between multiple domains but it always maintains the database as well as the quality of the movies and TV shows offered.

I really liked the platform as it was pretty clean, simple and very much straightforward. There were ads but no issues of pop-ups at all.

Putlocker also has a wide range of media to offer including movies, TV series and shows, anime movies, Cartoons movies, Asian Dramas and much more. Apart from all, it has so many genres to choose movies from like action, sci-fi, comedy, horror, adventure etc.

Putlocker is definitely the kind of choice amongst sites like GoMovies which you should definitely consider. Apart from the genres for movies, you can find genres for TV series too and you have the option to browse media through countries and years as well. And finally, if you are still not able to find your desired file, then just search for it in the given search bar option.

  • Yes Movies

Website: http://www1.yesmovies.net/

YesMoviesIf you are regular at watching movies online then I am sure you would have been well-aware with the popularity of Yes Movies. This site is all about updated database and high quality content. Although it is derived from third party sources but the way they have maintained and organized the database is really impressive.

Yes Movies not only makes one of the best sites like GoMovies but also makes a mark as an individual website for media streaming.

Apart from movies, Yes Movies also has a great collection of TV shows too especially TV series. You have the option to look at their database either chronologically or by filtering them on the basis of genres, year released, country and much more.

Although registration process on the site is completely optional but if you do so, you can then request movies too which is a member-only benefit. Ads and pop-ups are the annoying reality of the website but I think the rich database compensates well for it.

  • Movie4k

Website: https://movie4k.is/

website to watch free movies onlineMovie4k.is is the improved version of the earlier domain of the website which used to go with the name movie4k.to. You can find more such sites like Movie4k with different domains too but this one is the most reliable one along with huge database.

Although the website is completely free to access but the major set-back here is that Movie4k does not feature any TV shows on their platform.

However, this can be compensated with the fact that it provides Live TV streaming option on the website which takes you to a third party server.

I really liked the fact that the site is quite updated and you can even find movies released last week too.

All the movies displayed on the website are in HD and if you want then you can filter them on the basis of genres like action, biography, comedy, animation etc.

Anyway, Movie4k is a reliable and free to access source of watching movies and totally deserves to be in the list of sites like GoMovies.

  • PrimeWire

Website: https://www.primewire.fun/

PrimeWire needs no introduction after being one of the most popular inclusion in this list of sites like GoMovies. This site is one of the oldest and most renowned source of watching movies and TV shows online and that too without even paying a single penny for them.

Moreover, the sign-up process on PrimeWire is completely optional but it brings you some advantages like notifications of recent updated as well movies-on-demand feature.

The major advantage of using PrimeWire is that you can access music along with movies and TV shows.

There are various playlists available on the site is access along with a forum to discuss your issues with fellow PrimeWire community members.

I am sure you will also like the interface of the site which is free from ads and unnecessary pop-ups too.

Apart from it, the site has usual options of filtering the movies and TV shows on the basis of genres like comedy, action, drama, sci-fi and released date, chronologically, ratings and much more.

  • 123Movie

Website: https://123movie.cc/

Sites like 123movies, PrimeWire, Putlocker etc. are the kind of websites which needs no introduction and people have been accessing them for years now.

The main reason behind them is the workable links that they offer along with a huge database to choose your movies from.

As the website is free to access, ads in-between will be a common story here. However, I am really sure that you will love the interface of this website.

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Simple and clean interface along with a slide-show displaying all the recently released movies available on 123movie is a perfect combo to look forward to.

You can also go for creating account on the website which is completely optional but important to be created if you want to request your favorite movies on the site.

Rest of the features of 123movie remains same as the other sites like GoMovies except for the fact that all the movies are available in HD on 123movie which really keeps the site a top notch platform.

  • Megashare9

Website: http://megashare9.io/

Another pick for the category of sites like GoMovies is Megashare9. This is a really simple website featuring database of both movies and TV shows. The site does not feature of getting registered here which means no issues of such formalities.

