10 Telugu Movies Downloading Websites List


Done with streaming and now looking for Telugu movies downloading websites list? I can understand your issues with streaming now so I am here to help you again.

Well, of course, we all love to watch some particular movies again and again and if you have the same love for some Telugu movies then I can help you with it.

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Secure Yourself Before Downloading Telugu Movies

It’s not doubt that downloading these Telugu movies for free may be a crime. Obviously, we are hoping it’s not and that the websites we’ve listed have uploaded licensed, legal content  that we’re allowed to download.

However, we never know what the website owner has in mind. Hence, it’s possible that you may be downloading pirated content. We’re strictly against piracy. 

However, I suggest you get a VPN either way. You’re asking why you need a VPN, I hear you. Well, here’s your answer:

  • The VPN will ensure that your download, or any of your other online activity on any website can not be traced back to you.
  • It will also ensure that your ISP can not throttle your speed when they see you downloading or accessing these websites.
  • A lot of these sites show dozens of hidden, or worse, malware-ridden ads. A good VPN protects you both from the ads as well as malware. 

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10 Telugu Movies Downloading Websites List

Given below are some of the best Telugu movies download sites which will allow you to download movies with superior quality too. They are made out of just plain entertainment and no fussiness at all. So, here you go!

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  • Telgu Prazalu

Website: http://teluguprazalu.com/telugu-movies/

Telgu Prazalu as the name indicates is definitely a website which lets you Download Telgu movies; infact they take their job so seriously that the entire site is in Telgu (except the Top-bar).

And because the site has disabled right-clicking on it, you can’t translate it to English either using the inbuilt browser translators. But considering how you’re searching for ways to Download Telgu movies you probably are familiar with, if not fluent in Telgu so the language-barrier shouldn’t be a major problem.

The interface is blog-like, it has a top-bar which houses options like Movies, Newspaper, Video, Read, Comedy etc. Hovering over Movies and then selecting “Telgu Movies” is how you reach the Telgu Movie download page.

It does have a basic search-bar which can be used to search for movies if you know what you’re searching for, or use its classification of movies by “actors” where you click on an Actor’s name and thumbnail to bring up movies by them.

The site is flooded with ads and banners, there are obviously those annoying hidden ads which popup regardless of where you click on the site. Followed by various other promotional links and videos in the sidebar. But if you can swim through all that it does offer movie-download links. Infact it even lets users stream content (on a third-party site and server). 


  • Today PK

Website: https://todaypk.lol/

Today PK lets you watch and download Telugu movies as simple as that. There are no special perks or disadvantages here.

The homepage displays the most recent movies by default. I did like the recency as movies released within the last week or so were available as well. Obviously, this means the quality wasn’t very impressive and a lot of them were what I call the “HDCAM” quality. 

Anyone once you click on a movie thumbnail, you get to the movie page. There, you find information about the movie such as cast, iMDB, director and so on.

You may or may not get multiple servers based on the movie you’re trying to download. Surprisingly, it’s one of the few sites on this list that hosts content itself without using third-party servers!

You’ll always find a “download” button next to the server’s name for each movie page you visit. 

  • NaaRonckers

Website: http://naarockers.co/

NaaRockers is primarily a Mobile site; meaning it’s made keeping Mobile users in mind however accessing it on a computer isn’t any harder either.

The homepage has a simple, year-based list of Telgu movies which goes like Telgu Movies 2010, Telgu Movies 2011, Telgu Movies 2012….and so on for dates as recent as 2019.

Fortunately there are no “hidden ads” on the homepage however they do exist on the movie pages. It also has “Popups” which auto initiate new tabs.

Clicking on Telgu Movie list from any year simply displays a long list of available Telgu movies for download.

It does feature a search-bar which can be used to search for movies using Keywords. Or, users can sort the list based on “Old-New” or Alphabetically. Clicking on any specific movie would take users to the Movie page where they’re provided with basic info about the movie such as Genre, Release date, Duration, Cast, Size etc.

Downloading the movies is simple, there are no third-party redirects and the site itself provides for direct download links and sometimes even multiple servers for the same file.

Absolutely no Registration, or Payment required.

  • My Telugu Wap

Website: http://myteluguwap.net/

MyTeluguWap is another site in Telugu movies downloading sites list here. Like every other site, it has all features which make it one of the most popular site among South Indian movie buffs. This site is especially dedicated to South Indian cinema only and you will find various stuff related to them.

