10 Best iTunes Alternative for Syncing Music


Not only iTunes is running all the iOS based devices perfectly but also providing its services for Windows and Mac too. It is the best software for media transfer, device management and for a lot of functioning of your system. However, ever wondered about other best iTunes alternative?

10 Best iTunes Alternative for Syncing Music

If you haven’t then it is the time that you should better start looking for other such programs which can handle a list of functions without slowing down your system at all. And hence, I comprised this list of best alternatives to iTunes to reduce the amount of dependency that iDevices has to go through because of it. You can check out the complete information right below.

1. Aimersoft iMusic

Website: https://imusic.aimersoft.com/

iMusic by Aimersoft is literally like the best iTunes alternative ever. I mean is there something this program cannot do? It is not just a music transfer app but work perfectly for music discovery, file managing, file conversion, recording and various other tasks.

However, you are not going to get this for free. And hence, after the trial period ends you can choose from plans like $39.95 per user per year, $59.95 per user for lifetime and Family Plan of $149.88 for 2-5 users for lifetime.

Now, it is the time to talk about the advantages and features which you get with this program. It performs functions like music discovering and download in both mp3/mp4, music availability from more than 3000 sites, multiple format supported, record songs from various sources and playlist creation etc.

Now, coming on to the most important part of music transfer then you get features like music transfer between apple devices and iTunes, drag and drop option, Music transfer between cross platforms, backup tools, fix your iTunes library, additional toolbox for functions like music tag, CD burning, backup, covers etc.

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2. MusicBee

Website: https://getmusicbee.com/

MusicBeeIt is the time to be happy because I am mentioning a completely free solution as one of the best alternative to iTunes. MusicBee is a complete music player as well as music manager too which also supports integration with podcasts, web radio stations etc.

The interface is simple yet quite catchy and modern which means no wasting of time in understanding the features because it goes on quite smoothly.

The auto-tags automatically clean up your library and make it way organized than before. It also automatically improvise the sound quality so you do not have to use amplifiers for it. You can also use some plug-ins to add functionality to the program.

Along with the customization features, you get more functions with this best iTunes alternative too. Sync it with your devices or music collection and directly transfer your files between cross platforms. However, it does not support some of the file formats. You can also directly access Groove Music from it which comes with native support functionality.

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3. MediaMonkey

Website: http://www.mediamonkey.com

MediaMonkeyNext in the row for the list of best iTunes alternative is MediaMonkey. It gives you access to more than 10,000 music and video files and that too for absolutely free. This is not just a music transfer and music discovery tool but something way more than that.

You can also buy its Gold Version for $49.95 which brings you additional features and tools for high-end and bulk usage. Customization and organizing are the important aspects accessed under this program.

Other important features regarding MediaMonkey are syncing with Android, iPhone, iPad etc. for music transfer and conversion, various audio formats supported, download music/movies/videos and burn CDs, manage a complete list of media files on the basis of tags and formats etc.

The auto-tagging feature of MediaMonkey saves you from duplicate files and unwanted music by auto-tagging them. You can also create playlists and manage them easily. Apart from establishing sync for music transfer you can also create the backup of your media library too. And these are the features which are available in free plan only.

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4. SynciOS

Website: http://www.syncios.com/

SynciOSAs the name makes the prime feature clear for this program, SynciOS is the ultimate tool that you need for effectively establishing a sync between various devices for transferring files. And the basic plan for software is available for free for both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

You can also buy SynciOS Ultimate for $49.95 for better syncing between cross platforms and for backup solution of large files too making it one of the best iTunes alternative in this list.

SynciOS offers features like phone to phone transfer, cloud backup, mobile and media manager, backup retriever, iPhone data recovery, simple interface to provide easy accessing, cross-platform connection available, transfer iTunes library to iDevice or android devices etc.

SynciOS makes an excellent iTunes alternative Mac and also for windows platform too offering all features for both the platforms effectively. When you upgrade to the Ultimate plan, you get features like audio/video converter, free video downloading, PC to Drive transfer, ringtone maker, import files, iTunes library transfer and many more.

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5. DoubleTwist

Website: https://www.doubletwist.com/

DoubleTwistDoubleTwist works in more sort of a package way rather than featuring different functions. It has different programs for different needs and hence you can only download the programs which you need to use and can leave the others.

It has cloud player for music streaming, classic player for music playing and podcasts, sync for file transfer, Wake up alarm and recorder for iTunes radio and audio streaming.

Although all of them are available for free but you can also upgrade to DoubleTwist Pro for $8.99 which is personally think is quite an affordable price when compared to other best iTunes alternative. DoubleTwist also offers features like both ways syncing, full MTP support, lighter and faster working and many more.

