10 Best Torrent Download Sites

Torrent has always been a great source for downloading various media files. Torrent download sites are like the best relief possible for the movie buffs ever.

This peer to peer sharing has a huge network beyond our imagination but today we are going to discover it a bit.

10 Best Torrent Download Sites

The section today, is going to be dedicated to numerous torrent free download sites. I know you must have been looking for such sources too. So, you people do not have to wait any longer because the list given below is the ultimate solution that you have ever wanted.

1). The Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/

The Pirate Bay is a very well known site for finding out every possible Torrent links of various media files. In fact, to be true I would call this site to be the actual king of Torrent world. This is also one of the oldest platform for Torrent link provider and has been working for more than 13 successful years now.

In the list of Torrent download sites, The Pirate Bay is surely the one ruling the kingdom. This BitTorrent Indexer is continuously making progress with each passing day.

There are like millions of links that you can get through this site. Some of the examples of the links belonging to different categories are audio books, music, games, porn, applications, TV shows, movies, Dubbed movies, comics, pictures and the list goes on like this.

Of course, The Pirate Bay is not kind of site and the same applies to all the Torrent sites too. You would have to hide your IP address before downloading anything from their site.

Note: Use any premium VPN service for hiding your IP address.

When we are talking about browsing torrent files then I can assure you that no other Torrent download sites are as capable as The Pirate Bay for sure. The site always remains to be in the top 100 most used sites. And the reason is surely very common, unlimited entertainment fully guaranteed.

You can download torrent files with the help of BitLord software as guided by the site itself or you can use other ones too. So, do no wait any longer and start downloading your entertainment package now.

2). Torrentz2

Website: https://torrentz2.eu/

If you are a former fan of Torrentz then I am really sure that Torrentz2 is a site that you have been looking for sure. After the break down of the former one, Torrentz2 took over the Torrent world like a pro. You can call this site a clone, successor or may be a copy-cat of Torrentz.

But, you would have to agree on one fact that no matter what if you want a Torrent link then you know which that site you can head towards is.

In the list of Torrent download sites, each site is as capable of the other one. It just depends upon how many people know about them. The millions and billions of indexing on their site assure the users that now they are not going to find any obstacle between their favorite media file and them.

Can you imagine that you are getting everything for absolutely free? This is the reason it is counted in one of the best Torrent download sites out here.

There are various categories here whose links are easily available to all the users. These different categories are TV shows, multi lingual movies, music, games and their further subcategories too. In fact, you can browse different stuff in weekly updates and recent uploads too.

So, basically, Torrentz2 is a site that will not disappoint you in terms of mass fun.


Website: https://rarbg.to/

Who does not know about RARBG?  This is our next pick in the list of Torrent download sites. Well, the site’s name is not any acronym but the real one only. RARBG came into existence in 2008 and since then it has been favorite to all the crazy internet freaks out there.

Well, actually the sites does not restricts itself to only media files and has a huge collection of something way more than that.

Unfortunately, there are some theories and controversies related to this site. The site got blocked in various parts of the world like UK, Denmark, and Portugal etc. for reasons unknown. The site also disabled its feature of registration for the users. This means you will see the option of login but it is not functional.

Despite being blocked in some countries, people continued to use it in other parts of the world. The reason is sure shot unlimited Torrent links and that too without even paying anything to anyone.

RARBG is a peer to peer file sharing platform through BitTorrent protocols. Although the layout and interface of the site is just the same from past 10 years still it is so much popular. The reason behind it is the fact that RARBG is updated on daily basis and hence users are able to find their desired content here.

You would love the endless collection of movies, XXX, TV shows, Music, software, trailer etc. on this site for sure.

4). Extra Torrent

Website: https://extratorrent.ag/

Seems like the list for Torrent download sites just refuses to stop anytime soon. So, the next one here is Extra Torrent. This is just like the rest of the sites which is super rich in the content of the links and a wonderful site to be explored for the love of movies and everything else.

Any Torrent site can only work on this condition that they must be rich in their database as well as super diversified. Of course, people do not want to watch the same thing again and again.

All these criteria are perfectly fulfilled by Extra Torrent. This site knows what its users want and it provides the same to them. Actually the current Torrent site is the successor of the previous one. When the earlier one shut down, they came up with this site to let the users get what they want.

