Top 10 Kodi Alternatives


Even after being one of the top most media player, people keep on searching for Kodi alternatives. Kodi is a great media player and works perfectly for home theater system and normal media playing purposes.

But you know so well, that change is the rule of nature.

So, with changing technology and features, people want more alternatives to Kodi to support various platforms.

Top 10 Kodi Alternatives

So, in this list given below, you are going to get acknowledged with some of the best Kodi alternatives to stream multiple and different types of media files.

1. Plex

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Plex is that kind of Kodi Alternatives which surely deserves to be on the number one spot here. This is a great free streaming application for both iOS and Android devices. It is absolutely free to use but if you want to go for some upgrades then it will cost you some amount.

If you are a frequent Kodi user and want something quite similar then shifting to Plex will be prove to be very handy for you. Some of the features are relatable and you will find it easy to access.

The user interface is really simple and comfortable and you can organize your media library easily. Plex supports almost all type of devices and interfaces and that’s why it is one of the best Kodi alternatives.

Plex also offers you great add-ons and a home theater software application too. This means Plex is one of the best options for streaming media files for any condition and hardware. I will recommend you to move to the premium version to explore some of the greatest features of it.

Compatible With: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox, Roku, PlayStation etc.

Price: Free to use, subscribe to premium version with $4.99 per month.

2. Media Portal


So, the next up in this list of Kodi alternatives is Media Portal. This is exactly like its name and you will find it one of the best place to stream any kind of media files. So, now you should know that why would you prefer it and that too, over Kodi?

The first and foremost reason is it’s LIVE TV streaming feature. Exactly, you read that absolutely right. You can watch Live TV on Media Portal. And not only watch but you can also record it for future use.

The Digital Video Recording is up for you any time to record any media files you want. Store the file, put it in DVD or pen drive and use it over and over again because Media Portal has got your back now. The next important feature is its streaming radio stations with the help of Internet connectivity.

You can listen to music, stream media files on your home theater system easily through the Media Portal. I don’t think you need anything more in a media streamer more than all these features.

Compatible With: Windows

Price: Free to use

3. Emby Media Server

Download App:  Android, iOS

Emby is a media streaming source which is quite similar to Plex and Kodi and you will find a lot of features exactly similar in them. It was first launched as a media browser only but now you can find various applications of Emby which are very convenient to use.

Emby is one of the most used alternative to Kodi in the media streaming industry. The feature of Emby that I personally like is its cloud syncing. Now, forget all the messy file organizing things and leave it all to Emby.

Emby is divided into several classifications which are compatible with different consoles and perfrom different tasks. However, as a whole, it covers almost all types of consoles. Like Plex, this is also free to use but for the feature up-gradation and premium version, you would have to pay some amount.

This media streaming source is very easy to use and comes with the option of parental control too. After using Emby, you will realize that streaming media could be this much easier.

Compatible With: Windows, Linux, Macs, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Smart TV etc.

Price: Free to access, go premium with $4.99 per month.

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4. Universal Media Server


So, finally you are getting something which is absolutely free to use and there is no need to go for any premium versions too. Universal Media Server is as simple as it looks and its focus remains upon making your streaming experience a memorable one.

It supports almost all the interface platforms but UMS has not launched any iOS or Android applications yet. This is the one thing where it lacks from other Kodi alternatives.

If you will start using it then you will discover its simplicity and really comfortable programming. UMS is totally compatible with streaming multiple devices at a time without any hustle-bustle. It can easily transcode any media versions and hence user input reduces as much as possible.

From movies to good music, you will find everything here. These online streamers are way too good to be believed. Be it audio files or be it video files, you will find every kind of stuff here in UMS.

Compatible With: Macs, Linux, Windows

Price: Free to use

5. TVersity Media Server


You must not have heard the name of this media streamer but TVersity Media Streamer is one of the best Kodi alternatives in this list. If you are thinking of browsing some web media files on your TV or smartphone then TVersity Media Server can prove to be a great help for you.

This media streamer is really great and this is the reason the popularity of this streamer is really growing. It has fast navigation and great user interface.

However, there are some of the flaws in this media streamer which makes it lagging behind other Kodi alternatives. While streaming web media, you may find some of the media files demanding you to go for a premium version. Although, the premium version is really cheap but still it creates a bit of fussiness for users.