Apart from the movies, you can find great mp3 and video songs of Telugu and Tamil cinema here. In fact, the site also feature some trailers and also behind the scenes videos of movie making here.

You can mostly find movies till year 2015 release only. There is also a separate section where all the Telugu dubbed movies are available. Although the content is not so rich in terms of old movies but you can surely find all the recent Telugu movies here.

There is only one issue in the site that it redirects you to some other site for downloading the movies. But I think that is also okay as long as you are getting all the desired movies of your choice. This makes MyTeluguWap the perfect addition in Telugu movies downloading websites list.

  • A2Movies

Website: http://www.a2movies.co

What makes A2Movies different from the rest of the sites featured in Telugu movies downloading websites list is that it offers all the movies in HD quality only. So, if you want to have the best experience of watching movies of any type then you must get on A2Movies definitely.

Apart from the movies, you can also watch TV shows and TV series in HD quality too. The other languages movies on this site are Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Animation, Hollywood, Kannada etc.

This site also has a great collection of apps, games, video songs etc. Click on the Telugu movies section and get ready to download all the movies in HD quality through this site. If you still have any doubts then you can check their tutorial on how to download a movie?

A2Movies is one versatile site to be included in Telugu movies downloading websites list. Apart from downloading them, you can also watch them online through this site.

  • Mrbuz

Website: https://mrbuz.com

If Movierulz.vc is down in any case, then you can visit Mrbuz.  It is perfect place to download Telgu movies online. Mrbuz is well structured and clean website. They categorized movies in different sections including New Movies, Featured, and Language, Genres, Years, and A-Z list.

Here you can find TV shows torrents also. If you love listen to music, then you don’t need to look any other option for this. Mrbuz has got all for you in one place from movies, TV shows to Music.

  • MyCoolMoviez

Website: https://mycoolmoviez.top/

The first site in this list is MyCoolMoviez which is really popular for not only watching and downloading Telugu movies but also other movies too like Hollywood, Bollywood. The ranking of this site is really high because it is great enough to provide different types of media on this site. Every day thousands of users use this site to download latest movies and TV shows.

The reason of listing MyCoolMoviez in Telugu movies downloading websites list on the first position is its simplicity as well as versatility.

The site does not feature movies along with their posters but through only name links. This may create a bit of trouble for you but the different sections will help you to navigate smoothly on this site. Apart from the movies, it also features WWE shows on its site.

The Telugu movies downloading websites list could never get completed without mentioning MyCoolMoviez in it. To browse the Telugu movies, just go to its section mentioned at the bottom most part of the site and download whichever movie you want from here.

All the movies are available in good quality and some are in HD quality too. The site also does not require any sign-up process. The Users can download from this site in multiple formats like 3GP, MP4, and these formats also available in multiple resolutions like 480 px. 720 px.

  • Donga Movies

Website: http://dongamovies.com/

Donga Movies is another platform which lets you download Telgu movies for free. Although the site primarily seems to be made for Mobile devices as far as the layout goes. However, it works just fine on computers as well.

There are no other options or links to get confused with, the entire site is only filled with links such as Download Telgu Movies, Download Telgu Movies 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 etc.

There isn’t even a top-bar. Although it does display banner ads in addition to the hidden ads which launch multiple new tabs without our permission.

The download procedure is quite simple, simply click on a year-link for which you’d download the movie (Telgu Movies 2019 for e.g.), this would take you to a static page where you again have to click on a link which would say “Click here to download Telgu movies“. And then finally it takes you to the download page.

The purpose of that redirection page is still unknown to me, they could directly let us reach the movie-list page. Anyway, I verified the site and it does actually offer the downloads and isn’t only an ad-scam.

It also offers Dubbed movies in case you aren’t fluent in Telgu. The download page does offer additional information about the movie, rating as well as screenshots for the download quality. Doesn’t need registration.

  • Kotha Movies

Website: http://www.kothamovies.cc/

Kotha Movies looks like it’s built primarily for mobile devices. However, it’s totally accessible and easily usable on computers as well. The primary site only has a list of “years”, such as Telugu Movies 2010, Telugu Movies 2011 and so on all the way up to 2020. This clearly indicates that the website does host recent releases.

The number of available Telugu movies for download is pretty impressive. It’s only the second month of 2020, and it already has 24 movies listed for this year. Not all movies are of HD/720p quality, most videos you get off the site are HDRip or HQ PreDVD. Most movies are single-files, however you may find a number of them split into multiple files as well.

