10 Best Sites like 4chan

4Chan is one of the most popular type of image board website which mostly runs on the basis of posting images. The process is straightforward where users can create threads by posting and commenting, questions anonymously. If you want to know more about such platforms then I think you should check out more sites like 4chan.

The main reason behind the popularity of these sites is their content and user involvement. Most of them are counted amongst the top websites because of the strong anonymous content curation and viral posts too. 4Chan have all type content event stuff related to Porn or Killing because on the 4Chan user can directly post anything without register his account and can participate in any thread where they want. If you want to stay updated with the current happenings then you should definitely check them out.

Another recommending thing for you, If you want to engage with any sensitive threads then always use VPN software for your anonymity or privacy protection.

Top 10 Sites like 4chan

Here is a collection of the top 10 most popular and versatile imageboard websites just like 4chan which hosts a number of users on their platform. and every day approx millions of users using that platform everyday for his problem resolving.

1. 8chan

Website: https://8ch.net/

8chan is also known as Infinitychan and this imageboard website is counted amongst the top Chan sites. The content is composed of user-created boards which leads to huge discussions and displayed in the form of threads. 8Chan was launched in 2013 and in quick span of time it has garnered amazing popularity.

Just like 4chan, you are not supposed to register here and hence it hides your identity completely. The interface is very basic and you can navigate from one section to other easily.

It features both general as well as NSFW/adult content too. Some of the categories here are weeb, news, hobby, faggot, porn, banter etc. There are direct options given and creating a board is quite easy here. Also, there are mobile applications available for smoother functioning.

8chan is the most popular option in the list of sites like 4chan and features number of sections here. You can check out the most trending threads as well as recent ones too along with their number of replies and velocity too. You can contribute in any of them and can become a part of this discussion whenever you want.

2. ZeroChan

Website: http://www.zerochan.net/

ZeroChan is kind of different from other sites like 4chan mainly because it is completely oriented towards anime database only. This imageboard website features various categories and discussion panels on the various tags related to Anime only.

So, if you love anime shows and Manga characters then you should definitely check out this Chan site which also provides anime related information like games, artbooks etc.

Some of the tags you can browse here series, characters, Manga, art styles, games, visual novels and many more. However, unlike other chan sites you need to register yourself here which is kind of skeptical when it comes to maintaining your privacy.

You can also check out HD wallpapers here given in the counts of millions here. ZeroChan is quite popular and the unique concept of featuring anime related ideas is also quite catchy. I am really sure this imageboard website is a complete package of anime which you would not like to miss at all. However, still it lacks the kind of diversity which is provided by the other Chan sites.

3. Pixoto

Website: http://www.pixoto.com/

The next option I picked for the list of sites which are similar to 4chan is Pixoto. Not a typical chan site, Pixoto is way clearer when it comes to navigation and interface. In fact, this imageboard website is more sort of a competition between the photographers (naïve/professional) from around the world.

Pixoto is all about how you see the world and how you want to portray it in front of the rest of the people across the globe.

Join this website for free and go through a quick registration as they maintain a higher level of identity proof and security concern. The idea is pretty simple, you can participate in any contest featuring photographs related to a specific category. If you want you can organize one on your own too.

The idea behind such sites like 4chan is to prepare a leaderboard full of professional images from various photographers on various categories. The voting system on the site helps people to choose the best out of the rest in a fair manner and the winner is awarded the given prize money too.

4. The Booru Project

Website: http://booru.org/

If you want a much diverse imageboard than other sites like 4chan then you should definitely try The Booru Project. With the help of Booru, you can create your own subdomain giving you a discrete identity and here you can tag images which can be easily found out by other users.

You can create your own subdomain for absolutely free and once you are done with the formalities of registration, you can lead on to post images to create a huge thread.

The site is an amalgam of NSFW as well as SFW images so make sure you check the tag before opening the thread. There is an anime based imageboard of this website available too with the name Gelbooru and a safer version with safer images is also available called Safebooru.

You can check out their blog for popular news and there is a section of Top Boorus featuring the top most imageboards for the users. Creating and joining other Boorus is also pretty simple and free too. However, because of lack of frequent updates the site lacks a better interface.

5. 420chan

Website: http://420chan.org/

Managing a database of more than 25 million posts at this time, 420chan is another and one of the most popular 4chan alternatives in this list. It has this really huge list of all types of boards which can be browsed for some entertainment and you can also contribute in them too.

420chan gives a very high priority to privacy and hence it does not ask you to register here so you can post under whichever name you want and it completely hides your identity.

