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4Chan is one of the most popular type of image board website which mostly runs on the basis of posting images. The process is straightforward where users can create threads by posting and commenting, questions anonymously. If you want to know more about such platforms then I think you should check out more sites like 4chan.

The main reason behind the popularity of these sites is their content and user involvement. Most of them are counted amongst the top websites because of the strong anonymous content curation and viral posts too. 4Chan have all type content event stuff related to Porn or Killing because on the 4Chan user can directly post anything without register his account and can participate in any thread where they want. If you want to stay updated with the current happenings then you should definitely check them out.

I’d recommend if you want to engage with any sensitive threads then always use VPN software for your anonymity or privacy protection.

Best sites like 4chan

Here is a collection of the most popular and versatile imageboard websites just like 4chan which hosts a number of users on their platform. and every day approx millions of users using that platform everyday for his problem resolving.

1. 8chan (Re-branded as 8Kun)

Website: https://8kun.top/

8Chan went offline a couple months back after the El Paso shootings. Many thought that was the end of it, apparently not. The site came back as 8Kun. Initially, it was only available on the Deep web (via Tor browser). But it’s available publicly even on the clearnet as of today.

They didn’t change the interface much. The site still is owned by the same person although he probably will be a lot more vigilant towards posts after all this history.

A number of chans have been removed, and more added. As always, it still advocates free speech. As of today it boasts a total of 308 boards, most of them nearing half a million posts! Fortunately, it still allows for anonymous posts. The password feature makes sure you can come back and delete it at a later time.

Maximum allowed file-size is 16mb with the maximum allowed dimensions being 15000 X 15000. 5 media files/post are allowed. Obviously it still is one of the most liberal alternatives to 4 Chan, and there’s no topic you won’t find as long as it’s legal.

Feel free to use it, however if something alarming shows itself it’s best if you take the time to report it.

2. ZeroChan

Website: http://www.zerochan.net/

ZeroChan is kind of different from other sites like 4chan mainly because it is completely oriented towards anime database only. This imageboard website features various categories and discussion panels on the various tags related to Anime only.

So, if you love anime shows and Manga characters then you should definitely check out this Chan site which also provides anime related information like games, artbooks etc.

Some of the tags you can browse here series, characters, Manga, art styles, games, visual novels and many more. However, unlike other chan sites you need to register yourself here which is kind of skeptical when it comes to maintaining your privacy.

You can also check out HD wallpapers here given in the counts of millions here. ZeroChan is quite popular and the unique concept of featuring anime related ideas is also quite catchy. I am really sure this imageboard website is a complete package of anime which you would not like to miss at all. However, still it lacks the kind of diversity which is provided by the other Chan sites.

3. Ylilauta

Website: https://ylilauta.org/

Sites like 4Chan

Ylilauta is an extremely popular site like 4Chan, and I’m not exaggerating. According to Wikipedia it was the 4th most searched word in Finland in 2011, the same year as it launched.  As of today, it remains the 14,029th most visited website on the planet (Source: Alexa) and boasts over 107,024,206 messages been sent till date.

It still is extremely active, and nearly 15,000 active members can be found almost any time of the day on the site.  The site is in Finnish, however can be translated and used by users from across the globe. . It markets itself as an “anonymous imageboard” which respects freedom of speech. No registration is required to post on, or use the board.

Its settings’ page even has a “Tin-foil hat mode“, which supposedly removes all trackers (e.g. Google analytics) for a user. The rules do mention that posting Child Porn, Spamming, Harassment, Nudity or any illegal content is banned on the platform.

NSFW boards however do exist on the platform. Some other popular boards include Cryptocurrency, Donald Duck, Healthcare, Travel etc. If you wish to jump right in on the conversations, it shows a live-update of the most active threads at any given moment, and the most popular threads for the day.

The basic functionality remains the same as most other sites like 4Chan, and it too allows direct embedding of content from Youtube.

4. The Booru Project

Website: http://booru.org/

If you want a much diverse imageboard than other sites like 4chan then you should definitely try The Booru Project. With the help of Booru, you can create your own subdomain giving you a discrete identity and here you can tag images which can be easily found out by other users.

You can create your own subdomain for absolutely free and once you are done with the formalities of registration, you can lead on to post images to create a huge thread.

The site is an amalgam of NSFW as well as SFW images so make sure you check the tag before opening the thread. There is an anime based imageboard of this website available too with the name Gelbooru and a safer version with safer images is also available called Safebooru.

You can check out their blog for popular news and there is a section of Top Boorus featuring the top most imageboards for the users. Creating and joining other Boorus is also pretty simple and free too. However, because of lack of frequent updates the site lacks a better interface.

5. 420chan

Website: http://420chan.org/

Managing a database of more than 25 million posts at this time, 420chan is another and one of the most popular 4chan alternatives in this list. It has this really huge list of all types of boards which can be browsed for some entertainment and you can also contribute in them too.

