10 Best Music Add-ons for Kodi


Kodi is an open source and probably the most advanced media player ever. It comes with tons of features and options to customize the output but still, I think you should know about the best music add-ons for Kodi to improve the performance and features even more.

10 Best Music Add-ons for Kodi

There are like hundreds of Kodi add-ons available out there which can be installed for absolutely free. Some are oriented towards functionality and some improve the music quality. However, in this every section, I am going to talk about the best musical add-ons and plugins you can use for Kodi media player. You can check them out right below here.

1. YouTube Music

Website: http://kdil.co/repo/

I don’t think I need to brag much about YouTube music library. This is the largest platform for curating videos as well as audio files. In fact, when you integrate it with Kodi media player, it works outstandingly and stands out from the rest of the best music add-ons for Kodi.

This service is the latest one amongst all and started recently in 2015. However, it grew rapidly and now features songs and music from all across the globe.

You can browse any type of songs here whether it is old or new and that too with music videos too. This add-on pulls music from YouTube and plays it through Kodi. Just like other Kodi music add-ons this one also features various categories like Billboard, iTunes charts, Spotify etc.

It clearly states that YouTube Music is quite diverse as well rich in terms of music options. You can further narrow down your search to various genres and charts according to your choice. However, for further privacy, you can use VPN service in order to connect to other servers.

2. ThunderStruck

Website: http://www.gtandroid.anarchymediarevolution.com/zip/

ThunderStruck is quite new in this category of best music add-ons for Kodi but actually quite promising too. This music add-ons contains a massive database of all kind of music belonging to variety of genre. It is just the perfect option to choose to fill the void of some of the best musical plugins for Kodi media player.

There are various repos which provide this add-ons and once you have installed it then you can easily check out various categories according to your choice.

You are going to find options like music, radio, concerts, videos and even karaoke. ThunderStruck also allows you to shortlist your favorite albums and music so that you can directly browse them with the help of the folder “Favorites” given in this add-on.

ThunderStruck also features some of the best charts like Top 40, Billboard, Hot 50 in various genres and many more. There are various genres and artists available too. As a whole you can consider this add-on for the most organized as well as massive Kodi add-on for music ever.

3. Jango

Website: http://fusion.tvaddons.co

To all those who are already familiar with Jango service they must be aware about the fact that it is a free online music streaming service. Now, what makes Jango different from all the other best music add-ons for Kodi is that it is not only used for listening to music but to also create personalized and custom music stations on your own.

This add-on is exactly based on the website and features amazing services including genres, top 100 charts, themes, feelings, seasons and many more.

I really liked the concept of this add-ons where you are provided pre-made playlists as well as customized ones too. While looking for a specific song or artists, you can start the relevant station where all the related songs and music will start getting streamed.

Jango is counted amongst the most utilized ones and best Kodi add-ons. Apart from the mp3 songs, Jango also allows you to play video of these songs too. The combination of Kodi and Jango turns out to be an amazing add-on where the database, as well as the quality of the music is just perfect.

4. Mp3 Streams

Website: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal

Mp3 Streams is one of the longest-running and best music add-ons for Kodi. Earlier it was provided by Kinkin but currently, it is offered by Noobs and Nerds Repository. Apart from being the oldest add-on, it is also quite abundant and diverse in terms of database which helps people to discover various songs.

In fact, it is quite organized too and hence you are not going to find it difficult to find different types of songs because of the categories available on it.

You can find songs from Billboard and OfficialCharts from categories like top albums, search artists, new albums, artists and many more. With the help of Mp3 Streams, you can easily add your favorite artists and albums in your Kodi player and can listen to them directly later on.

Mp3 Streams is eligible for Kodi Jarvis, Krypton and Leia. If you are new user then you should know that these add-ons do not store any data or content on their own and always pulls them through other sources. The process of installing it remains same as other ones through the source given above.

5. Music Box

Website: https://git.io/vMVxL

For all the music lovers who are using Kodi media player, the next big thing for them is Music Box which offers chart as well as classic karaoke and much more. This next choice in the list of best music add-ons for Kodi won’t let you miss out on a single track.

It features various categories like Rap, UK charts, Christmas, Metal and many more and apart from it there are several more genres too.

You can install the Music Box through various repo for both Kodi Krypton and Jarvis. The interface is quite tidy and you can also watch music videos through it too. Although it crumbled up in the middle but it was recently fixed up and now works better than ever.