No wonder why this site comes in the category of top Torrent download sites. The site is much diversified and you are going to find various categories here too.

Some of the categories which can be browsed on Extra Torrent are movies, music, adult section, TV shows, software, games, anime, books, pictures, mobile and other ones. By this information, this must have been clear to you that how amazing the site is.

You can also read various articles here on different subjects. I am sure you would love browsing this Torrent site.

5). Demonoid

Website: https://www.demonoid.pw/

You must have heard the name of this site very rarely. But trust me I am not suggesting you anything average or just lukewarm here. Actually Demonoid have also gone through various domain changes like the rest of the Torrent download sites. This is the reason the audience keep on shuffling to other options.

But, this does not mean the site is not adequate enough to be used. In fact, Demonoid is originally functional from 2003. This means it has been 14 successful years of this site.

The site is nothing different from the other ones listed here. The registration is optional here and you can decide it on your own to go for it or not. However, you are going to get no ads when you will become a member of this site.

Now, talking about the interface of this site then it is pretty impressive as compared to the other Torrent download sites.

You are going to get various categories here like audio, book, games, comics, music, videos, TV shows, pictures, applications etc. There are other filters too apart from these which will make the search for any file even easier for any user.

You can also upload Torrents on this site too. This is like a content curation platform with the help of users. You can check out the website anytime for more information about this site.

6). IsoHunt

Website: https://isohunt.to/

IsoHunt is a huge online Torrent files index which was launched in January 2003. Yes, the site is as old as The Pirate Bay. However, the site is still not as popular as the former one. The site is not available in online form currently but you can still download files from its offline version easily.

This peer to peer platform works both ways. This means you can not only download files from here but can also upload yours on this site too.

You would love to know that the site is really rich and varied in its content and database. There are various categories of Torrents available on this site like the rest of the Torrent download sites. Some of these categories are anime, movies, adult, software, music, books etc.

There are other bifurcations too on this site which will make the browsing very easier for you. You can check out the sections like releases, searches, Hot Torrents etc. All these features make the site what it is right now.

You are going to love IsoHunt just the way you liked other Torrent download sites listed out here. The sign up process on this site is optional but like usual, there are some advantages to members for sure. You can use this site easily as the interface is clean and easy to operate too.

7). Yify-Torrent

Website: https://www.yify-torrent.org/

Yify-Torrent comes in the category of the most browse movie Torrent download sites. In fact, the site is completely and entirely dedicated to movies only. And don’t think that you are not going to get diverse features in this section because you are going to witness the best option to browse Torrent links for the movies on this site.

This free to use site is really popular amongst movie buffs. You are going to get various options for the same movie.

In fact, the same file can be availed in various quality like 1080P, 720P, 3D, 480P etc. Or you can personally browse the categories of the different quality movies to find the ideal one that you have been searching for a long time.

Be it old classics or the latest releases or even some leaked scenes, you are surely going to get them on this platform guaranteed. I would strongly recommend Yify-Torrent to all the movie lovers over other Torrent download sites.

You are getting other categories here like popular movies, latest ones etc. You can also browse the genres like comedy, action, horror, sci-fi, romantic etc. and the list is really long.

All I know that Yify-Torrent is a site you are gonna fall in love with for sure. If you are tired with using other platforms for movies then I would suggest you to try this site once and you will totally forget the other ones.

8). Your Bit Torrent

Website: https://yourbittorrent.com/

The next one here is YourBitTorrent. This site has this huge trustworthy platform that you are going to become a fan of it. This site is competent enough in getting the links and direct downloads of variety of media files that you would love to watch in your leisure time for sure.

YourBitTorrent is one of the most amazing Torrent download sites here. You just need to create an account on this site and you are just good to go anytime then.

This site got this huge satisfying collection of various types of media and other services. some of the categories which can be browsed on this site are movies, TV, games, music, anime, software, XXX, Ebooks etc. So, now you can know that you are getting a huge variety of content here.

You can also consider this site to be amongst the safe torrent download sites too. If you are someone who is new to the concept to BitTorrent then I would suggest you to start from this site.

