10 Best Stores like PacSun


Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. or PacSun is an online retailing company which deals in youth oriented clothing especially belonging to the culture and lifestyle of California. I know, it sounds kind of weird at once to focus on an area specific but your thoughts will become wide clear when you will visit more such stores like PacSun.

10 Best Stores like PacSun

Yes, of course there are more of them orienting towards the fashion trends and style of a specific area. The 21st century youth is way different than the earlier generation and hence their idea of dressing is also kind of different. This is why such stores are putting their idea forefront for them and I think you should definitely check them out.

1. Tillys

Website: https://www.tillys.com/

TillysTillys is quite like PacSun in terms of its collection and styles and it is also an American retail company too. It operates from California and focuses on branded clothing and other fashion items too. This is a perfect choice in the list of stores like PacSun mainly because of their California connection.

Tillys is quite a big name and hence apart from focusing on online retailing they also operate as offline stores which can be easily located through their store locator service provided on their website.

Now, talking about the things you can buy from Tillys then you would be glad to know that it is a complete family package. From kids to men and women, it takes care of everyone and not only in terms of clothing but in shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and many more items too.

In fact, you can also find some really hot swimwear here too. You can also claim free shipping on the purchase of $59 and more and I am sure you would not want to miss out on their sale section too. However, the prices are a bit high as Tillys offers only branded stuffs on their website.

2. American Eagle

Website: https://www.ae.com/

American EagleIt has been 41 years since American Eagle is working in the sector of online retailing in clothes and accessories.  Hailing from Pennsylvania, American Eagle serves globally and also offers free shipping and delivery on the purchase of $100 and more.

This is one of the most renowned clothing stores like PacSun in this list and it mostly targets male and female college students only and hence you can see the young and fresh styles on their website.

You can find various categories on American Eagle like clothing for men and women, jeans, swimwear, intimate wear, shoes, accessories and many more. American Eagle also operates its other franchise called Aerie whose clothing is also listed down on their website.

Stores like PacSun are mostly oriented towards young blood and so is American Eagle and this gets completely clear with their amazing collection. They also have world wide stores too and they also operates through their mobile applications too. Do not forget to check out their other subsidiaries too for amazing clothing line.

3. Free People

Website: https://www.freepeople.com/

Free PeopleWhere most of the stores like PacSun are focusing upon refreshing and cool Californian style fashion, Free People is kind of different in them. Its focus remains on revolutionizing the Boho clothing and women’s bohemian style and come up with something which is not only fashionable but comfortable to wear too.

For all those who are still wondering about this option, let me tell you it is one of the subsidiaries of Urban Outfitters which is counted amongst the top online retail company.

Free People is an all women site and deals in various categories like clothing, shoes, bags, intimates, beauty and wellness products, dresses, denim collection, jackets and many more. It clearly shows that they not only focus on style but also on the looks of the customers too.

The prices are a bit high than other sites and so is their product quality. However, clearance sales are always up and they also offers free shipping on the order of $100 and more but in selected countries only. They also operate more than 1400 stores worldwide which can be locate through the tool on website.

4. Zumiez

Website: http://www.zumiez.com/

ZumiezThe concept Zumiez is working on, is way different than any other stores like PacSun in this list. This is an American specialty store which exclusively serves clothing for surfers, skateboarders and skaters. So, basically they deal in action sports clothing only.

You rarely come across such stores which actually speaks to the current generation and their choices and Zumiez is surely seems to be making a difference here.

Zumiez serves in various categories like action and sports clothing for men and women, punk jewelry and accessories, shoes, skates, snowboards and many more. Apparently, their main focus remains on promoting sports and stuffs related to it only. Interestingly, they also offers free shipping on the orders of $39.95 and above.

I am really sure being a part of the young generation you would love to explore more such online stores like PacSun. You can find all the popular brands here too like Thrasher, Adidas, Fila, Vans, Converse, Puma, Brixton and more others especially serving in the category of action clothing.

5. DrJays

Website: http://www.drjays.com/

This is the time to focus on comfy streetwear clothing and for this I have the perfect option to add in the list of stores like PacSun which is DrJays. This leading online retailer company is making new statements in the field of American heritage clothing and styles and hence people automatically loves to shop from here.

DrJays offers more than 20,000 different styles of clothing belonging to hundreds of renowned brands like Rocawear, Adidas, LRG and many more.

DrJays serves in various categories and works for everyone i.e. men, women, boys and girls. You can find stuff like clothing, shoes, jackets, watches, accessories, jewelry, backpacks, dresses and many more. You can even shop according to the physique of the person and they also have a special section for big and tall people.