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To use Music Box add-on you need to create an account on VK.com. Although it is free but getting registered is really mandatory. These login details are needed in the add-ons as their Music API is used to run Music Box. You can stream charts or can create a playlist of your own too. This is quite like using Spotify premium account and that too for free.

6. Top 40 Charts

Website: http://www.dandymedia.club/repo

The next option in the list of best music add-ons for Kodi is Top 40 Charts. It is a free add-on to listen as well as watch music videos and audios. By Top 40 Charts they literally mean music charts of every single music industry like US, UK, Canada, Europe and many more.

In fact, it also features various other lists too like World Singles top 100, Country top 20, Dance Top 30 and various others from around the world.

It is offered by Dandy Media and quite reliable just like the other add-ons by it. It always remains up to date and the lists are changed as per the new music release. Top 40 Charts also pulls a massive database of it from YouTube too and hence the quality of songs are totally assured.

If you are a true music lover then I am sure you would not want to miss such best add-ons for Kodi. Be it modern rock or RnB or the classic tracks, you are going to find all the charts here. This is the time to focus on what is best and trending rather than going through other tracks.

7. Rave Player

Website: http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff/

Rave Player requires at least Kodi 17 to be fully functional and mostly preferred for listening to various DJ mix music. You need to enable installation from Unknown Sources to install Rave Player and other best music add-ons for Kodi as well.

It features a number of categories like acid house, oldskool pirate radio sets, house hardcore, jungle, podcasts mixtapes, rave tape packs and other such genres.

This add-on is mostly loved by those users who are in awe of mixes and fusion music type. You can find thousands of mixes here which are just perfect for any kind of parties. As it is not an official Kodi add-on you would have to install it from third party entertainment repository.

Rave Player has been operating from years and working perfectly for various Kodi versions. Apart from the DJ sets, you can find some videos here too. Apart from keeping up with sets of DJs like Fabio, Grooverider, Carl Cox etc. you can also find footage of underground, world dance and Jungle Mania here too.

8. JukeBoxHero

Website: http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo/

After Top 40 Charts, Juke Box Hero is the next one in the list of best music add-ons for Kodi offered by Dandy Media. Although not that massive in terms of the database but Juke Box Hero is still used on a large scale. It contains both the collection of audio as well as video divided between various categories.

To name a few, you can find sections like Greatest hits of all time, UK charts, Billboard, US charts, top 1000 songs and many others.

You can also find music on the basis of artists and genres too. You really need to have such Kodi music add-ons to keep updated with the latest tracks. You can also search music of your choice and create playlists to listen to your favorite songs directly from next time.

Juke Box Hero also pulls music videos from YouTube to keep its users entertained throughout. There is no process requires for registration and you can access it directly after adding in Kodi media player.

9. The Music Source

Website: http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/

Next option to consider in the list of best music add-ons for Kodi is The Music Source. It works quite like its name and draws its music source from YouTube itself and hence offers a massive database of music as well as videos for the users.

You can call it a combination of several other music add-ons as its music library is not restricted to only single type of music and covers various other genres too.

To name a few, you can find music like Dj mixes and compilations, live world radio, BBC live lounge, music concerts, top charts of different countries and many more. You can also search music on the basis of various artists and genres and create playlists.

The Music Source features the collection of both audio as well video files and there are various repos through which it can be installed in your Kodi media player.

10. Beatz

Website: http://ares-repo.eu

The last but not the least option in the list of best music add-ons for Kodi is Beatz. Now, what is different about Beatz is that where other add-ons pulls data from YouTube, Beatz pull its music database from last.fm and also works hard to keep the charts up to date on a daily basis.

If you are a big fan of Last.fm music database then you should definitely install this add-on to your Kodi media player right away.

There is no doubt that Beatz surely deserves to be called one of the top Kodi add-ons because of its frequent updating schedule and very rich music collection. It channels music, videos as well as radio streaming options too making it quite an efficient music add-on.

There are various categories and sub-categories to keep up with the large library and perfect for Kodi Krypton as well as Jarvis.

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Kodi has always been one of the prime choices for music players mainly because its use it not limited to just music player but it is way more than that. You can easily add any type of add-ons in the settings section and once added it will add a new source of music/video library in your Kodi player.

For this you really need to know about best music add-ons for Kodi otherwise you will not be able to make most out of it. I am sure this information is going to prove helpful for you and if you are an existing Kodi user I think you should immediately download this add-ons and expand your music library.

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