AtlasVPN Review – Is It the Best VPN Service?


Is this the best VPN in the industry? Well, that’s what this review is all about, isn’t it?

In this review, I’d discuss the VPN’s security, log policies, simultaneous connections, UI,  speed (with verifiable speed tests) and all other features.

If you’re looking for a VPN, this piece is for you. Hey, I’m not trying to sell you the VPN, I say that because the VPN is forever free! No kidding.

You can verify all its features first-hand before deciding to pay, in fact, if you wish to, you never even have to pay. Even when you pay, there’s a 30-day trial period! Seriously, what’s the risk?

Let’s get started?

AtlasVPN Quick Overview:

Here’s an overview of everything the VPN offers AtlasVPN

  • Number of Servers: 705
  • Number of Countries: 45
  • No Log Policy: Yes, independently verified
  • No of Devices: Unlimited
  • Safeswap
  • Multihop+
  • Safebrowse
  • Split Tunneling
  • Entry Price: Free, forever
  • Paid Plans: $1.82/month
  • Refund Policy: 30 days

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Before I start with the features, let’s look at the user-interface?

Regardless of how amazing the features are, if the UI isn’t easy to understand, no one’s using those features.

So, here’s what you see once you launch AtlasVPN:

AtlasVPN Review

It’s all pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

On the left are the menus options. These let you go to the different features on the VPN.

Just next to them you’d see a list of countries. A single tap is all that’s required to connect to any of these countries.

You can also use the search tab at the top to search for countries manually. Or, you can use the streaming and privacy pro filters to get a list of servers suitable for these tasks.

At the extreme right is the connection button. When in doubt, a single tap on this connects you to the best server!

All in all, you’d agree there’s no learning curve or “technical expertise” required, wouldn’t you?

No. of Servers & Countries

This of course is a major factor to consider when choosing your VPN, isn’t it?

AtlasVPN has 750 servers and offers 45 countries to connect to.

Now, to me, these numbers aren’t impressive. That’s simply because I’ve been using VPNs for over 7 years now. Most established VPNs offer triple the no. of servers and 2x countries.

However, let’s be objective here. AtlasVPN is an infant, a new player compared to these “established” VPNs.

And 45 is still more countries than you’d ever connect to.

So, while it’s “comparatively” not impressive, independently it gets the job done, doesn’t it?

No Logs Policy

I don’t’ even think this requires a mention. I wouldn’t let you read this far and waste your time on a VPN review if it didn’t have a solid “no logs” policy.

Now, AtlasVPN does have a no logs policy. I’ve read through the fine-print and it’s pretty good.

But hey, after this long in the industry, we know better than to just trust these “policies”. (Flashback to HideMyAss betraying us all!).

Fortunately, AtlasVPN did get itself independently audited. In fact, it got itself audited twice. First, there was the iOS client audit, and recently they got their windows application audited.

In both the cases, it was found that no individual can be traced and nothing is logged.


AtlasVPN has this very unique (only HideMyAss offers a similar) feature called Safeswap.

It’s basically a pool of rotating IP addresses. They keep changing even as you browse the internet.

This makes sure that your entire session uses multiple IP addresses making it nearly impossible to trace, or fingerprint you.

Do note that all the IPs you receive during a session will be from your chosen location.

Obviously, this feature isn’t available on all servers and is currently limited to Los Angeles, USA/ Singapore and Amsterdam, Netherlands.


This is another unique feature that I’ve not seen any other VPN offer so far.

If you understood Safeswap, you’d understand MultiHop+. It’s more like Safeswap v2.0 with massive upgrades.

So, MultiHop+ changes your IP address multiple times too. However, it picks these IPs from a pool of random servers, at different locations.

Unlike Safeswap which uses your chosen locations, the exit-servers with MultiHop+ keep changing constantly.

It’s the highest form of security I’ve seen any VPN offer.

Of course, this isn’t the best option when you need to connect to one specific country. However, when it’s security you’re looking for, MultiHop+ is unbeatable.


This isn’t an “unique” feature per se, nonetheless, is extremely desirable.

It’s basically a feature that protects us from malware, phishing sites, trackers, fingerprinting etc.

Additionally, AtlasVPN also lists all the third-party sites trying to fingerprint and track you. Tells you who your enemies are, neat, eh?


A common problem with VPNs in the early days, that has stayed as a stereotype is that VPNs reduce internet speed. It’s not entirely false. However, VPNs have come a very long way in the past decade. Today, the right VPNs are just as fast as a no-VPN connection.

I knew Atlas VPN wouldn’t disappoint as soon as I saw it offer WireGuard protocol. It’s one of the fastest VPN protocols in the industry.

But, why should you take my word for it? You shouldn’t. So, here are some results that back what I just said.

Here’s my internet speed WITHOUT the VPN. Why is this important? Without this, whatever VPN speed I get, the “reduction” in the speed can’t be proven, right?

More importantly, every place has a different internet speed. So, you’ll never know if X/mbps with the VPN is a good or bad speed for my location.