The next great thing about 420chan is that it is probably the only option in the list of sites like 4chan which can be used as a Firefox extension too. This brings various tools like image expansion, YouTube embedding, quick reply options, thread hiding and many other features which are not offered by other sites.

Now, coming on to the diversity of this website, then there are hundreds of categories available to browse a board on. Some of them are drugs, adult, media, food, lifestyle, animals, paranormal and other miscellaneous categories.

6. Hispachan

Website: https://www.hispachan.org/

If you are done with all the similar sites like 4chan then it is the time to try out something new and Hispachan is an absolutely perfect option for it. As the name says, this image board is for Spanish speaking community but you can try it out by translating.

Just like 4chan, Hispachan is also anonymous in terms of approach and hence eliminates the need of getting registered here first.

You are going to find millions of post here done in various categories. Hispachan is actually quite diverse and features categories like politics, economy, video games, anime, NSFW section, movie and many more. You can join whichever thread you like in these options.

Hispachan is quite like a combination of image board and text board website where you can communicate via both the modes. Start a meme or modify the images or post something unique and funny of your own, Hispachan is just perfect for all such activities. As it operates anonymously, it main focus remains on content and not on users.

7. SWF Chan

Website: http://swfchan.org/

The next in the row is SWF Chan which is another option for the list of image boards like 4chan. To be true, it is more oriented towards adult and NSFW content so make sure you are 18 plus before entering into this site. To maintain the privacy, they do not feature the option of registration here.

Posting an image is pretty simple here. You just need to select your nickname, mail id and title of your thread and now attach your file with it (max. 70 MB) and post it.

Threads can go really long depending upon the interest of people in it. There are no particular categories available except some of them like games, showtime, Fappables etc. The posting and creating threads is absolutely free on this site with various additional features too.

You can search the website for direct content. Although some of the threads have been archived but you can still find a great number of live threads on it. SWF Chan is just like any other sites like 4chan except the fact that it mainly focuses on NSFW content more.

8. 7Chan

Website: https://7chan.org/

Not to confuse it with some subsidiary of 4chan or 8chan because 7chan is an individual chan site just like the rest of the sites like 4chan. 7Chan is a popular name in the category of image board websites and they have offered various categories here for people having various interests.

7Chan does not require the users to register themselves on it. However, if you want to prevent your identity then you can verify it by using a tripcode.

On 7chan there are tools and features provided through which you can make your experience a little easier. For example, there are tools like Sage and age, quoting another post, editing and deleting your post, font editing, posting whole directory of images and many more.

If you are new on this website then you can start from exploring categories here. Some of them are flash, banners, comics and cartoons, weapons, drugs, history and culture, video games and many others. The site also features NSFW section too.

9. Lainchan

Website: https://lainchan.org/

In the list of websites like 4chan, next name is Lainchan. Lainchan is created on the theme of cyberpunk and features a green and black edgy interface for the users here. Although, I didn’t like it much because it lacks clarity but seems like people love this anime oriented image board very much.

So, Lainchan mainly operates to stimulate a feel of just another world where anime is for real and you can actually see this in their posts.

Lainchan maintains the anonymity of user and hence does not feature the option of getting registered here. Lainchan is more sort of a community where you can share your thoughts and related information regarding various topics.

There are even some categories provided just like other sites like 4chan i.e. news, DIY, tech, music, culture, mega and other random posts. This is the only image board in this list which also provides the facility of radio streaming and video streaming too through different server.

10. AnyChan

Website: http://www.anychan.com/

The last option in the list of sites like 4chan is AnyChan. The reason of putting on last is because of its not so popular platform. Where other ones are most stable and popular in terms of users and posting, AnyChan lacks somewhere in this race.

However, still it will not be a bad idea to consider it in this list of image board websites. You should always try out something new anyway.

There are lots and lots of categories available on this platform like random, cryptocurrency, anime, music, video games, adult section, current news, drugs and many more. There is no protocol for registration but you need to abide by certain rules for safer browsing.

AnyChan is quite like a bulletin board only that it is triggered by images and further discussion. You can also post comments and share images here too.


The concept of Chan sites is totally different from other social media discussion based sites. This is why I did not include Reddit in this category because it neither maintains the anonymity of the users nor it channels the similarity of posting.

So, if you want to be straightforward in terms of sharing your ideas and be anonymous about it then you should better prefer sites like 4chan for it. Some of the similar sites went down so I tried to bring down the recent working ones which might not be as popular but works perfectly.