10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix


Enough with the loving and mushy-mushy movies because this time I have come up with the best zombie movies on Netflix which are surely going to give you nightmares. With dead people haunting your lives and people dying here and there, this is going to be one lit weekend for you.

10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

And do not forget to grab that pillowcase too in case you get scared and want to hide your face somewhere. Well, jokes apart, I think you are going to get fully entertained watching these amazing crazy killing spree movies with half dead people chasing others. Check out the list of these movies right below.

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1. Train to Busan (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 95% IMDb: 7.5/10 

Train to Busan

I am going to start this list of zombie movies on Netflix from this popular South Korean movie. Train to Busan is the most watched zombie movies on internet these days and it is going to leave you in splits from start to end.

The movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho and stars Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok in the lead roles in it. This zombie apocalypse movie is filled with action and thrilling sequences.

So, the movie focuses on a single father Seok-woo who is quite workaholic and his daughter Soo-an. On her birthday Soo-an requests his father to take her to Busan to meet her mother and they decide to board a train to Busan from Seoul.

However, this turns out to be a nightmare for them as a zombie woman boards the train and attacks others which spreads the infection amongst all. Now this father must protect her daughter from this attack. Train to Busan turned out to be a blockbuster hit and also counted amongst the best movies on Netflix.

2. Zombieland (2009)

Rotten Tomatoes: 90% IMDb: 7.7/10 


Zombieland is one of the most popular zombie movies on Netflix and also quite entertaining too. This is an American horror comedy which is set in apocalyptic world. It is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin in the lead roles.

The plot starts from two months after the zombie apocalypse which has turned all US citizens into zombies amongst which only some are left.

A college student Columbus decides to find whether his parents are still alive. He meets another survivors Tallahassee and two sisters Wichita and Little Rock and all four of them starts a road trip together.

Despite their different motives and destinations all four of them starts bonding with each other and the movie moves forward with their encounter with zombies and how they handle the situation together. The movie turned out to be a huge hit and garnered with great box office collection too.

3. Night of the Comet (1984)

Rotten Tomatoes: 82% IMDb: 6.4/10 

Night of the Comet

Although belonging to the 90s Night of the Comet is counted amongst the best zombie movies. It is based on the theme of science fiction horror comedy and directed by Thom Eberhardt. The movie stars Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney and Robert Beltran as the survivors in the movie.

So, the plot of the movie starts with a comet passing by the Earth which turns everyone into dust or Zombies and now an apocalypse has been started.

However, a girl named Reggie and her sister Sam managed to survived as they were under steel shade and didn’t get affected. Meanwhile, they also find another survivor Hector. All three of them learns about some scientists who have also survived and they moves to their center.

Well, things turn deadly when these scientists turn evil. Now they must find a way to get out of this. The movie is so entertaining and also one of the best zombie movies on Netflix too.

4. The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes: 85% IMDb: 6.7/10 

The Girl with All the Gifts

Next one in the section of zombie movies on Netflix is the movie named The Girl with All the Gifts. This is a British zombie horror drama movie set in the post-apocalyptic setting. It is directed by Colm McCarthy and stars Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and other actors.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by writer M. R. Carey. The movie shows a futuristic setting where most of the humanity has been vanished because of a fungal infection.

In the current scenario, there are second generation kids who can eat living flesh but controlled by an army base. There are constant experiments carried out on them to find a solution to this problem. Amidst this, they are also being educated by teacher Helen Justineau.

There is one exceptional girl Melanie in these kids who is exceptionally intelligent but things change when a zombie mass breach strikes and now Melanie and Helen must find a way out of it.

5. [Rec] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

Rotten Tomatoes: 78% IMDb: 5.4/10 

[Rec] 4: Apocalypse

I am sure that if you love to download movies online, you are probably going to stop it once after watching Rec 4: Apocalypse. This Spanish horror movie is no less than a nightmare. This is the fourth and final installment of Rec franchise and probably the most horrid one too.

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The movie is directed by Jaume Balaguero and stars Manuela Velasco in the lead role of Angela Vidal in it. The movie takes the story forward from second installment and not third.

The movie shows army sending a special task force to recover Angela and after the test carried out on her she comes out clean. However, she doesn’t remember anything that has happened to her in past. Although the zombie apocalypse has not passed yet, Angela must have to find a way to get out of everything.

Although the movie is slightly confusing if you are someone who has not seen the earlier installments. Still, the movie makes a perfect entry into the list of zombie movies on Netflix.