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The player comprised in DoubleTwist allows the user to access various songs and videos for free and you can also use it for podcasts too. However, it is for android mobile phones only. Each of the app comprised in this software offers functionality for different operating systems which makes it a bit confusing and inadequate to operate.

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6. Wondershare TunesGo

Website: https://tunesgo.wondershare.com/

Wondershare TunesGoTunesGo is not just another option for the list of best iTunes alternative, but actually, a must have program which can eliminate your need of having iTunes installed on every device for transferring data. Known to be a popular media manager, it can manage your entire media files like a pro.

After the trial period expires you can go for paid plans which are TunesGo for Android devices for $39.95 per year, TunesGo for iOS devices for $49.95 per year and TunesGo Suite for $59.95 per PC per year.

Wondershare TunesGo makes an excellent option as iTunes alternative windows and also for Mac too. You can access all the features of iTunes in it without even having to get involved in any of the complexities.

Features of Wondershare TunesGo are media streaming and media player, smart transfer between cross platforms even entire playlists, integration with Google Play and Amazon, auto-tagging of music, eliminate duplicate files, music backup and restoring, custom iPhone ringtone, 100% clean platform with 30 days money back guarantee option too and various other user friendly options.

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7. Clementine

Website: https://clementine-player.org/

ClementineClementine is a very modern music organizer tool which provides cross-platform support for absolutely free. I can assure you that no other program enlisted here works as amazingly as Clementine and that too for free which makes it the ultimate option for the list of best iTunes alternative.

It not only serves as music library organizer but music player too. Their motive is to utilize an easy to use interface for a faster performance.

Other features of Clementine which you would love to know about are local music library integration, various internet radio integration like Spotify, Grooveshark, Jamendo etc., auto-tagging and smart playlist creation in just seconds, CUE sheet supported and many more.

Clementine also supports various audio formats which makes it a versatile software. The queue manager and auto tag fetching from MusicBrainz gives you extra functioning of organizing music according to your taste. Clementine also supports integration to online radio websites for music streaming too. So, never a dull moment when you are using Clementine.

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8. Fidelia

Website: http://www.audiofile-engineering.com/fidelia/

FideliaAlthough available in free version but you can buy the Premium Plan of Fidelia for $29.99 only. You can get the Mac version from either the site or from the Mac App Store too. Being available for both the platforms Fidelia makes an excellent iTunes replacement.

Fidelia offered by Audiofile is a complete music solution providing a high definition audio player supporting various functions and relevant features too.

Fidelia supports a variety of digital audio formats and also give complete audio control which provides a great music experience to the users. The variety of audio tools offered along with Fidelia serves as the after effects to the existing music library. It is so easy to import your iTunes library to Fidelia and then transfer it to various devices of your choice.

Being the best iTunes alternative, it also offers features like syncing with wireless medium, apart from operating it on Mac you can also operate it from iOS devices too giving complete cross-platform accessibility.

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9. Swinsian

Website: http://swinsian.com/

SwinsianA highly advanced platform which supports multiple devices as well as multiple file formats, Swinsian is the program which must be there with you if you want a more open and advanced software for music transfer and organizing work.

Once the free trial it is going to cost you just $19.95 to buy this program for your Mac operating systems accompanied with a number of features.

To name a few, you get features like music player, multiple file format supported, advanced and auto tag editing, manage large music libraries, fast even with a huge database, highly customizable platform for multiple files and huge music libraries and many more.

There is no way you are going to like other option in the list of best iTunes alternative once you will start using Swinsian. It offers multiple navigation tools and various views option which makes it extremely user-friendly. There is nothing over the top things and with minimal interface you get huge productivity with Swinsian.

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10. AnyTrans

Website: https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/

AnyTransAlthough imobie offers another free music manager called PodTrans but that is limited for iPods only. So, for cross-platform connection and for better features you can opt for this cool and our final pick as the best iTunes alternative called AnyTrans.

Just like its name, it transfers files between various platforms and that too with utmost ease. You can use the free version and then there are plans like $39.99 per user and $59.99 family plan for 5 users.

There have been various alternatives to iTunes listed down here but AnyTrans excels them all. From android phones to iDevices you can manage the music on any one of them through this. Other features of this program are multiple devices supported, not only music but all types of data management, fast and simple to use etc.

Talking about the technical details, AnyTrans includes, one tap transfer, import, export and data backup, data retrieval, lifetime free upgrades after purchase, smart and seamless and various other functions included.

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Although it comes as the default application for the iOS based systems but for a change you can switch to something better demanding less dependency. The only thing which I just hate about iTunes is that you cannot transfer files unless the other system has this program installed.

In such situation, you really need to try out these best iTunes alternative which works on cross platforms too and provide the best option for managing as well as transferring media files. Be it windows or iPods, they work with all and establishes a great syncing connection too.

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