On the other hand, TVersity Media Server allows you to stream even your personal data too. This is a decent option for surfing media files and you can totally rely upon it.

Compatible With: Windows

Price: Free trial, go premium with $14.99

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6. OSMC – Open Source Media Center


As the name says it all for the users, OSMC is one of the easiest options that we have in this list of Kodi alternative. It is really viable and easy to access that people can actually consider it instead of Kodi itself. You can also call this a Kodi based software.

By the name Kodi based software it means that OSMC works as the building over the foundation of Kodi. The more you will get to know about it when you will start using it.

You can easily attach your local media files to it to browse them on a better platform. It supports multiple features like Wi-Fi support, multiple TV tuners, media playback etc. However, OSMC does not support windows or other simple interfaces and here it lacks behind a little.

But, when it comes to similarities, OSMC also provides various add-ons features which mean you can keep on improving your media collection.

Compatible With: Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Vero

Price: Free to use

7. SPMC – Semper Media Center

Download App: Android


If you want something that resembles the most to Kodi then you can switch to SPMC immediately. This is developed by one of the Kodi team members and hence loosely and indirectly inspired from Kodi a lot. This is the reason SPMC is one of the prime alternatives to Kodi in this list.

There are various features in this media streaming application which makes it perfect and easier to use as compared to other options.

You are getting facilities like Android TV recommendation, Alexa voice search, audio improvements etc. All the come together to create the perfect audio and video experience for the users. SPMC is one of the best option for streaming various media files on the Android console.

However, it is not available on other platforms but you still get to use this for completely free. In fact, there are no premium versions and you are getting all the facilities without even paying anything to anyone.

Compatible With: Windows, Android etc.

Price: Free to use

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8. JRiver


JRiver is a media streaming source which is competent enough to fulfill all your media related queries and needs. Where almost all media streamers are Television oriented, JRiver is different from all of them. It targets PC and Macs for the media streaming lovers.

This is the reason JRiver is different from all the other Kodi alternatives. It is way easier to use this streamer as it can be controlled through a mouse.

This is really simple to select multiple files and operate them in unison. With its fullscreen mode, you can use this in your living room TV easily. This user oriented media streamer is making a big changing for the music, movie and other media lovers.

Compatible With: Windows, Linux, OS X

Price: Free trial for 30 days, $49.98 for purchase

9. Terrarium TV


Finally, you are getting a media streamer which does not charge any amount and does not even require any sign up process too. The next one in this list of alternatives to Kodi is Terrarium TV. If you want to browse this media streamer then just go to its website and download the necessary file from there.

You are going to get the opportunity of watching TV shows and movies through Terrarium TV in absolutely HD mode.

In fact, this platform gives you the liberty of downloading the media files so that you can watch them later on. The app claims to be having a collection of 500k movies in its database. You are also getting multilingual subtitles so that you do not miss even a single detail of your favorite media file.

Terrarium TV is a great alternative that we have for the Kodi app. However, you cannot download it directly from Google Play Store and you would have to download a file from its official site only.

Compatible With: Android TV, TV box

Price: Free to use

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10. Stremio


Download App: Android, iOS

The last one in this list of Kodi alternatives is Stremio. This media portal not only has some media files only but it is also capable for watching movies, TV shows, Live TV streaming etc. This is a huge network which provides all the important facilities to its users.

They not only maintain quantity but also make sure that users get all the media files in high quality only. The other features of this application are subtitles support, casting support, media organizing etc.

You can create your own personal library on it and access it on different consoles too. This is a smart service and you get notified each time any new episode or other media files are uploaded on its server. This keeps all the users totally updated with all of its new uploads.

However, the only issue is that you need to create an account to access this app. But I am sure that is not a big deal for you people who are just crazy about media streaming.

Compatible With: iOS, Android

Price: Free to use

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I hope finally your long research would have come to a conclusion now. Through the options of alternatives to Kodi, now you can pick the best media streaming app or site for your media files. Each one of the options work differently and hence you may get confused at first.

But later on, you are gonna get used to of it. Some of them are free but some charges money so you can pick the plan according to your choice. These Kodi alternatives are really great and I hope you will surely love them.

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