The available movies can be sorted either from “Old to New” or vice-versa. It also offers alphabetical sorting if you know the name of the movie you wish to download. The site isn’t completely ad-free, a number of hidden ads are launched automatically on-click.

The downloads are initiated from the same site, as in you aren’t required to navigate to other third-party sites. No signup/registration or surveys needs to be completed.

  • SkyMovies

Website: https://skymovieshd.run/

SkyMovies is primarily a mobile-site, although it’s completely and fully accessible on Computers as well. There’s not much of an user-interface, just a long list of movies from the entire collection; or a search-bar.

This search-bar offers a keyword box and a category drop-down menu. That’s where “Telgu Movies” can be found. As can be expected, it’s overloaded with ads. Every click we makes forced multiple tabs and popups to present themselves.

The fake download buttons too are there. Although at the end of all this, the site does offer download-links which actually work and help us grab the files. The download-pages are quite informative, the download-size of the movie, format, release date, quality and even screenshots of the quality are shown.

In most cases, multiple download servers are available, sometimes upto 6-8, this ensures the availability of the files regardless of server issues, or files being removed from one or other server.

Is pretty active and popular as well, when I visited the site it had over 800 active visitors. That’s probably as it doesn’t require any registration or memberships for the files to be downloaded. They’re completely and absolutely free.

Just in case you’re wondering, apart from Telugu movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Marathi and movies in many other languages can be downloaded. Even has a bunch of web series available for downloading.

  • MoviezWapHD

Website: http://moviezwaphd.io/Telugu-New-Movies-Download.html

MoviezWapHD unlike Donga Movies isn’t a site offering only Telgu movies rather it offers movies of all languages. However clicking on the link above would take you to the dedicated Telgu movie download page.

It too is a mobile-oriented site hence along with computers, you can also access it on mobile phones without losing any layout, links or user-interface.

Obviously it too features the hidden, on-click ads, banner ads, overlay ads along with every other kind of ad out there. So be ready to close those auto-popped tabs before you can actually initiate your downloads.

The Telgu movies download page basically has a list of movies along with their year, so simply click on the link for the year you’d like to download the movies.

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What’s unique with MoviezWapHD is that it also offers Hollywood movies dubbed in Telgu and has a special link for the same.

There also is a requesting feature, and users can access all the request movies using the “Telgu Requested Movies” link. The movie-database however isn’t very extensive, for each year there seemed to be less than 10 movies each.

Does offer basic information about the movies on the download page. Also for easy downloads, most movies are broken down into parts so you don’t have to download Gigabytes of data all at ones.

No registration required, however does have a lot of “fake” download links (ads) which should be avoided or they may redirect you to third-party, completely unrelated sites which may ask you to register.

  • Telugu Palaka

Website: http://telugupalaka.xyz/

Telugu Palaka has a tagline stating -” King of Dubbed Movies“. While the title is debatable, it does specialize in “Dubbed Telugu movies“. As in, if you need Hollywood, Bollywood or any other kind of movie dubbed in Telugu, this is a platform which offers the same.

Sure it’s overladen with ads, and most clicks will launch a couple popups. But if those can be tolerated, the site does seem rich in content.

It also has other categories such as 18+, 3D movies, Hollywood, 1000+ Movies list etc. The ” 1000+ movie list” category takes us to a blog-page which has multiple articles, all listing movie links alphabetically and numerically. It starts with 0, ends at 9. Similarly, movies are categorized from A-Z as well.

Any movie download page offers full cast information, as well as a list of all the languages the movie is dubbed in. Most movies are dubbed in Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi etc.  Then there are sample-screenshots of the movie which help understand the quality of the movie.

At the bottom of the pages, there are multiple download links redirecting to third-party download websites. Moreover, there even is a “sample file” offered for most movies which helps verify quality before committing larger amounts of bandwidth to the file. Most movies are offered in 1080p HD quality, although lower qualities also seem to be available.

  • 123Movies Rulz

Website: https://www11.123movierulz.live/

123MovieRulz is probably a fan-site create to honor 123 Movies, the free movie-streaming Giant. Although it too caters to the needs of users who’re looking to download Telugu movies with its own database.

Obviously like most other websites on this Telugu Movies Downloading Websites List, this site too isn’t exclusive to Telugu movies. But also lets users download movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam languages etc.

The movie even has a “Quality” option which lets us select the quality of the movies we’d like to watch. Even though the thumbnails of the movies aren’t interactive, yet they indicate the movie’s language, as well as if it’s Dubbed or not.

