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This Video is not available in your country: YouTube is a great place for online entertainment watching movies and shows videos as well as for learning anything which is available for anyone and free to use.

YouTube was started in 2005 on February 14 and become a very popular and favorite video content portal for almost everyone.

But there is one problem with its flexible functionality of it, which disturbs some users who experience it that’s blocked videos for specific geo-locations.

YouTube have given uploaders an ability to block video for any specific country because of their censorship or some other reason, and whenever it happens the video-playing users from that particular blocked country gets this message “YouTube video not available in your country” or ” This Video is not available in your country “.

And today’s post is about the same as the solution to this problem. Read more about it below.

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YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country | This Video is Not Available in Your Country

If you are a regular YouTube user then you must have encountered the YouTube videos problem sometimes showing message that says-

  • This video is not available in your country
  • The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

This is disappointing if you really want to watch some videos desperately and you just cannot open it because uploader has restricted your country to watch the video.

YouTube Videos Blocked in your Country OR This Video is Not Available in Your Country

If you are from India, US or UK it might be common for you to get this messages that “This video is not available in your country” because your country is blocked from watching that video and this is not related censorship in anyway, it’s all about owner own wish of restriction but it is possible sometimes that it happens because government or channel order to make video unavailable for some regions.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

So, YouTube have an option to block videos to limit the access of any country an uploader or user don’t want to make available for people to watch. But all we want is to watch that video anyhow possible which is not available in our country, so here are some pointwise ways which are helpful to watch any of those restricted videos.

  • Using Proxy: Unblock YouTube Videos (VPN Service , Web Proxy)

Proxy service is one of the best solution for “this video is not available in your country ” by using proxy you can unblock websites, this is how proxy works in you unblocking your country restricted videos.

When your computer send request for particular video using the proxy server, its receive the request and bypasses any restriction by mapping your IP address with any other non-restricted country IP, which then access that video and receive the data after which its send you response that makes your restricted video available for you.

So there are two ways to unblock YouTube videos by using best proxy sites:

a. VPN Services and Extension for your browser.
b. Web proxy or proxy servers.

Unblock YouTube videos by VPN Extensions

A. Use ZenMate VPN Extension:

Website :

ZenMate is a free and best proxy extension or add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which can be work in your computer browser as well as in your mobile specially designed to protect your privacy i.e. internet browsing from government and other data seeking users or hackers.

ZenMate Features are as follows:

1. Gives Internet Privacy
2. Fast Encryption of information
3. Unlimited traffic
4. Make your safe from online hackers, data collecting bodies and keeps you anonymous.
5. It has the total of 3,667,482+ users using it with 4.5 stars rating by 15111 users which prove how best it is.

B. Use Unlimited Free Hola VPN Extension:

Website :

Hola is a browser extension that mainly be used for to unblock geo-related restricted content on the web.
Hola Ltd. is an Israel based company started in 2012 and growing progressively by offering free product. Hola technology is based on peer to peer HTTP overlay network.

Hola Features are as follows:

1. The Hola offers free extension to unblock any restricted content on the web.
2. Simple to use
3. Hola proxy is available almost everywhere in the world.
4. Good in speed
5. Using video streaming addon, you can stream torrent file without downloading but beware as it doesn’t protect peer to peer traffic which can create trouble for you on restricted torrent traffic.
6. There are more than 7,253,405 users of Hola extension on chrome with total of 74598 five stars rating.

Unblock YouTube Videos by using Web Proxy or Proxy servers

You do not even need to use any extension, and you can still access blocked video by using free web proxy sites or proxy servers that act as middleman between the blocked web content you are trying to access and the users. Proxy sites work great which changes your location of users.

Here are some of the best web proxy sites or proxy servers that you can use to watch restricted YouTube videos online:


Website :

This site helps you in protecting your privacy and bypass filters to give you access to restricted content online. Gives you anonymous browsing. support many sites, here are some of the features of the site that’ll help you understand its usefulness:

Features of Proxysite:

1. offers you global access.
2. Speed is good while using it.
3. Provides you a better Security.
4. Protect your privacy.
5. supports some of the popular sites like Google, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Imgur, and Twitter.