The main reason is that it has a very clean user interface because of which there are no ads and users can navigate on this site easily. You are going to find all the latest uploads on the home page of this site. In this way, the site becomes even easier and direct to be used by the audience.

9). Torrent Funk

Website: https://www.torrentfunk.com/

Torrent Funk is amongst the most trusted sites in this list. The reason is that they bifurcate all the links in two categories of verified and total. So, this makes it pretty simple to choose the best options amongst all. I think this is enough to know that it is amongst the best torrent download sites here in this list.

Torrent Funk is a peer to peer content curation platform which is especially designed for various types of the users.

You would have to get sign up on this site to utilize all the features and services offered by it. Torrent Funk has some huge database belonging to various categories. These categories are movies, television, music, software, games, Book, adults, anime etc.

Torrent Funk is amongst the top updated torrent download sites and updates about thousand links a day on its site. They have about 2,000,000 verified links on their site through which users can download the files.

They display top 50 torrents on their home page along with their basic information. In this way, you are not required to search the whole site to find out the desired trending media file.

10). Torlock

Website: https://www.torlock.com/

You are finally getting a site which is far away from posting fake contents on its site. In fact, the site has promised to give $1 on per fake link available on this site. This means now you are far away from the unwanted links.

The last option in the list of torrent download sites is Torlock. You are supposed to sign up on this site first to continue using all the facilities here.

The site is really organized and whatever you are looking for on a daily basis will be updated on the home page itself. Apart from it, you have the options to look for the rest of the categories too. These categories are games, music, movies, TV shows, adult, anime, software etc.

Whenever you will visit the site, you will find the last upload only an hour ago. This means the site is updated and content is uploaded in every hour.

In this way, you are getting the most recent media files on this site for sure. The other sections which you can check out here are news, fresh content, top 100 etc. All these aspects come together to make this site suitable for the users.

11). Lime Torrents

Website: https://www.limetorrents.cc/

Up next one in the list is LimeTorrents. The site is a huge success when it comes to browsing torrents in all possible categories and areas. In fact, like the rest of the Torrent download sites, Limetorrents is a great option and source of acquiring never ending entertainment and fun.

Now, talking about the site then you will be glad to know that it is so easy to use. You just simply need to click on the desired options and it will lead you to your destination.

You are going to find a great diversity on this site. For a single media file you are going to find various links. In this way you have various options for the exact file. All these options denote different quality of the file and you can choose whatever you want to see them.

On one side of the site you are going to find various quick links for different categories. Some of the categories listed on this site are movies, music, games, applications, others, anime, TV shows etc.

You can create your account on this site which is so easy to do. Once you get registered then you can easily browse through different categories and download files through them. The most important part of this site is its secure and verified links for different media.

I would strongly recommend this site for the people who are looking for the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows. You are definitely going to get them here.

12). 1337X

Website: https://1337x.to/

1337X is no new name for the Torrent lovers in the world. The site although got blocked in various parts but still running successfully in other parts of the world. You can still use this with the help of proxy servers and other sources.

This is one of the greatest options that we have in the list of Torrent download sites. 1337X is full of some of the greatest options to browse multiple media files.

What I liked the most about this site is the fact that it is not necessary to create an account on this site to utilize all the features. This is just a simple process of browsing and getting what you actually want. You can find various categories for that too.

You can find bifurcations on this site like movie library, TV shows, anime, applications, games, documentaries, XXX etc. Somewhat the site manages to grab more eyeballs than the other ones because of its diversity and abundant database.

This is the reason it is counted amongst the top torrent download sites in the world. The site runs through peer to peer connection. This means you have the liberty to upload your torrent links on the site as well. This is the reason of being it so rich in its content.

Although the links being uploaded must be verified and not the fake ones. The common sections like top 100, trending, recent uploaded will guide you great on the site ahead.

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There are like thousands of renowned Torrent download sites out there. But practically it is not possible for me to list out each of them. So, I rather went for the best of them so that the audience here can enjoy the best of the suggestions by me.

Use these sites to find millions of Torrent seeds and then later on utilize them through Torrent clients on your system. The process is really simple and quick and I hope the sites mentioned above are going to make this process even simpler for you now.