420chan gives a very high priority to privacy and hence it does not ask you to register here so you can post under whichever name you want and it completely hides your identity.

The next great thing about 420chan is that it is probably the only option in the list of sites like 4chan which can be used as a Firefox extension too. This brings various tools like image expansion, YouTube embedding, quick reply options, thread hiding and many other features which are not offered by other sites.

Now, coming on to the diversity of this website, then there are hundreds of categories available to browse a board on. Some of them are drugs, adult, media, food, lifestyle, animals, paranormal and other miscellaneous categories.

6. Hispachan

Website: https://www.hispachan.org/

If you are done with all the similar sites like 4chan then it is the time to try out something new and Hispachan is an absolutely perfect option for it. As the name says, this image board is for Spanish speaking community but you can try it out by translating.

Just like 4chan, Hispachan is also anonymous in terms of approach and hence eliminates the need of getting registered here first.

You are going to find millions of post here done in various categories. Hispachan is actually quite diverse and features categories like politics, economy, video games, anime, NSFW section, movie and many more. You can join whichever thread you like in these options.

Hispachan is quite like a combination of image board and text board website where you can communicate via both the modes. Start a meme or modify the images or post something unique and funny of your own, Hispachan is just perfect for all such activities. As it operates anonymously, it main focus remains on content and not on users.

7. SWF Chan

Website: http://swfchan.org/

The next in the row is SWF Chan which is another option for the list of image boards like 4chan. To be true, it is more oriented towards adult and NSFW content so make sure you are 18 plus before entering into this site. To maintain the privacy, they do not feature the option of registration here.

Posting an image is pretty simple here. You just need to select your nickname, mail id and title of your thread and now attach your file with it (max. 70 MB) and post it.

Threads can go really long depending upon the interest of people in it. There are no particular categories available except some of them like games, showtime, Fappables etc. The posting and creating threads is absolutely free on this site with various additional features too.

You can search the website for direct content. Although some of the threads have been archived but you can still find a great number of live threads on it. SWF Chan is just like any other sites like 4chan except the fact that it mainly focuses on NSFW content more.

8. 7Chan

Website: https://7chan.org/

Not to confuse it with some subsidiary of 4chan or 8chan because 7chan is an individual chan site just like the rest of the sites like 4chan. 7Chan is a popular name in the category of image board websites and they have offered various categories here for people having various interests.

7Chan does not require the users to register themselves on it. However, if you want to prevent your identity then you can verify it by using a tripcode.

On 7chan there are tools and features provided through which you can make your experience a little easier. For example, there are tools like Sage and age, quoting another post, editing and deleting your post, font editing, posting whole directory of images and many more.

If you are new on this website then you can start from exploring categories here. Some of them are flash, banners, comics and cartoons, weapons, drugs, history and culture, video games and many others. The site also features NSFW section too.

9. Lainchan

Website: https://lainchan.org/

LainChan is almost identical to 4Chan when it comes to Layout, principles, anonymity or just about anything else. For starters it too has a messy interface and the top-bar options are microscopic in size.

Then, it doesn’t ask for any registration at all, you can just click on a category from the top-bar and either start viewing images, or post your own from the same page. Users can optionally name their upload, include an E-mail (in case someone would like to get in touch), subject etc along with the image.

The upload can either be directly from your local hard-drives, from an URL on the internet, or you can even “DRAW” using an in-built drawing-pad on the same page.

Users have the option of setting up an unique password which can be used to delete posts (as there’s no registration required, this is how users authenticate themselves as the original creators /uploaders of the post and then delete them if required).

Users can reply/interact with other users on the forum using the same interface which is used to upload new content, again not an iota of identity is revealed in doing so. Or, you can even add threads to your watchlist in case you find something interesting.

The platform is immensely popular with 90,399 posts, 12,911 registered members and over 10.00 GB of data.

10. AnyChan

Website: http://www.anychan.com/

The last option in the list of sites like 4chan is AnyChan. The reason of putting on last is because of its not so popular platform. Where other ones are most stable and popular in terms of users and posting, AnyChan lacks somewhere in this race.

However, still it will not be a bad idea to consider it in this list of image board websites. You should always try out something new anyway.

There are lots and lots of categories available on this platform like random, Cryptocurrency, anime, music, video games, adult section, current news, drugs and many more. There is no protocol for registration but you need to abide by certain rules for safer browsing.

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AnyChan is quite like a bulletin board only that it is triggered by images and further discussion. You can also post comments and share images here too.

11. ImageChan

Website: http://www.imagechan.com/

Alike most other options on this list, this website too has included “Chan” in its name to hint at its similarity to 4Chan. It too is an image-board which allows users to post random images on the site without requiring any registrations which makes it anonymous and is a prime reason for its popularity.