It has a number of filters which can be used to find movies. Starting with the Alphabetic filter on the right-sidebar, which lets us directly land on movies starting with the initials of the selected Alphabet.

Or you can use the year-filter, it has listed a number of years, starting from 2004 all the way upto 2019. Clicking on any of these brings up movies which were released in these years.

Or finally there’s the Genre filter. Obviously you can instead simply click on “Telugu” on the top-bar to get to a page consisting of only Telugu movies.

When it comes to downloading, it provides Torrent links for various different qualities and sizes, as well as a direct download link for most content. Does have a lot of ads.

  • Today PK

Website: https://todaypk.media/

TodayPK too features a wide variety of movies, obviously starting with Telugu but spreading across Punjabi, Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani etc.

It also showcases a reel of featured movies which also shows the movies’ language and quality. The rest of the site is divided in three sections. The left-sidebar, center and the right-sidebar.

The left-sidebar is what holds a list of Latest Hollywood movies. The right-sidebar has three sections, “Hindi”, “Telugu” and “Others”. So you can either use the “Telugu” option from the top-bar, or from this right-sidebar to download Telugu movies from Today PK.

You can get information about the movies’ quality by looking at their thumbnails, it’s displayed there. Or else, clicking on each movie-thumbnail takes users to the movie-pages. There too extensive information about the quality, cast, Genre etc. are available.

It provides half a dozen Torrent download links, each for a different size video depending on its quality, and couple direct download links as well. Although you’ll need to click multiple times on these links to finally get to the actual download page, as it’s overloaded with ads the first few times.

Anyway, you don’t need to register, complete any survey or pay a dime in order to download these Telugu movies.

  • HDMoviesFree

Website: https://hdmoviesfree.tv/

HDMoviesFree is no new name to be included here in Telugu movies downloading websites list. In fact, the site is not restricted to a specific criteria and also give full-fledged entertainment to its massive users across the world.

The motto of this site is to provide such a platform to movie lovers where they can enjoy different movies without paying anything. In fact, HDMoviesFree does not even require you to sign up on their site.

The major categories on this site are Punjabi movies, Hindi, dubbed movies, Bengali, upcoming movies, Telugu and many more. The site also has a good database of Hollywood movies too. To look for Telugu movies, go to the Bollywood section and you will find a sub category of Telugu movies in it.

Just go to this section and download whatever Telugu movie you want. The other features of this site are requesting a movies and a site search bar where you can search any movie directly. You can also subscribe on this site to get to know about the recent uploads on it.

  • HDMoviesFree

Website: https://hdmoviesfree.net/

HDMoviesFree is no new name to be included here in Telugu movies downloading websites list. In fact, the site is not restricted to a specific criteria and also give full-fledged entertainment to its massive users across the world.

The motto of this site is to provide such a platform to movie lovers where they can enjoy different movies without paying anything. In fact, HDMoviesFree does not even require you to sign up on their site.

The major categories on this site are Punjabi movies, Hindi, dubbed movies, Bengali, upcoming movies, Telugu and many more. The site also has a good database of Hollywood movies too. To look for Telugu movies, go to the Bollywood section and you will find a sub category of Telugu movies in it.

Just go to this section and download whatever Telugu movie you want. The other features of this site are requesting a movies and a site search bar where you can search any movie directly. You can also subscribe on this site to get to know about the recent uploads on it.

  • Movierulz

Website: https://2movierulz.mx/telugu-movie/

Movierulz.vc is one of the best Telugu movies downloading websites. Except downloading Telugu movies, you can listen to latest Telugu songs also here.

Movierulz.vc fulfill everyone needs as they have huge collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam and others. So anyone who wishes to download movies online for free can consider this movie website.

  • XFilmyWap

Website: https://www.xfilmywap.com/

XFilmyWap is the new name of the site FilmyWap and it is one of the best addition in Telugu movies downloading websites list. It has every single possible movies hailing from different languages and different industries.

The movie has a never ending list of various movies like Hollywood movies, Bollywood, TV shows, South Indian movies, Marathi, Bengali movies etc.

There is no need to sign up on this site and it will provide you every single movie for free too. You can also request for a movie to upload and they will work on it in just 24 hours. They try to upload all the recent movies on this site just the next day of their release.

All the readers know it that XFilmyWap is the perfect entry in Telugu movies downloading websites list. Just go to the Telugu movies section and you will find all the recent movies out there. Just click on them to either download or watch them online. However, the quality of the movie remains in DVDRip only.