It’s just an another top anonymous web proxy which offer internet users to bypass blocked content in your country to access any content freely around the world online supports all streaming sites including YouTube as well as daily motion.

How does work?

You use this web proxy to unblock some blocked content and then it receive your request and fetch that content using their server because of which that content containing site cannot see your IP address or any personal information like geo-location.

FilterByPass Features:

1. It is fast in speed and promising.
2. Very secure with 128-bit SSL encryption every time.
3. Its encrypt pages and URLs.
4. Removes scripts and very user-friendly.

  • How to bypass YouTube Restriction: Download the Blocked Video

This is also one of the useful tricks to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country. You can use this trick to bypass region filtering of YouTube and by downloading the videos can be a great solution.
So, here is the trick on how to download restricted YouTube videos in your country?

1. If the restricted video URL is like
2. In the next step you just have to remove http://www and put in “SS” (without quote) before
3. For Example it’ll be similar like this
4. Now it’ll give you the option to download the video on your preferable quality. In case if it does not work for you, just install any proxy YouTube video downloader and download the video to watch offline.

  • How to Watch Restricted YouTube Video Directly: Modifying URL

This video is not available in your country: Error Fix

It’s an alternative option to bypass YouTube restriction to download video by just only modifying the URL. Here is how:

1. As before if the blocked video URL is like
2. In the next step you have to remove /watch?v= and replace it with v/
3. For example it becomes like
4. Now you can watch the YouTube restricted video without any hassle.
5. Unblock videos instantly using VPN

What is VPN?

VPN acronym of Virtual Private Network is popular trick or method to secure your private and public internet network such as Wi-Fi Hotspots which is common, very much used by big companies to protect sensitive information as well as any kind of hacker’s attack.

Likewise using a VPN for personal use become trend and populous, personal privacy is very much secured now because of the masking of real user IP with one of the VPN service providers.

Using VPN now you can access internet by showing your real presence from any part of the world and that keep your privacy data fully secured.

For example: if you are from New York and browsing the web from the same city using VPN you can send fake information as if you are browsing the internet from some other region like Canada or outside of US.

Black friday nordvpn sale 65% and 3 Month Free

In this case as well, it is very useful way to solve the problem of “this video is not available in your country, or the uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

It’s not very complicated or hard to use any free VPN; you can use any available best free VPN supporting more than or up to 3GP regular use.

Use the VPN to change the location of another country where the content or video gave access to, and you can unblock the video after that.

Below I have given a short review on some best VPN for your different types of devices such as for Mobile phone or smartphone as well as for PC or laptop.

Note: I love online VPN premium service, Becuase these services protect use from all abnormal activity and footprint tracing. These Days I am using NordVPN Premium VPN service for my personal use.

NordVPNSurfshark VPNAtlasVPNExpressVPNTorGuard VPN

1. NordVPN

2. SurfShark VPN

3. AtlasVPN

4. ExpressVPN

5. TorGuard


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VPN Service For Smartphones

If you have a smartphone with Android OS, or you are an Android user, then there are many VPN available which you can find for free on Google App Store. I am going to review some of them below which are reliable and good to go:

  • DroidVPN

Website :

It is the best free VPN which can also be used if you are outside your home and use public hotspot Wi-Fi to protect your online browsing as well as personal online account logins. It is the best VPN which you should use for your privacy as well as to fix the issue of blocked YouTube video in your country or region. Droid VPN offers free 100MB data usage, here are its complete features below.

  1. Anonymous surfing: you can hide your IP address for anonymity.
  2. Better Encryption: it does encrypt your personal data, passwords, bank or any online financial transactions as well as your online chat.
  3. Secure Wi-Fi: it’s very easy to use that provider claim that even your not so techy mom can use this to connect to VPN servers.
  4. Unblock web sites or web content and Blocks ads: its bypass all the blocked content on your geo-location or IP as well and block online ads to increase the browsing speed.
  5. DroidVPN offers free 100MB usage everyday for free.
  6. DroidVPN – Android VPN on Google Play Store has got the total of 54,182 downloads and four stars rating.