Although the “Upload” button for some reason leads users to Microsoft Outlook hence the upload process may not exactly be as streamlined as with some other options on this list.

Anyway it has a top-bar which has categories such as Popular, Random, Tags, Favorite etc. clicking on each of these you can land on images uploaded or tagged under those specific categories.

The site shows the total number of views on the images, as well as lets (registered) users rate them. Most popular images have views in the quarter of a million hence establishing the site’s popularity.

Has a very basic search-box which lets users key-in their search terms and hunt for specific images. The site isn’t completely ad-free although there are no hidden, surprising ads, the ones on the sidebar or other parts of the website are visible and can be ignored.

12. Aurora Chan

Website: http://aurorachan.net/b

Aurora Chan is another image-board with established repute in the industry. It has an identical interface like most other sites on this list, users can upload their images without any registration.

Simply enter the name of the image, any links you want, Subject, a comment and done. It too allows for the optional password which can be set to later edit or delete the post. Maximum

The board has subchans with the /(alphabet) format, for e.g. the URL for the random board is http://aurorachan.net/b. This board lets users post almost everything with just one exception – Child Porn. I found everything from hate-speech to life-philosophy on this specific board.

Although the platform has a number of other boards for different topics, for e.g. there’s the top-bar with options such as “Normal Boards” and “Not Safe For Work” (NFSW). The normal boards include Sports, Paranormal, Roleplay, Debate, Books/Movies etc.

While if it’s slightly non-normal content you’re looking for, the NFSW link has boards such as Hentai (animated porn), Pokemon, Yuri and Alternative Hentai.

Each board has its own set of rules, for e.g. you can’t post anything related to Toddlercon, Shotas and Lolicon in the Hentai boards, neither is any Child Porn allowed.

Here are the exact URLs for some of the boards on the site:

  • /a/ – Anime/Manga
  • /gif/ – Gif
  • /h/ – Hentai, Ecchi, Yaoi (Boys with Boys), and futanari are all permitted here.
  • /b/ – Random, for everything that doesn’t belong anywhere else.
  • /rp/ – Role Play.
  • /v/ – Video Game.
  • /w/ – Wallpaper.

13. Final Chan

Website: http://finalchan.net/r/

Final Chan too is obviously an image-board however its navigation wasn’t as impressive as with some other options on this list. Hence you may have to dig a bit in order to reach the different boards.

The URL provided above will take you to the “Random” board which is basically for anything and everything. I found songs, anti-pot posts, depression related posts and basically a mixture of everything else.

There was supposed to be a Porn board at the /e chan however it returned a 404 Error for me. Note that the site does allow NFSW content in its Random board as well.

Some other chans include the “Sports and Shitpost“, “Pro Wrestling” etc. The file upload wizard is similar, it doesn’t require any registration/signup or personal details and keeps things anonymous.

You can name your upload, attach an optional E-mail ID with it, add a comment and obviously the password.

What’s unique is it already has a pre-generated password for each file which you can simply copy and keep somewhere safe if you wish to slide through the hassle of thinking up one yourself.

Files can either be uploaded directly, or embedded from an external URL. The chan seems active with last posts dating back to less than 24 hours (from my time of writing this).

14. DioChan

Website: http://www.diochan.com

This DioChan is crated specially for you if you’r above 18+, and are from Italy. Yes, it’s a completely adult-chan and you shouldn’t visit it if you’re below 18.

Even though the site is in some other language by default, you can use Chrome’s (or most other browser’s) in-built translators to translate it to English (or your native language).

The layout is identical to most other sites on this list, it asks for your name, E-mail, subject, and message. Then there’s the file-upload button. You can either upload files directly, enter the URL of the file hosted somewhere else, or embeed it from Youtube or even directly Google!

Then obviously there’s the password-delete feature, which lets you set a password for the file which can be used to delete the file when required. No registrations or personal details required.

However note that the platform completely complies to govt. laws and regulations, hence doesn’t allow anything “illegal” to be posted, and has publicly stated that the IP addresses of users will be shared when demanded by authorities.

Some of the chans on the platform are NSFW, Music, Politics, Art, Comics, Cartoon, Movies etc. Note that even though the site “officially” is adult-only, a lot of content in some of its chans (such as in the “Comics and Cartoons”) is kid-friendly.

15. TBP Chan

Website : https://www.tbpchan.net/

TBP chan is actually a self-hosted site based off of ‘vichan’ open source software and has a total of 1079 posts with 1.68 GB of active content.

Similar to 4chan, TBP chan also features anonymous image-message board. No registration is required here, meaning your identity is completely hidden.

The site layout is very basic and easy to navigate. Homepage contains mostly searched boards with separate section for recent images and latest posts so that you can find them easily. Though the site also features NSFW contents and having no age-restriction may result in issues.