  • BestHDMovies

Website: https://besthdmovies.fun/

BestHDMovies currently don’t have large database of Telugu movies but hoping they will add more Telugu movies soon. Not much use friendly like other Telugu movie downloading websites. But if nothing is working then better to have a option with limited feature so that is the case for BestHDMovies.

They have huge database of other movies torrents including Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

  • DesiRocker

Website: http://desirocker.in/

The last one of this Telugu movies downloading websites list is DesiRocker. Obviously, the site is not as established as the other ones but that does not stop it from being a great source of some amazing Telugu movies of your choice.

You would be glad to know that you can find other movies on this site as well. The other sections are Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam movies, Tamil movies etc. In fact, the site also offers you a good decent collection of some WWE shows too.

There is a separate folder from where you can also download movies of just 300MB only. The site does not require any registration process too.

So, simply click on the Telugu movies section and you will get year wise folders like Telugu movies 2017, 2016 etc. in it. You can select the year according to your choice and follow the rest of the process accordingly to finally download the movies.

However, disappointingly you would not find the movies in HD quality and you would have to watch them in DVDScr quality only.

  • LiveVideosHub

Website: https://www.livevideoshub.com/

The next one up here in Telugu movies downloading websites list is LiveVideosHub. The site is not so versatile in terms of its movies database it only features Hindi movies, Telugu movies and other short films only. But it is surely rich in other stuff.

Other things that you will find on this site are live scores, news, movie reviews, gallery, video songs, TV shows, trailers, audio songs etc.

I guess this is still a win-win situation as you are getting various things on a single page. You are surely going to like the site as it is simple and does not involve too much of messiness in its content. The navigations and layout are easy to access too.

The site surely excels on the basis of various criteria in Telugu movies downloading sites list. To download the Telugu movies go to the section of movies and select the sub category of Telugu movies. You will find all the recent flicks of Telugu cinema out here.

The film quality is quite decent and you can also watch them online instead of downloading.

  • Full Movie HD Online

Website: http://fullmovieonlinehd.in

Full Movie HD Online is another interesting addition in Telugu movies downloading sites list. Like every other site, this site also does not specifically focus on Telugu movies only. In fact, it is quite rich in keeping a great database of Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and even Punjabi movies.

However, the site does not have any content for Hindi and Hollywood movies and it features only regional movies on its site.

I tried to handpick only those sites which does not require the trouble of signing up first and Full Movie HD Online is one of those sites too. The site is updated on a daily basis so that the users can browse the most recent flicks too on it.

On the top most part of the site you will see various categories and you just need to pick Telugu from it. Once you enter this category then you are going to see all the recent movies uploaded in this section. A single movie is provided with various links giving different qualities.

You can select your desired link and start downloading the movie right away.

  • 143Torrent

Website: http://www.143torrent.com/

If you want to watch the latest releases hailing from different types of movie industry then 143Torrent is just the perfect choice for it. The major categories on this site are Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Hindi dubbed, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and other movies.

You can also browse various TV shows on this site as well. The sign up process is not at all require for this site but you can surely subscribe on it to get the updates of this site.

If you don’t want to browse the movies through these sections, then you can pick them through Genres too. There are various genres like action, documentary, crime, history, fantasy etc. To watch Telugu movies, just go to the section of Telugu movies where you will find all the latest Telugu movies.

Telugu movies downloading websites list is just getting great with the addition of 143Torrent. The only issue with the site is that you will only find recent movies here and no old ones. But the great thing is that you can download all the movies in HD quality through this site.

  • Download-Anymovie

Website: http://www.download-anymovie.com/

Just like XFilmyWap, Download-Anymovie is also a great site and a much deserved site to be included in Telugu movies downloading websites list. Of course, this site also does not stick to a specific genre of movies and keeps versatile database in its kitty to let users enjoy all types of movies on this site.

The categories of movies offered by this site are Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Bengali etc.

Apart from downloading movies, you can also watch them online. The rest of the features remain common like no registration, search bar etc. However, there is no feature of requesting a movie on this site. But the database of movies is surely abundant.

Simply click on the Telugu movie you want to watch and follow the rest of the options accordingly. You can watch movies for free on this site and that too in a really good quality too. Be it old or recently released, you will find all types of Telugu movies on this site.


I hope you would surely have looked for the recent Telugu movies on all the sites that I mentioned here for you. These Telugu movies download websites are full of old and recent movies of the Telugu industry and even more than that you can avail really versatile stuff on each of the sites.

So, now I will just wish All the Best to your eyes because they are going to have a tough time with you watching your favorite Telugu movies again and again.

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