DroidVPN Requirements:

  1. Using DroidVPN requires root for Android version below 4.0.
  2. For your android phone which is below 4.0 you will need a working tun.ko, you can use DroidVPN TUN.ko installer.
    You can signup for a free account of DroidVPN service here. The latest version is 2.7.5 last released on August 23, 2015, you can download their app directly from Google Play Store here.
  • Hotspot Shield

Website :

It is another free VPN top choice for free users; it offers the same functionality as of DroidVPN which protects your online privacy and sensitive data by securing it as well as unblock websites or web content blocked on your geo-location or IP.

It is the best option to solve the problem of “This video is not available in your country” but what’s difference in using Hotspot Shield is that, its protect your devices from kind of malware, phishing or with any other hacking attempts.

Below are the detailed features of this free VPN services listed pointwise.

Hotspot Shield Features:

  • Protect Your Privacy: it is also helpful in protecting your privacy and keeping you anonymous when surfing the web.
  • Bypass Online Censorship or Blocked Content: bypass or unblock restricted sites or videos on YouTube instantly to make it available for you to watch right away so that you can get access to geo-restricted sites and content as well as VOIP applications.
  • Enable Wi-Fi Security for Better Safety: using Hotspot you can enable Wi-Fi security and save your personal data from stealing or hacked by hackers.
  • Extra Feature of Malware Protection: it protect your any devices from malware, any kind of phishing, site spamming, as well as prevent you from visiting any kind of malicious sites.
  • It’s available for OS users such as Android users, iPhone users, Mac, and Windows.
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy available on Google Play Store has got more than 615, 463 downloads and four stars rating. You can download its app for your Android device from here.
  • NordVPN Service


It is best editor’s choice VPN featured on many famous sites including Entrepreneur, TEDx, Fox5, The Huffington Post.

They believe you can’t be safe without using VPN. Well, I also believe it’s the best if you are looking for any paid VPN service, and as they also give 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

It is the best-paid solution for this problem “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” for YouTube videos with complete anonymity.

Features of NordVPN:

  • Double Data Encryption: NordVPN’s double encryption technology encrypts data twice which makes your data security super tight.
  • Fast Servers and Speed: NordVPN has 80+ servers at different locations worldwide in 27 different countries covering every continent of course except Antarctica. It is best to fast speed for video streaming and fastest browsing.
  • Easy to Use VPN: It is click and go type VPN no hard settings, and you can use as easy as it looks.
  • Strictly No Logs and Use Tor over VPN: NordVPN claim that it never logs your online browsing.
  • Another Awesome Feature Automatic Kill Switch: NordVPN kills all your VPN connection in case of your device switched off or turn offs accidently; it kills switch instantly of every open site online that there is no worry of your sensitive private data being exposed.
  • NordVPN accepts Bitcoin and allows P2P.
  • DNS Leak Resolver help DNS queries keeping secured and protected which sometimes send by DNS server without encryption outside VPN tunnel.
  • Great Security Extras: It offers many security extras such as Encrypted chat, VPN extensions, Encrypted cloud storage, encrypted password manager.
  • Multiple Device Support: Using NordVPN Standard package you can use six different devices such as smartphones, tablets, computer or even routers at the same time.
  • Friendly and Better Customer Support: The customer support is available to help you 24/7.
  • Pricing: Nordvpn offer 68% discount and 3 month subscription free. That price equal to $3.69/Month.

Service for Computer or PC:

You can use this two VPN for PC: NordVPN and FinchVPN, these both gives same 100MB daily limit. Many other popular VPN service providers are available on the internet who offering very good service, you can choose any one which you feel better for you, and can fix an error like ” this video is not available in your country ” or ” Youtube video blocks in my country ” and many others.

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I hope you are fully satisfied with the post “this video is not available in your country“, and it must have proved very helpful for your problem of inability to watch blocked videos in your region.

Every method or tricks explained here is tested and absolutely working solution for the problem of this video is not available in your country for YouTube as well as for other blocked content online.

With the hope that your problem is solved now, I’ll recommend you to bookmark this page for future reference as I’ll be keep updating this post according to changes.

Comment below If you have any doubts regarding this, also if you have any own trick or better solution to this problem, please do not hesitate to share your trick with us.

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