The sidebar option (from the top-bar) reveals all categories and the search option in homepage allows you to do manual search on any boards available on the site. The search is case-insensitive and based on keywords and to match exact phrases it is recommended to use “quotes” or use asterisk (*) in wildcard.

Posting contents or creating board is easy though it requires email and don’t forgot to copy the password while posting, it’ll be required for file deletion.

The site also has a ban list that shows the reason of banning for each content, so if your posts got banned you’ll find the reasons here. Finally, do check the FAQ section before posting for the rules and regulations of the site.

16. Pixoto

Website: http://www.pixoto.com/

The next option I picked for the list of sites which are similar to 4chan is Pixoto. Not a typical chan site, Pixoto is way clearer when it comes to navigation and interface. In fact, this imageboard website is more sort of a competition between the photographers (naïve/professional) from around the world.

Pixoto is all about how you see the world and how you want to portray it in front of the rest of the people across the globe.

Join this website for free and go through a quick registration as they maintain a higher level of identity proof and security concern. The idea is pretty simple, you can participate in any contest featuring photographs related to a specific category. If you want you can organize one on your own too.

The idea behind such sites like 4chan is to prepare a leaderboard full of professional images from various photographers on various categories. The voting system on the site helps people to choose the best out of the rest in a fair manner and the winner is awarded the given prize money too.

17. FapChan

Website: https://fapchan.org/boards.js

The name says it all, doesn’t it? It’s an image-board again dedicated solely to adult-content. The layout however differs from a lot of similar sites in the industry.

For e.g. the homepage has a list of all the Chans/boards available on the platform making it comparatively easier to find the chans you’re looking for. Some of the those are Hentai, Animated Gifs, Gay, Flash, Fetish, Amateur etc.

As far as the popularity or activeness of the site goes, it’s off the roof. Each chan has an average of 10,000+ posts in it, some go as high as 32000!

The upload-interface however hasn’t been toyed with much, although it’s surely made shorter. So on FapChan you only have to enter your name, subject, message and upload the file. No E-mail ID is required, although I did notice the major lack of “password” feature which lets users delete uploads later.

When I tried uploading something, I noticed it lets us delete the content in that session itself. Meaning as long as you don’t close the tab or browser it’ll know you’re the admin and let you delete the post. However once the session is closed, deleting files seems to be a problem (it asks for a password which I didn’t set in the first place).

18. U-18 Chan

Website: https://www.u18chan.com/

The name does hint at the type of chan this is, doesn’t it? The name probably stands for “Under -18“. But, the website is in no way fit for anyone under 18 years of age. It’s primarily dedicated to animated animal porn. As in, animated (graphically designed) animal characters having sex, or just similar images.

Some of the primary boards include “Furry-related“, “Gay Furries“, “Furry comics” etc. It also has other “Genres” of sorts such as Gore and Snuff, Cub, Feral etc.

It’s completely anonymous, but doesn’t allow the use of VPNs. For those who seek to hide their IP addresses, it offers its onion domain-furrypornkae534k.onion which can be accessed via TOR.

The fields offered during uploads include a name, e-mail, subject, comment, and tags. You can also specify if what you’re uploading is a spoiler (or not?). It allows a maximum file-size of 20 MB. You can use passwords as well which let you delete files at a later time if so you choose.

It also has a discord-chat and an average of 200+ members are mostly online. The company clearly mentions its anti-DMCA policies. The website clarifies the fact that DMCA or copyright isn’t applicable in the country where it’s hosted.

19. Wizardchan

Website: https://wizchan.org/

Wizardchan is arguably the most unique site like 4Chan on this entire list.

I’ll tell you why, well, it’s dedicated and exclusively made for virgin males, who’re either 30 years of age, or more. This makes it clear that it’s a no-female zone loud and clear.

It’s also one of the very few 4Chan alternatives without 18+ content. No post which is in any way “sexual” is allowed.

The available threads are pretty standard and family-friendly. E.g. “Music”, “Games”, “Hobbies” etc.

I found people talking of their social experiences, beliefs, sharing conspiracy theories and so on.

New threads can be posted anonymously. No registration required. It not only allows embedding or uploading files, but also drawing shapes and figures live if you wish to.

File-passwords can be set for later file-deletion. Sure, staying true to its name there’s a “Wizardry” thread as well. Includes threads related to magic, society’s perception of wizards etc.

No content that is illegal in the United States is allowed. However, no other country has directly been pointed out.


The concept of Chan sites is totally different from other social media discussion based sites. This is why I did not include Reddit in this category because it neither maintains the anonymity of the users nor it channels the similarity of posting.

So, if you want to be straightforward in terms of sharing your ideas and be anonymous about it then you should better prefer sites like 4chan for it. Some of the similar sites went down so I tried to bring down the recent working ones which might not be as popular but works perfectly.

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