However, I am not that much impressed with the interface of Megashare9 as it is not that much organized and sometimes it becomes tricky to find separate lists of movies and TV shows too.

Talking about the database, then it is updated on regular basis. But I felt they focus more on movies rather than on TV shows database. The quality of videos uploaded are above average but none of them are available in HD.

However, you still have the option to apply filter on the movies but on the basis of genres only.

You can find genres like horror, romance, mystery, adventure, animation etc. here. Apart from Hollywood movies, you can also find some Bollywood flicks here as well.

  • Solar Movie

Website: http://www2.solarmoviesc.com/

If you do not like the newer version of Solar Movie then you can switch to the older one too. I am sure you would be well known with the fact that sites like Solarmovie are very much popular amongst viewers mainly because of the abundancy of content on their platform.

The interface of Solar Movie is quite similar to other popular websites like Putlocker, PrimeWire and much more.

As the website is completely free to access, you are going to be annoyed by the ads and pop-ups timely. Apart from that, the interface is good enough to access and see the database clearly. Solar Movie features both movies and TV shows which can be filtered further on the basis of various aspects.

You have genres, country, IMDb rating, chronological list etc. to figure out the desired choice out of all. Similar to most of the sites like GoMovies, you can sign up on Solar Movie which helps you to request for your favorite movie to be uploaded on the platform.

  • My Download Tube

Website: https://mydownloadtube.to/

I am sure you would have heard of My Download Tube earlier too as it is highly preferred for not only watching movies online but also to download them too. This makes it one of a kind of option amongst the other sites like GoMovies.

Unfortunately, this site does not features any TV shows database on their platform but instead of them, you can access some games here.

You can also sign up on My Download Tube which is important in order to download the movies. There is a constantly running notification on the site’s home page which lets you know about the movies and games recently made available on the site.

Although everything is great about the site but I think it takes quite a time to load which can make a user very much impatient. So, if you are having some time handy then you can go for this website for sure.

  • Fmovies

Website: http://www2.fmovies.ag/

The interface of sites like Fmovies are quite similar to that of Putlocker and Solar Movie with quite similar options too. All the media files are available to watch in HD quality along with several other quality options too.

You can also sign up on Fmovies to request your favorite movies to be uploaded on the server or it can be about a TV show too.

I really liked the special option of the site where you can switch between the night and day mode which adjusts the theme of the site according to the time of the day. Other sections of the site includes featured movies, IMDb rating, top options of today etc.

Fmovies also feature various genres like comedy, horror, drama, sci-fi movies etc. to choose movies from. As a whole, the site makes a perfect choice amongst other sites like GoMovies and also lives up to the expectation of quality content too on the basis of both database as well as quality of the videos.

  • MovieZion

Website: https://www4.movierill.com/

MovieZion is a video sharing platform where the content is mostly derived from multiple sources which is comprised of other websites as well as users too. Interestingly, this is the only addition to the list of sites like GoMovies which also has their own Android app too.

This site allows you to watch movies online for absolutely free and you also have a huge database to choose from.

The site also does not include the formality of sign up and you are not even supposed to give your credit cards details here too. Their database is updated on regular basis which brings new element of surprise on every day basis for the users.

However, MovieZion is all about movies only and this is why they have no database of TV shows to offer.

but it is great that along with full movies you can also access various trailers of upcoming movies here too. The interface is pretty great with multiple options, filters and sections to choose content from and I am sure you will be impressed to access it.


Putlocker, Solar Movies, 123Movies etc. are some of the most renowned options included in this section of sites like GoMovies. In fact, they are so popular that people prefer to watch movies on them rather than any other sites and the major factor for this is the reliability as well as richness of content on them.

Although no site provide media on their own platform but derive it through third party sources. However, it is great to have some of the largest repositories by your side to entertain you with new movies and shows every day. So, keep your bowl of popcorns ready because it is going to be a binge-night.

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