6. What We Become (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes: 78% IMDb: 5.6/10 

What We Become

Usually, in the search of perfect movies, we tend to ignore the independent works which are actually fabulous. One such movie is Danish film called What We Become which is a zombie movie which is directed by Bo Mikkelson.

The movie stars Mille Dinesen, Troels Lyby, Marie Hammer Boda and other actors in the pivotal roles. the movie is actually quite suspensive and way more horrid than other zombie movies on Netflix listed here.

So, the movie focuses on a family of four who are living in the suburbs of Sorgenfri. They were living happily until a virus strikes on the city and leaves everyone turning into flesh eating zombies. Amidst this chaos, they must have to find a way to survive which is getting harder with each passing second.

The movie is actually quite horror and with zombie slowly killing one person at a time, you can actually feel the terror in even your heart.

7. Warm Bodies (2013)

Rotten Tomatoes: 81% IMDb: 6.9/10 

Warm Bodies

For the people who love to watch movies online especially the zombie ones they should give a try to this unique paranormal romance. Based on the theme of zombie comedy the movie is quite different from the others ones listed out here.

Warm Bodies is based on the novel of same name by Isaac Marion. It is directed by Jonathan Levine and stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles.

The plot of this movie is set 8 years after an apocalypse which has set boundaries for humans and zombies. However, one day Julie and her friends goes outside human territory for some work and then a zombie R falls for her.

Now, it is interesting to watch that how a zombie starting to turn into a human and grows heartbeat too. I found the movie so unique and different from other zombie movies on Netflix. In fact, everyone should definitely watch this once.

8. World War Z (2013)

Rotten Tomatoes: 66% IMDb: 7/10 

World War Z

An American action horror movie starring Brad Pitt in the lead role, World War Z is the next entry into the list of zombie movies on Netflix. It is directed by Marc Forster and based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

The theme of the movie is quite an interesting one and you are going to see Brad playing the role of former United Nations investigator who would have to travel around the world in order to find a solution to stop the current Zombie pandemic which is spreading widely.

Brad plays the role of Gerry Lane who is stuck in traffic with his wife Karin and his two daughters when zombies attack the city. They are saved by UN Deputy Secretary General and taken to Navy Vessel in Atlantic where scientists are carrying out research on how to stop this zombie pandemic.

Now Gerry would have to find a solution with fellow people. The movie did amazing on box office but got mixed to positive reviews from critics. However, Brad Pitt’s movies are always a treat to watch.

9. Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Rotten Tomatoes: 68% IMDb: 6.9/10 

Night of the Living Dead

Despite being a movie of 90s Night of the Living Dead is up for online streaming on Netflix. The movie is an American horror movie directed by Tom Savini. It stars Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman and Tom Towles in the lead roles.

The movie is the remake of 1968 movie of the same name although it could not impress the audience like the earlier one but still kind of managed to get above average reviews.

So, the movie starts with siblings Barbara and Johnnie visiting their mother’s grave but a zombie attacks on them killing Johnnie. Barbara seeks shelter in an abandoned house and discovers other people out there too. Now, these survivors must have to find a way to barricade the house and stay safe from Zombies.

But what are they going to do about the terror which is inside this house? Although the movie could not do wonders on box office but it is still kind of entertaining.

10. A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes: 78% IMDb: 5.7/10 

A Christmas Horror Story

The last one in the list of zombie movies on Netflix is A Christmas Horror Story which is directed by Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban and Brett Sullivan. The movie is an anthology horror movie which is portrayed in form of different stories which are interwoven together to form a complete movie.

The movie features William Shatner in the role of Radio DJ Dangerous Dan along with other great star cast of Shannon Kook, Adrian Holmes and others.

So, the movie starts with this radio DJ playing at his radio when four stories are witnesses during broadcast on Christmas. However, the movie is not completely a zombie one but one of the story is comprised of the incident where a man playing Santa Clause on Christmas finds his wife and elves turning into zombies.

All the four stories turn out to be quite horror which are enough to give you sleepless nights.


Get ready to involve in the biggest nightmares of your life through these zombie movies on Netflix. With gruesome bloodshed, fighting spirit and lots of adventure, these movies are no short of a complete package that you would not want to miss watching at all.

Changing from one time period to next, you are going to see these zombie movies dealing with numerous horror tracks. In fact, some of them are seriously too much to take in that you would probably get scared sleeping alone in your own room.

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