I really liked that how they have kept everything organized and divided in so many categories so you can easily check out everything without having to search for hours. They serve in more than 70 countries and also offers various discount deals and offers to keep up with the savings.

6. HUF

Website: https://www.hufworldwide.com/

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HUFHUF is such a popular brand that you can find its products on other stores similar to PacSun too including PacSun itself. With HUF we are back on promoting active wears and hence you are going to find clothing for skateboarders and streetwear and some really cool sneakers here too.

Rather than promoting other brands on their website, HUF decided to become one of its kind and hence they offers their own manufactures premium wear to the customers.

HUF offers free shipping and delivery on all the orders of $75 and more and it is $20 additional for international shipping. Also, talking about their versatile collection, you can buy things like apparel, jackets, sunglasses, footwear and other stuffs.

They have a really great section of their own lookbook which I personally liked a lot. Here you can check out their upcoming launches and some really cool style inspiration and this is why HUF is really advanced than other stores like PacSun. You can locate their store from the store locator and visit personally too.

7. Billabong

Website: https://us.billabong.com/

BillabongBasically, Billabong is a surf company but it also works in the sector of retail clothing, accessories and other products too. This is the next mention in the list of stores like PacSun and quite like HUF and Zumiez they also deals in surfing, snowboard and skateboard clothing and related stuff.

The site and its stock is pretty cool and most importantly they provide free shipping and returns to the customers too.

Billabong has various categories to serve into and it works for everyone like men, women, boys, and girls. You can buy stuff like clothing, backpacks, surfboards, action wear for sports, sunglasses, other accessories, swimwear and many more. Being a man I am sure you are going to love their collection of boardshorts for sure.

Billabong has been serving since 1973 in this field and now has established itself as one of the premium destinations for such stuff. You can also check out their events and news too and I am sure if you are a water sports enthusiast, you are going to love shopping from them.

8. Tactics

Website: http://www.tactics.com/

TacticsI have already mentioned various brands like PacSun and the next one to join them is Tactics which is highly rooted towards skateboarding and snowboarding. Not only that it aims at these sports but deals in clothing, style, quality and everything else related to them too.

Tactics do not offer its own fashion line and rather features other brands on its platforms like Vans, RVCA, Burton, Adidas, Nike and many other popular ones.

Apart from clothing and other accessories related to these sports, Tactics also features its amazing clothing line too just the way other stores like PacSun do. Other things you can find on Tactics are shoes, sunglasses, watches, jackets, kid’s clothing and many other variety of products.

Tactics has been operating since 1999 and has offers high quality products to customers belonging to various age-groups. The products are really cool and they also offers free shipping in the entire US.

9. Aeropostale

Website: http://www.aeropostale.com/

AeropostaleThe next option in the list of stores like PacSun is Aeropostale. Let me already tell you that currently they are shipping in USA and Canada only so customers from other areas would have to get disappointed here until they resume international shipping.

You get additional advantages when you get registered here as there are special discount offers for the members of the website.

Aeropostale is basically an American shopping-mall based specialty retailer and deals in stuffs for both men and women. Some of the categories you will find on Aeropostale are clothing, intimate wears and various accessories like bags, sunglasses and many more.

There are various Aeropostale stores located world wide and you can locate them through their store locator service. Aeropostale is an online store which is not going to disappoint you whether it is basic clothing or something stylish one and the prices are also quite affordable.

10. Vans

Website: https://www.vans.com/shop.html

VansStarted just as the Skateboarding shoes making company, Vans now deals in a wide range of products. It is a California based retailer company and the last mention in the list of stores like PacSun. Vans was launched in 1966, and currently deals in clothing, shoes and various types of accessories.

Just like the former mentions in this list Vans also focuses on action sports industry and provides skateboards, surfboards and snowboards too.

On Vans you can find various categories like clothing, shoes, denims, backpacks, hats for men, women as well as kids. This is the only option in the list of shops like PacSun which also provides custom made items too where you can order designs you want to get.

Vans also operate in offline retail stores and ships internationally without even charging shipping and return prices. You can create your account here which gives you access to making wish lists and also buying gift cards for your loved ones too. Vans even provides stuff for babies too so I am sure you would not want to miss out this cool site now.

Shopping stores that you may use:


Each site has its own area of focus and hence they are similar in processing. Where some of them are perfect stores like PacSun focusing on Californian culture and fashion trends, some are actually quite different than these ones.

These are stores which are cheaper than PacSun but focus on other trends like bohemian, chic girls etc. In fact, there were more options to select but that would have make this compilation quite dull and mundane. So, rather than focusing on Californian style clothing I decided to explore something else too and I am sure you people are going to like them too.

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