So, here’s me connecting without the VPN:

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AtlasVPN Review

And then here’s me connecting with the VPN:

AtlasVPN Review

Note that I connected to Netherlands. It’s a region very far from my own location. This is so you get a realistic idea of the speed as the speed will always be good for a location close to me!

Now, there’s obviously speed reduction. However, it’s almost the maximum reduction you’d face on Atlas. In a realistic world, you’d not be connecting to the “farthest location”, would you? More importantly, if I don’t look at the numbers, the speed difference isn’t even noticeable.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is something most good VPNs offer today, and so does AtlasVPN.

It’s a feature that lets you selectively route your VPN connection. You choose which apps/browsers on your system will use the VPN and which will ignore it.

E.g. when you’re playing an online multiplayer game, your server location may matter for the ping or even legal reasons. In such a scenario, you can exclude the game app/browser being used for the game from the VPN.

Everything else on your system will still use the VPN except this game you’ve just selected.

Unlimited Devices

A major pain with most other VPNs? They limit the number of devices you can connect to.

AtlasVPN doesn’t do that. It allows unlimited devices, regardless of which VPN plan you’re on!

This means, you only pay once. Your entire family, neighbors and maybe even relatives can use the same account without issues.

There’s no speed or bandwidth cap either! It’s truly unlimited.

Forever Free Plan

This is extremely gutsy and shows off the confidence Atlas VPN has in its products.

In the past 7 years, I’ve only seen maybe a total of 4 VPNs offer a forever free plan WITHOUT compromising your security or selling your data.

Now, I’m generally against free VPNs. However, Atlas got itself independently audited so that brings back some trust.

Now, the free plan offers the following features:

  • 3 server locations
  • Unlimited devices
  • No speed caps.

Now, if you’ve read up on VPNs, you know that not even the best and most expensive paid VPN plans offer “unlimited devices”. Here, AtlasVPN allows that on a free plan!

Data Breach Monitor (Even On The Free Plan)

Data breaches aren’t new. Hackers and hacker groups often hack data by the bulk and put it up for sale.

AtlasVPN has this data breach monitor which scans the web for such leaks. If and when your e-mail ID(s) are found in these breaches, you’re alerted.

You can then change your login credentials for the account, delete the account or take other security measures.

The best part? This is a feature that’s offered even on the free forever plan! Sure, you’re limited to just 1 email account. But hey, do you know of any other VPN that offers the same for free? I don’t.

Paid users on the other hand can add more than one e-mail accounts to be scanned.

Password Less Login

We’re talking of e-mails and that brings me to another feature (is it a feature though?) that AtlasVPN offers.

No passwords.

Well, yes. All you need is an e-mail ID to sign up at Atlas VPN. It doesn’t use passwords at all.

Each time you login, a login code and link are sent to your e-mail ID. They act as your passwords.

Now, this has both its pros and cons.

The pros include the fact that there’s nothing to be “hacked”. Unless your primary e-mail account is hacked, and the hacker knows you’ve got AtlasVPN subscription, your account is safe.

Moreover, even if AtlasVPN is hacked some day, your other accounts are safe. The hacker cannot use your e-mail and password combination on other sites where you may have used the same.

On the “cons” side, it prevents you from using temporary (one-time) e-mails for signing up. Well, I’d not recommend doing that anyway. You can and should use permanent but anonymous e-mails when signing up for long –term services.

 Pricing Plans & Refund Policy

So, how much does AtlasVPN cost?

As already mentioned, it’s free forever!

However, you may opt for paid plans which grant you more servers and overall features.

There’s technically just one plan, however, the amount differs based on your payment-term:

AtlasVPN Review

  • 1 Month – $10.99/month
  • 1 Year – $4.08/month
  • 3 Year – $1.82/month

You get the same features on all plans though.

Hey, if the free plan wasn’t enough of a trial, all these plans also have a 30-day refund policy!


I’ll be honest, the support with AtlasVPN isn’t its strongest points.

There is a live-chat, but it’s only for those who’ve paid for the VPN.

Now, I love the fact that they’re offering me the free plan and everything else. However, paid-only support does hurt, doesn’t it?

You still can get in touch with them over e-mail but it’s not as fast as a live-chat.

Final Verdict

So, is it the best VPN today? No. But, is it one of the best VPNs? Absolutely.

In fact, some of the features it offers (Multihop+/Safeswap/data breach monitor/free plan) aren’t available even with the best VPNs out there.

Of course, it needs to add more servers. But that’s seriously just one point. And 700+ is a pretty impressive stat anyway.

The only major thorn for me is its primary jurisdiction. The company is based out of the U.S. But hey, with a verified “no log” policy, I doubt that should keep you from trying it out, eh?

Get Atlas VPN With Bitcoin

Start with the free plan and then upgrade to a paid plan. Even then, you get 30 days to claim a full refund. I’m not sure how else you can test a VPN to its full-extent.

That’ll be all for this AtlasVPN review folks. Go try it out?

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